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Victoria’s largest electricity supplier has denied responsibility for a switchboard fire at a house in Melbourne’s north, despite paying thousands of dollars in compensation.

Citipower says it is not to blame for a fire at a Northcote share house this year even though it paid to rehome tenants at an executive serviced apartment complex and in private accommodation for two months after the blaze, at a cost believed to be more than $23,000.

The company also removed the charred smart meter from the property and sent staff door to door within hours of the fire to inspect switchboards at neighbouring houses.

The fire, on July 26, spread up the side of the weatherboard house and into the roof, rendering it uninhabitable. On the day, an MFB spokesman said “faulty wiring from a poorly installed smart meter” had caused the fire.

But the energy regulator, Energy Safe Victoria, said MFB’s initial finding was not based on an official investigation. The regulator’s spokeswoman Sharon Rainsbury said a fuse centimetres from the smart meter had caused the blaze.

Despite this explanation, a senior MFB source has warned that Victoria could experience a “spate” of fires over the next decade caused by wiring damaged during smart meter installations.

A former tenant at the house, Patrick Howes, said he raised the alarm when he heard an explosion just after 6am. “I saw huge sparks coming out of the smart meter near the front door,” said the accountant.

“It was completely engulfed in flames and melting off the wall. The house was filling up with smoke so we evacuated. The only reason I was awake was because I was studying for an exam. If I was asleep I don’t think I would have woken up. The whole house would have been on fire in a matter of minutes.”

Citipower spokesman Drew Douglas said the company did not accept responsibility for the fire and could not have done anything to prevent it. But the company picked up the bill for alternative accommodation for Mr Howes and his flatmates as a “gesture of goodwill”. He would not say how much the company had paid in compensation for electrical fires in the past 12 months.

He said Citipower had removed the burnt smart meter from the house because it was damaged beyond repair and had inspected switchboards at nearby houses as a “precautionary measure”.

Citipower/Powercore has fitted more than 1 million smart meters across the state and began installing them in Northcote in 2010.

Mr Howes said a firefighter told him the meter had caused the fire. “I asked him if there were problems with them and he said there had been plenty of fires started by smart meters. And then he said something like, ‘But I didn’t say that’, or ‘my lips are sealed’.

“Then a Citipower guy arrived and made an announcement in front of Energy Safe and everyone else that the wiring behind the board caused the fire and that there was no problem with the smart meter.”

Energy Safe Victoria said it was called to investigate and concluded three days after the fire that it “had nothing to do with the meter”. It ruled that a service fuse, most likely fitted in the 1960s by Northcote City Council Electricity, caused the fire.

Ms Rainsbury said MFB’s comments immediately after the fire attributing it to a poorly installed smart meter were “speculation and not based on the determined facts”. MFB communications manager Jay Gleeson said it supported ESV’s findings.

But a senior MFB staff member, who asked not to be named, said firefighters were responding to an increasing number of fires caused by poorly installed smart meters.

“We see it again and again. The biggest proximity to all the smart meter fires has been poor installation. Using the wrong fixings, tugging and pulling on cables that should have been extended. It all comes down to poor installation.”

The MFB employee warned that pressure placed on wiring from poorly installed smart meters could lead to more fires: “In 10 years’ time we might suddenly get a spate of them.”

Energy and Resources Minister Nicholas Kotsiras said he had not been advised of any problems with smart meter installations.

“If this is an issue or if this comes through as a major problem, I will look into it but it hasn’t come to my attention yet,” he said. “When they install smart meters usually they find a faulty meter board . . . or other electrical defects which they rectify.”

ESV said one smart meter, out of more than 2 million fitted, had started a fire and 15,000 electrical faults had been fixed since the program began.


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36 Responses to Energy supplier denies blame for house fire – The Age

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great site, many thanks. Lets all hope they leave the locked boxes alone from now on.
    It’s the time of year to respect people !

  2. Jay says:

    Nicolas Kotsiras says the problem of SMs causing house fires “hasn’t come to my attention yet”. YET!? Well isn’t the fact that he is commenting on it bringing it to his attention? The PTB are coming out with more and more dumbed down rubbish day by day. They can’t even lie intelligently.

