Northcote resident says smart meter caused her tinnitus

A Northcote woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes the smart meter installed on the front of her home has caused her to suffer tinnitus.

She says her pleas to an ­electricity provider to get rid of the smart meter she’s blaming for her tinnitus are falling on deaf ears.

She is calling for residents to have access to an opt-out clause similar to Holland and the UK where people can refuse similar technology.

She said she started getting tinnitus – a condition that causes ringing in the ears – after moving into her house, which has a smart meter installed next to her bedroom.

“I’m just exhausted because I can’t get any sleep with the constant ringing in my ears – sometimes it’s so bad I feel as if my head’s ­going to explode,” she said.

“Even when I sleep in ­another room in the house, I still get the ringing but it’s not quite as bad.” She said when she stayed at friends’ houses where there were no smart meters, the problem went away.

She said a doctor had diagnosed tinnitus and given her a letter of support in a bid to get CitiPower to remove the meter. But despite several requests, the company has refused to remove it and ­reinstall an analog system.

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46 Responses to Northcote resident says smart meter caused her tinnitus

  1. John Mitchell says:

    Even now two years down the track whenever her case comes to my attention, I find that my blood absolutely continues to boil within me when I think of that stupid senseless media liason person from Citipower, Lyndall King. I believe that all the Distribution companies specifically hired the most vile of morally lacking persons to aid and abet their thuggish agendas without conscience in the doing of their deeds. I must say that I found my interaction with this woman Lyndall King to have been a most vile experience and after she ended the call I did feel revulsed. I don’t think she held one ounce of compassion for her whatsoever. If the device was causing the girl harm, they should have removed it. Let me remind Lyndall King that my blood still boils within me two years down the track because of Lyndall King’s ruthless and insensitive demeanor that she showed to her and to myself and because of the harm she and Citipower have caused to the health of many innocent people such as her.

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  3. Michael Edwards says:

         So far I don’t have a smart meter – maybe 18 months ago I got a letter informing me one would be installed, so I padlocked my electricity box and posted the “Stop – do not install” sign on it, and I never heard further from them; so maybe they came and obviously chose not to break the padlock. So I’ve won this round, at least – but I don’t imagine for one moment that the entire battle is over, or that I will win all further rounds.

         I already have tinnitus (from other unknown causes – not related to this), so I especially dread that, if I have to accept a smart meter in the end, it may make it worse. I also have mental health problems and probably Asperger’s syndrome, and this includes a few other symptoms some of which have been asserted to be worsened by smart meter radiation – and I would worry about those things being made worse, too.

         However, I suppose in the end I will have to accept it, even if it does turn out to make my health worse; as will the rest of us, health consequences notwithstanding. Clearly no-one with any power over this is listening to people like us, but just continuing their plans. Padlocks may keep them away for the time being – perhaps it causes the power companies to put us at the end of their list of addresses to cover – but I imagine that, in the end, those who resist will be given an ultimatum: allow a smart meter to be installed, or have your power disconnected until you capitulate. And what do we do then? I imagine that the powers-that-be will win in the long run, since few people would be able to live the rest of their life without electricity.

         Regrettably, I have considerable doubts about the assertion above that these meters are illegal. Surely the State Government and power companies would have looked into that before starting on this plan? But if a good legal argument can be mounted that they are illegal, then why isn’t a court case going ahead about it? I heard talk of a class action along these lines over a year ago, but have heard nothing of it since – so I assume it isn’t happening.

         So, in view of all this, I cannot see any way out of this, other than to choose between accepting smart meters or doing without electricity.

