Victorian Minister Russell Northe moves a bill to enable power distributors to charge consumers an additional fee for NOT having a smart meter.

Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources Russell Northe recently moved legislation which will enable power distributors to “recover the costs of manual metering services from customers who refuse the installation of a smart meter.”

See pages 1456-1457 in HANSARD:

It is clearly unethical that consumers who do not have smart meters should be charged both a fee for a smart meter (as currently occurs), plus an additional fee to read their existing meter.

Why should power consumers be charged twice?

It is also quite nonsensical to be charged for a meter reader to come out four times a year when customers could easily provide readings three times a year. This would result in a requirement for a meter reader to only come out once a year, as currently occurs for some customers.

The debate on this bill was adjourned until Wednesday 21 May by Opposition Energy Spokesperson Lily D’Ambrosio.

Will the ALP and Independent Member Geoff Shaw oppose this unethical legislation that aims to ‘double charge’ customers who do not have a smart meter? 

No other state in Australia intends to financially punish electricity consumers for not having a smart meter. Why should Victorians be treated any differently? 

The question logically arises, are Victorian Coalition politicians receiving ‘kickbacks’ to facilitate power distributors to extract even more money from hapless electricity consumers? 

Time will tell whether the Australian Labor Party and Geoff Shaw will stand up for electricity consumers in Victoria or follow the path of the Liberal/National Party towards corporate self-indulgence.


A copy of the bill can be found at: Bill 2014 amendment
The Explanatory Memorandum can be found at: 571474exi1

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107 Responses to Victorian Minister Russell Northe moves a bill to enable power distributors to charge consumers an additional fee for NOT having a smart meter.

  1. Cedar says:

    We are already paying to have our meters read. What is he talking about? It seems now that we are living in a dictatorship, where the pollies can do as they like and we have no power (or so they think; they need to learn otherwise, this has all gone too far, it’s time to take back democracy.)

    • John M says:

      Cedar says “it’s time to take back democracy” As someone in their mid 50’s I can say from my research of history that what little was left of one (which we never totally had) was destroyed here over four decades ago. We have been living in a carefully managed illusion of one since, until greed and corporate influence/control has reached such an invasive and pervasive extent that the lie can no longer be totally maintained/managed. Yet, most people today are still totally oblivious to what is going on having been born into a yet more sophisticated form of slavery and servitude and the fraud called democracy.

      Yes we are living in a dictatorship, and truth be told actually always have been but mostly ignored by the masses who support and sustain it. It is currently very far from being benevolent. Nothing will change for the better until enough people acknlowledge the extent of the lie and see the shackles and chains they so readily place on themselves and their children for the benefit of the few.

      Democracy is supposedly the mob or majority rules. In reality that has never been the case, ever!!. We have been carefully managed and manipulated like cattle and are thought of as such. One should however acknowledge where and how the mob has allowed us to be taken by the deviously careful, patient insideous manipulation of the mob by the few. And, so the mob readily and easily continues to be manipulated such is the naivety of the majority who are content to do nothing beyond picking a side of the same coin at the next election and really expecting things to change for the better. Absolute lunacy and pathetic denial most of humanity lives in. How long before hard fought for change for the better was perverted and corrupted again. Democracy via representaion doesn’t work and by it’s very nature is the perfect construct inviting manipulation, brain washing and intellectual suppression of the masses in order to give it a rubber stamp with majority consent.

      In my opinion It’s time to take back personal responsibility and self ownership and stop allowing ourselves to be ruled or falling in line with the rest of the mob of sheeple because the mob is most certainly being herded towards a final fleecing and slaughter.

      Russel Northe and his ilk have willingly and knowingly relinquished themselves to the control of NGO’s, corporate, and central bank interests while many of us have finally after decades of slumber and living under constant subterfuge and psychological manipulation began to find our intellectual and spiritual freedom and are truly alive and fighting for ourselves and others.

      But, fighting for what? To have the same stinking system reinstated to a less noticeable and oppressive state it was in the past? I think not. With a stroke of a pen and some rituals performed in a house of lies these puppets think they have continued licence to steal and extort and enslave with debt not only from the living but those yet to be born under the guise of democracy or any other ‘ocracy or ism’. And why shouldn’t they think that they can get away with whatever they care to impose when they can trot out the word democracy or bring the state back into surplus or some other croc and have the majority mob go along with plans to oppress and punish not only themselves but those that were not so easily duped and resisting. Yes things have gone too far. Too far to ever forget and once again be duped or coerced into continually funding evil corporations or endorsing political whores working towards our demise and that of our kids and their future. My vote for PPV will be throwing a spanner in the works. Or, throwing a ‘sabot’ hence sabotage the corrupt political duopoly. If enough people did that with minor parties or independants… well one can dream.

      Albert Einstein apparently defined Insanity as repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I dare say many people came up with the same conclusion many moons before he did. Humanity has been doing the same thing under various political and aristocratic flavours and guises for thousands of years while the manipulators and their descendants remain in control of the latest incarnation of the rigged game.

  2. Rebecca Nolan says:

    If smart meters have no legal basis to be forced upon anyone, then I don’t see how proposed charges for the non installation of a smart meter can have any legal basis of enforcement either.

    That means expect more of the same when it comes to the attempt to introduce these fees
    ie. all sorts lies, threats, deception, bullying, intimidation, smoke and mirrors games

    Well, we have become very good at playing that game now. When will they ever learn ? They will not learn ever even after the people of Victoria have long wiped them out of existence.

    If smart meters were to be legislated now, it would be an open declaration by government regarding their reprehensibly unforgivable conduct of deception and it would certainly make them liable for humongous damages claims when undeniably conclusive proof emerges (and it will) that they in forcing these insidious constantly pulsing devices into the sanctuary of private homes and businesses are the ones responsible for the emergence of multitudes of cases of people’s health being devastated.

    I have seen too much first hand. The decision to push these things out onto people was very very wrong. These insidious devices inside people’s homes must go.

    • Access denied says:

      I agree, Rebecca. I also think these devices are causing cancers and abnormalities in people but so is wi-fi and it is everywhere. Microwaves were not meant to be used in this way. My question is-: You have seen too much first hand. Can you explain this in more detail please? I am interested in reading about anyones experiences and I guess others would be as well, particularly from those in the health system. I have become electro-sensitive since these scam meters were introduced and I wont be contributing ANY more funds to their purse strings, for refusal whatsoever!

