Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world WITHOUT privacy

The articles linked to this post clearly demonstrate what kind of details are available to the power companies using smart meters to monitor our power usage. Power usage

Image: National Institute of Standards and Technology

It also covers some of the concerns that the public has with respect to how this data can be used such as providing a profile of a monitored household to determine whether a house is occupied or not. Refer to article here: privacy-on-the-smart-grid

There are some good suggestions on how household details can be obfuscated but it remains to seen whether any of them will be implemented by Power companies.

What should be a bigger concern to the public is that the smart meter combined with smart appliances creates the potential framework to support further monitoring measures in the future that may not be limited to simply turning on/off appliances remotely.

A “brave new world” in deed where it appears our home is no longer our private sanctuary.  Is this a case where technology has outpaced our laws particularly in regards to electronic trespass and where suddenly we appear to be potentially inviting corporations and potential government agencies into our houses without our knowledge or consent?

NBC News reports:

Researchers examining the privacy implications of smart-meter technology found that one German provider’s devices contained vulnerabilities that allowed them to snoop on unencrypted data to determine whether or not the homeowners were home.

After signing up with the German smart-meter firm Discovergy, the researchers detected that the company’s devices transmitted unencrypted data from the home devices back to the company’s servers over an insecure link. The researchers, Dario Carluccio and Stephan Brinkhaus, intercepted the supposedly confidential and sensitive information, and, based on the fingerprint of power usage, were able to tell not only whether or not the homeowners were home, away or even sleeping, but also what movie they were watching on TV.

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10 Responses to Smart Meters – Welcome to a brave new world WITHOUT privacy

  1. Lessons Learned says:

    It isn’t the world I want to live in. All this ‘new’ technology has no place in MY world and I will never consent to having a smart meter, or even a smart phone. Prefer wired appliances, that’s what power points are for and I have lots, why waste them! I’m only 45, but have become EMR/EMF sensitive so I’m figuring out how to live better in an increasingly wireless environment, trying to not be around wi-fi is fairly impossible, people need to understand why this stuff has been banned in parts of Europe. Manmade radiation makes us all sick and is not safe as these companies would have us all believe… please educate yourselves and your loved ones – don’t be fooled by Corporate Greed!

  2. Pam says:

    They can shove their intrusive Smart Meters up where the sun doesn’t shine. I value my Privacy, Safety and Health too much to allow anyone to install one of these dangerous devices at my home, yes my home which I own, not the Power Companies. ……….Cheers Pam 🙂

  3. Dallas Monck says:

    still standing up for my rights…freedom of choice…..have received more letters from my electricity company ..same old message so I wrote on my meter box….it is against the law in Australia to damage private property ….My meter box…My lock….willful damage is an offence no smart meter to be installed without my consent …read the Australian constitution Freedom of Choice

  4. Gwen 's says:

    We just had 2 SMART METER MEN here this morning..Had to unlock our meter box so they can check it out as we have SOLAR Power !!!! the older one wrote something down & didn’t speak much ..The young one sounded very “BRAIN WASHED” Sounded off..told us that we might not have it on for anything up to 10 years ect, ect !!!???? We locked our meter box before they went. It will remain locked & the signs are still on .. That might be a real “CON”!!! we plan to keep it locked except when the Meter Reader comes..We thought that was the M.R. coming early!! All VERY suspicious !!!?

  5. Laurie Cunningham says:

    Yes, they will find a way. My concern is the fact that I suffer from Heart Palpitations and that these devices will trigger it. They say ‘nonsense’ but will accept no responsibility whatsoever and totally ignore the evidence that I have shown them. They want them in and, sadly for me, they will get them one way or another but I continue to hold out.

    • Informed Choice says:

      Laurie – You must fight for YOUR LIFE! We are all in this together and there are thousands upon thousands of us not prepared to give in, so please try and stay positive 🙂

  6. Steve G says:

    PS wanna stop the transmissions buy an illegal mobile phone blocker and sit it in the smartmeter box, kills it dead
    And as it is an LIPD device UNLICENSED
    ACMA will just say stiff. cop it.
    Also if you have an external aerial fitted its probably an illegal transmitting device now as it exceeds the low power erp they are allowed to transmit..

    Powercorp have given up on me and told me to go away, and said if you don’t want a smart meter we cant force you to have one..

    Unfortunately for me they also came and cut down some trees and damaged the power connection to the house so I am getting a new metal meter box and current standard equipment.

    FYI the Neutral had arced and there was a threat of a house fire.

    So in the end if you don’t get a new meter and you insist of keeping the old one, like all things in nature it will fail and in the end you get a new electronic meter…or you might get a fire in your box or roof.
    catch 22

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