The Chinese Government is now a major player in Victoria’s electricity distribution businesses

The Chinese Communist regime, through the government-owned State Grid Corporation of China, recently completed its purchase of a 19.9 per cent interest in Australian-listed SP AusNet and a 60 per cent stake in the privately held Jemena business. This was approved by the Federal Liberal Government.  See:

The Chinese Government and its interests are now the major player in Victoria’s electricity distribution businesses.

According to Amnesty International, an estimated 500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention in China without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances. Harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise, and censorship of the Internet and other media has grown. Forced killings of unborn babies and repression of minority groups, including Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians, Falun Gong practitioners and Christians who practice their religion outside state-sanctioned churches is prevalent. More people are executed in China than in the rest of the world put together.

It is astonishing that our Federal and State Governments have no concerns whatsoever that an essential service such as Victoria’s electricity grid is now majority owned by a foreign government and its interests that have the world’s worse human rights abuses.

See below a breakdown of foreign ownership of Victoria’s power distribution companies, along with the approximate electricity customer base.  United Energy is the only Victorian distributor controlled by Australian interests (Duet Group, its main owner, is managed jointly by AMP Capital investors Limited and Macquarie Funds Group).

Summary of Foreign Ownership

CitiPower 310,000 customers 51% owned by Cheung Kong group of companies
Powercor 700,000 customers 51% owned by Cheung Kong group of companies
Jemena  ‘over’   300,000 customers 60% owned by State Grid Corporation of China (and 40 % owned by Singapore Power)
United Energy   600,000 customers Duet Group, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company, owns 66% (and 34% owned by Jemena).
SP AusNet 641,000 customers 31.1% owned by Singapore Power and 19.9% owned by State Grid Corporation of China.

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42 Responses to The Chinese Government is now a major player in Victoria’s electricity distribution businesses

  1. garry says:

    You forgot to add Energy Australia (formerly Tru Energy) .. a wholly owned business entity of China Light & Power

  2. Samantha Fernando says:


    I’m building a new house and I’ve asked to have the old meter installed not a smart meter. I’ve been advised that I have no choice and I must have a smart meter. Is this correct? Is there any way I can get an old meter?


    • TG says:

      Sorry, Sam, but you have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting them to put a conventional meter on your new house! The only option you have is to build your house with the electricity meter as far away from the living areas as possible i.e. on the garage wall. Not on a bedroom or the lounge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Have they taken the old meter or is it still at the property being used temporarily by the builders for their equipment?
      Demand it back if they took it (or an equal replacement) as they are breaking the law forcing a smart meter on you. The law states they are allowed to change a meter, but only the same type and most definitely NOT a wireless smart meter.

  3. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    “It is astonishing that our Federal and State Governments have no concerns whatsoever that an essential service such as Victoria’s electricity grid is now majority owned by a foreign government and its interests that have the world’s worse human rights abuses.”

  4. icouldahad says:

    If you think it’s bad now, just wait until Abbot signs the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Treaty, a secret international trade agreement.
    It’s where sovereign nations surrender everything to ‘international’ law and tyrannical regimes really take over. Leaked draft texts show that freedom of speech on the internet will be stifled because the current US regime hates free speech. Oh, and businesses will be on par with governments and basically considered ‘nation states’!
    I’m tired of our government selling everything off to foreign countries. Australian companies should be in the hands of Australians so we can control outcomes. Like ‘multiculturalism’, which dilutes if not erradicates Aussie culture in favour of foreign customs, multiinternationalism is destroying Aussie businesses and doing us great harm.
    Unless people stop voting for the 2 major parties we’ll never get our country back.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The ATO is a corporation registered in Washington DC, Li knows that as do most major corporations the world over so they just ignore the ATO and rightly so. Wake up people. Google has all the information, nothing hidden. Who is selling the farm? The Corporation of the Commonwealth of Australia, also registered in Washington DC, whom we elect, that is the reality of elections.

  6. Lino says:

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular post!
    It’s the little changes that produce the most significant changes.
    Many thanks for sharing!