      • Bec says:

        What I mean is that since the roll out of smart meters I have seen people whom I have personally known become sick with all the symptoms associated with emf such as headaches, tinnitus and others that we know are associated with electromagnetic radiation and what other people are experiencing overseas after being exposed to wireless smart meters. I have also met people whom I never knew before and have not just heard their stories but I have seen them effected in front of my very eyes when in the presence of a smart meter, a microwave oven, a mobile phone tower. I am not an ignorant gullible person and I know that these people are very very genuine. And I been affected myself except my experience is a little different in that I always wake up with a constant headache every morning without fail and I have never had a history of head pain ever. It all began after smart meters were rolled out in my street and I have confirmed that transmissions from my next door neighbor were entering my house. At one stage I also experienced severe sick nausea and dizziness, the sickest feeling I have ever experienced. When my neighbor had their power cut off for not paying their bills my headaches subsided although it took a number of weeks. I was able to confirm that the smart meter was non operational during this time and that there were no transmissions entering my house. When the neighbor’s power was reconnected, my headaches recommenced within that same week and I was able to confirm transmissions entering inside my home again. I have had some success over time in alleviating my headaches by setting up a shield along the complete side of the house on my neighbor’s side which I have earthed/grounded into a 1.5 metre copper rod driven into the earth AND switching my power off at night time (I have been living without refrigeration) because I have confirmed the presence of high levels of dirty electricity on my old house wiring. This has been measured whilst all lighting switched off, all appliances unplugged and all power points switched off, which means a high likelihood that I am being fed dirty electricity from the grid. And then you hear of so many stories of people where the pattern is the same and the symptoms they are experiencing coincide and confirm our understanding that pulsed emr is harmful with radiation emissions from smart meters having a particularly sinister aspect to them that causes people to become sensitized to all sources of emr including those things that did not seem to affect them prior to smart meters coming along such as WI-FI and Mobile phone and mobile towers. Yet now these people can no longer tolerate those exposures that they were before without any thought. That’s some idea of what I mean by first hand experience. And when you see how blatantly we have been lied to by the power companies and the government, and when you see how intrinsically flawed the ARPANSA/ICNIRP exposure standards are and yet there is this still a persistence in being told that which we know to be lies…………..need I say anymore.

        • Gwen says:

          You are exactly right Bec. I feel I am being affected by my neighbours smart meter. I didn’t realise you could have that dirty electricity if you don’t have a smart meter. I am becoming more sensitive to every EMR emitting device that had no obvious effect prior to smart meters. I have seen pets suffering and also dying after a smartmeter was installed. I was told by the smartmeter representative at Origin that my symptoms were all in my head. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID TO THE PEOPLE IN MORWELL RECENTLY.
          The call to evacuate was meant to happen when carbon dioxide levels reached 30. When the level was reached. the person in charge( unclear who ), raised the level to 70.
          They are more than liars. What they are doing is a slow GENOCIDE of the population of Victoria.
          Definition of genocide found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

  3. Eric says:

    What is happening here has already been happening in British Columbia.
    The truth is and I love this comment

    “We are not meter choices participants”

    Please see

    Click to access void-alleged-past-due-notices1.pdf

  4. Owen says:

    Thought smart meters were supposed to save money on the cost of reading them. Why has my supply charges gone from $40 per quarter( $160per) annum up to $1.30 per day ($474 per annum) in just a few years, when I live close to the supply 2 kms from your office and no one has to walk to my door to read the meter anymore that’s without mentioning kwh costs ….. What will be my annual saving in your electorate be Mr Northe after the carbon tax is gone?…. South Yarra and the like already pay substantially less for exactly the same electricity. Are you planning on levelling the playing field for your electorate = sp ausnet dearest in the state ! Why can’t we also choose suppliers. Introduce fair competition, not just the retailers…..No wonder people flock to the cities. Fuel, electricity, land rates per square meter employment ….. Make it cheaper to live here people will come!!!!!…

    • Minnie says:

      Owen, they have found a way to make money. They only have to put their hand out, it is up to us now to make sure nothing is put in their hand anymore.
      Why should we pay for something we already pay for? We can read the meters ourselves, but then they would have to think of another reason to take our money..
      Where has all the money gone? It is our money and we should know where it has been spent and on what.

    • Minnie says:

      I’ve heard rumours smart meter installations have been linked to house fires. Is this true?

      No. Energy Safe Victoria has done a comprehensive investigation into our smart meters and their installation and found our installation processes are very safe.
      This is part of the information i received.
      I can advise that we have not recorded any smart meter fires but have fire as a result of poor installation, weather affects, tampering etc. which have been responsible for fires around smart meters and this generally occurs at the time of installation or shortly after.

      The MFB are advocates for the safe installation of all appliances and devices. It is not our role in the public safety model to offer guarantees for appliances or devices supplied, purchased, sold or installed by others.

  5. Hammer Mann says:

    The justified and red-hot anger by the sensible people giving voice in this is palpable. God bless all of you writers. Mr Russell Northe just doesn’t seem “To Get The Picture,” does he,? same as the other failures of Victorian Liberal and earlier Labor Ministers for Energy and Resources before him.
    Please fall upon your sword Mr Russell Northe as did Mr Peter Bachelor of Labor when the heat became far too much for him as the first Victorian Minister to make negative head-lines in the press and amongst the Victorian People with the Extortionate and wicked roll-out of these poisonous and Health destroying Electric Microwave and deadly to all Life accursed and far from Smart Meters.

  6. Eric says:

    “……………………by providing a financial incentive for electricity distributors to complete the roll out, and encouraging customers to accept smart meters.”

    Russell Northe wants to charge money to “encourage” customers to accept smart meters.
    Did he say “encourage” ???
    Doesn’t he actually mean “to try and force the hand” of customers ?

    The government has employed nothing other than a forceful hand since this whole wicked saga began. It is the only way they know.

    Here’s my challenge to Russell Northe.
    If he wants to “encourage” customers to accept smart meters then, how about this…….provide them with an unambiguous written legally binding guarantee regarding impact on health and safety with clear and detailed definition of the term “safe” or “safety”.

