If it does come in… i will have to look at moving from my unit..

When I heard they were coming to the area I went to all my neighbours and got them to sign the notice I posted on the meter box.  If I was in a house I would just lock the meter box but I am in a unit and little is said about how to protect a block.

On my lounge wall on the other side is 6 analogue meters – I don’t want 6 smart meters. I am really afraid how it will affect me. I work from home and am very sensitive. Under a body corp I can’t do very much as far as locking my meter or the meter box.

There is padlock on meter box that the utility companies use when they read the meter.  Do I cut the lock? Replace with my own? Will body corp have an issue with me? Probably? All the tenants I have spoken to don’t want it – the other residents don’t understand (it’s a big multicultural area here) I am worried they will make me sick and I don’t want 6 on other side of my wall… I feel powerless… any tips on what I can do?

So far its delayed for now. They came around month ago saw the notice and didn’t bother… but afraid it will still happen. I do rent but where I am is lovely. Except for this now. Does any other unit resident have any ideas on how to prevent the installation? If it does come in I will have to look at moving. Thanks.

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5 Responses to If it does come in… i will have to look at moving from my unit..

  1. K says:

    thanks for comments and reply.
    there are no owners on property-just renters.
    legally who is the property of the meter box? the power company or is it body corp property of the complex?
    i had thought of changing the lock- the lock at the moment is for meter readers to read.
    if i change the lock-i have to open it for them everytime they come to read the meter. and there is a second meter box acrtoss the driveway( there is a total of 14 units here and on my side is 6 on other side 7-did i add right? ) so my neighbour and i would have to change two locks and open it every time meter needs reading,thatmakes it hard with work hours etc.. but that is likley my next step. for now i have the big ‘stop’ sign on each meter box and the sigantures of each resident next to a statement that says each resident is against the smart metere etc. so they are still up. for now its delayed. i’m taking it one day at a time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks for help and comments.
    the residents are all tennants -no owners on premises.
    am i allowed to cut hole in meter box? legally who’s property is that
    Yes i could change the lock,but it just means i need to open it for the meter readers every time they come by and i work late hours. but its an option.
    i did see that you tube video. looked intertesting. I’m just going to focus on one day at a time.

  3. Joe M says:

    If you have the backing of all your neighbours then yes change the lock!

    Let the Body Corporate know that you are all against the smart meters and STAND YOUR GROUND.

    Write to your electricity provider, write to Minister OBrien and tell them to go away. Tell them you have the support of everyone in the body corporate. Change the lock on the meter box and get someone to cut a hole in it so that the meters can be read.
    We are slowly winning this battle, everyday people are finding loopholes in Federal and State legislation that stops these things being compulsory.
    Don’t let these mongrels run our lives through fear and intimidation.

    • anon says:

      If you are renting a property, I strongly recommend you get the proprty owners views on the installation of smart meters, and point out the fact that it appears that minister O’Brien accepts that for the meter to explode, is an acceptable ‘fail safe’ feature!. If you have their concent, then you can cut a hole in the meter box so the meters can be read. Have a look at Kylies posts on the ‘join the reballionand and form’ page.

  4. Krizan says:

    if you end up having the smart meters installed and you need some shielding tips please check this video out – its pretty cheap method also. keep in mind this is reflecting the EMF and you need to shield from both sides ie. inside your house – a good way i found was fixing this material to the back of a large picture frame or mounted image then hang on the wall inside your home directly on opposite the meter box. – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJzBeUeXb0Q

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