I wake up with headaches every morning.

We had a smart meter forced on us 18months ago and since then my husband has contracted Bowens disease and I wake up with headaches every morning. The meter is on the outside wall about half a meter away from our bed where our heads are. We do not have a brick house, the walls are very thin. My husband has subsequently been under a skin specialist for treatment. He is the breadwinner in the house and cannot afford to suffer with this type of cancer! I have had to have titanium coils put in my head due to fistulas and this acts as a conductor to the radiation emitted by this meter. If I do sleep in my bedroom, my head aches in the morning. As you can imagine the smart meter is a meter away from my head, hence the headache! I want this dangerous meter removed and have contacted Michael O’brien the minister of Energy and resources. Hopefully something can be done about this and other people can be protected from these harmful radiation levels. Whatever will happen when these smart meters are activated and the EMR (electro magnetic radiation) is a thousand times worse! It will mean that even the neighbours meter will affect us, the levels will be so high! Somebody didn’t do their homework properly!

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  1. Terry says:

    To those who have had smart meters installed and have suffered adverse health issues as a result, could I PLEASE ask that you contact the media with your stories? We must get the message out into the open. We can’t count on getting enough visitors to this site, excellent as it is, to bring the required public awareness we need to stop this monstrosity. Those who have suffered because of these meters need to tell their story on television!

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