    I’m sure this would be a much more successful means of persuasion for him, or should I say “encouragement” ?

    • Eric says:

      What are you afraid of Minister ?

    • Minnie says:

      I received an email from The Chief Health Officer, the email stated, As advised previously 75% of an individuals everyday exposure is from radio frequency radiation from commercial radio and television services. I was then advised to contact ACMA. I did just that, none of questions were addressed at all, so i wrote to them again.
      This is part of my letter.
      I was referred to ACMA by the Chief Health Officer Of Victoria, Dr Rosemary Lester. Dr Lester suggested that I contact ACMA, which I have done. I asked if it is true and factual that 75% of an individuals exposure comes from television and radio services. I also would like to know if ACMA has factual evidence and not just opinion to support this statement.
      I did not ask you if transmitters comply with the public exposure limits, I merely want to understand where 75% of an individuals exposure comes from.

      I did eventually get a reply from ACMA, this is part of their reply.
      I am uncertain where Dr Lester’s reference level of 75% of exposure comes from and cannot confirm this figure.It is not the ACMA’s responsibility to provide information to support Dr Lester’s claims.
      I then sent another email specifically asking information in regards to my medical condition, they still have not replied.


      • Paul says:

        Dr Lester (witch doctor?) gets her information for a highly competent, reliable and irrefutable source: the single brain cell that inhabits her head. The woman is clearly either in denial or totally misinformed (probably both) and does not want to lose her cushy job. as such, she blindly accepts whatever this equally incompetent government puts to her.

        Minnie, it’s amazing how, when one asks a question of a politician, head of a government department or official of any kind, one get an answer that is totally unrelated to the question. It’s like asking if it’s going to rain and being met with a reply such as “my car has dirt on it.”

        However, in defence of Lester, I would probably say she is right in stating that 75% of an individual’s exposure is from radio and television services. She somehow neglects to mention that the frequency of these transmissions are not in the GHz (microwave) range, which is the frequency that smart meters, WiFi, radar, mobile phones, cordless home phones and microwave ovens utilise.

        These are the dangerous frequencies that we are constantly exposed to (100% of the time) and which cause brain cancers, interfere with the blood/brain barrier, disrupt DNA and interfere with birds and bees, to the extent that the latter fail to pollinate crops (70% of the work’s crops are pollinated by bees).

        All this information is on the Internet but everyone should watch ‘Take Back Your Power’ and ‘Beings of Frequency’ if further evidence is required.

        • Eric says:

          When they make quotes and comparisons about exposures from television and radio, it’s very deceptive information. As you say, television and radio signals are a totally different situation to microwaves. Try heating up a piece of chicken in a microwave oven working on traditional television transmission frequencies. You might end up with a cold piece of meat. Just because the people who make these statements are in some genuine position of authority doesn’t change the fact that their own personal level of expertise in these particular matters is absolutely zero.

    • Cedar says:

      Russell Northe is just a minor cog in the political machine who does as his masters tell him. The pollies aren’t any cleverer than us, they just think they are (or at least they try to make us think they are!) We are motivated by the need to protect our health and our children’s health. They are just motivated by the bottom line and the promises they’ve made to their buddies. We are stronger and the politicians would do well to believe that fact. (Try getting between a mother tiger and her cubs if you doubt me, politicians!)

  7. Northern Suburbs Resident says:

    If smart meters did not cause harm, or if the government were able to both prove and give a guarantee that smart meters do not cause harm, there would be no need to charge people for not having a smart meter because most people would have no reason not to accept a safe and passive device.

    The government should first prove that smart meters are truly safe (at the same time putting a precise definition on exactly what “safe” means) and then look to make any “legitimate” amendments to the Bill.

    Well, nothing has been announced on the safety audit and yet Russell Northe has moved to introduce extra charges.

    Without providing the proof first that smart meters do not cause cancer, headaches, tinnitus, nausea, dizziness etc. etc., (these are the reasons why most people do not accept a smart meter) then any demand for extra money from those who haven’t accepted a smart meter is akin to an extortion demand. Pay us this money and we’ll allow you to keep your health. It’s not on Russ.

    • Minnie says:

      They need our consent, they know people are sick and will continue to get sick. They don’t want to pass legislation to force you to have a smart meter, because then they become liable. So they want to charge us extra fees, assuming people will then give consent or pay up or risk disconnection. They must be so desperate and worried about the health implications, that the only thing they could think of was fines or fees.
      But this will also backfire, as people are not scared of them anymore.
      By trying to fine us, they have shown that they are worried themselves,their plan did not work. They probably expected some people to protest, but not for this long. They probably assumed that eventually everyone would give up .They now find themselves in a very uncomfortable position, they did not think of the consequences.People like them never do,
      The blame game has already started, Labor started the rollout, but the Liberals continued it. They are trying to blame everyone but themselves, and they are all responsible. So they either transfer to a differed department or quit.
      They probably did not think so many of us would get sick so soon. And now this has happened . They can never admit that smart meter radiation and other devices make you sick..
      No wonder they are so desperate to get consent anyway they can. They must be worried, They could lose their jobs and money and homes and cars.
      They could lose their freedom and reputations. The list is endless.

  8. Happy Dissenter says:

    Small mercies I suppose….take a gander at this article about SP Ausnet. Keep your gates and meter boxes locked!!!,sp-ausnet-vic-smart-meter-rollout-delayed-indefinitely.aspx

    • Minnie says:


    • Eric says:

      Happy Dissenter, the Auditor General’s report predicted this very thing. See —->

      Click to access 111109-AMI-Audit-Summary.pdf

      Economic merits
      The cost-benefit study behind the AMI decision was flawed and failed to offer a
      comprehensive view of the economic case for the project. There are significant
      unexplained discrepancies between the industry’s economic estimates and the studies
      done in Victoria and at the national level. These discrepancies suggest a high degree
      of uncertainty about the economic case for the project.

