“There is a movement happening – and it cannot be stopped” ~ Josh del Sol –

Why are breakthrough energy technologies suppressed? Are smart meters part of a corporate scam and suppression campaign?

Josh del Sol, creator of Take Back Your Power , discusses how you can help quicken the breakthrough energy technology movement, by simply declining a smart meter on your home, and helping others become aware.


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17 Responses to “There is a movement happening – and it cannot be stopped” ~ Josh del Sol –

  1. Tony says:

    I have had few visits from people knocking on my front door from United energy trying to install a Shit Meter, on every occasion they were asked to leave and continue to have a padlock on my meter box.

    • Max says:

      Tony, if you put a no trespassing sign up near your front door, they can’t knock on it as they would be trespassing. It needs to be visible.

  2. Judith Sellers says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can get a lockable meter box with perspex view window? At present my meter is just attached to the front wall. I have “No smart meter” signs attached to it, and so far it hasn’t been violated, but it’s very vulnerable. Thankyou, Judith Sellers Jamieson, Vic Date: Tue, 13 May 2014 20:11:41 +0000 To: judithsellers@hotmail.com

    • Judith After I was on Ch9 News iday later I received a registered Mail saying I had been taken off the list ot have one. I you go to my email mervyn@teksupport.net.au I will send you a copy of the letter. You can requirethem to do the same. Since my letter I know of a great number who now have the smae letter. It is not compulsory, they have lied, there is an opt out again they lied. Let me know if you wnat other info. Mervyn

    • Chris says:

      Judith you cant really “buy” one. everyone has installed one themselves here. What I recommend is that you look at the photo gallery on this site which shows some examples and then get a handyman to install one for you if you do not have the tools. it involves some sheet-metal cutters or an angle grinder and some other type of procedures. Do not trust the power company when they call and say “can you leave it open just to get your meter read tomorrow?” they lie!

    • Peter Handley says:


      You can get one made up.

      A metal worker can make a metal box. A cabinet maker can make a timber one. Marine Ply is the hardest timber you can get used to make boats. I recommend 18mm marine ply if you want to go timber. It doesn’t have to be A grade. B grade is just as tough. What are you attaching it against ? You need to secure it to your home so that it can’t be ripped out of the wall. You will need to paint it and then you need to install locks. There are a few options. Remember you don’t need the perspex view window if you can be there at the time of the read. Otherwise a jigsaw is what you need to cut a viewing slot. You should get on side with a cabinet maker (or metal worker). They should be able to get cracking on it pretty fast once they have a few measurements for length, width and height. Make sure all hinges are internal to the box. If you explain exactly what you are trying to do, these persons may be able to guide the process and advise.

  3. Frank says:

    Google “qeg quantum energy generator” and have a look, the truth is getting out there – fast. This is an implementation of Tesla’s patent. It’s one of many of those types of devices that keep getting supressed. And no, it’s not nonsense, these things work

    • Paul says:

      Hi Frank, it’s good to see people such as you looking into alternative energy systems.
      As a scientist, I went to the site and read everything carefully and I can tell you that there are many technical reasons as to why the QEG will not work. However, there is one fundamental and irrefutable reason: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be converted from one form to another. And energy does not come from ‘the ether.’

      What really should make anyone suspicious is that ‘Hopegirl’ gets around to asking for donations. Other comments from various blogs indicate $300 donations ranging up to $200,000 per person for a consultation.

      Like most people who care about the planet, I would welcome any device that actually could produce free energy but the QEG is not one of them.

      Unfortunately many people without some scientific training can fall victim to such scams, as they seem to ‘promise the world.’

      The only free energy sources (disregarding equipment to capture and store it) are from the sun, wind, water (hydro), wave power and geothermal. Free energy is not to be confused with creating energy.

      There are, however, some very promising energy-producing devices ‘out there.’ Solar is probably the best at present, particularly if coupled with a Vanadium Redox Flow battery.

      • Frank says:

        Dear Paul,

        thanks, I very much appreciate you very polite answer, as my answer to a post about this sort of thing (the QEG) about 10 years ago wouldn’t have been so polite :-))

        I have a Masters degree in Electrical engineering and I know that mainstream science completely dismisses this for many reason, the main one being the laws of Thermodynamics. I used to dismiss all of that myself, but over the years I had to change my mind completely. I used to be very ignorant and thought I know it all because our science is precise and complete (so I thought). Turns out it isn’t.

        There’s no intention on my side to engange in any big discussion on this subject, I throw it in here for people to research it for themselves, but also advise to keep an open mind. A bit of reading here and there won’t do much, it takes a lot of time to change our perception.

        Admittedly, yes, there are a lot of con artists out there trying to promise the world and thereby giving free energy a bad image. That’s the power of the internet, anyone can put up whatever they want to. I feel that some of it is deliberate to discourage people from exploring it. Ask yourself – who has an interest in completely ridiculing the idea of free energy, could it be the same parasites that are trying to put smart meters in our homes? Anyhow, I’m digressing

        Assume one doesn’t know what wind is, and has no physical means of measuring wind. Now he sees a wind turbine, wouldn’t he say “wow, why does this thing move at all? There is no visible force here, we cannot explain this, it is violating the laws of Thermodynamics”. All the wind turbine is, is a device to capture this unknown (wind) energy. There is no violation of Thermodynamics, we just ignore to see the world is an open system. Overunity cannot happen in closed systems, but this example is not a closed system…neither is the world.

        That’s what those free energy devices are, they are capturing energy in a way (by resonance) that is so far not 100% understood – at least not by mainstream science.

