Stopping smart meters on the peninsula – Mornington Peninsula Leader

TAMARA Hicks is leading a street vigil to stop smart meter contractors in their tracks.

Ms Hicks is one of a group of residents from Sixth Ave and surrounding streets angry they may be forced to have the devices fitted against their will.

The group has posted signs banning workmen access to properties and some have locked up meters by drilling holes and fitting padlocks and chains.

Installation of the meters has begun at other houses on the street by the United Energy contractor Jemena.

“I will do whatever I have to do to stop them,” Ms Hicks said.

“If I have to chain myself to the meter box then I will.

“I have concerns over what effect they may have long-term to my health.”

Ms Hicks said she suffered multiple chronic illnesses and had a medical certificate stating these may be exacerbated by close proximity to electromagnetic frequency devices, such as smart meters.

Energy Safe Victoria recently released a report that found smart meters do not pose any greater safety risk than older meters.

Lola Kurzman, 89, fears the meter will increase her bill.

“We are on a budget and don’t see a reason for any change,” Ms Kurzman said.

United Energy corporate affairs manager Stuart Allott said while the company was entitled to replace the meters, he said contractors would not cut locks.

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26 Responses to Stopping smart meters on the peninsula – Mornington Peninsula Leader

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I are aged pensioners. We had solar installed a year ago with a smart meter. Our bills have increased, yet you can’t get a satisfactory reason for this? It’s making me ill with worry. Help .

    • Cathy says:

      Oh, this is so wrong, but also so common. I’ve heard of lots of people getting astronomical bills after a smart meter installed. Look at step 13 on the Actions You Can Take webpage. There’s a link to an information sheet which gives the contact numbers for the Energy and Water Ombudsman in each State. The sheet also tells you how to go about making a complaint. I’m thinking that it would also be a good idea if you ask your local MP for help.

  2. Mario Mizzi says:

    I emailed this letter today
    To Michael O’Brien

    Minister for Energy and Resources

    I was advised to contact you after speaking with employees at the Department of primary Industry and to The energy Ombudsman’

    With the role out of the new Smart Metering System I have serious concerns about the privacy and security of all Victorian properties and house holds.
    As you are aware the smart meter communicates 2 ways, with 2 forms of communication
    1) From the household to the energy provider (via radio frequency)
    2) From the energy provider back to the house hold (via internet connection)

    Both of these forms communication have as we know major flaws and can hacked or read quite easily by Hackers and thieves bringing every household in Victoria under threat and every person in Victoria can be monitored as to their where abouts by the wrong people.

    Energy providers Employees with these personal details pose a threat and should not be allowed. That alone should have been enough to have brought this to a halt. Time has shown human interaction leads to problems and in the wrong hands this can become disastrous.

    The fact that you are recording information every 15 minutes into private property is and invasion of “the People’s privacy” regardless of why you are doing it.

    I have serious concerns about these major security threats and ask for assurance for not only me but all Victorians about these security issues and how they will be managed.

    This Smart Meter Program is not like a personal item that can fail and be disposed, it has to stand up to “The Test of Time” Where it will be subjected to all forms of unscrupulous acts just the same as any new innovation that has been put in place.

    Have you seriously done your homework?

    I am aware the communication is encrypted and meets standards set by the Australian standards Commission unfortunately that does not guarantee the public’s safety, health or welfare.

    Can you guarantee that ?

    • Eric says:

      Mario, there is a third way that smart meters communicate and that is between smart meter and smart meter. You see all the smart meters are linked together into a daisy chain forming a wireless mesh network. As part of maintaining that wireless network, smart meters are constantly chattering to one another wirelessly all day long, each day every day, never ending short sharp and frequent bursts of wireless communications that pulse Electromagnetic Radiation through our walls and into our houses.

      And these pulsing signals are not just transmitted from the smart meter antennae but also from the wiring in the walls of our houses which also acts as an extension of those antennae.

  3. Our MP here in East Gippsland refused to read the research because “it would have different effects in Australia and so the research isn’t relevant!’ After nearly two hours of discussion he still couldn’t get his head around the fact that RF affect everyone regardless of what part of the earth we live in. To hear how brainwashed and thoughtless he was, was a real insight into their arrogant ignorance. I ended up giving him the same challenge I gave O’Brien. You say they are safe, show me the non industry, recent research to prove it
    Scary though, just how dumb they really are.

  4. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Cedar Wild,
    These Overseas Owned Victorian Electrical Power Companies it would seem haven’t read any of the medical research findings that show just how dangerous these accursed Microwave meters are now proving to be, because they don’t want to know the truth, that these microwave energies from these meters are damanging their customers’ health. This has been proven by the World Health Organisation and other bodies of medical evidence.