      Implementation risks
      The AMI project has significant implementation risks that have been underestimated in
      advice to government. These risks, which relate to technology and relationships with
      national systems and processes, have started to materialise and are likely to erode the
      projected net benefits.
      The advice to government that led to the AMI decision scarcely considered project
      risks. The risk management approach was to rely on the electricity industry to address
      and bear technology risks. However, the regulatory regime does not give the industry
      enough incentive to manage risks and associated costs that consumers are likely to
      pay. The project risks are therefore very likely to directly affect consumer prices.
      The technology risks were underestimated when the government was recommended
      to commit to the project. Sufficient resources were not allocated to manage equipment
      trials. The trials did not offer reasonable assurance that the proposed technologies
      were viable. However, DPI persisted in advising government to proceed.
      The department’s lack of adequate risk management comes from its belief that
      industry is responsible for managing technology risks. However, given the extent to
      which the department promoted the project, the nature of the regulatory intervention,
      and the implications for consumers, the department is accountable for effectively
      managing risks that have the potential to undermine the economic case.

  9. GlennS says:

    I have written to Russell Northe and Lily D’Ambrosio and encourage everyone to do the same.
    Unfortunately, until the election, where we will have the choice to vote for a party which truly represents the needs of the people (PPV of course!) this is about all we can do.

    • Minnie says:

      I wrote to Lily’s D’Ambrosio, here is her reply.
      Thank you for writing to me about smart meters.
      Despite having campaigned against smart meters when in opposition, the Liberal/National Government decided in 2011 to continue the program. The letter then goes on to say that Victorian Law allows distribution businesses to enter private property for the purposes of installing metering equipment, including smart meters.
      I then asked Ms D’Ambrosio to provide factual evidence to support this statement, as i know very well the distributors cannot come on your private property to install a smart meter and the distribution code does not state anywhere that they are allowed on your property to install a smart meter.

      She then stated that Energy Safe Victoria conducted research into smart meters and agreed with previous reviews that smart meter pose no safety risk, and that the electro magnetic radiation emitted is far less than a household microwave oven.

      Dear Ms d’ambrosio,
      The email I got from your office had a lot of information regarding smart meters. But now you can’t answer each specific issues. But you can give out information. Ms d’ambrosio it was your office that sent me the information in the first place and now you should be able to back it up with factual evidence and in an affidavit.

      Her letter went on to say,
      Several studies have been undertaken in recent years on the safety of the smart meter technology which have shown no evidence of health impact directly caused
      by the meters. I understand the current government has indicated it will be conducting another review

      Can you please send me these studies you are referring to as I can’t find any. The American cancer Society has also told me that smart meters are so new that they don’t have much data, the data is from general radio Frequencies. The World Health Organization sent me a letter stating the risk still exists. That is a risk of cancer. So if you have these studies please send them to me,
      I am not in a position to answer each specific issue in your email.

      You have the opportunity to put these views to government and I suggest you do so as they have the resources to deal with your concerns
      When Lily was asked for factual evidence,she referred me to The government. I then asked Lily if she would be willing to meet me in person?

      • Happy Dissenter says:

        Hi-5s Minnie. 🙂 You are one gutsy person!!! Well done. If we have another rally pro-privacy/ health/ & sanity ( ie another anti-SM protest march ) we must wear our poster names as badges on our coats and get to know eachother. I’d buy you a coffee. Awesome email to that shyster. I wonder whether it will disturb her sleep knowing she’s a faker doing a crap job looking out for the folks in her area.

      • Paul says:

        Yes, of course smart meters are safe. They have been tested a few years ago by ARPANSA. The tests show that there is a negligible heating effect on cells but the government totally ignores the countless studies about the effects on the blood/brain barrier, DNA, the (highly) increased rate of gliomas and other cancers attributed to MW radiation. Why? because these issues are not in the government’s interests in applying UN Agenda 21.

        OK Lily, don’t be a politician for just one moment and answer this question: Why hasn’t the government made it compulsory, via legislation, for households to have a smart meter? Surely it’s not afraid of a massive James Hardy situation. However, if such legislation exists could you please provide us, the people of Victoria, a statute number and date?

        Lily, have you forgotten that your first responsibility is to look after us and not your fellow MPs or your political party. Be brave and fight for us. Maybe then you will have our respect. If not, remember November is not far away. The people of Victoria will not forget.

  10. Paul says:

    I joined PPL and that’s who I will be voting for. This whole debacle (smart meters) is just a small part of the UN’s Agenda 21, which we cannot allow to proceed. At this stage I don’t know if PPL can have a representative at each polling station in November, so please PPL, can you publish a ‘How to vote PPL’ on this site when the time is near?

  11. Eric says:

    According to Russell Northe, the amendment of the Bill does not violate any human rights.
    Here is his statement of compatibility which he is required to provide in accordance with section 28 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act which statement is “not binding on any court or tribunal” which is just a joke

    Statement of compatibility
    Mr NORTHE (Minister for Energy and Resources) tabled following statement in accordance with Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006:
    In accordance with section 28 of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, (the charter act), I make this statement of compatibility with respect to the Energy Legislation Amendment (Customer Metering Protections and Other Matters) Bill 2014 (the bill).
    In my opinion, the bill, as introduced to the Legislative Assembly, is compatible with human rights as set out in the charter act. I base my opinion on the reasons outlined in this statement.
    Human rights issues
    There are no human rights protected under the charter act that are relevant to this bill. I therefore consider that this bill is compatible with the charter act.
    The Hon. Russell Northe, MP Minister for Energy and Resources

    The smart meter rollout has in every way possible violated human rights as defined by the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, specifically sections 10, 13 and 14.

    1. Purpose and citation
    (1) This Act may be referred to as the Charter of
    Human Rights and Responsibilities and is so
    referred to in this Act.
    (2) The main purpose of this Charter is to protect and
    promote human rights by—
    (a) setting out the human rights that Parliament
    specifically seeks to protect and promote;
    (b) ensuring that all statutory provisions,
    whenever enacted, are interpreted so far as is
    possible in a way that is compatible with
    human rights; and
    (c) imposing an obligation on all public
    authorities to act in a way that is compatible
    with human rights; and

    What an absolute joke is this Russell Northe

    • Gwen says:

      His actions remind me of john MR BULLY BOY brumby. First fluoride in our drinking water that we need to survive, then smartmeters on our homes where we are meant to feel safe.Right now the abbott cronies are realising that there are more ants than grasshoppers and they can’t destroy us.

    • Paul says:

      As I said, he’s an idiot!

