Nicola’s nightmare continues….

Having spent $5,500 to have my chronically ill daughter’s smart meter relocated to her boundary, we have been told that United Energy is going to take 3 weeks to send a truck to complete the half hour work. Nicola’s condition has deteriorated so significantly since the installation of the smart meter on 16th April that we thought we were going to lose her last weekend. Yesterday we ran a lead to a neighbour’s place so she could have her essential service (oxygen) supplied to her. I have removed the fuse of the smart meter and her electricity. Today her nausea and dry mouth symptoms stopped, although her headaches and no sleep continues, however she was in chronic pain from her entire body’s burning sensation. I have no idea what this is, but am guessing it is the radiation hopefully leaving her body.

United Energy have no empathy at all. They do not give a damn who suffers, and they will continue to deny that the smart meter is a health risk for some people. They continue to lie. I feel so very angry and frustrated that this is actually happening and that no one, including politicians and jouranlists, are brave enough to do anything about this.

Geri Johnson, Blairgowrie

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28 Responses to Nicola’s nightmare continues….

  1. Geri Johnson says:

    Oh and today Nicola said her electricity bill is due and asked if she should pay it? With any luck they will cut it for good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Geri, keep in mind it takes the body time to recover after exposure. It took me six weeks after I shielded my bedroom from the smart meter in our previous home before my body went back to normal. Your daughter may want to look at sleeping under a protective canopy ie rf shielding cloth. I have one and sleep under it all the time. My body still suffers from exposure to WiFi from neighbouring homes since I live in the inner city in attached terraces. So when my body is having a bad day from exposure I wrap myself in these curtains and it seems to calm my body down…

  3. Paul R says:

    Geri, Do you have a postal address (I would prefer not to send to a home address)? I have something to send you that may help your daughter’s condition. Not a drug or anything weird. Please try it out as it may stabilise your daughter’s condition. I am using the product as I have electro hypersensitivity myself and it is helping me. Ask SSMA for my email address and you can reply to me there, if you wish.
    – Paul R

    • Geri Johnson says:

      Hi Paul, thanks I will get your email address and be in touch.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Paul, what is this product your referring to as I too am a suffer and would be interested in finding out more. I have tried various things from a naturopath. I believe their products have helped, not cured me as such but has helped me get a bit better.

      • Paul R says:

        I bought a few products from a site called EarthCalm. I don’t want to put up a URL because I don’t want it to come off as spam or advertising. It takes time but there is a positive effect. There is an Australian distributor. The products may seem expensive but if you are skeptical, they do have a 90 money back guarantee. I was desperate when I tried one of their pendants but there was definitely some improvement. It’s nice to be able to sleep properly at night now. I’m still sensitive to wifi but I feel like the effect is not as bad as before. Shielding is only effective to some extent. Grounding is more effective.
        Hope this helps.

        • Geri Johnson says:

          Hi Paul R,
          I am still trying to get your email address so I can contact you. Have requested again
          Thanks Geri

          • Paul R says:

            I’d like to actually give you my email address through here BUT I hate giving out my personal info online. Sadly and unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for SSMA to give it to you.

            • Anonymous says:

              Paul, you could always create a new contact address just for this site only and none other. Just a suggestion. Then you can easily filter out who you trust and who you don’t whilst being contactable at the same time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Paul,

          Do you have an email contact for the Australian distributor as I have done some research on the pendant and am interested in trying it but the only contact I can find is the American one ? Ta

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi, I have heard about these pendants. I may look into it and give it a go as my body the last couple of days has had a mini breakdown due to wi fi exposure from work I assume and living in a condensed area isn’t helping my cause.

    • Geri Johnson says:

      Hi Paul, I have requested your email details, will get in touch when I receive them, thanks.

  4. ken white says:

    You are right, Geri. There is a conspiracy of silence. What is undoubtedly the greatest scandal since asbestos and thalidomide is being ignored by the major newspapers and TV stations. No prizes for guessing who’s pulling the strings.

  5. Deanna Cooper says:

    Hello I refused to have a smart meter and they told me they won’t be coming back in this area and I will have to suffer the consequences? What are they going to do- do you know, will they disconnect people generally who do not have a smart meter? Thank you for all that you do for our democracy. Regards Deanna Cooper

    • Paul says:

      Deanna, make sure your meter box is locked with a sturdy padlock. They cannot cut off your electricity if you are paying your bills on time – electricity is an essential service.
      Also do not engage with them on the phone, especially if they ask you to listen to a recording, because that recording will tell you that you may have to pay a regular fee for a meter reader and, if you don’t respond it will be regarded as ‘implied consent.’

    • Max says:

      Deanna, who told you that you would suffer the consequences? Was it the smart meter installer, because if you have a trespassing sign up they are the one’s that will suffer the consequences. Did you get their name? Because you need it ,as this person is responsible for what they said to you.
      Electricity is an essential service, as we can’t light fires outside to heat water to wash ourselves or wash our clothes. We can’t light fires in our homes to keep warm. We can’t light fires outside to cook either. If they are prepared to let us light fires in the open to do all these things, then electricity would no longer be essential, but since we are not allowed to do this, electricity becomes essential. If they tried to turn off your power, it would be a breach of human rights. There is no law stating that you have to have a smart meter, so you have done nothing wrong or illegal or unlawful.
      Deanna try to record all conversations, and don’t talk to the distributor’s on the phone. Get names and insurance indemnity numbers, that way you can go for damages eventually.
      These are just cowardly scare tactics, you will be fine. The distributor’s only have a license to distribute electricity. They have no power, they are trying to deceive you, as long as you pay your bill, don’t tamper with anything electrical, their should be no problem.
      It is against the law to threaten, intimidate or coerce anyone. They are the one’s that will have consequences. Tell them to look up the crimes act.