    • Eric says:

      Michael, I understand your concerns. We are all in the same boat. Who could have ever thought that the sense of security we have always had and enjoyed living in this country could be threatened in such a wicked way by our own government.
      Michael, regardless of how negative the scenario appears to you, this is likely to play out in a way that may be outside of the obvious. My simple advice to you is don’t you be the one that shoots your own self in the foot. Currently that is the only way that the power companies are making any inroads. We can take that away from them easily. Keep doing what you’ve been doing mate. You still have electricity and you’re doing great. Chin up and this thing is going to have it’s end at some stage.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please change your thinking as your tone indicates we don’t have a choice.
      The fact is that we do have rights and we will all exercise them.
      I don’t mean to sound rude, but your attitude is exactly how the power companies want you to feel and you’re playing right into their hands.
      Be more relentless than they are; as we all here are.
      In the end, it will be us that are victorious.
      There is no other way.

  4. Can't Even Dine Anymore says:

    I met a friend for lunch in Carlton last week. We walked into a cafe in Lygon St. We found a lovely little spot at a table in the corner. As we were about to be seated I suddenly noticed just above our table was a box. I opened the door and inside was a live device exactly identical to the one we see in the picture of this thread. My friend and I looked at one another and simultaneously we both uttered “NO WAY !!!” and we immediately made a very quick exit out the door. Unfortunately the poor waitress just didn’t have a clue.

  5. Brenn says:

    I think it is helpful to speak to everyone you meet in daily activities–shop owners, literally anyone who has a minute to have a conversation. When I do this I find everyone — with very few exceptions, either doesn’t want one or has one and is concerned and wants to know more. This is adding to our numbers and hope others will approach strangers and just give some facts. Many people say they have no idea it is problem— and— we haven’t had the meters here very long—- and I wonder if they are fully switched on….I live in Ballarat area…..

    • smart denier says:

      I’m with Brenn.
      I also receive very positive responses to the information.
      Mentioning the Mandated E3 Air Conditioners usually has heads turning and faces of disbelief.
      Some other shoppers might remain silent, but you can tell they are listening to every word.
      The People are concerned for their Health and Privacy.

      • Mel says:

        It’s the same with doctors – I’m actually surprised how little they know given their access to medical reports from around the world. I feel let down as a patient in having to inform them, they aren’t researching enough since EMR/EMF is not such a new issue!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Mel,
          You’re spot on. Many GPs are not aware of EMF/P so we need to make them aware of it.
          Spread the word.
          We will win this battle

  6. Eric says:

    This Lyndall King thing is just unbelievable.
    We are being faced with a scenario that is likened to the following.
    Imagine the tobacco companies saying to you “you must smoke”.
    You don’t have a choice not to smoke. You must smoke. your kids must smoke
    and even your infants must smoke.
    You then say I don’t want to smoke because smoking is dangerous, smoking causes
    cancer, smoking kills.
    You are then told “our tobacco is totally safe”
    You then say what about all the people who smoked and have come down with lung cancer. You will then be told “there is no proof that smoking caused their cancer”. Then you are told
    “Look at all the smokers in the world, there’s nothing wrong with them”
    You say “No, that’s the wrong thinking. Those smokers will develop those sicknesses in time which is why I don’t want to start smoking in the first place, which is why I discouraged my children from ever developing bad habits”
    And the response you get is”You don’t have that choice, you are going to smoke !!!”

  7. smart denier says:

    Has anyone posted a comment on the Herald site?
    I can’t see any.

  8. Jay says:

    To be told by the power companies that there is “no opt out option” is double speak for “we are forcing you to have one”. George Orwell was right.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Hi Jay,
      As you are like all of us living in Victoria, which is still Legally a DEMOCRACY no government or semi government or private business of any kind can LEGALLY force you to take a Dopey and now proving to be very dangerous to many Victorian Citizen such as me included.
      This his Dopey Microwave Technology of the M/Wave Smart Meters and Mobile Phones, and Microwave Towers and now Wi-Fi, are also adversely affecting many School Children on Earth. This over stress and downright WORSHIP of things Technological, is really unhealthy and growing worse each day. It just as bad as in the Old Testament days of long ago when Idiots Worshiped BALL the Golden Calf instead of the one True GOD.