  3. Chris says:

    i would just like to let everyone know of the most EVIL and DIRTY trick that was played on my neighbours this week.

    All 12 townhouse units in my development received letters 3 weeks ago from Jemna stating that Smart Meters will be installed some time soon. I then sent off a registered, return confirmation letter to them (I received the confirmation of receipt 2 weeks ago) stating that I REFUSE INSTALLATION OF A SMART METER.

    Last week we all received a further letter from Jemna saying that Smart Meters will be installed between 9th Dec until 20th Dec. I received one of these letters as well, even after sending off my letter of refusal. So I have confirmation of receipt of my letter and it was ignored and they still sent me a letter that they were going to install a meter. Hows that for an insult.

    At any rate, THIS WEEK A SMART METER INSTALLER TURNED UP ONE WEEK EARLY, when everyone was off-guard, and hand-picked 5 of the units to install Smart Meters. this is the lowest act possible. Please be aware that they are doing this to catch people off-guard and get them installed when you are not expecting it.

    Of the 5 units that he installed Smart Meters early, he picked the 5 units THAT CONTAINED OLD, ELDERLY PEOPLE. This was obviously no accident. He told them that it was “Law” and that they would have their power cut off if they refused, and that it was no worse than a mobile phone. I believe he had information that the account holder was elderly. Im guessing he could tap into Date of Birth information. In this way he could just railroad and force his installation with minimum resistance. They were caught off-guard and simply had no chance.

    I am so sad for my poor elderly neighbours. No doubt they will all be sick in the next few years 😦

    If the installer comes near my castle next week and tries to tell me the same lies I will have him on camera and audio recording saying these lies as I have CCTV and microphones set up at my front door and power box. It will be interesting to have this as evidence. Im not sure if others have this kind of evidence that installers are blatently lying to us?

    Please take their letters with date of installations with a grain of salt. Beware!!!

    • Eric says:

      Chris, meter boxes need to be locked. Repeat locked. Jemena are absolute scum of the earth and so are some of the people they employ as installers. I have some pretty incriminating video footage of an installer visit which I am keeping up my sleeve for the time being. The installer did the right thing by me and did not behave as a bastard as many installers do and so I have not released the footage because I know that this person would be sacked immediately. I would call Nicholas Kotsiras office and express my disgust at what has occured. They prey on the weak which is not just the elderly but anyone capable of being intimidated by their lies especially their threats to cut off their power. This threat is totally unsubstantiated and is nothing other than a deliberate ploy to intimidate a person into giving consent. Jemena claim that their act of violation of another human being was consensual and deserve to be punished severely for this. Mr Paul Adams, your day is fast approaching.

    • Jay says:

      It also worries me that that some random installer has access to private information about the client such as their date of birth. 😦

  4. Eric says:

    Here is another link to the same article in The Weekly Review Melbourne Times.
    Check out the photos especially the second photo of the burnt smart meter. You can see it is absolutely burnt to a crisp or “charred” as the article says.

    The job of Media Relations people is to propogate the BS of the companies that hire them to all the gullible parties of this world.
    Re Energy Safe Victoria Spokeswoman Sharon Rainsby, what are her electrical qualifications to say “a fuse caused the blaze”. According to Sharon Rainsby, this particular fuse just happened to be located just “next to the smart meter”. I can only say what a coincidental set of circumstances don’t you think Sharon ? I was under the impression that fuses were safety devices to prevent such incendiary incidents. Please someone correct me if I am wrong, Sharon Rainsby has no electrical qualifications background, she is more a media person. Media people specialise in putting out spin. I somehow get the impression that Energy Safe Victoria are not a very independent body and are more closely affiliated with the power companies than what they ought to be.

