Smart meter zapping broadband connection | The Courier

I HAVE heard a lot of stuff about smart meters but wanted to ask a question.

Since my smart meter was installed, my wireless broadband has been at best intermittent and at worst non-existent.

I have had to reinstall the mobile broadband program several times in a month and am having glitches with programs I have never had before – some of them major and interrupting my work flow.

Powercor says it’s a Telstra problem. Telstra says it’s Powercor and no one wants to take responsibility for the fact it was fine until the meter installation.

Others in the same building have also got broadband issues. Has anyone else had problems with their meter?



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33 Responses to Smart meter zapping broadband connection | The Courier

  1. Jerry George says:

    Co-incidently the timing of the installation of the smart meters in my area, Ventura county in southern California, happened to be the beginning of the 60 -100 percent interference with the am band of radio! That just happens to be the band that Conservative talk radio broadcasts on? I question if the CPUC and or the FCC were in the loop in making the decision to use this range of frequencies to set-up their operating system of business? I have even had utility personal comment on it effecting their am radios!

  2. Graham says:

    My internet fails every half hour at exactly the same time for around 1 minute. So my internet TV is a waste of time. We have replaced router/wi-fi, battery in the security alarm, new computer and had tried everything possible. Telstra not interested and didn’t turn up for an arranged call.

  3. Daniel Martinelli says:

    I am in Ballarat as well and have had problems with wireless internet since I had a smart meter installed as well. It varies at different times but I can’t use it too close to the meter. I called them up to demand removal and heard their bs and was referred to my local member of parliament of the department of primary industries, which never answered their phone.

    • Eric says:

      It must not be allowed for people to be held over a barrell like this. It’s just not on and should not be accepted by anyone. Who is looking after the people ?

      I am convinced more than ever that it is now time for the death penalty to be reintroduced in this country. What is now taking place in this nation and in this state are crimes against humanity, the nature and the extent which warrant nothing less than a court of law sentencing and a carrying out of the death penalty on all those individual perpetrators of this heinous crime.

      Here is that crime. We know that you’ve done your research and you have very justifiable concerns regarding the risks to your health both short term and long term. We know about these risks but we’re not going to admit it though. We certainly cannot show you nor assure that you are not going to get cancer from these devices that we are rolling out because even we know that the likelihood of such sickness being developed is real. And we do know that people are coming forth with major health problems right now. We know many many people are suffering headaches after smart meters are being installed. We are aware of the nausea, the tinnitus and the insomnia complaints post installations and we believe that many of these are genuine but we dare not admit that we know this and so we’ll do whatever we can to brush these people aside and make it appear that it is all in their mind, every single one of them and we’ll give it a term such as nocebo and we will continue relentlessly to keep pushing out these devices into Victorian homes because there is too much money to be made by too many stakeholders and if we stop now, it will also be political suicide for the government because of the admission that harm is being caused to the population. We are going to put electromagnetic radiation thousands of times higher than the normal background level through your body and we are not going to give regard to the fact that you do not wish to be exposed to any such levels of radiation even though we know that it is your fundamental human right not to be subjected to such against your will. We will leverage on the fact that many people are already using mobile phones and use such fact to produce an argument that makes it appear difficult for uninformed persons to refuse that which we know they do not want. We will hide the fact that the radiation levels are so much higher than the normal background level by the use of some ridiculously high numbers conjured up by those with vested financial interest in the wireless telecommunications industry and which numbers we refer to as “the Australian Standards” and where we put out the ridiculous spin that radiation levels are only 1% of what we make people believe to be a safety standard. Of course we are well aware that these numbers only protect against burns only and certainly not against the development of tumours and other chronic sicknesses which do not require heating. We just need to get all the smart devices in because once they are in, we have got the customer over a barrell because like the little bunny rabbits that they are, they just accept there is nothing they can do to have the meter removed once it’s in and accept their fate. And with electricity being such an essential service, they won’t have the ticker nor the wherewithal to risk going without electricity and will just have to resign themselves to wear the smart meter regardless and if they get sick well that’s just too bad.

