Dizziness and burning sensations.

Since moving back into the house I grew up in whilst we renovate and extend our inner city terrace our lives have been turned upside down. 3 months after we moved in my Daughter who is 8 started to wake up with headaches. Her school would ring me during the day and I would have to come and pick her up because she felt unwell. Her headaches went on for over a week and a half when I started to panic and think the worse. When my sister was 12 years old she was diagnosed with brain tumours so automatically I panicked thinking my daughter had the same thing. In a panic I took her to the Children’s Hospital who performed a CT scan on her head. Thankfully it was all clear, however, the amounts of radiation she was exposed to due the CT scan still haunts me today. I almost had a break down because of it and blamed my self for exposing her to such harmful radiation from the CT but I was only acting as a concerned mother….

A few weeks later I started to get headaches and suffered from dizziness and burning sensations. This is when I started to question what was going on and what was new in the house that could cause us to get sick as outside the home I felt fine. My sister told me a smart meter was installed a yr ago. I contacted YShield to have the meter tested. As it turns out the neighbours meter which faces my kid’s bedroom was the cause of my daughter’s headaches and our meter which was attached to my bedroom was making me sick. I contacted SP Ausnet to express my concerns they came and tested the home and of course found there to be nothing wrong and all radiation levels met the Australian Standards. I asked them to remove my metre and the neighbours but of course they refused. I was forced then to shield my home with special paint that Yshield sold to me. At first I was sceptical but I was desperate to try anything. Overall I spent around $3000 buying paints and special curtains which stop radiation coming through the windows. It took a good 6 weeks for my body to recover after painting and shielding certain rooms. I now don’t feel any effects of the smart metre and feel great inside the home. No more headaches no more dizziness and no more burning sensations. The paints for me did work. However, my big problem I now face which is causing me so much anxiety is that the suburb we will be moving into has recently had smart metres installed. I of course made sure that one was not put on my property which City Power agreed to do for the time being, However, my neighbour got one and it faces my terrace and being in the inner city these terraces are all attached which means the distance between my house and the neighbours metre is no more than a few metres. When I walked into my house recently before I knew they had installed the smart meters in the area, I instantly felt dizzy and unwell which stopped me in my tracks. I walked out side and checked the neighbours meter and to my shock horror they had a new smart metre…my nightmare starts again…

I am so angry that we are forced to have these things and sick of hearing the power company’s excuses, they being, mobile phones and cordless phones emit far more radiation. Well my mobile phone and cordless phone DO NOT MAKE ME SICK yet these SMART METERS DO and these power company’s can not give me a simple explanation on why. The difference between Mobiles, Cordless, Microwaves etc oppose to Smart Metres is that the further away you distance your self from them the radiation levels drop dramatically, however, Smart Metres have been designed to travel long distance therefore there radiation levels do not drop off the further you distance yourself from them.

Having said that we can choose if we want a cordless phone in our home or use a mobile phone. With these Smart Metres there is No Choice. Further more I am so so angry that my child got sick because of the roll out of these metres and sadly had to undergo a CT scan because of it.

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2 Responses to Dizziness and burning sensations.

  1. Di says:

    I like you am sick of being told the same story about mobiles, wireless appliances and microwaves as we can choose if we use them and how we use them. If so many are having their health affected now where will we all be when they are all installed and connected to the grid to transmit. We must stop them altogether. Come on everyone fight with us to protect us all

    • dI says:

      too late.. i am sick now.. trying so hard to work it all out. outside i am fine.. tried everything. i know it is the smart meter… no matter how much united energy turn it down..mine is running on 10%.. i still feel ill.

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