    Electrical Power Companies don’t care a Brass Razoo about the safety of your electrical fridges and or computers and or printers or any of your electrical goods being damaged by the Meters. This damage is now ongoing World-Wide. The C.E.O ‘ s of these Electric Power Companies need to be dragged kicking and screaming, if needs must be, into the the World Wide Law Courts.

  5. Davin Richardson says:

    The new asbestos

  6. Anonymous says:

    A smart meter was installed at our home in Mornington without permission when we were not not there
    What Jemena [ Singapore based Company] have been doing at Mornington are intimidating middle aged citizens frightening them with a $600.00 fine and threatening to cut off their Electric, These people are elderly people frightened and frail. This is a act of cowardice and desperation.

    The power energy people has to install these killer meters as they have spent over 2 billion on them purchased from India which are of poor quality and do have serious problems.Jemena does not care about the health of the public or even if their health becomes life threatening such as carcingenic tumors, leukemia in Children etc, from the radio active frequencies emiting radiation, because the power people are so greedy and profoundly hungry for wealth at any cost, and O`Brien desperate for place, wealth and power. In the future the next step will be, these meters will completely invade your privacy thus taking complete control of our life, [ by a dictator Government]

    These Energy people will not win, if we can fight with people power all the way, however, if the energy people continue to install many more of these killer meters, this may not be in the best interest for the objecting public .Everyone out there please do not let them install these killer meters.lock your meter box and put up a sign, your analogue meter will not cause you any health problems and you can live in a safe home free from this dangerous meter emitting radio active frequencies [radiation] directly into your brain. and continue with your very own privacy for as long as you can. God Bless you all.

    • Nina P. says:

      It is sad to hear of elderly citizens being intimidated and harrassed by the heartless Jemena representatives. It takes nerve to stand up to them but we have no choice as they are trying to control our lives and don’t care who they harm in the process. They need a HUGE reality check… so does this so-called Government of Bailleau and O’Brien! Lies and threats will continue to be told… like all these good people say, don’t believe or trust what they tell you.

    • keith says:

      There do seem to have been a number of bulying tactics by the installers. People need to be firm, and at the very least place the downloaded sign on their mtr boxes, but preferably lock them, leaving an access cut for reading purposes. If you have a push button or electronic meter, then you’ll need a small flap door on the front of the box so that the reader can press a button on the meter to obtain a reading, or to place an electrical probe on the meter to download the reading info. These types of meters are often with solar installations.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it interesting that the installers can install one of these devices when the occupier is not home.
      Electricity Customer Metering Code 2.1a, Access to metering equipment, (and other pieces of legislation) says, Provided that official identification is produced on request, a customer must at all times … blah de blah de blah.
      (a)If the customer is not present, how can they request identification?
      (b)If the installer has installed one of these devices without providing any identification, How has he complied with this code? (the customer was not given the opportunity to request identification)
      (c)How does the customer know who installed what?
      It seems that all the installer has to do is wate untill no one is home, and they have open slather, unless of course the meter box is locked.

  7. Andrew says:

    Standing strong and together, is what this Fascist Government does not want.
    “United we stand, divided we fall” ,words of wisdom.
    Over and out……..
    Andrew, with a great big lock on HIS meter box.

  8. Informed Choice says:

    The tide is turning against these terrible devices and with good reason! Keep up your fight all Victorians, even if you have one installed there has to be a way out of this trap also. Sparkys or people with more technical brains may be able to help out. So many smart people out there – look at what has been done overseas with communities united over the removal of smart meters! As United we stand says standing strong and together is the way to go…No Dictatorship here in the State of Victoria. No Dictatorship in the rest of Australia!!! It is a war that can be won through patience and DETERMINATION! Good Luck , God Bless

  9. Rosemary says:

    I have just sold my home of 22 years since a smart meter was installed in October last year. It made us so sick we haven’t been able to live there for 9 months. Keep up the good fight and do not believe the lies about the meters being safe.

    • Pam Densley says:

      Rosemary – I feel for you and your Family. M inister O’Brien and this Government have a lot to answer for. Hopefully one day soon we will be rid of these ##@@@!! SMART METERS. In the meantime, seek a Solicitor’s advice (first session is usually free) and see if you can Sue them. If we can set a precedent maybe it can then follow with a CLASS ACTION for all the other people in the same situation as yourselves………..GOOD LUCK ………….. Cheers Pam 🙂

  10. Sue says:

    Yeah, seriously, remember how much we needed fluoride in our water to help stop tooth decay, and see how well that worked (not). Sodium fluoride they put in town water is toxic, yet its been ‘tested’ as safe. Anyone who has done further reading on this knows its not ‘safe’.