  7. Peter says:

    Its time for Australia First – Reclaiming Australia for Australians

  8. Bob Watson, NZ says:

    Hi To The Land of Oz. In New Zealand we are in the same boat as you as regards selling the cutlery to banksters of all persuasions. Started with the railways, dams and then power companies. The great unwashed have to wake up to the facts of political life. These bastards follow the money like all gangsters do. Keep believing in them if you will, but someday soon it will be a very bitter pill. The only thing you can really do is stop giving them your coin. That will bring it all to a halt, at least until you believe the bulls#it they will speak to get you paying once more. You all have the power so stop writing and start doing!

  9. peter rueschmann says:

    Corporations need to be eliminated world wide. They are worst than communism and national socialism ever were…..but the people are sheeples.

  10. Ian says:

    ‘All Things lead towards their end.’ …. Picture if you will the end of our society as we know it.
    Mowing lawns for the Chinese anyone? – that’s a bit exaggerated, but in a sense it could get to that, and it could get much worse.

    We have to resist the silly fads in politics, where Privatisation suddenly becomes flavour of the month, like in the 80s when protectionism became a dirty word and everything that even was bolted down was up for grabs on the ‘level playing field ‘ of market forces, which led to the sorry state of now, with our non- ownership of any of our utilities.( They could’ve taken the ‘ism’ off ‘protectionism’ to make it more of a real word , and then they might have realised- Hey- what is wrong with protecting what’s ours anyway! – Beware of any words ending in ‘ism; as they tend to promote laziness of thought.. just a thought )

    See how the selling off of public utilities has opened up the scope for multinationals to come in and impose Smart meters on us, treating us like ciphers or sheep. What each and everyone of us must do is identify politicians who hold good values in accord with our own ideas of fairness and ethical action. If you don’t like any of them, don’t vote for them and beware the preferential voting system- it can cause distortions. Give the present incumbents a hard time with your angst, and do not spare them from the heat of your outrage. Make the bastards honest.

    Hold on to that which is Good, and don’t deal with people you don’t like even if the money they offer you is is ‘good’…….IT WONT BE IN THE LONG RUN.

    • TG says:

      If only it was just a political “fad,”

      Instead, it is a carefully planned and orchestrated agenda by those who want to control every facet of human life.

      • John M says:

        @TG. “who want to control every facet of human life.” And that’s exactly what they’re on target to achieving if people don’t start standing up in sufficient numbers and say NO and mean it.

  11. Mick says:

    Im disgusted by this government, sold us all off, but we vote, don’t we?

  12. John M says:

    The level of treason and duplicity that has, and continues to be committed in this country is unfortunately no surprise to me at all anymore. Oh how I long for the state of mind lost years ago known as ‘living in ignorant bliss’. Anyone that has the financial means to outmaneuver, extricate themselves from what is going on better start doing so soon.

    • waverly says:

      There is a way out, absolutely a way out but you had better know and understand what the law is and isn’t. The people have joined a private unincorporated association through Social Security (worldwide), a trust. By accepting the benefits, the people have to pay the liabilities through ” operation of law” for the contrived bankruptcy. IT IS VOLUNTARY. There are withdrawal forms. It is all PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW, not the the Constitutional law of the land we are dealing with. By changing the spelling, case usage of the original documents of the counties and states they have created a different entity for a different purpose. There are at least 2 constitutions for every state but the only true and correct copy is filed at the office Secretary of State Archives in your state. These State constitutions are your protection from these predators. They protect the INDIVIDUAL, NOT THE COLLECTIVE. Google “A Dose of Reality” by Lee Brobst an excellent article

  13. lindsay says:

    …..because the “Government of Australia” is actually corporation and therefore EVERYTHING is about MONEY and PROFITS.
    You and I are simply stock resources no different to the natural mineral wealth that is being plundered by overseas owners.
    So much for the “Common Wealth”.
    It is very well explained on this site
    Don’t be deceived any longer.

