Petition Hon Nicholas Kotsiras

“Government & Power Companies: People are being forced from their homes. Give us a choice to remove & refuse the smart meter

Smart Meter Protest
In a country such as Australia you expect to feel safe in your home, you expect the Government and authorities to provide protection, and perhaps above all you expect to have a right of choice over matters both large and small that affect your life. Unfortunately for me these beliefs and my life have been turned on its head courtesy of the Government mandating the power companies to use their ‘best endeavours’ to install smart meters on my home and all the homes & businesses in Victoria.
Last night I lay in bed clutching my chest as electric shock type sensations surged through me. This has been a normal occurrence since the installation of a smart meter onto my home. Previously my house had been my sanctuary, now it is my hell. I have become sleep deprived through regular painful shocks to my head, my heart and my bones. I have head pain, bone pain and chest pain, heart palpitations, burning eyes and so on. I start each day in a zombie like state of tiredness, pain and disorientation.
These are all common symptoms for someone considered electro sensitive and from my encounters with others I have come to learn that thousands of people have been affected. It is claimed that 3% of the population have this sensitivity and with the saturation of ‘smart’ technology and wi fi this number will only increase. This figure accords with my experience and conversations with others for whom the introduction of the smart meter was a life changing event of the very worst type.”

Fiona Shanti

Read more and join the petition at give us a choice to remove and refuse the smart-meter

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17 Responses to Petition Hon Nicholas Kotsiras

  1. Eric says:

    The power companies and the state government are pushing this lie that smart meters are law but in actual fact we have every right to to refuse a smart meter.

    When you have a “product” that is harmful, perceived to be harmful, indicated to be harmful, believed to be harmful…………..the whole notion of “whether or not it is law” fades into complete insignificance.

    Any focus that has been upon the notion of “lawfulness” is a red herring and has only resulted by the power companies effort to draw our attention away from those issues that really matter and onto the lies that they have propagated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Music Video for all angles fighting here. Finally some support from artists also.

  3. Deanna Cooper says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that my meter box is next to my bedroom and I have recently just got over breast cancer and am sensitive to any electrical appliance so do not have a microwave and only use my mobile when necessary, so my health would be at risk if I had a smart meter.

  4. Deanna Cooper says:

    I have pad locked my meter box and today they came to install the Smart meter I refused and the man was very nice even said he agreed with me but has to do his job. He said it is mandatory and I will get a letter. Before this when I refused they were very nasty to me until I got the support of my local MP and that is how I got this installation delayed. Funny but the man that came today was in a grey van and looked just like an ordinary person!

  5. Lindsay Smith says:

    I have a diagnosis of being EM sensitive and I have fixed a note in my meter box explaining this to anyone who may open it.

    Given that I have every right to defend myself from harm under common law, I will take action on a person to person basis against anyone who knowingly causes harm to myself and my family.

    I hope this helps others to understand that as intelligent sane sovereign living beings we have rights that no state or corporation can deny.

    • Anonymous says:

      The death meter installers will ignore your note and install one anyway.

      What ever you do, you MUST make sure you lock your meter box so they cannot get into it in the first place.

      They will wait until your are not home and install one, by then it will be too late.

      If possible, make the existing meter face readable while it is locked (otherwise you will have to open it for a meter reader).

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree and have now about ten friends who it was done to while not home..or elderly mother let them in. (meter was inside)

  6. John Wilson says:

    Neither Labor or Liberal get my preference. there is no provision for political parties in the Commonwealth constitution 1901. Therefore it appears to me that the first parlaimentarians were independents accountable to those who elected them to carry out the mandate and Will of the people, not political parties. That may be the answer. Go back to electing independents who must be accountable to their constituents. Averaged concerns from the public across the continent would likely level out to express the wishes of the people.

    • gary oraniuk says:

      John is correct here, and the call for people to vote independents in will result in the diminution of the influence of the major “parties”, which have no lawful right to operate. Candidates in my electorate have told me things like: “I am a part of a broader party” which means that they are not representing their constituents, but are voting on “party lines” rather than represent their electors. This will only continue, ad infinitum, as it has for decades, in flagrant disregard of what the electors want. How bad do things have to get for you before you say “Enough!?” It is sheer lunacy to keep voting for these people just to have your wishes ignored as a default position.

    • Brigitte says:

      Mark Farrell who is a Senate candidate in the coming election for the Demoncratic Labour Party (DLP).

      Recently he returned home to his farm property near Bacchus Marsh and found a smart meter installer about to install a smart meter on his house. Mark told the installer that he didn’t want a smart meter and not to put it on but the installer took no notice and proceeded to install it. (The meterbox was not locked then, but it is now).
      Mark then got his tractor, a tow rope and proceeded to attach it to the smart meter installers van telling him that the vehicle was impounded until he stopped putting the smart meter in. As the vehicle was about to be hooked up and towed away, the smart meter installer quickly picked up his tools and left the property.