      I am never getting a dopey Microwave so called Smart Meter NEVER NEVER NEVER ! I have been tested by a specialist Doctor of Medicine who is also very knowledgeable on Radio and Microwave Radio Physics. He has done a very thorough set of Blind Tests on me and I am definitely E.H.S. or Electro Hyper Sensitive to Mobile Phone/s and these now accursed Microwave and so-called but far from Smart Meters, as well as all forms of M/Wave Radiation even at very low levels. I used my mobile phone actually very sparingly over four and a half years. It left me with the most splitting headaches in the end, so this specialist Doctor of Medicine confiscated this Microwave Phone of mine.

      As far as I am concerned these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies here in Victoria Australia can go and Stick all of their now seemingly to be according to the W.H.O or World Health Organisation Type 2B now seemingly Carcinogen Causing M/Wave and truly not so Smart Meters where the Sun never shines ! An ever increasing amount of this dopey M/Wave technology is only for monetary profit and people spying.
      The facts are, that all Microwave so called Smart Meters are actually ILLEGAL TELEPHONE TAPPING DEVICES or SPYING DEVICES which need a Judges High Court Order to make every one of them LEGAL. None of these dopey devices have ever been furnished with a High Court Certificate from a Judge, to make them LEGAL,which means they are Strictly Illegal Snooping or Telephone Tapping Devices.

      It is none of these foreign owned Electric Power Companies business whether we are using a washing machine or a Television set or using our computer/s or printer etc. The only thing they need to do, is send an An Analogue Meter Reader Man around to our domiciles or small businesses every 90 days to read our Safe and proven to be very safe Analog Electric Meter/s. We who are PEOPLE and not a dopey bunch of SHEEPLE refuse to be dictated to by a bunch of now proving to be Neo-Nazis.

      We are supposed to be living in a Democracy here in Victoria, not in a Police State or what is fast turning into Big Brother where these Microwave so-called Smart Meters are now SPYING on what electrical services one is using. The toaster, or electric clothes iron, or the television or computer or printing machine/s etc.

      I say NO ! means NO ! something these rude Smart Meter Installer Men and their equally stupid C.E.O’s and their Customer Relations SPIN ARTISTS and the Victorian Government Minister/s For Power find hard to fathom.

      I refuse to be bullied or coerced or outright Lied to, by these SNAKE OIL SALES PEOPLE at any time.

      Please see the Commonwealth $1.1 Million Dollar Notice of Anti Harassment I had to send to these Pushy people of PowerCor and to the then Minister for Power in Victoria Mr Michael O’Brien and to the head of the Department of Primary Industry for the Specific Microwave Area of his Department of Primary Industry.

      Sadly for us, Mr Michael O’Brien was TOO GUTLESS to meet our group of around some twenty five (25 ) to thirty five (35) objectors to the Illegal Enforcement of the Microwave so-called Smart Meters when some weeks before, he had written a polite letter inviting our group down to his Electoral Offices to speak with him about our Genuine Grievances concerning these Microwave Smart Meters early in March 2012. We arrived at his offices, looking forward to politely discussing our Genuine Grievances regarding the Microwave Smart Meters, but sadly for us, Mr Michael O’Brien was not there to meet us as he had promised.
      We asked the office staff….“ Where was Mr O’Brien the Minister for Power in Victoria please ?”
      They looked most embarrassed and simply said, “He said he’s sorry but can’t make it to the meeting today as he’s promised.”
      One of our Crowd said, “ Well that’s not good enough, when will he be back please, some of us have come hundreds of kilometres for this very important meeting ?”
      The staff just shrugged and said, “Sorry, we can’t give you a definite answer.”
      “ He’s Flown the Coop” said one in our group. Several of Mr Michael O’Brien’s staff just blushed and slowly turned their backs on us.
      Who’d want to work for Mr Michael O’Brien. We never did get an answer as to why Mr Michael O’Brien the then Victorian Minister for Power refused to meet us, although it was he, who had expressly arranged to meet us, which he SQUIBBED in the end.