  14. Michael says:

         … Not to mention the 130-something farms in New South Wales bought a year or two ago by Chinese interests, apparently with the blessing of governments here. Clearly governments here just don’t care about these issues.
         Whether it’s farms, or public transport, or power companies, the general policies pursued or permitted by governments seem to me to be very like selling your house, which you’ve already fully paid off, and then continuing to rent it back from the new owner, very likely at exorbitant rates. I would call deliberately and knowingly pursuing such policies an act of treachery. It reminds me that in a newspaper some weeks ago I read a brief comment in the “Letters” column, where the writer forecast that, if things keep going the same way, in 10 years’ time we would end up mowing lawns for the Chinese.

    • Gwen says:

      I agree Michael except I don’t think that it is ten years away. Please keep fighting for our freedom everyone. Don’t give in. Let’s hope and pray for a very happy new year.

  15. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    Please have a read of this article that appeared in “The Australian” in October, 2013, regarding our Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Versus “Cheung Kong”, seeking $776 million in unpaid tax and penalties.

    …it reads:

    ATO in brawl with Asian billionaire Li Ka-shing

    THE Australian Taxation Office is taking on Asia’s richest man over profits made in the nation’s power, gas and water industries, seeking $776 million in unpaid tax and penalties in one of the biggest fights it has launched.

    The Australian has learned that the ATO is targeting companies controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, the chairman of the property, telecommunications, utilities and ports giant Cheung Kong Holdings, who is valued by Forbes at $US31 billion ($33.3bn).

    The tax office recently scored a victory in the Federal Court against two Cheung Kong-related companies – Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, the largest listed infrastructure company in Hong Kong, and its energy subsidiary Power Asset Holdings.

    Judge Michelle Gordon ruled in favour of the tax office in the sum of $396m against Power Asset Holdings and $380m against Cheung Kong Infrastructure. The amounts included unpaid income tax from 2000 to 2009, as well as penalties for not lodging documents and interest, which continues to accrue.

    The companies’ failure to lodge an address for service of legal documents allowed the tax office to obtain the judgment without the court needing to hear further legal argument about the underlying issues in dispute. The companies, which have previously vowed to “vigorously defend” their position, did not lodge any other documents in the cases and have not appealed against the decision.

    Documents obtained by The Australian reveal the Hong Kong companies stopped talking to the tax office in January, which means the tax office is likely to have to take further court action to have its debt repaid.

    The amounts in these two cases surpass the fight over the proceeds of the stockmarket float of the Myer department store chain. The ATO claimed it missed its share of the profits made by private equity firm TPG when Myer listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2009. TPG, which moved the money overseas, insisted it had done nothing wrong. It is understood the tax office has not recovered the alleged tax debt, last calculated in 2012 at $739m.

    Unlike TPG, the Hong Kong companies still have significant assets in Australia. Together the companies have made hundreds of millions of dollars from their power and gas investments in Australia, many of which were privatised state government utilities.

    Mr Li’s son Victor Li is chairman of Cheung Kong Infrastructure, which holds a 39 per cent stake in Power Assets Holdings.

    In South Australia, the companies own 50 per cent of SA Power Networks, the former state government electricity distribution network. In Victoria the companies own half of electricity providers Citipower and PowerCor. Cheung Kong Infrastructure has about 19 per cent of Envestra, Australia’s biggest distributor of natural gas. Cheung Kong Infrastructure is also a substantial holder in the listed Spark Infrastructure Group and has 49 per cent holding in AquaTower, which provides water to about 25,000 people in Victoria.

    Hutchison Wampoa, which is also controlled by Li Ka-Shing, owns 50 per cent of Vodafone Australia, the nation’s third biggest mobile phone group, although these companies are not involved in the tax dispute.

    Cheung Kong Infrastructure, Power Assets and Cheung Kong Holdings declined to respond to a request for comment yesterday.

    Documents obtained by The Australian reveal that discussions had been taking place between the Hong Kong companies and the tax office since the tax bills were issued in 2011. The companies were seeking legal advice and believed they still had time to lodge objections to the tax bills. But there has been silence since January this year, prompting court action by the tax office.