  12. Genny says:

    “The Smart Meter] is a bid to have a device in the home which gives them both control and future capabilities for both broadcasting and receiving through the home.” ~ Jeffery Armstrong – former Apple executive – See more at:
    – George Orwell’s ‘1984’ vision is finally upon us & being forced upon us!

  13. Bmag says:

    This guy is my local rep. I am infuriated he can be so stupid… He’s already failed to stand up for my fellow citizens and I when our town of Morwell was infiltrated by toxic smoke earlier in the year from stinking rotten Hazelwood. It was kept so quiet in the media and all they did to help working class families like mine was to hand out expired masks not fit for the job, offer a physical health check for the symptoms that none of us will ever be on the record as having and hand out buckets for people to clean up the mess with. (yes – some people in Morwell do work, and received NO financial aid or re-imbursement for costs). Does he expect to keep his seat at the election. Not with my vote.

  14. Rob Guy says:

    At least the bill limits charges to recovery of costs. Far worse would be legislation to indemnify distributors against future class actions aimed at distributors piggy-backing penalties onto cost recovery charges–see recent class actions against the banks. Also, my reading says the bill will only apply to those users who refuse installation AFTER the bill is signed off by the Governor??? —Comments please!

    • Minnie says:

      I have not refused installation, i am under know obligation to accept a smart meter. I have not given consent and their is no legislation.So why should i be penalized? Their are no recovery costs, they just can’t get their own way. They have tried threats, intimidation,coercion and other methods, and they still can’t get all there radiation devices in. So then as a last ditch effort, they want to fine people and hope that everyone of us will let them install a smart meter. They still plan to get these meters in anyway they can.
      Russell needs to step down if he is not going represent the people of Victoria, or tell us who he actually works for.

  15. says:

    Hi, Then I believe it might be time start class action and lay some charges against the Minister. A “My Will letter from everyone who can sent through your local MP might be a good start. Victoria is running amok with the parliament making new laws and amending old laws without the authority of the people and using as its power base the invalid 1975 Victorian Constitution. The 1855 Victorian Constitution still is the lawful Victorian Constitution and anything different is a possible act of Treason. Parliament has attempted to change the laws of another country and that is outside of its authority. To repeal the 1855 would require action from the UK Parliament, following a request from the Victorian people (referendum), Then royal Assent. Victoria’s Parliament is desperately trying to intimidate the people and bringing in new laws to try and convince people it has the power, e.g. amendment to the Summaries Offences Act where an organisation (council) can hold a meeting on public property and deny the public access by alleging disturbance and have the police come and tell the public to move on. If they don’t then they can be arrested. We have another problem. The police are no longer an arm of government but a corporation. this was supported recently over the case where a young woman was assaulted by police officers and badly hurt. the “government” alleged they were acting as private citizens and the government could not do anything about it. Rubbish! Illegal and unlawful actions does not put the police corporation outside of the law. another problem we have is the fact that Victoria has brought in a Star Chamber system of courts. This was outlawed in UK in the mid 1600’s and we inherited this outlawing in our Commonwealth Constitution and most probably under the 1855 Victorian Constitution. A further issue is that the “government” has turned the judiciary into a corporation breaching the separation of powers and now the judiciary is also a corporation. so we have so many breaches including the trading corporations posing as councils that unless something is done Victorian will own no assets or land. It will have been sold off to foreign powers and our rights taken away and we will have become a state of slaves with no rights at all

    They have no authority to impose this. Victoria is not a de jure government. It is a corporation. I believe we can argue that we already pay for meters, so why should there be a charge on a charge. Breaches Commonwealth Constitution, Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act Breaches Trade Practices Act (Competition and Consumer Act) As a Result it most probably breaches the Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914, Most likely the Victorian Crimes Act.

    Time to stop whinging and demand a return to lawful government (we, the people) where parliament is the servant not the master. Regards John R.L. Wilson CPO (Commonwealth Public Official) and Community Advocate.

    • Paul says:

      J.Wil, again, this is Agenda 21. You say a “charge on a charge.” they’ve being doing that for some time now. Just look at fuel excise (a tax on a tax). Labor won’t help, as they are in total agreement with the liberals. Vote PPL in November.

  16. Sally-Ann Edwards says:

    At least you Victorians get the opportunity to know exactly which of your politicians are actually representing Big Business instead of We, the People, simply by their efforts to support you against the tyranny of Spy-oops-Smart Meters, or to force them upon you. You will see which politicians are working to enslave you within the global grid required for the global government (New World Order as Bush, Blair and Howard called it). As exposed by retired British intelligence member, Barrie Trower, they will be able to both see and hear you in every room of your house including the bedroom. At least you have an alternative – vote them OUT and vote IN an uncorrupted new party instead – PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA. If the 2 main political parties are not representing your Health and Security safety but instead supporting business, what does that tell you? Members of a party pse note, are first beholden to their party heirarchy (and in particular to its controllers the Money Power) and will protect their own job security rather than protect their constituents. Democracy anyone?

  17. Jason says:

    Well DON’T VOTE for the bastards! (any of ’em)
    The bottom line is, if you MUST have governments, then Non-Party governments need to be elected.

  18. Rik says:

    When nobody had smart meters we didn’t pay extra. So we save them money for not getting a meter and they charge us? What for? We didn’t get it so we should save money as in the long run or in a few years we wont need to replace the faulty meters which only have a lifespan of 5 years maximum and our old meters will still be working and wont need replacing costing more money.
    In the long run we save lots of money not getting one so why are they forcing us to pay more for saving money?
    The government HAS to be getting paid for them as there is no sane reason why you would force those onto people forcing people to pay more money or leave the state. I am one of those lucky people that cant have a smart meter and with all the meters in my area I am really debating leaving the state so my health gets better. I live in an area with 3 units per block so I have 3x the smart meters in this area.
    First I want to move to an area with less units so less smart meters and see what happens. if still not better then I will be forced to leave the state.

  19. Kent Hammond says:

    “It is also quite nonsensical to be charged for a meter reader to come out four times a year when customers could easily provide readings three times a year. This would result in a requirement for a meter reader to only come out once a year, as currently occurs for some customers.”