      (Insert name and Address of Power Distributor)


      This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,

      (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)

      Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company).

      Notice to agent is notice to principal.

      Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR

      SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s


      INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.

      Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.

      I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $1.1,000,000:00 One point one Million Dollars. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.

      Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.

      A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):

      1. Customer Relations, DPI,

      2. Minister Nicholas Kotsiras, Government in the State of Victoria.

      If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.


      _______________ ____________________ _____________________

      (Your SIGNATURE) ( Witness to your Signature ) ( Print Witness Name)

  9. TPG says:

    “She said a doctor had diagnosed tinnitus and given her a letter of support in a bid to get CitiPower to remove the meter. But despite several requests, the company has refused to remove it and ­reinstall an analog system.”

    Is that not utterly despicable? To allow that poor woman to suffer like that, that electricity distributor is beneath contempt.

  10. Andrew says:

    All the 500,000 people that refused the smart meters should arrive in Melbourne. That would get the attention needed.

  11. john says:

    I started to get tinnitus and thought it was just something unfortunate that can happen. Since then I realized that it has coincided with the rollout of these meters, it is a known effect of EMR.
    These and other effects were surely known then, so why did the government approve the rollout?
    If the government was ignorant of the effects shouldn’t they have looked at available research or conducted proper research?
    I guess the power companies have controlled the agenda all along on this, I don’t blame them; their purpose is to make profits.
    As for our successive governments; why have they been negligent towards their own communities?…adverse health effects, no economical advantage, privacy issues, no say. Why?

  12. 1vimana1 says:

    These Microwave so-called Smart Meters that were in Greece and supposed to have been Mandated, have caused a great number of Greek Residents the same problems as we here in Victoria Australia are experiencing right now, after the Victorian Peoples’ safe and passive Analog Electric Meters were and still are being taken and being replaced with these now proving to be very harmful to Human Health, and all Life, so-called Smart Meters.

    The good news is that because of the sheer public outcry from the people in Greece about these now proving to be Harmful Microwave so-called Smart Meters causing such sicknesses as Tinnitus or ringing in the ears and or bleeding noses and or terrible insomnia and or aching joints and or dizziness to a host of other medical complaints and damage to many peoples’ electrical goods, that the Law in the Greek Parliament has been changed, so that anybody who had been and still is getting sick from these M/Wave so-called Smart Meters, or even feels that they are afeared of getting sick from these Microwave so-called smart meters now has the LEGAL RIGHT to demand these meters their INSTANT REMOVAL and get their Safe and Passive Analog Meters reinstalled at the Electric Power Companies’ Expense. This is now THE LAW in Greece and these Electric Power Companies Must OBEY this LAW.

    This is the same type of LAW that needs to be passed here in the Victorian Parliament, but must come into effect for all Victorian home and small business owners who have had these now proving to be Type 2B accursed Microwave so-called Smart Meters foisted upon them.

    This present incumbent Victorian Liberal Party and the past John Brumby Government have ACTED IN WICKED COLLUSION with the five Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies I now NAME AND SHAME which are…..PowerCor, City Power, Jemena, SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution in Victoria, Australia.

    It is a FACT that these C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies together with the past Victorian John Brumby Labour Government and this present Victorian Liberal past Minister Ted Baillieu and now Caretaker Premier Dr Dennis Napthine Liberal Party Government as well as the past Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien and the present Victorian Minister for Power Mr Nicholas Kotsiras had been and still are Illegally, Riding Rough Shod over us the Democratic People of Victoria’s Democratic Rights and Wishes.

    This truly Wicked and repressive holding of the Victorian home owners’ and small business people to what is clearly an Ongoing Wicked, Immoral and Repressive Regime must be changed to reflect the wishes of us the Victorian People, and for the Victorian Government to stop Pandering to The Wicked Wants and Monetary LUSTS of these same Electric Power Companies and this Very Careless and incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government who like the past John Brumby Labour government had also WICKEDLY and ILLEGALLY refused to show any Duty of Care for Us the Victorian Peoples Health or Safety in any way whatsoever which is itself a CRIME !

