Socially restricted life because of EMR sensitivities

Thanks for providing a web site to help educate people on the dangers of EMR (from ‘smart meters’ etc).  I have to live an environmental / social restricted life because of EMR sensitivities – my ‘world’ is only getting smaller.  It seems everyone carries a mobile phone, and the mobile tower network is ever-expanding (we’ve had to sell up once already).  I live in Qld and so far no ‘smart meter’ however ALL schools up here (both Primary and High) have Wi-Fi – parents have no say.  Big business and bad politicians have no right to take our freedom of choice away and gamble on the health of our children.  It’s too late for me and it break my heart to send my children to school and take any risk, no matter how small, of them ending up having to live’ life’ like me (the only choice we have is ‘home schooling’ but socialization will be very difficult but I’m trying to find understanding ‘home schooling’ parents).  We can’t do so many ‘all family member outings’ – mainly bush walking and other ‘low exposure’ places.  If there’s a ‘safer, health risk free’ option please take it – I promise you it’s not worth it.

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