I am having heart palpitations, racing heart, head pain

I am having heart palpitations, racing heart, head pain and experience a surge that goes through my body making the whole of my insides shake-it stops and then it surges through again -all in the middle of the night. Why? Because my smart metre is on my bedroom wall. Some of us are more sensitive to these frequencies than others. I have heard some people can be pregnant and reach the birth without knowing they are pregnant! If I hold a mobile to my ear for 5 minutes I have experienced agonising burning inside my head which can last over an hour. I don’t need to read research because I know my body and I know how it responds when I feed it right and when I don’t. I know what is good for it and what is not. I know how it responds when there is interference in its electrical field. Why don’t we have a choice?! Who will pay the medical bills? I need mine removed sooner rather than later.

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6 Responses to I am having heart palpitations, racing heart, head pain

  1. Fiona says:

    Thanks Sandra. I really do need to move now. It doesn’t really matter where to. I have a tesla house plate near the computer, so I shifted that to the bedroom. It did help somewhat but I still awoke with a racing heart. I put my personal disk on my heart and it calmed. Because the string wore on my personal disk I lost it! Eeek! I think I need to stop experimenting for a bit and just get out of there. You hang in there and don’t give in.
    My electrical supplier keeps referring to their research and will not budge at the idea of removing it. Basically from my contact I have found they have no interest in the welfare of their consumers.I will try another this week.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yah medical system, bills vaiting lists…
    What a use if you have no health, you will not have anything..
    Is there any sugestion HOW to PROTECT this pesures posesion?
    Doctors =had no answer…
    Whole life look after my health, now… My eyesite is deteriorating.
    Excruciating pain in stomach many times thru 24h (possible Communicating times of SM) , heart burn in vicinity of supermarket freezers = instantly, H power lines- drive on freeway = I arived sick to my destination. Hadache… HELP

  3. Anonymous says:

    My mother doesn’t even have a smart meter, yet the neighbors next to her have a smart meter for 3 phase power. She has been feeling the same symptoms as you mentioned above and when I visit her my eyes start to ache and i have pain in my head.
    I can see how my mum has deteriorated over the last six months and don’t know what can be done. I have a smart meter at home and haven’t noticed anything different. But there defiantly are some that are emitting something a lot stronger than it should.
    Why is Australia’s safe EMR levels a lot higher than it is in Europe? Something is not right.
    America are starting to remove them from homes due to health concerns. Our government seems to have their heads buried in the sand and we are going to suffer in the long run! The heath system is struggling as it is; surely these smart meters are not going to help!

  4. Judy Colyer says:

    I agree Smart Meters do cause problems to our health. Last year my adult son also had noises in the head, ringing in the ears once the smart meters were installed to his property. Initially 2 meters were installed (one for hot water the other power)- why this was done I will never know. My son had a blackout causing major problems to his face – after an operation and screws and plates inserted in his face from the fall – he has been left with permanent nerve damage to his face ie no feeling in his face on one side. We reported this to Powercor who come up to investigate this. We also installed a gas hot water unit at the same time. Powercor disconnected one smart meter to the property (the smart meters are outside his bedroom wall) and since this has been done he and his children have not experienced any further problems. My sons face however is permanently damaged as a result. Stop the smart meters. I have major health issues and I am not intending to have smart meters installed to my property.

  5. Sandra says:

    I totally agree with you and my point also. What does it matter that the tests say that they are safe and don’t cause health problems? The fact is, they do cause health problems for some sensitve people. As you say, it’s your body and you do know what effect this meter is having on you – and why should someone else argue with that?
    I hope you will be able to get it removed asap. Meanwhile, is it possible for you to move to a room further away from the meter? So far I haven’t had to have one installed. When the installer came to the door about four weeks ago I told him that I didn’t want it and I havenit heard anything more since.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Sandra, it is good to know a simple statement got such a good response, can you let us know which company your installer was working for, I am hoping it is the same one operating in our local area. I have written letters , popped signs up etc. Many thanks everyone for all the info, it really helps.

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