    This Victorian Liberal Party and the past John Labour Government should be SUED for Massive Monetary Damages to compensate those Victorian Electricity Customers who now suffer from Medical Sickness brought on by this INSANE so-called Microwave Smart Meter Technology which is proving to be a very dangerous and poisonous technology to not only Humans but to Animal and even benign Insect life like Honey Bees and Lady Birds and YES now proving to be deadly to even tree and plant life. Many Victorians and I have personally seen how delicate plants and creepers leaves start to wilt and then die within the range of these so-called but now proving to be DEADLY MICROWAVE so-called Smart Meters which are FAR FROM SMART ! The very same atrocities have also been brought about by this SATANIC Technology not only here in Victoria but in other countries of the world.

    It is NOT THE LAW that Victorian home and small business owners must accept Microwave Smart Meters. ” IT IS A FLAGRANT LIE.” We the people of Victoria are a Democratic People living in a Democracy whose rights are being FLAGRANTLY DENIED US. This is a CRIME of the GREATEST MAGNITUDE being perpetrated by a Victorian Government complicit in continuing to extort massive amounts of money from the already Cash Strapped pockets of an already overtaxed Victorian Public.

    For GOD”S SAKE Mr Nicholas Kotsiras STOP THE ROLLOUT of these SATANICALLY DEADLY Microwave so-called Smart Meters IMMEDIATELY ! or be thou prepared to be dragged KICKING AND SCREAMING INTO COURT with the rest of your Foreign owned Electric Power Company C.E.O’s, to face a WRATH far greater than thou could ever imagine !
    Hearken unto these WORDS OF WISDOM THOU CARELESS MAN !

  13. John Mitchell says:

    When I saw the original article in the Leader Newspaper I felt absolutely incensed at the following comment.

    “CitiPower spokesperson Lyndall King said the company was unable to switch customers back to an analog system, regardless of the reason for the request.”
    So much so that I rang Lyndall King at Citipower to question her over this comment.
    What the hell is Lyndall King saying ? Think about the implications when she says
    “…..regardless of the reason for the request”
    According to Lyndall King her role at Citipower is that of “Media Relations Officer”
    The question I asked her was
    Are you thus saying that it is all right for you to be making this young woman suffer in this way ?
    She almost seemed to be in denial that the woman was suffering. So I quoted from the article…….The young women says she has developed tinnitus after moving into a home with a smart meter. The symptoms alleviated when she went and stayed with friends.
    What I heard was just umm err umm err umm errr
    Somewhere in the vascillations of her response I heard the words “government mandate”
    The she said she would have to call me back and then mentioned sort of being in a meeting.
    I said do you think that you or Citipower have a right to just stand over people and “regardless of whatever they are suffering” that it’s actually ok for you to be making them suffer ? Is that what you mean by that comment “…regardless of the reason for the request”
    Guess how the conversation concluded ?
    Citipower “Media Relations Officer” Lyndall King being on the run just hung up the phone without saying a word.

    Lyndall King is a media relations officer. Well, I would really like to bring this matter to the attention of the media. I would like Lyndall King and Citipower to be brought to public account about this statement and to explain exactly what they mean by it and to tell us if they then they have some sort of government mandated right to stand over people and cause them to suffer and not do anything to alleviate their suffering.

    • Gwen says:

      Good on you John. Like the Government, they believe they don’t have to answer for anything that they do.

    • Jay says:

      I’m with you all the way John.

    • Eric says:

      John, what Lyndall King is in effect saying is that if anybody is suffering any type of ill effect whatsoever due to smart meters, that they can continue to suffer.

      That is the direct implication of her public statement.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      We had a debate between Rudd and Abbott. What about a debate between SP Ausnet and an expert on EMRs? There is plenty of scientific evidence that these things are harmful. Let SP Aus convince us otherwise!!! I don’t think they could. (And guess what will happen when the chickens come home to roost and people are suing SP Ausnet, Jemena et al for damages to their health and homes – they will run away to their countries of origin where they can’t be got at).