    I got an email back from SP AusNet, when I told them I do not want the new meter, with:- “…SP AusNet is required to replace the old meter and install a smart meter at your premises. The current meter is the equipment of SP AusNet and as such we are entitled to replace it… ….It is SP AusNet policy to never unduly harass or coerce any consumer, and the safety of our consumers, staff and contractors is of the utmost importance to us.”

    I will not reply to their email.
    As a paying customer it is my right to refuse to have my service upgraded. I am happy with the service I have now with the old meter. So lets see what really happens.

    • Pam Densley says:

      SUE – HOPE YOUR BOX IS LOCKED and you have your Signs Up. No-one can force you to have one of these darn SMART METERS. ALL THE RELEVANT SIGNS CAN BE DOWNLOADED FROM THIS WEBSITE………GOOD LUCK ———- PAM

    • Absolutely Incensed says:

      Sue, in respect to the the following statements that have been made to you………
      Sue, when statements are made to you such as “…SP AusNet is required to replace the old meter and install a smart meter at your premises. The current meter is the equipment of SP AusNet and as such we are entitled to replace it…”
      This is a misuse of the rights that they do have to access their equipment. It’s their ploy by DECEPTION and STEALTH to bring onto your premises an abominable piece of toxic equipment of which they have no automatic right to bring nor install. It’s a comment that deceives you into giving them an implied consent to install the device. In actual fact the connontations and implications of having such an abominable device operational upon your property are way outside the bounds of mere “metering”, mere “supply” and mere “billing”. They may call it Advanced Metering, they may call it smart metering but even the naming of this device is deceptive because functionality wise this device does a hell of a lot more than just act as a meter, than just provide supply, than just assist in Bill preparation and only for these purposes are they entitled to be given access to their equipment. ie. for meter reading, maybe a bit of standard meter maintenance if such a thing were actually necessary, perhaps even meter replacement by a similar type of device only, access is appropriate according to the Distribution Code. They are not entitled to access for any other purpose outside of what is in the Distribution Code. This is where they are deceiving people into giving implied consent. If you think about it, the way they are going about things only confirms that the access they are entitled to in the existing Distribution Code does not give them the right to install a smart meter onto anyone’s premises and that they know well and truly that they require an ADDITIONAL CONSENT to that given in the current Distribution Code in order to go ahead. That’s why we need to stand our ground and say NO because they will “endeavor” by ALL means to take that consent from us and MAKE IT LOOK LIKE WE’VE GIVEN IT TO THEM. This is the very thing that the Baillieu government have given them free licence to do (by whatever means but named as “best endeavors”) whilst washing their own hands of the matter. It makes sense that such consent could never be made law when we have EVERY RIGHT and the capacity to at any time just say to a distributor “take all your equipment and piss off”. If every single one of us got on the phone and told the Distribution Companies to take their equipment, meter, wire etc and PISS OFF they would be wiped out overnight. They would be begging us to allow them to install analogue meters.

    • Absolutely Incensed says:

      Sue, re the matter of the access they are entitled to and not entitled to, I’m sure they would argue that point with you but it will be a different kettle of fish to make the arguement in a court of law and I suspect their “Energy Lawyers” have made them well and truly aware of that.

      (have corrected error from previous post)

  11. Cedar Wilde says:

    Such a comfort to hear that Energy Safe Victoria have released a report that found that “Smart meters do not pose any greater safety risk than the old meters” (And tobacco doesn’t cause lung cancer either, if we are to believe the statements of the people who stand to make a fortune from it!!) They must think we’re mushrooms, to be kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

  12. Pam Densley says:

    Great Article – stick to your beliefs and DO NOT LET ANYONE INSTALL A SMART METER TO YOUR PROPERTY – LOCK YOUR BOXES – DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS. It is all on STOP SMART METERS WEBSITE. “Powercor has lost the plot!” (read this article) – posted 16/7/2012. Good Luck to you all….Pam

  13. United we stand says:

    Congratulations to all the residents of Sixth Ave and surrounding districts for standing strong and together. In Canada they have a “special committee” set up who blockade installers as they arrive in areas to install – maybe its time we did this in Victoria and other parts of Australia.
    Keep up the fantastic work. “united we stand, divided we fall”

  14. mohsen says:

    I support your courage. there is no one in my street have the same level of determination.
    I have a lock on my meter box and I think I am the only one in the street.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Keep on being brave, I know it’s hard when you feel that you ‘re alone, but we are all behind you in this..

  15. Carmela says:

    “Energy Safe Victoria recently released a report that found smart meters do not pose any greater safety risk than older meters.”


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