Scaled the outer fence and trespassed on our property!

We were informed by a peremptory letter from CitiPower that Smart Meters would be installed in our area, 17-30 December, that we must expect power interruption for 30-60 minutes at our property, and that we would only receive information about this meter AFTER it had been installed.

We do not want a smart meter installed and have signaled our objection by a sign on our door.

Our property is locked at the front and back even when we are at home for security reasons, as we are on a main road. We have twice been ‘scoped’ by people trying to gain access to the house who were found trespassing, and fled when challenged.

On the morning of 20 December at approximately 10.10am, my mother was preparing to take a shower when there was a huge hammering on our glass outer front door. Shocked and alarmed, my mother hastily put some clothes back on and went to investigate. Outside was some barely 20-something moron saying her had come to install the smart meter. My mother told him we didn’t want one and asked how he came to be on our property, “Oh the gate was open”, said the one-neuron wonder.

She told him to leave and went back inside, she was angry and shaken. When my Dad got back from going to get the newspaper, both outer gates at the front were found to be firmly locked with the bolt pin still in place (only accessible from the inside). There’s no way he could have gained access unless he climbed over our nearly two-meter high outer surround fence (which unfortunately you can do if you climb onto the property’s original brick outer wall).

There is no way any gates to or property were open. CitiPower’s representative scaled the outer fence and trespassed on our property. Unfortunately, my Mother was too shaken and upset to actually check the manner in which he left. I would have very much liked to get some photos! Apparently people aren’t safe in their own homes to go about their morning ablutions without being harassed and having their property invaded by these idiot goons!

Next I’m sure we will get a threatening letter from CitiPower demanding we let them in and/or saying they will cut us off. My neighbour also has refused access to her property.

We live in an old house (c.1910) and have had a qualified electrician in every step of the way in any renovations/moderations to our house, and tidying up any extant wiring issues. (Incidentally, this has cost a GREAT deal of money!)

The Baillieu government’s roll-over and betrayal of long-suffering Victorian consumers in the report does not seem to address the MFB’s house fire concerns of November last year. We are waiting to hear from our insurance provider whether a smart meter will invalidate our home and contents insurance. We will ask our electrician what his view is. My Mother says the ‘boy’ they sent to scale our fence looked hardly old enough to change a light bulb.

Will CitiPower’s officiousness extent to abseiling out of the trees in January to land inside our property? Today the power went out in all of East St. Kilda for about an hour. Magic smart meters didn’t prevent that did they?

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2 Responses to Scaled the outer fence and trespassed on our property!

  1. Roman Kulkewycz says:

    Its quite disappointing that there are so few signatures to the petition considering the dangers to peoples health and hip pocket?
    Its an apathetic response, as those not supporting the petition will probably squeal the loudest once they have been affected by the Smart Meter installation.

  2. Martin says:

    Hello, Thank you for your alerting letter. We also refusing the instillation of “smart meter’, I have signs on our electricity box, and I wrote to the power company and the minister. Governments and corporations are aware of the the “new” technology of FREE ENERGY, and yet they continue using dirty fossil fuel, motivated by greed and control. What I mean by free energy is not solar panels or windmills. Its called Cold Fusion, its available and workable right now, it generates unlimited energy very very cheaply, anyone on the planet can have access to it. It has been suppressed from us as well as many other technologies that would change everything on this planet.
    I would like to turn everyone’s attention to this. Please don’t believe me, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.WE MUST WAKE UP TO THIS.Governments and corporations have been controlling our lives for centuries. It is time now 2012 that we must take control of our lives. THANK YOU

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