Smart meter rollout begins | Heads up Mitchell Shire!

SMART meters will soon replace analogue electricity meters across the Mitchell Shire as part of new industry standards for 2013.

SP AusNet is now installing the new technology throughout the shire including Beveridge, Broadford, Heathcote Junction, Kilmore, Puckapunyal, Pyalong, Reedy Creek, Seymour, Tallarook, Tooborac, Wallan and Wandong.

“Victoria’s energy needs have changed; we are using more power today than ever before,” an SP AusNet spokesperson said.

“Smart meters are the first step towards smart grids, which can help us better manage the complex energy flows associated with an increasing contribution from renewable energy sources.”

The new technology will be installed in all Victorian households and small businesses by the end of 2013. Replacement of the meters began in 2009 and there are more than one million meters installed across the state.

Smart meters are remotely read so a meter reader does not have to visit consumer’s premises, which reduces the need for estimated billing.

The spokesperson said the smart meter has the ability to record electricity consumption in 30 minutes intervals and allows for accurate remote reading reducing the need for estimated bills.

They said other benefits of the rollout include more energy choices, restoring power faster, reducing estimated bills, faster connections, improved efficiency, accessible information and low costs.

While the information available from energy companies shows the positive effects of the new system, there are many groups opposed to the rollout.

Smart meters lobby group, Stop Smart Meters Australia, has published information about the technology on its website, highlighting many perceived flaws and health risks associated.

Some of the information compiled alludes to health risks, additional costs, privacy concerns, fire risks, environmental concerns, a link to glioma, human sensitivity to the high frequencies transmitted, and billing errors.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria said customers raised 64 per cent more issues about estimated bills in the second half of 2010 than in the second half of 2009.

While many of Stop Meters Australia’s claims are unfounded, the group has gained much support.

As of yesterday morning, an ongoing petition against smart meters which was first published on October 27, 2011, has received 1582 signatures.

via Smart meter rollout begins | Local News.


From your Smart Meter Lobby Group: Well done everyone we are really making an impact. Keep up the good work.


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10 Responses to Smart meter rollout begins | Heads up Mitchell Shire!

  1. Sharron says:

    Why must these journalists always add in the government ‘propaganda’ nonsense! Tell the truth, not lies made up by Power corporations hungry for MORE money from consumers. Will it never end???

  2. Fiona says:

    Interesting! I have just spent time with a friend to to help me recover. She was shocked to see my grey appearance and unhealthy state I had succumbed to following the smart meter installation.She thought having a smart meter on the front house and not attached to the bungalow would be fine. Wrong!!! It all still goes through the wiring.In the morning following the constant electric shocks through the night she was horrified to see my deathly appearance the next morning so rushed me to A & E. This is me every morning! Maybe my unfounded experiences have now spread contagiously to her. The shocks/pulses at home measure 1827mw/m2 way above the 49mw/m2 stated in reports. Maybe the measuring device is colluding with me.

  3. Archie Burke says:

    The overseas companies are using the Australian people as Guinea Pigs in their experiment with this technology,because they know most of us will not object,push-back,talk back,or generally refuse a government pushed AGENDA! Who in Govt.changed the LAW to allow the trashing of YOUR RIGHTS?

  4. Cedar Wilde says:

    Does anybody know which of “Stop “Smart”meters” claims are unfounded?

    • Steve says:

      No but the writer of the article should answer this!

    • keith says:

      Yes I’d love to know which of our claims are unfounded also. Still the article has provided publicity for the Stopsmartmeters group, so that has to be a good thing. Hopefully a number of Kyneton and district residents will go the SSM website as a result.


    We have already spent $1000 trying to reduce the health risk of these dreadful machines. We cannot be exposed and have been very careful to have no wireless, microwave, cordless phones etc on the property. NOW THIS! We had to get an expert in and still we will not be quite protected. Where is CHOICE? Where are our rights???

  6. Pam Densley says:

    Again – EVERYONE PLEASE LOCK YOUR BOXES – DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS (they are all available on the Website). There are Meetings all across the State enlightening people to the dangers of SMART METERS. Sign the Petition. Good Luck to everyone. Thank You STOP SMART METERS AUSTRALIA for your continued UPDATES…………..Pam

  7. Steve says:

    “While many of Stop Meters Australia’s claims are unfounded”…. i wonder if this came from a power company representative or the journalist who wrote the article? Good to see Stop Smart Meters is getting coverage but such comments above are unhelpful and shows a lack of understanding. I guess we have to wait until people start showing cancers before people change their minds. History is repeating itself like when scientist (with whom we trust and always believe) indicated “smoking doesn’t cause cancer” many years ago. The fact that ARPANSA clearly says “the possibility of harm cannot be ruled out”. One of the issues stated by ARPANSA is that “If any low-level RF effects occur, they are unable to be reliably detected by modern scientific methods.” So what that means is if there is harm being done they have no way of measuring it reliably. Cancer can take more than 20 years to materialize and when it does, if it is determined that it is not hereditary (genetic) then such things as diet, lifestyle or exposure to other environmental and/or man made carcinogens can all be contributing factors making very difficult to identify the real cause. Alarms bells will only start ringing when suddenly there is a sudden increase in cancer incidents per 100,000 than in the past. So we have a standard that is used by all wireless manufactures that cannot promise safety because they really don’t know.

    ARPANSA also state “At levels of RF exposure below the limits, the risk of any effect is low – (***NOTE*** they do not say non existent), but some uncertainty exists, and the precautionary approach could be applied (WHO 2000). The precautionary approach would be supplementary to the limits of the standard, as it strives to widen the margin of safety by promoting measures to keep exposure at levels even lower than the limits set in the standard.” It is unfortunate that when it comes to smart meters a precautionary approach has not been adopted. I am sensitive RF frequencies and experience headaches and mild pain with even bluetooth devices (2.4Ghz wireless RF) that is much lower in power than a conventional Wi-Fi network and indeed much lower than a Smart Meter Wireless Transmitter.

    Definition of Pain is a physiological response that is associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Pain motivates the individual to withdraw from damaging situations, to protect a damaged body part while it heals, and to avoid similar experiences in the future. The problem for people such as myself who feel pain because of RF energy from a nearby transmitting device that is not within our scope of control, we have no options. With all manner of devices coming out with wireless/bluetooth enabled it is only going to get worse. It would also suggest that the reference levels in the standard which are supposedly meant to include inbuilt protection (i.e set lower than they need to be to afford a level of protection) are in actuality not set low enough.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      You are trying to be all things to all men and women. It’s this simple…..Just padlock your Electric Meter boxes folks, then get up the Legal Commonwealth Anti-Trespass Signs.

      We the people of Victoria and the rest of Planet Earth can’t afford to wait till half the citizens of Earth die from this Bloody Insane Microwave and ongoing Illegal Microwave Experiments being cruelly and wickedly and Totally Illegally being carried on here in Victoria Australia and the rest of the world on us as human beings.

      It is now seeming to be true that this also now seeming to be Criminal Microwave Industry is supported by Corrupt Stooges in the Medical Field/s who’s conscious is almost non-existent and kept below any feelings for humanity through massive payments to keep them, these same stooges quiet. At the same time an advancing army of decent human beings such as good and caring people in the Medical Field and caring Radio Physicists do care far more about Human Health and suffering and are fighting against these CORRUPT ones who have already sold their Souls to Lucifer for Filthy Lucre.

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