Watch ‘Take Back Your Power’ film for free

Josh del Sol, creator of ‘Take Back Your Power’, is offering free online viewing of his film about the dangers of smart meters until midnight, Tuesday, December 1st (U.S. Pacific time).  That’s 7 pm, Wednesday, December 2nd, Melbourne time.

TBYP free view


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5 Responses to Watch ‘Take Back Your Power’ film for free

  1. Anonymous says:

    SOLAR rooftop power owners in WA might be charged more to be connected to the Grid. The article goes on to state that they can charge a fixed rate or lay out smart meters.
    “We are going to look at maybe a combination of both but particular the issue of smart meters.”
    I thought smart meters were to save us money, so why would people with solar panels need smart meters? So its either pay more if you have solar panels or we can give you a smart meter or both.
    You would think they would learn from what happened in Victoria.

    • Anonymous says:

      That story about the young girl was sad. Those that were notified of this problem should be charged with negligence and hopefully sent to jail and sued.They would then think twice about exposing kids to toxic radiation.
      Exposing someone to Wi-Fi when it makes them sick is an attempt on your life.

  2. The Freedom Man says:

    I am thankful for being able to watch it free. It clearly shows how the fight is part of our lives and to avoid it is self destruction.

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