    Drew Douglas is a dual citizen American Australian and is the acting head of Corporate Affairs and heads up Media Relations at both Citpower and Powercor. In those roles surely he is the complete spin specialist. What’s his version of the story ?
    “…….the company did not accept any responsibility for the fire and could not have done anything to prevent it”
    This is pure company spin and nothing else. This is what you call going into defensive mode.
    I’m confident to say that the fire in the homes occupied by Patrick Howes would not have occured if Citipower did not install their “smart meter” device in that home. So Mr Drew Douglas statement about not being able to prevent the fire is incorrect and his defensive response denying responsibility seemingly spoken in an autopilated fashion is also incorrect. Citipower are 100% responsible for the fire in the home Patrick Howes rented.
    We have an eyewitness account of seeing the smart meter “melting of the wall”. Well the second photo shown in the above link certainly confirms that eyewitness account. Maybe someone should call Mr Drew Douglas and ask him a few probing questions regarding these comments that he has made. If he acts anything like his fellow Citipower Media Relations Coordinator colleague Lyndall King, he will just hang the phone up on you when the questions become too hard. This is what Lyndall King did in response to being questioned by a caller about her public comment that Citipower will not remove a smart meter “no matter what the reason is for the request”. Seems like Citipower is more than happy however to remove a smart meter if it has become an incendiary piece and is in some way suspected as being the cause of a housefire. This is very much in line with the actions of a Mr Paul Adams who is the CEO of another Distribution Company Jemena, which arranged for a smart meter to be removed from the scene of a fire (think of it as a crime scene) prior to investigations being conducted.

    As far as MFB’s Communication Manger, he say’s “MFB supports ESV”. Just like Drew Douglas, Jay Gleeson is a “communications manager”, hired to put out spin. All these comments from these spin merchants are put out in a blind fashion. These are the sort of statements you make up front just to cover your backkside before even knowing the facts of what has taken place. It’s like a piece of advice I was once given that if I was ever involved in a road accident, I was never to admit liability even if I knew it was my fault. Quite clearly office bound MFB “communications manager” is not in agreement with MFB fire services officers who are on the ground and in the line of “fire” on a daily basis whose views clearly do not match that of ESV or Citipower. Is there any reason to doubt these brave officers who state “we see it again and again”. As far as the prospect of more smart meter realted fires in the future……“In 10 years’ time we might suddenly get a spate of them.” This is a frightening comment but also very very credible. Does Citipower want the public to know this ? Does Powercor Jemena UE SP Ausnet want the public to know this ? The comment…..
    “And then he said something like, ‘But I didn’t say that’, or ‘My lips are sealed’.”
    …… that too many people who know the truth about the harmfulness of these smart meters are being either muzzled, threatened, bought or gagged. Under our very noses, Victoria has become a criminal state.

  5. Rob Reiken says:

    I have been following this Stop Smart Meters almost right from when it started & only since just tonite have i been so overwhelmed with so many cases of misery from these can now call them Death Meters as someone has officialy been killed by one , i gotta wonder if any others have also died as well. So many cases of fires, it appears because of the high microwave energy power thats involved to transmit wirelessly is causing severe heat that melts the unit & many of them are exploding.

    These power companies along with their Globalist Elite buddies are lying through their teeth about everything about them including there safety which makes this a crime against Humanity. I’m so disgusted & appalled that i think were actually going to have to start seeing many of these Company CEO’s Parasites of the like doing some serious Prison time for commiting the act of pushing these dangerous death traps upon us while full well knowing the serious implications of damage they are doing to so many & the many in future that have to endure what is to come for the demise that they are going to cause.

    Seems to me what i’m finding out that very much all of these devices can be ticking time bombs to not only self destruct but in other ways to give so many cancer for these are a same concept WIFI but on a more damaging scale on comparisson. I got this info from a link that >Sick Of The Lies< in the above comments displayed which i beleive is very important for all to read immediatly so here it is again.
    Smart Meter Fires and Explosions

    Theres enough proof now way beyond a shadow of a doubt that we all are being sold of down the river of propaganda to prey upon so manys ignorance for just to trust these authoritarian sellouts for their convenience & profit dollar signs. Also to mention that these devices are a tool of misery to spy upon us all, for they can know when your home, what appliances you are using which would allow us NO privacy period. Anyone could hack in to know when any of us are not home to leave our homes vulnerable to be robbed so just how have we been so stupid to have allowed it all to get this far? If we are going to beat this act of intrusion into our lives then it gonna have to be one hell of a huge class action as so that no DPP has the power to throw this one out the window like they have so many times before cause this a war we can't afford to lose if we are to reclaim our rights for freedom back.

