Letter of the week, September 10th, 2013

Some of our astute followers have shared with us their response to SP AusNet’s insistence on installing a smart meter at their premises.  They provide insight into issues such as

  • The electricity distribution code
  • Ownership of electricity that has passed the meter
  • The testing and safety of smart meters
  • Legal requirements upon the customer

Click on the link below for the details

Letter to SP AusNet

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17 Responses to Letter of the week, September 10th, 2013

  1. Sick of Their Lies says:

    A recent letter I received from SP Ausnet states “It is SP AusNet policy to never unduly harass or coerce any customer, and the safety of our consumers, staff and contractors is of the utmost importance to us”.

    It goes on to say “We are committed to working with consumers to allay concerns and resolve any issues you may have”.

    Nice words, (THEIR WORDS) but words only.
    Sadly, not the way SP Ausnet actually conducts business, based on what I’ve been reading here, and from my own experience dealing with them.

    Say one thing. Do the opposite. Very poor form indeed.

    • Eric says:

      That response just goes to show that the anti harassment letter quoting Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168 “Harassment” and “Coercion” is a powerful legal document and is very well worth sending. I would dearly love to see a prosecution of this law.

      SP Ausnet who have threatened to cut off customer’s power supply, who have bullied and even sworn at customers using names such as “D…head”, who have vandalised personal property and who are placing vulnerable persons under untold duress and who have caused unbearable grief for some poor individuals………………………what a cheek you have to say it is not your policy to harass and coerce.

      Let me tell you…………….you have clearly and countless times demonstrated that harassment and coercion is the only means by which you operate. Same applies to your twin sisters Jemena and United Energy. Your two cousins from Hong Kong are equally as forceful in their cruelties.

    • Eric says:

      It seems SP Ausnet are saying that they are trying to be very nice in the way that they go about using untested WIMAX to transmit a class 2B carcinogen through everyone and everything with 50 km of each transmission point.

  2. Eric says:

    The arrangement we currently have for the purchase of electricity involves 3 distinct components ie. supply, metering,billing

    You supply it, I use it, you tell me how much I’ve used and I’ll pay for it.

    And none of your business how I use it.
    You supply it and I’ll pay for it and that’s it !
    If I don’t pay then you don’t supply, that’s fine.

  3. John V says:

    Perhaps also useful is the phrase in the Code allowing for installation of an “equivalent” device. There cannot be any equivalence between an analogue meter and a “smart” meter other than the most basic function i.e. measuring the flow of electricity. Even at this most basic level the differences are great enough to state that for all intents and purposes there is NO equivalence.

  4. Nestor says:

    What a great letter. Thanks for posting it and thanks to the authors. It puts new points about the contract of sale and the point at which this transaction has been completed that are really salient. How does my use of electricity become any of their business once it has passed the meter?
    I also have wondered about the electricity that actually runs an installed meter – are householders charged for this? And if so, how is that okay?

  5. pai says:

    but has this stopped SPAusnet from chasing them/bullying them?
    I am in the position of being threatened of having the electricity turned off – I know this may be a bluff, but I do not want to (again) stir the hornets nest that is SPAusnet………as I followed the advice on this website and it has led to a more aggressive approach from SPAusnet….I should have just kept quiet….

  6. Leaty says:

    I to have just received a letter from SPAusnet and have yet to respond, however I found the correspondence put up here very informative.

  7. Amaron says:

    Stop Smart Meters Australia is an invaluable forum where individuals can discuss their concerns and receive support and advice on what actions they can take to fight the electrical companies. This is another great letter which I will keep as ‘ammo’ to fight with should they come my way. Thank you Stop Smart Meters Australia! You are doing what no one else is doing in Australia.

  8. Citizen for democracy says:

    Problem is – contributors to this website (as exemplified by the writer of this ‘Letter of the Week’) are NOT a fair representation of a cross-section of our society. It seems that the only people who gravitate to this website are those with a high I.Q.

    • Agreed. There are those who don’t care about the fact that Smart Meters are basically turbocharged money-milking machines, that give off harmful radiation. These people are concerned mainly with beer and football. They will complain only when Ausnet drains their bank balance to the point that they have no cash for smokes, or to get sloshed at the pub.

  9. Anonymous says:

    A recent advertisement by Origin Energy has been seen on television, newspapers, buses and billboards (and might well be a subversive attempt to re-decorate the state in 50 shades of orange). It promotes that it’s time to ‘TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF ENERGY’, That had me a bit confused (or bemused?). My science teacher took the ‘mystery out of energy’ way back when I was in year 7, many, many years ago. Could it be that this is the first non-junk food, non-toys and games ad squarely targeted at primary school children!?
    The TV version of the ad goes on to show how to ‘take the mystery out of energy’. With – yes you guessed it – the ENERGY MONITOR! A screen that shows you various graphs, that I assume mean you’re using energy. Problem is : the screen needs to use electricity to function! I reckon in this age of ‘smart’ things that doesn’t sound smart at all!
    So, I came up with a better one. It is wholly natural, doesn’t increase your power bill and literally lasts a lifetIme. I called it the ‘EYE BALL MONITOR’. It has the additional advantage of being completely portable. Sitting comfortably in its ‘eye socket’, it does its job anywhere, anytime, whilst leaving your hands free to do tasks. No more needing to rush to the kitchen (or loungeroom) where the screen energy monitor sits on a bench or table and decipher all those squiggly graphs – the ‘EYE BALL MONITOR’ does all the interpreting for you – and comes up with easy to understand assessments, like ‘smidgeon of energy being used here’ or ‘don’t leave big TV on in empty room’ or, when it sees a monster-sized fridge, it goes ‘ big truckload of energy being used here!’ It’s great, and the best thing is, it can activate the ‘PEAK LOAD MANAGER’ in a split second! Sends a message to a sophisticated computer (let’s just call it ‘the brain’), which in turns immediately telegraphs the arm and hand to flick that switch – lights off – PEAK LOAD successfully managed – it’s just brilliant! I recommend it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hip hip hooray. Thankyou for the name ‘Eye Ball Monitor’. I responded in a similar manner to so called smart woman from Powercor. Now I will be able to explain to them that I have a monitor to watch my power usage and I don’t want to give it up. They think we are mindless and stupid. Have you seen how many surveillance devices, apart from smart meters, are being installed everywhere? Thankyou SSM for doing a great job in keeping us informed especially with info from the Public.

  10. Kerry says:

    Fantastic, well put-together response!! Many thanks, I will send around far and wide 🙂

  11. Denise Pelikan says:

    Well said, that is a fantastic letter.

  12. Miriam. says:

    The code is a legal document. It does not have to be called a law to have legal force. Further, there are several other legal documents that cover the whole topic/s surrounding the AMI issue. It is a legal minefield that most likely will only be settled in a court of law. That being said, prima facie, the wholesale electricity companies cannot force anyone to have an AMI.

  13. Informed Choice says:

    It is a great letter with some very valid points made. Job well done! I would add the following: SP Ausnet are responsible for supplying an essential service to customers, that is their sole purpose for interaction with the customer. In no way does this mean they can ‘force’ a product that is capable of much more than just providing energy usage metering onto anyone who does not request it. Rude business practice and most probably illegal.

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