  14. Anonymous says:

    I was concerned about this latest and spoke unofficially with Power agency engineers today who told me some stuff.

    1/. All meters come from India
    2/. few if any power levels are checked.
    3/. meters for the bush can be ramped up to at least 2.5 watts output
    4/. The engineers only use the software adjustment have no calibrated low power meters.
    5/. Jamming devices are being brought into Australia and are of concern.
    6/. ACMA unwilling to get involved and only had one complaint so far.

    • Steve says:

      “ACMA unwilling to get involved and only had one complaint so far”

      I guess that was me…when I wrote my email to ACMA about the buck passing I am being faced with by all these departments when I complain about my health issues that only started when smart meters were rolled out.

      When you speak to public relations staff at the power utilities or health department or the DPI they all say the same thing. “Oh no, we haven’t had any other cases, you are the first.” yeah right and I was born yesterday.
      I guess they don’t realize that some people do talk to each other and occasionally read interesting blogs and comments on this site.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        I was lucky enough to contact one of the Scientists not at ACMA but at ARPANSA a while ago who listened to my polite argument that the ARPANSA standards for Microwave Radiation Here in Victoria hearken back to around 2002. He agreed with me that ARPANSA should not only review these old standard of Microwave Radiation, but were doing so now as he himself had received many letters and phone calls to his department asking when would ARPANSA do a more modern evaluation on these Radiation Standards which seem to be allowing far too high Microwave Energy Levels to be allowed into the atmosphere according to many people writing to him and phoning in?
        I stated to him that our levels of Microwave Radiation allowed in Victoria Australia and its other States were far higher than in Russia and some other countries.

        I politely asked him would he please contact me in writing as to exactly what ARPANSA is going to do and when and give me some up to date facts on the truth of the damage now being done to Humans and all life in Victoria compared to the damage being done in Russia and several other countries which had far lower levels of Allowable Microwave Radiation Levels than those of the 2002 levels not only set by ARPANSA here but still being used by the Microwave Industry as SAFE, when not only I but he and others know that these past 2002 Levels set and told us to be safe, are anything but safe. I knew that I was drawing a LONG BOW here, but I was out to challenge him.

        He answered in the NEGATIVE stating that he could not honestly say when the new and revised and hopefully much safer levels of Microwave Radiation would be SET and released to the Victorian Public. He stated very seriously the following……

        ” Richard even if I were to know the exact Revised and believed to be safe level now, it would be more than my JOB is worth to give them to you in writing to promulgate. I have a wife and kids and a Mortgage to pay off I am sorry.

        ” I was not so stupid as to push him any further, and thanked him for his answers, but obviously he needs to keep his job as I have made clear.
        From here, where this goes I know not, as my CRYSTAL BALL IS BROKEN.
        From now on it seems to be ” In The LAP OF THE GODS.”
        This will not stop me in my earnest endeavours to learn MORE.

    • Rik says:

      Are there Smart Meter jammers? Will they stop you from having symptoms caused my those smart meters?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Now days denial everywhere
    While Japan has entire museums dedicated to the horrifying history of two Japanese cities being bombed by the United States at the end of World War II, when Japan’s own power company is involved in a radiological disaster of similar magnitude, the entire incident gets swept under the rug. Radiation? What radiation? If the government says there’s no radiation, then there’s no radiation! After all, it’s invisible!
    Are we following Japanese culture ???