    I wonder if this is entirely right or not. I provide my own readings and these appear as “actual” reads on my bill (and not as “estimated”), no different to when the meter reader had come out. So I’m not so sure there would be any need for the meter reader to come out once a year. Sure if you have three estimated reads then the fourth needs to be actual and that’s where the meter reader comes in. However if you have actual reads, then regardless of the fact that you are doing the reads yourself, then I would not think there would be any need for a reader to perform reading.

    • Eric says:

      Yes, nothing has changed other than that you yourself have become the meter reader

    • Steve Fimmel says:

      Hi Kent.
      I agree with the tactic of reading the meter and then sending in the readings.
      I have thought about this, but never known exactly where to send the info when I capture it (using a photo of the meter). My distributor is Powercor and retailer Lumo.
      Does anyone know where I should send the meter readings?

  20. Chris says:

    Why is government passing laws to help private companies collect money? There can be only one reason, because the government (and those who run it) are getting something for it. There has to be some big dangling carrot there, that we don’t know about. I wish there was a whistle-blower that would expose this backroom payola deals. It makes no sense otherwise why government would be helping them like this.

    If we found that whistleblower to uncover the truth and leak it to the media then it could bring this whole Smart meter issue to its knees and halt it any further in its tracks.

  21. Trevor Churchill says: —WILL GET MY VOTE in NOVEMBER 🙂

  22. Ted says:

    MMM Service To Property Charge Already Covers The Cost To Read Meters This To Me Is A Legal Version Of Blackmail They Can Bite Me !

  23. Tony says:

    This government bill should be thrown out and the person responsible should be thrown out immediately at least. If he wants let him pay for it.

  24. Gwen says:

    Christine Milne (Greens) is calling for ICAC for Federal politics. I reckon Victoria needs it yesterday. BRING IT ON and see what you get.

    • Paul says:

      Sorry Gwen, one cannot rely on the greens. They wholeheartedly support the introduction of smart meters, even those these things are deadly to most life forms. Good case in point its the effect they are having on bees, who pollinate 70% of the world’s crops. Christine Milne is either ignorant or is receiving some sort of political kickback for her support of either the liberals or labor.
      The UN’s Agenda 21 at work

      • Gwen says:

        Agree Paul, I was just hoping that she pushed for a Federal ICAC and then the collusion and insider trading between big business and government would be punished. As a Christian, I first heard about one world leader over 40 years ago and I can see the constant erosion of our freedom to accomplish this. WE MUST KEEP FIGHTING TO STOP THEM!

  25. Kev says:

    First they only have to do one reading. I summit my readings online to Lumo. Did one tonight.
    Second I will be demanding my [over $1000] at the end of 2015 when all this finishes re meters and they will supposedly going to the Australian Energy Commissioner for on going costs re these meters.
    All Pollies are tarred with the same brush. Promise you every thing, give you nothing. People unfortunately have short memories and not too many stick up for their rights.
    I rang Lumo about 8 months ago. Got a guy with a strange accent [India] saying there were no costs on them. He didn’t know we are paying for these things. I said you want to get your facts right before saying re no costs on them. This is how big a joke it is. Even Lumo here in Melbourne could not tell me the costs being charged for them, and lets face it, all the retailers are only Debt collectors for the distributors hiding in the back ground.
    This is just one big scam and it’s a pity not more stick up for their rights KJM

  26. Henry says:

    Russell Northe is the latest of their puppets wheeled out to try and blackmail us. Those Energy Ministers are proving to be criminals, whatever Party they say they represent. Labour is as much to blame, they SHARE the responsibility of forcing this scheme on the people from the beginning. So much for a democratic government! We are already paying on our bills for the meters to be read – charging us TWICE towards an Essential Service is illegal. As for the smartmeters – we have been compelled to pay for these hazardous things on our Energy bills since 2010, so now they think they can bully and harass us with threats if we refuse to submit to their blackmail. Government credibility? Zero. Bring on a Democratic Election. Everyone, take notice – It will be People Power v. Corporate Power. This is our chance to make the Government accountable for its actions!

  27. Eric says:

    “……………………by providing a financial incentive for electricity distributors to complete the roll out, and encouraging customers to accept smart meters.”

    This has got absolutely nothing to do with dual metering systems

  28. Eric says:

    Debate adjourned on motion of Ms D’AMBROSIO (Mill Park).
    Debate adjourned until Wednesday, 21May.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Against all this opposition to S.M.s,the government is determind to ram this thru, and punish those who are “difficult.” Is it bloody-mindedness by the Gov.,is it Singapore Power directing Spring st, and the political fat cats? Prob. both, but Russell Bloody Northe’s eagerness to assist S.P. Ausnet certainly confirms the latter J.P.

  30. MovingEntity says:

    I was threatened by SP AusNet that customers will be getting this charge increase by July next year (2015) so they are pretty certain they will get the legislation passed. Obviously they are pushing persuasive politicians into doing this.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Distributors representatives say whatever they want. They can pass all the legislation they want, it is still not law. It is their law not the people of Victoria’s The people of Victoria did mot agree to smart meters, nor fees or fines.
      Of course if people sit back and say their is nothing we can do, they will get away with it. NO FEES, NO FINES, NO SMART METERS, NO WAY

      • Minnie says:

        Yes the legislation means nothing as they work for us. If your employee at work behaved like this you would fire them. If you believe and obey what they say then you deserve what you get.

  31. john says:

    Since I am going to have to pay for the privilege of not having a smart meter then I would like a reimbursement of any money I have previously paid and will pay for the smart meter that I don’t have.
    Anyone who has a smart meter and HAS paid for it, rightfully owns it. don’t they?
    Basic economics.
    Our politicians have forgotten who employs them, and what their jobs are. I agree with the notion that somewhere along the line our ministers are receiving some kickbacks. Any investigators out there?

    • Minnie says:

      Not only a reimbursement John, but compensation for all the damage they have caused.

  32. Ada says:

    Of course members of the Victorian Government must be getting ‘kickbacks’, what else could explain their inhumane, corrupt and ultimately politically self-damaging behaviour?
    And they probably have backroom deals with some media (Fairfax and Kerry Stokes) to hide their lucrative investments in Landis+Gyr, which amounted to nothing less than insider trading!
    Can’t wait for a ‘pink batts’ style Royal Commission into all of this. Let each and every person involved in any way in this crime against Victorians pay for what they’ve done.

