Mobile phone masts removal decreases EHS symptoms

A Japanese study has demonstrated alleviation of electro-magnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms after removal of two mobile phone masts from the top of a block of residential units.

Two health surveys were conducted on residents of the towers, the first survey one month before commencement of decommisioning of the masts and the second survey nine months after both masts had ceased operating. The study is complicated by the fact that two mobile phone masts of differing strength were installed 10 years apart and then the masts were decommissioned 4 months apart. However, the timeline on page 6 of the report makes it easier to follow the sequence of events. Pages 9 and 10 list the EHS symptom abatement after removal of each of the masts.

The report is a little complicated and difficult to follow, but the symptom abatement pretty much speaks for itself.

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22 Responses to Mobile phone masts removal decreases EHS symptoms

  1. Nigel Denning says:
    I quote from the above article…………..
    “The Hazelwood Mine fire likely contributed to an increase in deaths in the Latrobe Valley, an inquiry has found.”

    “The rise in deaths was noted between February and June last year, compared with the same period in previous years.”

    “The inquiry’s report also criticised former Victorian chief health officer Rosemary Lester’s handling of the investigation into the fire.”

    “Health Minister Jill Hennessy described the report’s findings as “damning”. She said people in the Latrobe Valley felt abandoned and ignored and the report provided some evidence confirming their concerns.”

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that members of this community would rightfully be entitled to seek legal advice about these issues,” she said.

    Does the name Rosemary Lester ring a bell ? She is not only the person being harshly criticized here for her ineptness and for her failure to fulfill her duty of care but she was in the position of Victorian Health Minister and who allowed these toxic carcinogenic headache machines to be forcefully installed on Victorian homes. She is the person who despite being made well aware of the sicknesses people were experiencing after these stupid smart meters were installed, did nothing to stop this criminal act from proceeding. She was asked the hard questions by very knowledgeable such as Mr Steve Weller and was found to have no idea. She just towed the government line and totally failed in her duty of care to Victorians.

    Today is World Human Rights Day. We remain well aware that here in Victoria the forced imposition of these sickness causing devices, these stupid smart meters, violated all the Human Rights Acts that we know of. How dare the so called Victorian Government and the power companies force people to be exposed to radiation against their will whilst being unable to provide any guarantees regarding health outcomes and whilst there have been undeniable cases of health problems that have emerged right under their noses. They bullied and harasses the people of Victoria and they have committed the blatant act of tortured, with people literally tortured in their own homes. And even now there are also so many suffering in silence who do not want these money making filth machines in their vicinity. How dare they have experimented on the population as well in this way. May human rights truly be upheld and those same penalties that were upheld at the Nuremberg war trials be one day bestowed upon all the CEO’s of the five Electricity Distribution Companies here in Victoria both past and present (which includes our friend sloshing himself in his vineyard thinking he is safe) and their henchmen, all the Victoria Energy Ministers and Premiers who were complicit in pushing out these STINKING machines in every conceivable way.

    The root of the problem is corrupt people in Duty of Care positions. It is unending because that’s the way our society has become.
    Corrupt people in Duty of Care positions have failed us. Rosemary Lester you can now wipe the blood of your hands and retire in disgrace after having failed the people of Morwell and after having failed us the people of Victoria for allowing the roll out of these stinking machines to have continued despite having been made well aware by informed persons of the concerns held regarding the real dangers of these stinking machines that are just not smart in any way at all. It’s the same pattern that keeps repeating over and over again Rosemary Lester. Not only has it been the people of the LaTrobe valley that have felt abandoned but it is also all the people of Victoria who did not want these stinking machines on their property and who held justifiable concerns regarding their harmfulness to all health that felt abandoned by you and who were abandoned by you, supposedly the “Health Minister” who just took the Government line. For what reason ? To have been able to have kept your job ? Is that the reason you abandoned
    Victorians ? Corrupt people being placed in Duty of Care positions is a scenario that is just so wrong. What have we come to ? We have all become the poorer.

    • dana says:

      Maybe we can complain to the Human Rights Commission in Australia?

    • TL says:

      Jill Hennessy has got a cheek implying that she would never conduct herself in the way Rosemary Lester did. Jill trots out the same party line as Rosemary did on smart meters. Is Jill happy for us to seek legal advice on the issue of her invalidating the concerns we raise with her over smart meters? Is Jill happy to wear the blame for damage to our health through the continued presence of smart electricity meters on properties? Is she happy to take responsibility for further damage to our health by the apparent current rollout of smart water and gas meters?