  6. Stephnie says:

    Let us not forget the wrongful death of Larry Nikkel Vacaville, CA. and let it be a warning to everyone. It doesn’t matter If the USA or any other country have different makes/models of smart meters to Australia, These meter boxes/house fires have been happening all too often over time in many countries. The overall view of these fires are what I would call “The Butterfly Effect”, (where one change can lead to a sequence of events, as in this mans case ended up being fatal)
    For those who may have missed the tragic story about Larry Nikkel:

  7. Rob Guy says:

    My previous post on this thread questioned whether the Government decision to delegate the task of ensuring smart meter safety was justified. Such delegation can be justified if the company under consideration demonstrates a management structure which effectively balances product safety against profit. The usual business procedure is to ensure that the the project manager and safety manager can report independently and directly to the CEO thereby ensuring that both safety and profit requirements are satisfied. Available reports, 2009 to date, confirm that the Government did not rigorously test company structures before issuing licences delegating safety tasks for the AMI roll-out.
    Hypothetically speaking, a project manager could trash his company’s reputation by sacrificing quality and safety to achieve short-term profit.

  8. Bearded Baboon Loather says:

    Listen to “that” grub from Jemena feeling awkward when interviewed some time ago by Neil Mitchell on the housefire issue
    [audio src="" /]

  9. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    “Citipower had removed the burnt smart meter from the house because it was damaged beyond repair and had inspected switchboards at nearby houses as a “precautionary measure.”

    That’s like removing the body from a crime scene, before the coroner gets there.
    This is outrageous!
    The cover-ups go on and on.

    I always remember this story from back in Feb 2012, (almost two years ago).
    “CitiPower inspector denied responsibility and the smart meter was taken away.”

    “Premier Ted Baillieu again defended the smart meters yesterday after an ABC reporter’s Northcote house was damaged by fire early on Sunday morning.”

    “Hamish Fitzsimmons, of Lateline, was away with his two children. His wife put out the fire, which started in the fuse box.”

    “Fitzsimmons said a CitiPower inspector denied responsibility and the smart meter was taken away.”

    This could have been a whole lot different if the family were all at home at the time, and the fire started in the middle of the night whilst they were sleeping.

    Also, check out this link from overseas. Well worth a look:

    • Andrew Samman says:

      Am I right, in that the picture taken by Chris Scott, of ABC reporter, Hamish Fitzsimmons inspecting his fuse box after the fire, has a new electrical meter that is NOT A SMART METER!

  10. Informed Choice says:

    Isn’t it a shame the ESV feels the need to cover-up and defend the use of ‘smart’ meters. I would suggest this organisation tells the actual truth, or it has NO RIGHT to be called Energy Safe at all! My heart goes out to those people affected by smart meter fires as I suspect there are many. Not good enough, Citipower, MFB & others who bury their heads in the sand. SHAME YOU DON’T HAVE THE GUTS TO ADMIT YOU’RE WRONG ON THIS ONE….Disgusting!

  11. Rik,
    This so-called Smart Meter Roll-Out is a Giant Fiasco, promoted firstly under the Victorian Labour Party’s Premier Mr John Brumby, and Peter Bachelor the then Minister for Energy and Resources. Actually financial resources or cold hard cash has been steadily and cruelly ripped from you the Victorian People’s already Cash-Strapped pockets. It all boils down to one word folks GREED, by stealing from us by this past Labor and now incumbent Liberal Party Victorian Government.
    They, both the past Victorian Labor and now replaced by Victorian Liberal Party Government have never acted in a ‘liberal fashion’ to us their MASTERS.

    Both Victorian Governments have now turned out to be worse than Bad old Al Capone of Chicago who was finally brought down, by the American Inland Revenue Department back in the 1920 for not paying his taxes.

    We all pay our taxes, but not content with that, the past Victorian Labor Government under Premier John Brumby and the recently deposed Premier of the Victorian Liberal Party Premier Ted Baillieu and the present Liberal party Premier Mr Dennis Napthine have been following the same mould of Greed and Corruption with firstly The Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Peter Bachelor, then Mr Michael O’Brien and now Mr Nicholas Kotsiras all acting as Highway Robbers towards us the Victorian People for their Lords and Masters of China and Singapore.

