Councillor locks out smart meter – Hume Leader

A HUME councillor has locked her front gate to prevent power companies from installing a smart meter.

Councillor Helen Patsikatheodorou said the State Government rollout, which is occurring in Tullamarine, Gladstone Park and Westmeadows, should be stopped.

“The State Government should put a halt to smart meter installations until they can guarantee residents health will not be affected, the meters are not faulty, residents can opt in and out, residents are not bullied by power companies to have their power disconnected if they refuse, and tariffs are affordable,” she said.

The Broadmeadows Progress Association, which has long campaigned against smart meters, has recently received legal advice that residents can say no to them being installed.

Barrister Eugene White advised the group power companies had no legal right to enter properties and install new meters, only to view existing equipment.

Broadmeadows Progress Association secretary John Rutherford and his wife Sonja have also put a lock on their meter box.

via Councillor locks out smart meter – Council – News – Hume Leader.

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6 Responses to Councillor locks out smart meter – Hume Leader

  1. carolyn says:

    i locked my meter months ago and installers have been and gone without a problem, so far.

  2. Pam says:

    Thank God we have Councillors who have the Guts to do and say what they believe. We are getting more help from Local Councils that the bloody Government. ……………..Pam 🙂

  3. Melbourne Mum says:

    Forward Thinking! The heat is on, Folks – stay tuned…thankyou SSMA!

  4. TheBThing says:

    The legal angle is the distributor beleives they own the meter, therefore they can access it and modify it. If you want any standing you need to claim ownership based in the transfer of ownership since SEC days or other proof of purchase.

  5. Bren says:

    GREAT news!

  6. Juliette says:

    Bravo , Yes lock your meters . Thank goodness we now have a Barrister saying this .

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