      Mark has back bone and strength of character to stand up for what is right which is far more than most other politicians have to offer. He is against smart meters and will work to stop the roll out. He is working closely with John Madigan – a Senator, who is based in Ballarat. I have known John for several years. John has worked hard, and forged into areas requiring attention. He has put the hard questions to parliament for desperately needed changes to many things including microwave radiation towers, windfarms, and smart meters. More like him are urgently needed. He can be contacted at his Bacchus Marsh office, or on 0416 251 025.
      Brigitte (Text from Wendy)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will not vote for the Liberal party any more State or Federal until they give me back my freedom of choice reference Smart meter installation seems that we in Australia are being controlled by big business and not by our elected governments…..makes you wonder doesn’t it…..what next

  8. Anxious Victorian says:

    Fiona I hear you and feel you. My health has also been affected by these meters for 2.5 years now on and off. The roll out of these devices are so wrong, its practically evil what this government has allowed to happen. The power companies are also evil for using bullying tactics and constantly putting it out there that the radiation they emit is lower than our ovens and microwaves….Well me and my children do not sleep with our heads in our oven and i do not own a microwave.

    Another lie, they emit 4 times a day…People WAKE UP they do not, they emit constantly some every 30 sec some every minute and some at very high levels. Most of these devices emit at different levels and very rarely do they all emit at the same levels. Get your own tested and find out the truth. The power companies may receive their data 4 times a day but these devices are constantly talking through its mesh system to all other surrounding meter’s therefore it is constantly emitting.

    I cant use half my house as the neighbors meter effects me. I feel burning sensations all over my skin, my head. I get headaches and feel like i want to vomit. My body reacts every time i walk into my two front rooms. Because i have a reaction to them my life and my family’s life has been turned upside down on its head. Unfortunately my children’s bedroom is closest to this meter and because i am affected by them I do not consider them safe by any means. So they now sleep in my bed upstairs with me and my poor husband sleeps in their room as he to date is not affected by them. So this is how we have been living for 6 months now in our new home. It’s not the way i anticipated our lives to be lived in our new home. But i still Fight in the hope that one day I can use my whole home and not just half of it. I hope that one day my children can have their bedroom back and I hope that one day soon i can sleep in the same bed as my husband,.

    So Do I hate the government and the power companies for what they have done….You bet. They will all find them selves accountable one day, mark my word. I truly believe that this great (stupid) idea they have forced upon us will come back to bite them…And i will be damned if they think its okay to use my kids as their little guinea pigs.

    So Fiona, you are not alone…Would love to chat further if you like, it’s always nice to talk to people whom understand what your going through. Because in some peoples eyes they think your mentally insane…PS I signed the petition…Go People Power, we cannot give up.

  9. smart denier says:

    I wasn’t able to sign the petition for some reason, I tried 2 browsers. I’ll try again later.
    Here are some reasons why the “roll out” appears to be unlawful.

    1) According to the Nuremberg Code, no natural person can be forced to engage in a program which is of their opinion, a scientific experiment.

    2) If I point a feather at you, and you ask me to put it down because you are afraid of it, – for any reason, I MUST put it down.

    3) We currently have an instant Act of Industry being carried out on private property against the wishes of the lawful owners. This involves installing a machine that requires power and human interaction in order to produce a viable commodity in the form of data, as if in a factory. This data or produce, is then transported to another location for on-sale. To many people this appears to be an act of unjust enrichment.

    4) The labour supplied to create this enrichment is unpaid and therefore could be seen as a form of slavery.

    5) Regarding the perceived mandate. As it is the role of government to re-present the people’s wishes, we would ask the government to produce the formal petition, initialized by the people, demanding that smart meters be installed in all homes in Victoria, and also to produce the petitioners themselves. If this can not be done, then it would appear the mandate is not Lawful.

    6) The natural people set up a Trust for their benefit, as such, they are the Beneficiaries or shareholders. However, the natural people are also the Administrators of that Trust. We the Administrators, have employed other natural people to act as Trustees, which we call government. Our role as Administrators is proven by the fact we have the power to sack (vote out) these Trustees or Employees. We, the People direct the actions which are to be carried out by our Trustees – government. The Trustees are forbidden to act in any way other than to the betterment of the Beneficiaries and only at the bequest of the Beneficiaries or Administrators – us.

    7) Any perceived contract between the distributors and any natural person who does not wish to contract under the terms and conditions specified, is automatically null and void. No contract is lawful unless all parties, after valuable consideration, have agreed to the contract.

  10. ingrid says:

    Wifi is a worry all over the place – It’s in most schools – what does that do for workplace safety?

  11. Brad C says:

    managed by the company, CSC in Australia… a data control info agency. Like to know their links to the US National Security Agency via PRISM.

  12. Power Unseen says:

    ms Shanti,
    With respect, ‘Best endeavours’ is not the same as compulsory. Can’t you have it replaced?

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