      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 198
      Threats to destroy or damage property

      A person who without lawful excuse makes to another a threat—

      (a) to destroy or damage any property belonging to that other or a third person or to himself and that other or a third person; or

      (b) to destroy or damage his own property in a way which he knows or believes is more likely than not to endanger the life of that other or a third person—

      shall, if he made the threat with the purpose of causing the other to fear that it would be carried out, be guilty of an indictable offence and liable to level 6 imprisonment (5 years maximum).

      S. 199 repealed by No. 9228 s. 2(1)(c), new s. 199 inserted by No. 9228 s. 2(1)(d), amended by Nos 49/1991 s. 119(1)
      (Sch. 2 item 52), 48/1997
      s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 72).

  6. Wendy Rice says:

    I agree with Steve and Max. Do not give up! Get the interests of your local paper to publish your situation. All the best.

    • Geri Johnson says:

      Thank you, I have written to the local papers, politicians, herald sun, Derryn Hinch, 3AW, anyone, everyone. The silence is deafening. This is like being in a real life conspiracy movie. If it wasn’t our family I would find it hard to believe. I will not give up.
      Thank you for caring.

      • Damaged says:

        we slept in our van for 6 months and finally sold our house in Melbourne and moved to QLD after a smart meter made us really sick. It could be possible that Nicola has Lyme Disease. Smart meters are dreadful for everyone but those people who succumb quickly to EMF’s often have Lyme or other chronic infections which have already undermined their immune systems. I have Lyme 35 years and nearly died of it 9 years ago. I was misdiagnosed as having CFS, fibromyalgia. possible MS, etc for 22 years. I finally found a treatment which turned it around. I went from being on a walking frame and in a wheelchair, trouble breathing, speaking, eating, nearly dead, to back at work part time, driving, eating and doing normal things. Contact SSMA for my contact details if you want more info. I am not selling anything. This treatment is cheap, natural and available in Australia. My heart goes out to Nicola and if I can help I will.

      • Max says:

        Geri, can you find out the name of the person that installed the smart meters on your property or daughters? Start here, it might take a while, get their name you need it. Then go for their insurance indemnity number. Writing to politicians and the media will not get you anywhere.You need to get these details for starters as the person that installed the smart meter is responsible.

  7. Mike says:

    United Energy is a corporation so you need to find out who the man or woman within the company is that has made the decision to put this device on your building, and send a nice letter explaining that this device is causing a man or woman harm at the house and you need full restoration of your property (your old meter). You need to search Karl Lentz in common law, but you always start with a letter to another man or woman never the company as they don’t physically exist only on paper, you must nail the man or woman down and then you can make a claim as you have proof of the harm said man or woman is doing to you.

  8. Max says:

    Maybe send them a legal letter stating that if anything happens they will be charged. Look up the crimes act and see which one fits the bill.
    CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 16
    Causing serious injury intentionally

    A person who, without lawful excuse, intentionally causes serious injury to another person is guilty of an indictable offence.

    Penalty: Level 3 imprisonment (20 years maximum).

    S. 17 substituted by No. 10233 s. 8(2), amended by Nos 49/1991 s. 119(1)
    (Sch. 2 item 9),
    s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 11).
    This is just an example, there is no law stating that you have to have a smart meter, So therefore it should be removed by the distributor at their cost. You really need to send them a very strong worded letter and let them know what the penalties are going to be if they do not comply with your request. Do you know any one that can advise you. I will send your story to my friend to see what he thinks.

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  10. Steve says:

    Get legal aid take court action to recover money. I spent $2500 to move mine didn’t get a prayer..

    • Geri Johnson says:

      Hi Steve, did relocating yours help with any symptoms or did you move it for precautionary measures?

      • Citizen for Democracy says:

        Geri, my personal opinion is this:
        relocating the meter will help a little bit, but won’t completely resolve the problem, because the RF emitted by the meter couples on to the entire wiring of your home, turning it into an antenna. Switching off the mains (fuse) at night should give Nicola substantial relief, as the RF stops coupling onto wiring when there’s no current on it. This may not be possible if you need the electricity on for Nicola’s health needs. The fridge does not suffer too much in this colder season if it’s off for 6-8 hours every night.
        Nicola may benefit a lot from ‘earthing’ at least 1/2 an hour per day. This can be done by Nicola sitting or lying on the grass if possible, making contact with the grass with bare skin (hands will do). This lowers her body voltage and helps her feel better.
        I wish you and Nicola all the very best. Don’t loose hope, we will eventually overcome these terrible times.

        • Geri Johnson says:

          Citizen for Democracy,
          I appreciate your thoughts on this. After 4 days with the Cancer Meter switched off and no electricity, Nicola’s condition has started to improve. No showers, no hot water to help her seizing muscles, but she doesn’t complain. Even with the meter having been relocated, she is terrified about having it turned back on. She says she would prefer to be without electricity, than have to live with a Smart Meter. I don’t blame her. As the work has been done, we will give it a trial and I will be ready to pull the plug. We have until 29th May (maybe) for the United Energy emergency truck appointment. We are trying to think of other options, hopefully there is a solution. I have finally realised that trying to be heard in the media and contacting the politicians is a total waste of time. AND don’t get me started on the Ombudsman! Seriously?? Our case is now closed because a truck has been booked to do the relocation. Good job!!

      • Max says:

        Geri, this is a violation of human rights?
        Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

        The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (the Charter) is a Victorian law that sets out the basic rights, freedoms and responsibilities of all people in Victoria. It is about the relationship between government and the people it serves.

        The Charter requires public authorities, such as Victorian state and local government departments and agencies, and people delivering services on behalf of government, to act consistently with the human rights in the Charter.

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