I have been suffering from severe headaches at night….

I had my smart meter installed two weeks ago. Since the installation I have been suffering from severe headaches at night and a buzzing noise in my head. I contacted an electrician as the smart meter is located on the outside wall which is adjacent to my bedroom to enquire about having the smart meter moved but I was informed that I would have to pay over $2000. I am a pensioner and can simply not afford this. I am unable to move to another room in the house because they are too small. Please we need to action against these ” Smart Meters” and there effects on people’s health!!


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  1. John Wilson says:

    If you are a tenant then it is your right to refuse, not the property owner.

  2. Yol says:

    I do not have a smart metre, BUT, a 40 metre tower just went up 3 doors from my home 2 weeks ago, and my daughter has had severe debilitating headaches ever since! My home has become devalued from this tower, but I fear I may have to try and sell as i believe there are direct health risks associated with the tower, and with further possibilities of mobile phone companies also using the pole! I am told we had no say in the tower going up, but that they had to notify residents. The first I knew was from a pamphlet drop the day before the work started! It is appalling that these dangerous structures are permitted so close to houses! I would feel guilty selling my home to someone else, and feel that a reimbursement to purchase a new home and relocate my family is warranted and not unreasonable.

  3. Anonymous says:

    come to the Forum in Oakleigh on Sunday, we will be able to give you lots of one to one health advice and information and resources that can help you.
    Glen Eira Group

  4. fabian says:

    I feel very sorry for kerina,because I reckon they forced her to have that smart meter,which they used bulling tactics.which is not on.our so called premier of victoria dosent care.we voted him in and we can get rid of him and his mob next state election.he is as bad as gillard gov.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kerina. I hope something will change so that you can get some help. It might take a while, but look after your health in the meantime. All the best. ingrid

  6. Rosemary. says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention, even if you get the thing moved, at great expense, it won’t fix the problem, as the microwave radiation travels. Many people are being made sick by their neighbour’s smart meters. You could even spend thousands by going off the grid, but if you are in the suburbs, you will be exposed to other meters. It is totally evil.

  7. Rosemary. says:

    So sorry this has happened to you. Within 5 days of smart meter installation in October last year, we got so sick, we began sleeping in our van. This went on for 6 months whilst trying to get the meter removed. Finally, we gave up and sold the house. We are pensioners, but our health is more important than money. We have gone interstate away from family and friends. When we use wiFi our symptoms come back as we have been sensitised from the smart meter. But nowhere near as severe as the smart meter. We are hopeful that we will recover, but this is cumulative. Can you stay somewhere else? You would think they would stop the madness, because people will find a way to sue for billions. Add your name to the list for a class action and get away if you possibly can. Keep records of everything.

  8. This Victorian state government have so much to answer for, too bad we can’t get rid of the bastards now !

  9. Anonymous says:

    Oh Kerina, why did you let them install it. Once its installed your pretty much stuck with it. For all the people left out there that have just recieved a letter or have heard they are installing in your area, you need to to lock up you meter box and do what this website tells you to do, otherwise you could be one of the unlucky people that are sensitive to smart meters and become very ill.

    • Also Anonymous says:

      I locked my meter box and sent the installers packing only to watch them install smart meter on my neighbor’s house and then throughout the rest of the street. Two weeks later I started waking up with headaches which have now been with me every day for the last two months and driving me crazy.
      I believe I know how to make a statement about this in a way that will reverberate
      right round the globe. I just have to weigh up if I am prepared to pay the price that I will have to pay for making that statement in such a way. But that is the point of desperation that I am at.

      • Well Aware says:

        I know exactly how that feels – I also watched as my neighbours house got smart metered, then became ill from it… argggh! To make matters worse, I had warned them days earlier about locking their meter box and they did NOTHING. We locked ours but it only gives some peace of mind because I feel the radiation signals throughout our area. It’s an absolute curse and one that cannot be felt by all residents, so where does that leave us? Please, if you have a brainwave, think of how many others you might be able to help in the long run… you only get one life to live, so it’s entirely up to you! All this stuff makes very little sense, except to people profiteering from it, and it is those same people who must pay the ultimate price- not the customer.

  10. Terry says:

    The Liberal/national state government has declared smart meters are ‘safe’ and don’t ‘Cause any ill health effects’ therefore you should get a quote from the electrician for the costs to resite the meter and along with any doctors bills, send it all to Ted Bailleau via registered mail. Give him 14 days to respond in the positive. If you are not satisfied with his response or lack thereof contact ‘A Day To-night’ and press to have it aired on national TV.