  33. Citizen for Democracy says:

    The Victorian Liberals are so corrupt! This is indeed extortion worthy of the mafia.
    The place to prosecute a corrupt government like ours is the International Court of Human Rights, The Hague. It will take time, but IT WILL HAPPEN.
    In the meantime – vote for People Power Victoria – No Smart Meters.
    Put the Liberals last on the ballot box – they need to get the message.

  34. Northern Suburbs Resident says:

    There is a reason why people don’t want a smart meter and that reason is not because we would like to have the choice of two billing systems. That reason is primarily to preserve our health. This is every man’s fundamental right in their human existence. It’s not something that one has to pay for. To be charged for this is nothing short of outright extortion. The whole smart meter agenda was flawed to begin with. By paying this extortion demand in an attempt to preserve our own health, we will be subsidising an agenda that is making many other people sick and will in the longer term have a catastrophic impact upon the health of the greater population. I am not prepared to have that upon my conscience. This is not just about me or you. The whole agenda is flawed and is immoral in every way conceivable and must be stopped and reversed.

  35. Anonymous says:

    That has just made me all the more determined to fight the bastards , and guess what party will be will be last on our ballot papers later this yeat ?

    • Max says:


    • Minnie says:

      Wednesday, 7 May 2014
      Second reading
      (Minister for Energy and

      I move:
      That the bill be now read a second time
      The Energy Legislation Amendment (Customer Metering
      Protections and Other Matters) Bill 2014 will amend the
      Electricity Industry Act 2000, the Electricity Safety Act 1998,
      and the Gas Industry Act 2001
      2 of the bill amends the Electricity Indu
      stry Act 2000 to
      ensure all consumers can benefit from the smart meter
      program by providing a financial incentive for electricity
      distributors to complete the roll out, and encouraging
      customers to accept smart meters
      The bill will enable orders that gove
      rn the smart meter rollout
      to require a distributor to rebate customers where the
      distributor fails to attempt to install a smart meter, while
      providing that customers who refuse or prevent the
      installation of a smart meter will not be entitled to the reba
      The orders will be able to prevent distribution business from
      recovering the costs of rebates from customers
      The orders may also provide that a distributor can recover the
      costs of manual metering services from customers who refuse
      the installation of
      a smart meter
      This will ensure that the
      costs of this extra service will not be subsidised by
      households who have a smart meter

  36. Hobbit says:

    If you hang on to your Analog Meter you will be charged 3 times not double as the report says.
    First we pay for the Smart Meter which we do not have. Second we pay for the privilege of a meter reader and third we always have payed for a meter reader which is included in the power bill and of course is not deducted in your power bill if you have a smart meter.
    If I would be a CEO (not my ambition because I do not want to be judged by a peoples court in the not too distant future) of a power supply company or a gas or water supplier and would be payed for “smart” ideas I would have arranged decades ago for 1 (in words – one) only “reader specialist” who reads the power, gas and water meter at the same time. But what do you expect when you select the CEOs and the politicians out of certain “clubs”.

  37. Gwen 's says:

    This is pure & simple “BLACKMAIL”..It makes one very angry to see our politicians stoopping that low…The quicker we vote them out of office the better for all ..Just could not get any worse.If we “BLACKMAILLED” someone we would be in Jail !!!!!! Come on PPV-No Smart Meter- Party…6 months to go…A lot more Letter “drops” For the PPV……

    • Michael says:

      Come on PPV-No Smart Meters-Party _ 6 Months to go-this is the first time I will have voted out of the 2 big parties but I don’t care anymore for either of them
      Signed Mike

  38. Paul says:

    Another thing, aren’t we already being charged for meter readings through either our rates or ‘standing charge?’ My electricity billing company told me over a year ago that the standing charge was “for infrastructure maintenance and meter readings”

    • Minnie says:

      Jemena’s customer charter states that it is their job to read the meters. Yes we already pay for the meter to be read. I would like to know how people with smart meters are going to be subsidizing people that don’t have smart meters. Aren’t we the one’s actually subsidizing those that have smart meters? I asked my electricity retailer last year how much it costs to read the meter, i was told for a special meter read it costs 12 dollars and that is only if you require a special read, that is, if for some reason they could not read your meter, and you request one. It would be even cheaper for regular reads.
      What about if we read our own meters? What will they say to that, it will not cost the distributor anything and can be done.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am reading my own meter and it’s not costing me one cent extra.
        Hmm……I wonder if I am entitled to a rebate.

  39. Paul says:

    Thanks for that Russell. Just one thing:

    Can you make a new law for me? You see, my problem is that I run a business, which is reasonably profitable but, try as I might, I just can’t force some people to take my product. So being in the position you are in and being part of a government that really does care for its people (and not big business, as some would say), could you please make it law that everyone in this great state of ours must pay me the sum of, say $150 per annum. Please note that I take PayPal, all debit & credit cards, cash, money orders and cheques. And as a gesture of good will, you can have an extra month to pay me. It is really heartening to know that the Victorian government can make laws for private companies but wouldn’t it be easier just to let those private companies make their own laws?

    Furthermore, I really hope to see you around the polling booths in November. If and when we do meet up I will show you (any anyone from Labor) how to fill in the People Power Victoria voting slip.
    This will be important, because there will be such a backlash against your party, Labor too!

    Remember there are over 250,000 people who do not want a smart meter, even though some have been burdened with them. Russell, that number is growing quickly, as you will see in November. We the people of Victoria are your bosses – it is not the other way around.

    Your good mate. Paul.

    • Gwen says:

      Hey Paul. You could get a meeting with him at an upfront secretarial fee of $5000 or so. The more you spend, the more you’re likely to get back. I think your request is reasonable considering this is how they operate. Good comment. Bring on Victoria’s ICAC! There won’t be anyone left in either of the two major parties.

    • Eric says:

      Those that are enduring smart meter hell should charge their distributors for every piece of data being extracted from their private premises just like an ISP.

    • Eric says:

      OK, so dated 2010 it starts off like this
      “Nationals Member for Morwell Russell Northe has called for an immediate freeze to the roll out of smart meters across Gippsland, due to unfair extra costs on already struggling consumers.”

      Did he say “unfair extra costs” ?
      So what the hell does he think he is doing now in 2014 ?

      This bloke is a total hypocrite. This bloke totally destroys any thought that there could be at least one honest politician left in the world.