    Of course we mustn’t forget the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies Sycophantic Slaves here in Victoria you now know well and their Mad Lust for Profit at any price, their C.E.O’s working for both China and Singapore. None of these men or their minions have any honour in their SOULS ! What Souls ? for their Immortal Souls have almost perished as they have now become enslaved to filthy Lucre and Lucifer long ago.

  12. Rob Guy says:

    My 2/10/13 post included an extract from the final ESV report on smart meter safety dated April 2011 which stated that “The review found that the public could have confidence that the meters were being installed safely and by qualified and trained people.” which could mean anything or nothing
    . ESV are also conspicuous by their absence from investigations of the above fire confirming that the Government have delegated the task of ensuring smart meter safety to the same people that sell them. For more information on fires caused by the application of excessive stressing of house wiring during smart meter installation, see;…/ct_136

  13. Heather says:

    We already have a “Spate” of house fires!
    United Energy sent a lovely young man to install a “Smart Meter” on my home, however he could hardly converse with me in English. How would he know anything about wiring and faults, (they don’t have enough training to be able to do this) especially on old houses. I sent him away saying thanks but no thanks. He was very polite as was I.

  14. Citizen for democracy says:

    If 1 smart meter out of 2 million fitted started a fire, that’s SIMPLY NOT GOOD ENOUGH! What’s a human life worth to this Government and to ESV, if that’s how they talk? What if that 1 fire was your home, your family? Would it still sound like such a miniscule problem then?
    This is simply criminal behaviour on the part of Citipower, ESV and Mr Kotsiras and his Government.
    It doesn’t take a genius to understand what electrical engineers have been telling us all along: the radiofrequency field emitted by the smart meter in close proximity to the house’s naked wiring interacts with the electromagnetic halo present around the wiring with the potential to spark a fire or explosion at any time. The fire can then start in any part of the wiring, not necessarily near the meter.
    A wireless device is NOT meant to sit in close proximity to any wiring – end of story.

    • Eric says:

      High frequency harmonics on house wiring (that’s what smart meters put out) will also cause wiring to heat up….especially old wiring

  15. Leaty says:

    The minister says “he has not be advised of any problems with the installation of smart meters”
    My goodness does this man not listen, read or hear anything that is put to him!
    What a ridiculous statement.

  16. Paul says:

    Fuses, wiring, meter housing, whatever. It’s good to know that fires could not possibly have anything to do with smart meters. And of course our firefighters obviously don’t know anything.

    Ms Rainsbury, I’m not an Electrician but fuses are safety devices that prevent a surge in current,which occurs when there is a faulty device, which the MFB had correctly ascribed to the smart meter. That the fuse had been around since the 1960s is testimony to its reliability.

    Mr Douglas, your ‘gesture of goodwill’ is impressive. It’s great to see Citipower looking after its customers, especially when fires such as this have nothing to do with the company or smart meters. It reminds me of a comment I heard on TV recently – “what happens when you cross a pitBULL with a SHITzu?”


    • Paul says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention Mr Kotsiras, who stated above that “he had not been advised of any problems with smart meter installations.” OK, then he is not aware of the countless fires such as that which occurred at a dental practice in Melbourne’s Northwest and which ultimately resulted in replacement of the smart meter with a trusty and safe analogue meter. Mr Kotsiras you have crossed a pitBULL with a SHITzu.

  17. Paul says:

    One thing to consider here, is that in time, the insurance companies will have an exclusion clause stating that if you have a smart meter and it catches fire, they will not insure you.

  18. Marta says:

    We do not want a smart meter and are NOT going to give consent to having one installed!!! We have secured our meter box with iron clad cabinet with two locking mechanism systems, so that the locks cannot be picked! We will not bow to the thugs go against our free will civil right called “freedom of choice”! pure and simple… they can fit their smart meters where the sun don’t shine that is their choice… not mine!

    • Sharron says:

      Right On, Marta! I’m not backing down either – it isn’t THEIR home, it’s mine and they had better remember it… especially this Minister for energy, Kotsiras. I hope he gets exactly what he deserves…..I can think of some good places for him!

  19. peterrocker says:

    My goodness!!!! The Government/Power Company Bull is flying thick & fast in this article.
    What will it take to get the lies disproved?