    In its “genuine steps statement” – a document designed to inform the court of efforts to resolve the matter – the tax office says that in both cases it has “repeatedly required” the companies to lodge any objections it wanted to make against the tax bills, and to pay the debt. Despite “various telephone conversations and exchanged correspondence in relation to securing the outstanding amount owed”, the matter was not resolved.

    This led to the tax office to tell the companies in January that it would begin legal proceedings, and in documents lodged in June the tax office says “to date, there has been no further response received”. The tax office commenced proceedings in the Federal Court that month. When the Hong Kong companies failed to lodge documents providing an address for service of documents, as required by the court rules, the tax office asked the court for judgment in its favour without the need for further legal argument.

    “Is Cheung Kong in default, and if so, should the court exercise its discretion and enter judgment for the (ATO) commissioner against Cheung Kong? The answer to both questions is yes,” Justice Gordon said in a recent ruling.

    Similar orders were made against Power Assets Holdings. “The entering of judgment in default against a party for non-compliance with orders is a step of the utmost seriousness,” Justice Gordon said.

    According to Cheung Kong Infrastructure’s latest annual report, its Australian investments perform very well for the company. “The profit contribution from the group’s Australian portfolio was $HK1146 million ($158m),” the report states. The previous year the company enjoyed a profit contribution of $HK1306m.

    Gives us a real insight into one of the companies our Government has allowed us to be sold off to, that just so happens to own a majority of our essential services infrastructure……….a very scary thought.

    “Documents obtained by The Australian reveal the Hong Kong companies stopped talking to the tax office in January, which means the tax office is likely to have to take further court action to have its debt repaid”

    Why has our Government allowed this to happen, and why do our politicians side with these companies, who obviously don’t give a damn about us, the people, or in fact to our Australian legal system as well, in regards to the ATO?

    • Informed Choice says:

      They (Australian government and ATO) got themselves and us into this crazy situation with China – now it seems the horse has well and truly bolted. Really makes one wonder… the way I see it, we are not responsible for their major stuff-ups and they have NO business trying to recoup extra revenue from any of us, in any way whatsoever! Our children have very little to look forward to in the future with people like these at the helm. Greed, Insanity and Stupidity all rolled into one!

    • Paul says:

      What would the ATO do if I refused to pay my taxes and continue to ignore their requests? They would do everything in their power to sell my assets, etc to ensure they are compensated and I would probably receive a gaol sentence. So, can anyone explain why these Chinese companies are treated differently?

      Their assets should now be seized and sold off but only to Australian citizens. The law should be changed so that only Australians citizens have the right to own our farms, businesses, etc. Globalisation is advantageous only to the rich and then only at the expense of our country and its assets.

      I doubt very much that I could go off to China and begin to purchase land, farms and businesses, as the Chinese government would simply not allow it. I’m sorry to say that many Australians are naive and cannot see ‘the big picture.’ Yes, the land and farms, etc may not physically be moved out of Australia but whoever owns them controls the economy.

      Our politicians simply cannot or do not want to see this and no amount of words will change the situation because the majority of people in this country are either ‘Liberal’ or ‘Labor.’

      Yes, China is one of our main markets for mining and other products, as we are for virtually every one of theirs (just look at the ‘Made in… tags on most products in our shops). Surely there is a disparity here. Unless Australians change their ways of thinking and force a change in the laws that prevent foreign ownership of our assets, then we are all doomed.

      I really don’t know why I am writing this, because, other than SSMA members, it will probably fall on deaf ears.

  16. janet says:

    The green scam artist frauds are behind this whole thing with operators like Wong . Krudd AND CO . They also own our cotton and have taken over all our industry . They even make the deadly vaccines they flog to us .

  17. Tom says:

    One word-DISGUSTING!

