Not so reassuring – Wimmera Mail Times

I was pleased CitiPower and Powercor corporate affairs manager Hugo Armstrong endorsed the importance of seeking accurate information, in his letter, published in the Mail-Times on August 6.

I refer Mr Armstrong to page 13 of his organisation’s publication titled, ‘Everything you should know about smart meters’.

The opening paragraph of the Health and Safety section states that ‘ARPANSA is the Australian Government Agency that sets safety standards for the two kinds of electromagnetic fields (EMF) associated with your electricity supply and smart meter’.

The publication goes on to say that ‘One kind is the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic field caused by the current in your power lines’.

The document subsequently assures us that independent testing found that ‘both EMF exposures from smart meters were a tiny fraction of the safe levels set by ARPANSA’.

This sounds very reassuring.

There is, however, one slight problem which I would like to bring to the attention of Mr Armstrong: there are no standards in Australia for ELF electromagnetic fields.

We did indeed have interim guidelines set in 1989 by the NHMRC, but this document was rescinded in accordance with its policy of reviewing documents published more than 10 years ago.

The ‘independent testing’ by EMC Technologies in respect of radio frequency fields from smart meters – which at this end of the electromagnetic spectrum are specifically microwaves – unfortunately also suffered from systemic faults.

A sample size of only 16 sites was used to assess the safety of a system which potentially might affect more than five million Victorians.

The study also failed to address the problems of additive and cumulative exposure to radiation as a consequence of exposing Victorians to mandatory irradiation from wireless smart meters.

The World Health Organisation classified radio frequency EMF as a Group 2B possible carcinogen on 31 May 2011.

There are also a large number of scientific studies which indicate that exposure to EMF has the potential for other adverse effects.

These include cellular DNA damage, disruptions to cellular functions, and disruption of tissue structures.

ARPANSA standards for radio frequencies allow CitiPower and Powercor customers to be exposed to about 4600 times more radiation than do the precautionary limits of a country such as Austria.

However, ARPANSA standards also state that people should not be unnecessarily exposed to radiation, even if falling within their standards, providing this can be achieved at reasonable expense.

One must ask why CitiPower and Powercor Australia chose a wireless system for their smart meters.

Surely it would have made more sense to piggy-back onto NBN fibre-optic cabling, thereby eliminating all microwave radiation as well as arguably providing a more cost-effective long-term solution?

Janobai Smith                                                                                                                              Stop Smart Meters Australia

Via: Not so reassuring – Wimmera Mail Times

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14 Responses to Not so reassuring – Wimmera Mail Times

  1. Pam says:

    Up-Date – Took Posts to my Doctor today and he made “no comment”. I had stacks of other personal stuff to discuss with him and he is busy Doctor. I have another appt in October, so I will go more prepared next visit. No word from my Solicitor as yet. Like everyone else I will tell them the same as Domenic (Yep I’ve learnt to swear too, since this all started) to F@*K OFF if they come near me and MY BOX IS STAYING LOCKED FOR EVER IF IT HAS TO BE!!!!……………… CHEERS PAM 🙂

  2. Gwen says:

    Thankyou Stopsmartmeters and everyone who responds to the new postings. It is so encouraging
    to know you are not alone in the fight. Tonight channel10 news was encouraging installations of ‘the bug’ and someone on channel 9 was saying we should have a choice. From everything I’m reading, professional people,such as Doctors, Scientists, and the World Health Organisation admit
    that there is no safe level of exposure for humans (and animals) to EMR.
    This alone sounds like a class action. As you all know, even though we won’t accept “the bug”
    in our home, we will still be affected by them.
    So don’t stop fighting and NEVER EVER GIVE UP. All the best to everyone.

  3. Freddie says:

    Very well put, I completely agree.

  4. Informed Choice says:

    Thankyou Janobai – your arguments make more sense to me than the corporate and industry funded testing which was apparently flawed. ARPANSA need to ask themselves just who are they really protecting here, obviously not the customer, so this organisation has lost all credibility in my eyes. Keep the pressure on these companies to explain their actions and the government departments responsible for spreading unhelpful information to the public in regard to the apparent ‘safety’ of the wireless smart meter device. Only smart people are able to see what is really going on here…. a blatant whitewash of the truth. I stand firm on MY decision to opt OUT of this unnecessary roll-out.

  5. Paul of Gosford says:

    Great information ! We are building a reservoir of ammunition. But let’s also remember that the apart from the constant 24/7 signal which concerns all of us very much, this invasion of our privacy undermines and ignores our rights under an International charter for human rights. Our right to live in peace is under attack and is the prime issue here. Everyone’s daily routine will be recorded and can be accessed by non nationals. it can also be picked up by anyone with a receiver to see if you are home and so on. We should win this little war on the privacy issue alone.

  6. Pam says:

    Well WHY did Citipower and Poweror Australia choose a wireless system for their SMART METERS?????? We are not getting any ANSWERS TO ANY OF OUR QUESTIONS. Surely there has got to be an OMBUDSMAN or a Firm of SOLICITORS who could make these Companies ANSWER our QUESTIONS. There is something terribly WRONG HERE. I will not part with my analogue meter, but wonder if anything goes wrong with it, can I replace it with another one like they have in New Zealand because I WILL NOT HAVE A SMART METER. I sound like I am repeating myself over and over and STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA are working their butts off keeping us UP-DATED – WHEN WILL THERE BE AN END TO IT?……………… Pam

    • Justice says:

      Hi Pam,
      You can still purchase the analogue meter at the electrical retail store , or your electrician will get it for you, keep to the analogue meter because the bills will not be so excessive as they are in the smart meter OR even the NZ meter. Why the power companies want to change the meter is to fill their greedy pockets. Money is the root of all evil for these Power Companies Good luck

      • Pam says:

        Justice – Thanks for the information. I wasn’t aware I could purchase an analogue meter, should anything go wrong with mine..Cheers Pam 🙂

  7. John Cornish says:

    This brilliant comment on Facebook by Paul Starr, in response to “Not so reassuring – Wimmera Mail Times”

    Paul Starr: “Our privacy and liberties are being incrementally removed and most of the time we are powerless to stop it because we lead busy lives and don’t have the time to watch the grass grow or the paint peel – we’ve left it to the politicians – but now, with the smart meter attack,. It’s PERSONAL. At last we get a chance to draw our swords. It was great today to see my mates get angry when I told them what’s afoot . . . all we have to do is get the message out there. I’m going to print out 300 or so forms and do a local letterbox drop. That will be interesting! Since we can’t trust the Lords it’s up to we peasants to defend the realm.”

    • Sharron says:

      This is music to my ears… great stuff!!!

      • Pam says:

        Mine too!!!! ………………If each of us does our little bit – all those little bits add up to BIG BITS – We will WIN I have no doubt about it. ……………….. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE…………PAM 🙂

  8. Domenic says:

    YES yes yes WHY DIDNT they Use the NBN that we are all suppost to get & Havent!! so in essence the only way ill accept a meter change is if powercore & citi power eliminate wireless completely & guarantee accuracy with readings by having properly calibrated meters certified by an independent authority & get rid of time of use charging & give us discounts instead of lifting prices then i have no issue with a digital meter untill the day the above can be met my power box stays LOCKED i tell the installers TO F@*K OFF & they will not i repeat WILL NOT Put a wireless smart meter in END OF STORY

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