    • Hi Peterrocker,
      This time the Age Paper reported this fire which did so much damage in Melbourne’s North. So it is City Power this time denying responsibility. What a disgraceful affair, like a load of Cowardy Custards City Power is hiding like a pack of cowards and City Power is also reported to have removed the charred smart meter from the property. Well, that’s illegal for a start, it should have been a properly qualified ‘A Grade’ or higher qualified electrician from the Melbourne Fire Board who did the removing of the badly burnt so-called but now it would appear to be INCENDIARY and far from smart meter. They City Power should not have touched nor removed this meter after the fire. Only a fully qualified “A Grade Electrician,” should have been allowed to remove it who belonged to the Melbourne Fire Board. Then this far from Smart Meter should have been independently tested at a Private Forensic Laboratory to see what had gone wrong with it to find out the exact cause of the fire. In fact City Power should never have been allowed on the fire site at any time, or to touch this far from ”Smart Microwave Electric Meter.” It is certainly possible that careless or rushed fitting of this now seemingly INCENDIARY and far from ‘Smart Meter’ which could have possibly stripped the older insulated and more brittle plastic covering the copper wiring, if the smart meter’s installer man possibly tugged on the older electrical wiring. Therefore, if the Safe and Passive and older Analog Meter had been left alone and not stolen in the first place, this fire would never have happened.

      I say to everyone, “For Heaven Sakes firstly Padlock your Private Electric Meter-box lids to the main body of the Electric meter box so that these now seemingly careless Pirates of the Suburbs cannot STEAL the Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters from you. These Microwave Radio Frequency Emitting Electric Meters are not safe in any way at all, according to the huge number of fires I have learnt are still happening here in Victoria after these so-called Smart Meters have been installed in customers Electricity Meter Boxes.

      I say “ban immediately any further Roll-Outs of these now seemingly to be INCENDIARY and far from smart Microwave Electric Meters and replace every one of them with the Proven To Be Safe Analogue Electric Meters now stolen by City Power and Powercor and Jemena and SP AusNet and United Energy. Make these five (5) foreign owned Electric Power Companies foot the bill for both removal of these now seemingly to be INCENDIARY and far from Smart Meters and pay for the reinstallation costs of the still needed Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meters.”
      I say, “Make every Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources from Mr Peter Batchelor to Mr Michael O’Brien to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras fully responsible for this ongoing and now appearing to be CRIMINAL and still ongoing DEBACLE and as well their bosses Mr John Brumby of the Past Labour Victorian Government and as well, Mr Ted Baillieu the past Premiere of Victoria’s Liberal Party Government and Mr Dennis Napthine as he is the new Premier of Victoria and responsible for the present Minister for Energy and Resources Mr Nicholas Kotsiras.
      Also included in this still ongoing debacle are the six C.E.O’s of these five foreign owned Electrical Power companies, starting with the recently retired C.E.O of Powercor and City Power Mr Shane Breheny and the new C.E.O of City Power and Powercor a Mr Tim O’Rourke as well as the present C.E.O’s of SP AusNet Mr Nino Ficca and the C.E.O of United Energy Distribution Mr Hugh Gleeson and the C.E.O of Jemena Mr Paul Adams, and all of their minions, as well as Mr Peter Wallace of the A.M.I Department of Powercor who unsuccessfully attempted to bully me to accept a dopey and far from Smart Electric so-called Smart Meter.

      I also single out the C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry Mr Mark Feather and his minions who tried unsuccessfully to bully me into accepting a now proving to be in mounting numbers of cases INCENDIARY and far from safe smart meter.
      Every one of these careless and now seemingly IRRESPONSIBLE people needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the Victorian High Court to face a Jury of Twelve Men Straight and True and the Judge for a fair trial for this still ongoing Smart Meter DEBACLE, read here …..(not so smart electric meter fires still breaking out in Victoria from the installation of these far from smart meters ) As well as this these ongoing and wicked forced installations have caused and still are causing all sorts of Medical Complaints to the lives of Humans and also many pets from the ACCURSED Microwave Rays emanating from these far from Smart Meters on peoples’ properties, such as Tinnitus or ringing in the ears to Insomnia etc., of people who are close to the dopey Microwave Smart Meters on their outside bedroom wall/s to the added damage to peoples’ private electrical goods such as fusion to domestic and small business fridges and or deep freezers to computers and or printer damage to wrecking T.V’s and Electric Jugs etc., from the “ Dirty Electricity and harmful electric harmonics which fill the homes’ and or small business/s house wiring after these dopey and Deadly to All Life Unsafe Electric so-called Smart Metres have been installed.