  16. Damaged says:

    We had a smart meter installed in October 2011. We got sick immediately and after 5 days of ringing in the head, insomnia, cramps, nausea, blood noses, headaches, etc, we began sleeping in our van. Sleeping in other rooms of the house failed to bring relief. Initially it would take abut 2 hours for the ringing to stop. We would go home for an hour or 2 each day to shower, cook, etc. After and hour or so my nausea was severe and I had to leave my home of 22 years. After a while the ringing became constant and was no longer relieved by getting away from the smart meter. We sold our house in Melbourne and moved interstate to get away from smart meters. It is much better in QLD but the damage seems to be permanent. Now we are sensitized to wi-Fi and have ringing in the ears and head when exposed to it. Wireless smart meter radiation is cumulative, against human rights, criminal and must be stopped. How can anyone do this to our pregnant woman, babies, children, elderly, disabled, etc? How do the power companies and politicians live with themselves?

  17. Dee says:

    Yes – I returned from Africa (in the bush) and got tinnitus the first night back with smart meters installed across the road. I thought I was going mad. Couldn’t sleep for weeks. Felt my brain was being microwaved. Hearing specialist said get over it. It’s just old age. Funny that it came on so suddenly after the flight / arriving back in Melbourne. It has subsided (after months) but now seems like tinnitus (maybe just acclimatized). This is life in Melbourne – living with the ringing in one’s head – and the constant “ringing” from the mouths of politicians.

  18. Sue says:

    This could help ->
    Its easy to make and install without directly interfering with smart meter.

    • Eric says:

      Victorian devices not circular. Different shapes to the American circle.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        It is true what you say, but it doesn’t matter a STUFF, they’re still proving to be not only here in Victoria, but world wide…….Very poisonous piece of Junk, which are harming not only Humans, but all LIFE right down to domestic pets, including various small birds bird in cages, and even benign insects such as Honey Bees and Lady birds now dropping dead in droves, many being killed by this now proving to be Accursed Microwave Radiation from these now proving to be Microwave and Not So Smart Electric Meters.
        Last of all many delicate creepers in hanging baskets are now being killed as well, when they are as much as four to five meters away from these Microwave so called Smart Meters.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Why aren’t these companies and State Governments listening to the real evidence?

  20. Concerned says:

    I agree, but time will tell. We have to unite and fight the rollout. We should be given a choice

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Simply do what thousands and ever fast growing numbers of us Victorians are doing and have been doing for well over twelve months. Padlock your Electric Meter Box/s so that the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter which you still have can’t be stolen by these now proving to be Stand Over Bullies and their agents and Smart Meter Installer Men.

      Legally if you have securely padlocked your Electric Meter Box on your home or small business property, then its ILLEGAL for these Smart Meter Installer Men to attempt to gain access to the Safe Analogue Meter Inside. The crime of Breaking and Entering to Steal an Analog Electric Meter is a very serious crime indeed, and for committing such a CRIME the perpetrator/s can be both arrested and thrown into Gaol.

      Firstly good people, if you are still only relying on the $167,000:00 Dollars Common Law Australian Constitutional (1900-1901 and still Legal signs ) signs on your Electric Meter Box alone to keep your Analogue Meter Safe, it is not enough……..YOU MUST BUY A PROPER HASP AND STAPLE AND AN INDUSTRIAL PADLOCK AND FIT IT TO YOUR Electric Meter Box IMMEDIATELY, otherwise you risk coming home from shopping or work or holidays etc. to find that the Unwanted Dopey so-called and Very Poisonous To ALL LIFE Microwave so-called Smart Meter has been foisted upon you.

      Also, to add insult to INJURY you are likely to find that your $167,000:00 Dollar Common Law Australian Constitutional Signs as aforementioned have been ripped to pieces in fits of PIQUE in a mounting number of cases by the Smart Meter Installer Men, then thrown on your grass,or your concrete path under or close to your Electric Meter Box.

      This act of further Vandalism must also be added to the current ongoing crimes of forcing the Dopey and now proving to be Deadly to All Life so-called Smart Meters on Victorian Citizens private home and small business properties.

  21. edkoken says:

    We must be given option to opt out of smart meters that are very harmful to our health. Please wake up people. Smart meters are very harmful for us. and we need to unite to stop this insidious technology radiating microwaves/electro magnetic radiation to us 24 hours a day in our homes.

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