  18. Rick Karaitiana says:

    With Chinese involvement in our Electricity Grid, and then Gas and Water, if not already, I have to question the motives of our politicians, sell,sell,sell, which is the people’s property or was until Kennett sold it off. There may come a time when the politicians, may not see the light, but will feel the heat, and it wouldn’t be from the Electrical Grid either. But it won’t matter. The Country, or most of it has been sold off anyway.

    • Steve says:

      It is time to take back Australia ,our government is a corporation , not the government of our constitution 1901 for WE THE PEOPLE !! They have and will continue to sell us out, What are they going to do about the huge oil find in Cooper Pedi , South Australia which is bigger than the oil in Saudi Arabia , very quite about our oil , until that is sold off as well, again robbing all Australians blind,,, Wake Up Australia , read our constitution or check out “Australian Constitution For Dummies” On You Tube , we still have rights , it’s not too late yet .

  19. Kathleen says:

    Amazing really, since we may be at war with China one day. It doesn’t have our interests at heart and neither do our governments of any persuasion. Why do the sheeple still go through the motions of a broken system?

    • Steve says:

      All our answers to all our problems are in our Australian Constitution 1901 , we have this LAW OF OUR LAND to take back Australia from all that is illegally enforced on WE THE PEOPLE . Check it out on you tube
      ” Australian Constitution For Dummies ” that’s us , Knowledge is power ,

  20. MovingEntity says:

    People keep voting in Internationalists.

  21. Hobbit says:

    Communistic Red China is buying in bulk Australian Farms, mines and anything else our Commonwealth of Australia Corporation permits. Our representatives (politicians) are learning Chinese. (eg K.Rudd) In our Cities the Chinese are buying Properties for any price.
    Do you get the picture?

  22. Anonymous says:

    80% of our food, 60% of our power, god knows how much of our mines. Just wait until they pull the plug, and they will. We’re stuffed!!!

  23. Leaty says:

    This is disgraceful!

  24. Hagey Boy says:

    It’s not surprising that the Liberal (sic) Party signed off on this takeover. They exist solely to make a buck off consumers (formerly citizens) at the expense of community. Devotees of Margaret “There is no such thing as society” Thatcher and Ayn “Matriarch of the one percent ” Rand, they take their orders from transnational corporations and wealthy oligarchs. Sad thing is, Labor isn’t far behind.

  25. Matriciana says:

    Absolutely disgraceful…the sooner we can all find an alternative to relying on these sham companies, the better!

  26. John Wilson says:

    As trading corporations (foreign powers) have been illegally governing Australia/States, any new Acts or legislation or amendments of old Acts and legislation may be found to be invalid unless they are consistent with the laws of the Lawful Government and the lawful Constitutions

  27. John Wilson says:

    We need to start taking class action. Neither the State or Federal governments have the authority to sell off public assets without a referendum and approval of the sovereign people, which are the lawful government with parliaments being the servant.
    Victoria has used the invalid 1975 Victorian Constitution and 1989 Local government Acts as its base of power. Neither the Constitution nor the local government Act are valid documents as they have not gone through Due Process i.e. The Vic. 1975 Constitution required Royal Assent (has not happened. required a referendum of the people to approve the new Constitution. (has not happened) and finally the 1855 Victorian Constitution has not been repealed therefore remains the lawful Victorian Constitution, along with the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. where there is any inconsistencies with the law, then the Commonwealth takes precedent.
    Subsequently the sales of public utilities are likely to also be invalid.
    Since 1975 when the Victorian parliament chose to ignore the law and passed an Act through parliament to recognise the 1975 it has acted outside of its authority. This was known in 1974 when the Attorney general was advised Victoria could not change the laws of another country, i.e. The UK and the Commonwealth of Australia. It does not have the authority to amend or change the constitutions without the approval of the people.
    It would be interesting if challenged in the High Court or Even the United Nations Court what the situation would be if the people won. It seems to me that the utilities would have to be returned and I would suggest the corporations would be unable to sue for compensations as the people have no contract with them. Corporations’ contracts are with these corporations that have high jacked the lawful government, hence they would have to seek compensation from the shareholders and directors of the corporations posing as government.

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