    • Pam says:

      Terry this is very good advice for Kerina. The more Publicity we can generate through TV Shows like ACA or 6.30 Report, the better. All these Politicians think we are going to give up, well they do not realise how POWERFUL WE ARE. Most of us have been fighting this for over 2 years now and through this Website we know about the Dangers of these bloody things. WE NEED TO GET CLASS ACTION GOING. MY BOX IS LOCKED AND STAYING LOCKED AND MY SIGNS DISPLAYED. Good Luck everyone.Pam 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    We are wasting our time trying to get rid of these dreadful meters! They are here to stay, the govt has the final say. We painted our room with the EMR paint and tape etc. and it has helped a bit. My head is not so bad in the mornings any more. The meter is right behind our heads where we sleep. I hate to think what it is doing to our health in the long term! We are thinking of selling because of this.

    • Ashley says:

      Well, in the town I live the government has just spent fifty million dollars building a cancer treatment center. They contributed nothing to the after care facility, they continue to contribute nothing to researching a cure and they only pretend to care about prevention by having the sun and cigarettes take the blame. Yes, unfortunately they are already preparing for the long term results of Smart Meters.

      • Melbourne Mum says:

        It really is a shocking scenario, just think of all the children who are being exposed unbeknown to their parents, also with WiFi in schools (we had no say in that either) a highly possible risk and there is no doubt we are all being used as guinea pigs for these techno-junkie lunatics in an industry only interested in profit and a government too corrupt to care.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Kerina…I know exactly how you feel. I had my meter box locked up and a sign on it saying ‘STOP -DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER’. I as such do not have a Sheduled Monitoring Artifical Radiation Transmittter(SMART) Meter installed,. AS soon as they did my neighbours residences, opposite me on the 5th. of Sept, I awoke in the early hours of the morning to a ‘buzzing’ sensation in my head, ringing in my ears, violent headaches that felt like someone was trying to stick a bolt through my temples. After two nights of the above i moved into kitchen area which was as far away from neighbours meters as I could. I have still some problems, but i now take EMF drops or Electro Magnetic Frequency drops as I am EMF sensitive. You can get them from a health store, or a Naturopath. Powercor in their letter said that these meters posed no health risk as they only transmit 4 times a day and half as powerful as a mobile phone when it is transmitting. These are lies on a monumental scale. A friend has an RF meter which measures the radiation levels and it showed that some meters were transmitting 3 to 4 times a minute at levels, 140 to 160 times more powerful than a mobile phone. You may have to get some aluminum RF sheilding as these meters are not in our best interests.

  13. Bren says:

    Kerina–where are you? in Melbourne? Some of us are doing our best to spread the word to prevent this thing being installed, I am definitely not having one. I hope you have other options to get away from the meter– but the question is –what is the range of its emissions—how far away is far enough. I dont currently have an answer but at least try to find a way to not use that bedroom and see if you feel better–just a thought.

  14. Rob Guy says:

    Hi, Kerina, There are no sure-fire barriers to radiation emenating from your smart meter but the level can be reduced somewhat. Specialised screening is very expensive, but you might try a plastic whiteboard, (Officeworks sell a suitable type used with small magnetic fridge magnerts,) or a demagnetised white plastic sheet available from signwriterrs. Make either one large enough to cover the footprint of your meter and attach it to your interior wall, Cost would be $25-$35.

  15. Don Maisch says:

    While the Victorian government continues to support a ubiquitous roll-out of smart meters, based on bad advice from industry spin doctors, the toll of people apparently adversely affected continues to mount. Does the VIc. gov’t think this all will conveniently disappear once their roll-out is completed? All their ‘eggs’ are in the nocebo basket – that is, they think its just all public hysteria. My advice is that they had better get legal advice for this is looking like an emerging public health crisis to which they have been forewarned, yet ignored. Roll-out the class action!

    Don Maisch PhD

    • Sharron says:

      In total agreement with you, Don. I can tell you will be very welcome at the Forum on Sunday and not to be missed! Thanks so much 🙂

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  17. Pam says:

    Kerina – My quote was around $3000. Fortunately I have my Box Locked and they cant access it unless they break the lock. I have a Solicitor acting for me. Maybe you should do the same. Put your name down on this website Health Register. It is private and confidential and may help if ever there is a CLASS ACTION..GOOD LUCK PAM 🙂

  18. name Justice says:

    hi Kerina, I know what you are going through, the power company did the very same to us, with the smart meter 2 ft from my head in the bedroom, I had to leave the house. It is illigal for them to demand these horrific costs to remove the meter, it would be interesting to know if they would remove your meter and return your analogue meter for $2000.00. Do not let these greedy power company monsters make you live with this dangerous smart meter directly emitting radio active frequencies directly into your brain. keep up the fight and we will win.

  19. Abi says:

    So sorry to hear of your plight. Hope someone can help you….

  20. Rik says:

    Hi. I get bad headaches and other problems like that and I don’t even have a smart meter. My problems started when the neighbors smart meters were installed.

    Thats why I refuse to get a smart meter installed. If I’m this bad with the neighbors having smart meters there is no way I could have one on my own house. The only problem is I’m renting so I can’t put a lock on the meterbox. I need a definite way to stop them installing a meter.

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