        I would like to make one note here about electrodynamics, all of this is governed by the 4 Maxwell equations as I’m sure you know. Our whole modern model of electrodynamics is based on ONE SPECIAL Solution for those equations, it doesn’t factor in the scalar component of those equations, they are simply left out and ignored by mainstream science (I remember being told that to my face at university “Ah, we don’t need those scalar bits”).
        The moment we include this in the solutions, amazing things start to happen

        The QEG plans are fully released for free to the public, including Tesla’s original patent. Download the plans and look a the patent. Do a bit of reserach on Tesla and you will find some amazing things.

        This is also known and supported by scientists today, look up Prof. Dr-Ing Konstantin Meyl, a professor for electrical engineering from Germany who has done extensive research in this area. And the list goes on.

        As I said I’m not intending to convince anyone here or to engange in lengthy discussions, just inviting everyone to open our minds and start to explore, and think outside the box. Well, Tesla did… maybe he was a bit too early for his time…

        At the end of the day we all want to be free of those parasites who have made it their business to charge us for everything, and we all want to live our lifes in harmony with each other and the planet. It’s our birthright

        All the best

        • Paul says:

          Thanks Frank, it will be interesting to see what develops. Keep fighting

        • Not a scientist, but clever enough to refuse a smart meter!!! says:

          Well said Frank…I am not a scientist, in fact, all the technicalities go over my head. I fully applaud people who can get their brains around the ins and outs of science. However, I too have seen the alternate forms of energy stories and am excited at the possibilities. “Never say never” is my motto. If scientists can make glass out of biodegradable products, ( from a segment on the telly ) then other sources of energy are definitely plausible. All it takes is time and the willingness of society to embrace them.

          • Frank says:

            Good point “Not a scientist”. Talking about society … We should get out of the “us” and “them” paradigm, our problem is that we were so fast asleep that we blindly accepted a system that has taken advantage of our gullability and enslaved us. We HAVE to understand this first. If there’s dog poo on the ground, can you blame the flies for being there??? They saw the opportunity and exploited it, didn’t they?

            Don’t forget, it’s not “their” fault that we woke up in this totalitarian society, all we have to do is not to hate “them”, but to realise that we have outgrown our selfproclaimed overlords and walk away from it, even better, stop focusing on their system and create facts that will also convince “their” minions.

            Starting to reject smart meters is a good starting point when it is done with good arguments rather than verbal attacks to the people who can’t change the system anyway. As the people trying to install them (yes, they are also human beings, they have children, feelings and believe it or not, a conscience!!!) will understand our arguments more and more, they will also realise what they are doing, and this will help to create a new consciousness… yes, slow, but it will. It’s easy to preach to the converted, but the real benefit for society is to help someone who is really doing something wrong to understand his mistake.

            Don’t fight evil with evil and do stupid things, that’s what the system is waiting for, so it can crush us. As long as we act as educators rather than warriors, it will work, it creates respect. It starts with us. And I can see this more and more when I meet people. The tide is turning.

            We cannot expect help from the very government/legal/education/medical/health and even science systems we have in place, the solution with come from the people, from the bottom up. It starts with us talking, bouncing ideas, listening and appreciating and valuing who and what we are and what we can bring to the table. That’s what the system doesn’t like, it wants to separate us into black and white, liberal or labor etc, always into opposing camps that argue while both sides get screwed by the system. This is how it controls us.
            If no one was affected healthwise by smart meters, this web site wouldn’t exist, but now, because this is the case and people are having massive health issues, this disaster causes unity between people. It’s a natural instinct in people, we WANT to help each other, it’s in us, but it is numbed by our social conditioning that is programmed into us. Again, we allowed that to happen…

            But all of a sudden we talk here on this forum, we build networks and cooperate. Engineers, housewifes, taxi drivers, mums, dads, you name it, a nice mix.

            This is dangerous for the overlords, because it creates a dynamic they cannot easily control, it can (and will!) create bushfires that cannot be controlled anymore.

            The “Go back and have a BBQ, watch the footy, buy another cheap Plasma telly from China, nothing to see here, we got it under control, just trust us” dogma is fast becoming a relict of the past….

            Bring it on, I can’t wait

  4. Richard Says on Henry’s S.S.M.A Page here…………………….
    This is true Paul,
    Of course the Coal Barons and Oil Barons don’t want these facts revealed. Actually Nickola Tesla that great Serbian Genius who invented the Alternating Current Electric generator/s and motors proved that we can actually draw down electricity from the air simply by erecting insulated copper cables on high towers. Look up Wardenclyffe Tower in America under Google http://www.free-energy.ws/nikola-tesla.html.

    The number of copper insulated cables is not so important as the height to which they reach. For, every 100 feet of elevation above the Earth’s surface, a high voltage build-up is present which can be usefully tapped, but of course you won’t find this in your Physics Books as that would be too important a fact to let the Plebiscite know. And of course the entrenched Coal and Oil Magnates don’t want the Plebiscite knowing this as they’d be unable to sell any more coal or Oil products, such as petrol or diesel etc. In fact we’ve needed no coal or oil products since Tesla made the amazing electric discoveries I have mentioned here and that is just over a hundred years ago, but the American Patent Office put paid to that by sucking up to the Oil and Coal barons world-wide.

  5. Paul says:

    If over 5000 renewable energy ideas have stifled then the developers should make use of the Internet to make these ideas known. They may be stifled in the USA but not in other countries.

    • AK47 says:

      I agree! Bring them on. Especially anything related to Nicola Tesla’s ideas.

    • geoffrey says:

      1 word censership, if the tech gets out we wont need corprations, governments or religions, the whole control grid goes down, so they will do anything to maintain their power and domonance, the rabbit hole is deep and dark alice

    • andrew vaneyk says:

      Look up the “bloom box” on youtube, that eBay, and Google head quarters in the United States are using as we speak.

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