  20. Mark says:

    We all need to make a stand now. It’s really simple. The minister and power companies need to make a public declaration, with fully signed letters, to every household, that they personally will take complete liability for these smart meters, but we all know they won’t. So its simple. Scrap the program now. This whole debacle was always about money for those in power and corporations, nothing to do with providing any benefits to the community. We the community, have to stand up and say NO NO, we will not be stood on any longer. Somewhere, somehow, we need to get this program scrapped. It’s simply corporate fraud.

  21. Simon says:

    Victoria has laws ment to be broken. Remember the adds telling us that any time someone working on your house regarding electricity, must by law provide you with an a electrical compliance certificate, and in doing so they must check electrical installations to the premises as they are deemed as responsible for any faults which may occur. Laws are only adhered to when the money runs out but these people have plenty of money

  22. Rik says:

    Can you say huge cover up.

    Who is really better off with Smart Meters? Its not the home owners, its not the bill payers, its not the house.

    I’m glad I have a lock on my meter box. Going to have to talk to the landlord about putting a clear hole in the door as its a rental properly but I wont get one and I don’t think the landlord wants me to get one either as that means I move out and after being here for 8 years I doubt he wants me to move out.

    And how dare they charge me for a smart meter when I don’t have one. Isn’t that illegal?
    People check your power bills as you are supposed to already be paying for those meters for the last 2 years if you have one or not. And last I heard you will be paying at least $150 every year for it also.
    So with the price rise and the extra fees how do we save money with them? Is it because they are so expensive we all get our electricity cut off and thats how we save money?

    • john says:

      Rik, you hit the nail on the head!
      A cover up by a company(ies) with political backing.
      If we get a smart meter and it goes up in fire I’ll get the family out and go straight for the camera.
      But I am prepared to fight to the bitter end against it.

    • frontad84 says:

      I spoke with the Meter Reader this morning here in Mildura Vic on 4th Dec 2013 who had just taken my Meter Reading through the window of my locked box, and he said it was his last visit to me and that my Meter will still be read next time, but by some private company who will be taking over, and that I will be charged extra from then on for the Meter Reading.
      Surely that must be illegal? Just imagine if that happens, how much money will be collected each quarter by Powercor from the 75,000 people who have refused a Smart Meter in Victoria.
      These people are nothing but common criminals who hopefully one day will pay for what they are trying to force upon us and just goes to show what sort of people comprise the Liberal State Government to allow this to happen to their citizens.

      Powercor Sh#t

      The local Power Company Gropers
      Plus the overseas interlopers
      Brainwash their staff
      To quote bullsh#t and chaff
      Treating us, like a bunch of no hopers

      Powercor the Meterbox is mine
      Bought and paid with the house at the time
      What’s locked in it today
      I’m determined will stay
      Stick your Smart Meter where the sun doesn’t shine.

      To the Staff of Power Companies who
      Phone and Email to harass you
      Stop quoting their lies
      And open your eyes
      To what you’ve been brainwashed into.

      All the Power Company Promoters
      Are nothing but bullsh#t toters
      Training robots enmasse
      To phone and harass
      You can bet they’re all Liberal Voters

      The Staff of Power Companies who
      Phone each day to harass you
      Are a bloody disgrace
      To the whole Aussie race
      Getting paid to be bullsh#tting you.

      To the staff of Power Companies who
      Phone each day to harass you
      Time you stopped quoting lies
      For we’re starting to despise
      You, and the low job you do.

      The Powercor Chief acts like a prick
      Who aims to control all of Vic
      And protecting his job
      Thumbs his nose at us mob
      While his Smart Meters make people sick.

      The Powercor Companies in Vic
      With their Smart Meters make people sick
      They show they’ve no thought
      For us so they ought
      To be charged for this Terrorist trick.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        They should be teaching this little rhyme in primary school, to educate the kiddies as to what they have to deal with when they grow up. Write it into the school curriculum, and have all youngsters recite it every morning.

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