Our goal – Smart Meter free homes

We wish everyone out there a happy New Year free of smart meters in our homes and neighbourhoods. Though the fight against smart meters in 2011 has been challenging, the scale of the grassroots resistance that has come together in the face of utility and government bullying has been truly inspirational. There are now organised groups fighting smart meter deployment in many parts of Victoria, around Australia and an increasing number of countries around the world. The movement against the health-damaging, safety-risking and privacy-invading smart meters is not only a local but global fight.

Why not start a Stop Smart Meters group in your neighbourhood today? We can assist.

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3 Responses to Our goal – Smart Meter free homes

  1. Sabrina Bensdorp says:

    I am glad this smart meter business is a global affair. Thanks to the computer age,we now have access globally. This is a message from Canada. I have family in Australia, the Netherlands and
    other parts of the world. The concern for the invasion of the “Smart Meter”, keeps growing. The very fact, that these meters are endangering our health, invasion of privacy, higher utility bills and not to forget the danger imposed up on the risk of fires and other damage to homes or businesses. We are dealing here with a corporation. since when do they have the right to impose that contraction on our homes. . Are we living in a Democratic society or what????????
    Greetings fro the other part of the world from a very concerned citizen.

  2. Stop Smart Meters Australia says:

    Hi Christos, being in a block of units does make this more difficult for you, but we suggest that you still print out a stop sign and some how fix it to the meter box. Possibly by sharing this information with the other tenants you could gather support and take this to your body corporate? Read the post on the 3AW site and listen to this heated interview where Michael O’Brien states people will not be forced to have a Smart Meter installed http://www.3aw.com.au/blogs/breaking-news-blog/smart-meters-are-here-to-stay/20111214-1otp9.html

  3. Christos Athanasiou says:

    How can you stop smart meters from being installed? Since the government has completed its review and has decided to go ahead with them they can’t be refused. It’s now mandatory. They’re coming to do ours in a few days and we can’t stop them apparently. Being on a block of units, the meter box is on common property so I can’t block access.

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