      • Anonymous says:

        All you have to do is send a notice or affidavit into Jill’s office with factual evidence on how dangerous smart meter radiation is and give her 28 days to rebuts what you have said in writing. Get her to sign the reply as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jill Hennessy needs to be made aware of how dangerous smart meter radiation is. This can only happen with an affidavit or a legal notice. Emails are usually ignored and therefore the recipient can claim they never received it. She can also claim that she was not aware of the danger, this is when we have to make her aware and the only way to do this would be to either phone her and record the phone call. This probably is not going to happen.Film her, as these people are reluctant to meet any of us this probably won’t happen. Emails ,they will ignore. Letters unless they are registered won’t help either.
        How do we make sure that she is aware and can never testify in an inquiry that she was not aware. Send in a registered notice or affidavit with factual evidence, give her 28 days to respond.If she does not respond with evidence, then at least we have some paperwork to show that she and others were aware of the dangers and did nothing about it.
        This is a crime in itself. If you look back of the the last few years, you will see that the excuse given in many cases is, we were not aware.
        If you are not aware, how then can you be held responsible?Don’t forget by the time they remove these toxic devices some of these people would of changed jobs or they will resign.How many have resigned or changed jobs already?

    • Anonymous says:

      Corrupt people can’t run and hide for ever. They usually resign. The problem with smart meters is not enough people complain. Also those that are corrupt need to be advised in writing of future penalties, such as jail time. The Health Minister and the Chief Health Officer are supposed to work for the people, if they don’t, who do they work for?
      Fraud is a crime,

    • Athol Drummond says:

      “….she was in the position of Victorian Health Minister and who allowed these toxic carcinogenic headache machines to be forcefully installed on Victorian homes…”

      Nigel, this statement that you make is so right. And the type of headaches that people experience from these devices is absolutely terrible, and unlike any other with a severe pressure and clamping of the head being felt.

      It is very clear to me that “smart meters” are in actual fact a wireless head clamping device.

      • Sue says:

        Wireless Head Clamping Device….what an apt name that is. The headaches I have been suffering from after a smart meter was installed feel as if my head is stuck in a tightening vice. These machines really are remotely operated head vices or head clamps.

  2. Chris says:

    did anyone listen to 3AW Monday? they had a member of the public talking who had a water bill go from $49 to $3000 suddenly and wanted 3AW to help fix the problem.

    The reason why this is relevant here is that the guy said “the water company came around and replaced the water meter this week to fix the problem…they put in a new water “SMART METER” in its place, where the fellow does not need to actually read the meter”.

    This is the first I have heard of a “SMART METER” water installation!!! here we go again!!! has it really started already?

    do we have to lock up our water and gas meters as of now???? im very interested to know how they get power to the water meter to run the transmitter….has anyone seen one?

    • Theoriser says:


      Could they be battery operated? And if so, how often does someone have to come out and change the battery?

      The other thing I’ve been exploring lately is the interconnectedness of the gas and water supply to the property with the earthing stake. Is it possible that there is enough current returned to earth on the earthing stake that this can be utilised to power the nearby gas and water smart meters? I don’t understand this well enough to know, just theorising.

    • Anonymous says:

      Strange Chris as my neighbour had an extremely high water bill over a year ago and they would not change her water meter. My neighbour had a leak, but even though her meter is really old, they would not change it.
      On the other hand i get a letter 2 years ago advising that i would be getting a new water meter, of course i thought the worst. I contacted Yarra Valley Water and was advised that
      unless they had trouble reading the meter or access issues they would only be installing the same meter.
      When the man came out to change the meter i stood there watching he assured me that the meter was not a smart meter and even got a smart meter out of the van to show me what they looked like.
      Smart water meters are bigger than regular meters, as far as i am aware, they are used in hard to get to places. The man i spoke to, told me that they had installed digital meters in Craigieburn. I am not sure if he meant smart meters, i am pretty sure they are similar. He told me that someone drives past and can read the meters from the car.
      They will have to notify you if they change your water meter and someone has to pay for it, they aren’t going to want to pay for it.If you get a letter then contact them. Or you can send them a letter now stating that they do not have permission to install a water smart meter. I was assured by Yarra Valley water that they only install these devices when they can’t access the property, like a farm or somewhere where its dangerous.
      I don’t think they will be in a rush to install any more death devices as they are going to be pulling the electricity one’s out eventually. Someone has to pay for all these changes as well. The water meter reader was here the other day and i am pretty sure they have employed new meter readers.
      The story about this man does not make sense, his bill went up, was the meter the problem or did he have a leak? He wanted 3AW to fix the problem when the problem was already fixed.
      Why did this man call up if the problem was fixed with a new smart meter? Something does not make sense. Sounds weird to me as my neighbour had a similar problem and they would not put a new meter in, even though she asked. They were even reluctant to check the meter to see if it was faulty.