      What about this ?
      “The Brumby Government claims that smart meters will save consumers money. If that is so, why then are customers of smart meters facing such a staggering increase in peak electricity bills?”
      Not just an admission of bill increase but an admission of bill shock with the words “staggering increase”

      And what the hell is he doing now in 2014 for a bloke who presents himself in 2010 as not approving of double dipping
      “Now, families will pay once for their smart meters, and then pay again in higher prices for using electricity at peak times.

      Russell Northe I shake my head at you

  40. Altered Meek says:

    Is this human being Russell Northe having a lend of us or is this some sort of cruel sick twisted joke ???

    Either way, it is most certainly NOT funny …

    • MovingEntity says:

      He’s a hypocrite. Obviously an Agenda whore.

    • Minnie says:

      We the people need to give a mandate to the government to remove smart meters for starters and stop trying to force people to accept smart meters. We the people will; not pay any kind of fees, penalties or fines to retain our old analogue meters. If they fail to do so they have abdicated their right to govern and will be replaced.
      We are the Government, the Government are our employees. WE THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA ARE THE LAW..

    • Eric says:

      “The Victorian Government has mandated that every Victorian household and business will be compelled to have a smart meter installed.”

      So what’s this, an admission that the “mandate” was a lie ?
      ie. an admission that we didn’t really have to accept a smart meter even though many were duped into allowing that under duress
      The message seems to have changed.
      Now we have a “mandate” saying that we would be “compelled” only.
      We have indeed been compelled, by bullying, by threats, by lies, by violence, by harassment, by intimidation……..if you can call that being compelled

      And what else does this Russell Northe say ? How about an admission that there are no benefits for years to come.

      ““I want to convey to the Government the ire of many of my constituents about being charged for the so-called electricity smart meters, meters that many of them do not yet have and for meters, which will have no practical benefit for some time, possibly years to come.” Mr Northe said.”

      Or how about the admission that smart meters will have no benefit but will only cause your electricity bill to go up.
      “Mr Northe said it appeared that at this stage the meters would deliver nothing apart from extra charges on every electricity bill.”

      This man is incompetent and disengaged. Having made this statement he then proposes this bill amendment to slug us who are only trying to preserve our health because we see and know and have experienced the damage that smart meters have caused.

      And the admissions go on and on straight out of the horses mouth. Can you believe that you are reading this ?

      ““If there was some benefit to consumers in terms of cost reductions or even convenience, then perhaps you could mount an argument that they be paid for by the consumer.

      “But there are no benefits and according to a newspaper report this morning, it seems there will be no benefits for some time to come.”

      He admits that there are no benefits and we know and surely he knows that this technology is making people sick and is highly questionable at the very very least for it’s long term exposure impact on health to the wider populace.

      You would think if he openly says that there are no benefits that he would be someone that could take note and do something about the post rollout health complaints, but no, he just comes out with the same old line about blaming it all on the previous Labour government.

      “This is another example of Victorians paying for the incompetence of this Brumby Government.” Mr Northe concluded.

      The list of disengeged morons being shuffled through this particular revolving door Ministry seems to be unending.

    • Eric says:

      I will correct myself and put into perspective my comment about government mandating for customers to be “compelled”. I failed to realise at the point of making that comment that what I was reading was dated 2010. However it does not change the fact that Victorians have been lied to and that they have been bullied, threatened, lied to etc.

    • Jason says:

      He’s a politician ~ by definition not a human being.

    • Trevor Churchill says:

      Mr O’Brien on Hansard in 2010 ,when he was in the Opposition
      4 February 2010 ASSEMBLY
      Page 233

      Electricity: smart meters

      Mr O’BRIEN (Malvern) — My question is to the Minister for Energy and Resources. I refer to the report commissioned by the Ministerial Council on Energy that found that, in addition to Victorian families paying up to $152 annually for smart meters they do not even have, they face electricity price increases of a further $150 a year once the smart meters are installed, and I ask: given that the Auditor-General has warned of the very real risk that the families who are forced to pay for the smart meters will not get the benefit of them, will the minister now freeze the roll-out of this bungled project until a full and independent cost-benefit analysis has been completed?

      THESE POLITICIANS ARE ALL OVER THE PAGE—-when they are in Opposition SMART METERS are “EVIL” when they are in POWER SMART METERS are the “Bees knees”


    • Gwen 's says:

      Russell Northe is two-faced ..says one thing but means another..We will put copies of the 3 papers in our letter drop for PPV. to remind folk what he is like….Not to be trusted. Any of them for that matter… Carpenters & Undertakers will be busy !!!!! As well as the Doctors & hospitals… With people getting very sick with these so-called SMART METERS !!!!

  41. Truthseekers says:

    What a load of extortionist garbage!! We already pay an additional $40.00 just to have our meter read by SP AusNet every quarter because we don’t want to take the risk of them trying to rip out our perfectly good digital meter. And how the hell can they justify that?? Now another charge??? Have also just spent over $600.00 dollars installing a front gate just to keep these parasites off our property. We’ve been harassed for over 12 months now and have had to secure our meter and property in order to be able to live without the fear of these mongrels ILLEGALLY installing a device that has the potential to kill and destroy lives. So what the hell is Russell Northe on about?? So much for any of these nitwits championing the rights of the Victorian public. This is only going to push people to get off the grid or get out of Victoria altogether as things are getting worse in this state with each passing day…….Have no faith in any of these ministers coming and going from this portfolio, they may as well work for all of the five distributors that are making life hell for thousands of people statewide. Will be contacting Geoff Shaw to see if he will oppose this ridiculous and unjust legislation and hopefully everyone on this forum and beyond will do the same. There is power in numbers people, never underestimate that.

  42. Anonymous says:

    If the Mafia did this it would be called extortion, so what do we call it when the Government does it?
    I still call it extortion no matter who does it. It is what it is, and it is clearly deception, and extortion.

  43. Ashley says:

    I object to my taxes paying this guys wages and for whatever other benefits he will recieve once he rotates out of his position of doing dirty deeds on behalf of what seems to be a criminal elite.

    It’s high time the public fully woke up to the fact that we need not allow such persons to direct our lives towards destruction.

  44. geoffrey says:

    short answer-NO

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