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Technical study reveals magnitude of Victorian smart meter transmissions

The purpose of the latest technical study commissioned by the Victorian government, ‘Quantifying Smart Meter RF EME Levels in Victorian Homes‘, was to confirm that the radiofrequency electromagnetic energy (RF EME) from smart meters continues to meet ARPANSA’s standard for … Continue reading

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Energy supplier denies blame for house fire – The Age

Victoria’s largest electricity supplier has denied responsibility for a switchboard fire at a house in Melbourne’s north, despite paying thousands of dollars in compensation. Citipower says it is not to blame for a fire at a Northcote share house this … Continue reading

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Northcote resident says smart meter caused her tinnitus

A Northcote woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes the smart meter installed on the front of her home has caused her to suffer tinnitus. She says her pleas to an ­electricity provider to get rid of the smart meter … Continue reading

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Not so reassuring – Wimmera Mail Times

I was pleased CitiPower and Powercor corporate affairs manager Hugo Armstrong endorsed the importance of seeking accurate information, in his letter, published in the Mail-Times on August 6. I refer Mr Armstrong to page 13 of his organisation’s publication titled, ‘Everything you should know about smart … Continue reading

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Scaled the outer fence and trespassed on our property!

We were informed by a peremptory letter from CitiPower that Smart Meters would be installed in our area, 17-30 December, that we must expect power interruption for 30-60 minutes at our property, and that we would only receive information about … Continue reading

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