Public Meeting Horsham Sunday 22nd July 2.30pm

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8 Responses to Public Meeting Horsham Sunday 22nd July 2.30pm

  1. Pam Densley says:

    How did your Meeting go? Did many attend? What was resolved? I am very interested in the Outcomes of the various Meetings. Seems we all now know more about the Dangers of SMART METETRS than the Govt does. Where there Any Politicians in attendance? …………Pam

    • Sharron says:

      Yes, it would be great to hear how many attendees, etc and also regular follow-ups from the other meetings that resulted in working groups being formed…how about it SSMA?

    • onlinedrifter says:

      Hi Pam,
      I was one of the people who was at the meeting. There were only between 10 and 20 there all up because it’s hard to get the message out about upcoming meetings in Horsham. The local paper refuses to print the many articles that Di Bell sends to the paper. There were no politicians at the meeting. We discussed any dealings that we had with Powercor or it’s smart meter installers. e.g. I had a SMS from Powercor requesting that i phone Powercor to discuss my power supply (there were several reports of that happening). There were several reports of people getting defect notices saying that their padlock on their meter box was the defect.

      • Pam Densley says:

        Thanks for that. I had one of those SMS’s too and I engaged a Solicitor. I wrote to them and they sent me back a heap of whatever. Still waiting for an Outcome – MY BOX IS LOCKED AND STAYING LOCKED. MY TRESSPASS SIGNS ARE UP – I HAVE SIGNS EVERYWHERE – I WILL NEVER HAVE A SMART METER and I refuse to be bullied into having one. They want us to give in. The politicians should be ashamed of themselves – they don ‘t give a darn about the people who voted them in. Currently there are Meetings all over the State, we are getting publicity. I had an Article in the Warrnambool Standard “Pensioner takes a Stance” back in May I think it was.The Standard wants to do a ,follow-up but there are a few things to be sorted yet. I keep in touch with Di Bell by Email. She is so helpful and works so hard for our cause…………..Cheers Pam

  2. Archie Burke says:

    What happens if terrorists take over Jemena H.Q.& turn off power to all their customers? NO ARMED FORCES COMPUTERS! NO POLICE & SES COMPUTERS! NO HOSPITAL & EMERGENCY COMPUTERS! WHAT ABOUT THAT SCENARIO?

  3. Pam Densley says:

    You can refer to my Article in the Warrnambool Standard – PENSIONER TAKES A STANCE. Since that Article I have learnt so much more through ‘STOP SMART METERS WEBSITE’……….I hope your Meeting is a huge Success. There are Groups forming all over the State all with a view to stopping the Roll-out of these SMART METERS. LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS – (they can all be Downloaded from the Website). Good Luck…Pam

  4. Alan Burke says:

    An installer in Moonee Ponds,declared that there had been a change in law which gives them Jemena,the right to install the S(rob)Meter,& charge me for it.It apeared to be news to him that the meters had been banned in many countries in Europe,& he claimed he was not on any bonus scheme to get these meters installed NO MATTER WHAT the customers said!

    • Nina P. says:

      Sounds like ignorance is bliss to some…maybe they need education like the rest of society in order to fully understand the consequences of this ill-conceived roll-out. Installers should attend meetings and learn something!

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