      • The People's Choice says:

        OK Anonymous, the water utilities terminology for water meters and smart meters works like this

        1. A fully fledged water smart meter is referred to by the name “Digital Meter”. This is the radiating type of device that none of us want. A Digital Meter will not only transmit reading(s) but will also detect any type of water leak on the property and will inform the utility via it’s transmissions. Also a “Digital Meter” will communicate with your PC, Laptop, Television and other devices and will provide the consumer information such as how much water their sprinker is consuming, how much water their washing machine is consuming etc. One particular water utility which I won’t name has been conducting a trial with a thousand or thousands of volunteer homes with Digital Meters with the aim of possibly rolling them out at some future stage. I heard this straight from “the horses mouth” about a year ago and was told that the trial would take at least five years (thus now four to go) and that it is not known at this stage whether they will be made so called “compulsory” or not ala the electricity “smart meter” rollout. This water utility is well aware of the problems that a “compulsory” roll out has caused with electricity but are also aware that they will be subject to government policy.

        2. Another device that the utility has had out in the field and I have been told that there are “hundreds of thousands” of these out there already and they are what are known as “Remote Meters”. They are specifically for situations where the meter reader cannot get access to the property. A Remote Meter is dumb meter with a transmitter that emits a “unique radio wave”. The meter reader will walk past as per usual and if he/she cannot get access into the property then they will be able to read the meter from outside the property. Where there is no transmitter on the dumb meter and the reader cannot enter the property, this particular utility will leave a postage paid return card for the owner to mail back after they have written the reading details on the card. This system has worked very well for me and shows that there is no real reason why the electricity power companies cannot obtain actual reads directly from their customers without the need to install a wireless head clamping device on their premises (carcinogenicity aside).

        This is an excerpt from a letter I had sent to me from this particular water utility

        Your concern about installing a remote meter on your property is appreciated.
        I confirm that a remote meter will not be installed on your property without your prior consent. Please be advised that this confirmation is solely relevant to our fleet of remote meters and not with ‘digital meters’ that may be rolled out sometime in the future.
        Yours Sincerely
        Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please contact me on…………….

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon, water smart meters can only be put in if we let them. I have lost count of the number of people some of them my neighbors that tell me that smart meters are dangerous and can cause cancer, but won’t do anything about it.
          If they can get water smart meters in without any protests then they will, but someone still has to pay for them and the infrastructure. The man i spoke to was adamant that everyone will eventually be getting digital meters. I am tired of these little dictators.This also happened in one of the Telco stores, when a man told me that i had to have a new expensive wireless router, i said no and then he told me everyone has to have one eventually.
          This is just bullying from people that have nothing better to do.

        • Anonymous says:

          Trespassing is a serious crime and if you have not given permission for a smart meter installer to be on your property and given permission to install a smart meter, then this is trespassing. It all comes down to consent. That does not mean that you should not be vigilant, but a legal notice sent to the water companies and gas corporations should at least help. If you have trespassing signs up as well, then you can photograph them as evidence. You can only enter private property with owners permission. Take away the permission and the installer would be trespassing and can be charged.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Apparently removal of the mobile phone tower cured cancer/tumours in 5 out of 6 people! (according to Table 3 and 4)

  4. Hammer Mann says:

    When are people going to wake up to these poisonous and health wrecking stupid inventions, causing more and more sicknesses and cancers to humans and animals and killing our honey bees and even the beneficial lady-birds that usefully kill aphids that suck the sap out of plants leaves and roses. Using dopy mobile phones which rely of these Mobile Phone Masts carrying the poisonous Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines is the height of stupidity.

  5. Cedar says:

    Good, at last someone is trying to find out the truth (which we’ve been telling them all along!)

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Hi Cedar,
      These I allege to be CRIMINALS of the Microwave Industry don’t give a FIG for anybody’s health or welfare and sadly I allege the Victorian Governments of both Labor and Liberal are each just as bad including the C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Companies in Victoria, as each of them showed No Lawful Care or Concern for our Health and Welfare at the start of the roll-out of these poisonous and far from Smart Electric Microwave broadcasting and receiving machines circa 2009 with the John Brumby Labor Government starting the roll-out of these accursed machines and later when the Victorian Liberal Party won office they kept on rolling out these machines, poisonous to Humans and animals and all of LIFE.

      This I allege smacks of not only gross Carelessness but Criminal Action by both Victorian Governments of Labor and the Victorian Liberal Party as well as the C.E.O’s of the five Electric Power Stations and their ilk proving to be our TORTURERS.
      Shame I say on both Governments of Labor and Liberal Parties for acting I allege so WICKEDLY to those they are supposed to care for.

  6. Paul says:

    What a surprise!

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