      Anyone who has committed IMMORALITY such as this DESERVES the death penalty, no ifs or buts.

      They don’t just deserve it, it has to be brought back and it must be carried out to prevent this type of tyranny from taking further root in this nation. There are a dozen names in a list of persons that I believe to be guilty of crimes against humanity as described. These names consist of half a dozen politicians either encumbant or previous holders of two government positions and half a dozen Electricity Distribution CEO’s and former CEO’s. The Death Penalty must be brought back. The immorality shown by these dozen men is on a par with the worst kind ever seen in this planet’s history and warrants the death penalty being carried out upon them when they are found guilty of their crimes in a court of law.

      • John M says:

        Excellent post Eric. I do believe the death penalty will one day be reintroduced, especially in a fascist tyrannical state. However, it will be done so as punitive measure against home grown ‘Terrorists’ and ‘Extremists’. All that’s needed to bring this about is more time going down the current path at the direction of the kleptoparasites of this world and continued acquiescence, apathy and cowardice by the majority of the masses.

  4. David says:

    I have been having internet issues since the installment of my smart meter. The modem is on the opposite side of the home where my office is located. I connect to the internet via Plug Links. Before the smart meter was installed I was getting full speed and the internet only dropped rarely when ATT went down. My wife connects her laptop wireless.. She has no problems with the internet dropping but mine drops continuously throughout the day for 3-5 minutes at a time and my speed when it is working is only 1-2 mps down and our subscription speed is 12 mps down. My wife gets full speed on her wireless laptop so I know it is not ATT.

  5. phill hulley says:

    Smart meter installed today. No tv reception. Put claim form in, I was told

  6. Darren B says:

    Hi just wondering if someone can shed some light on what the hell is going on.
    Last Saturday while I was not home I had a smart meter installed, no adults at home just a 15 years old at the time and since then i have had problems.
    I can not open my garage door with either of its remotes although if i am lucky it might work 1 in 20 tries, both my pay tv remotes play up at random times and to top it off i can not remotelly open or lock my ve commodore using either remote. The car remotes work perfect when away from home with out fail.

    I have checked batteries on garage remotes and on pay tv remotes controlls all are ok.
    Clearly I have a major issue but how can this be caused.

    Have called powercor but had no luck with operator, they just dont think it’s possibly, but will try a different operator next week.

    If someone has any ideas please let me know so I can take this up with Powercor, thanks.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      Smart meters are zapping EVERYTHING, not just computers and remote controls. Power companies will deny it all of course!

    • Bryan says:

      This is what I did. We had a smart meter installed and shortly after the remotes for the garage door started playing up and not working. We have wifi in the house for our laptops and I’m thinking we have become overloaded with EMF as not only the remotes are not working but the digital ABC TV signal was being interfered with so badly we couldn’t watch the stations. I turned the wifi off and the signal gets much better and place foil around the back off the power box and hey presto I can watch ABC TV news again. So now the wifi is only turned on when needed. We are being overloaded with EMF as whole communities have these things. What a joke, the health issues are a potential minefield,the government must act now.
      Also we have a Telstra TBox connected to the TV and because all these wifi devices “talk” to each other I assumed that it was picking up signal from the smart meter thus creating a problem so I turned it off and disconnected it from the power. So doing all this my digital ABC TV signal returned to normal. Hope this helps.

      • Jay says:

        My bedroom is situated between the two SMs of my neighbours and since they were put in EVERY THREE MINUTES the radio next to my bed buzzes about twenty times and then clicks about ten times afterwards! ALL NIGHT! I am getting an EMF expert to come to my house to measure the levels. I have aluminium mesh covering my bedhead but I don’t think it’s enough.

  7. Brian says:

    Smart Meters, at least in metro areas, use ZigBee. This uses the same unlicenced radio band (2.4GHz) shared by WiFi, Bluetooth, cordelss phones, video extenders, and so on. Not surprisingly, the band is becoming a little crowded. As suggested by others, log into your WiFi router and change channels. You will find that channels 1, 6, and 11 are your main options. Try all three one at a time until you get a good signal. The other option is to see if you WiFi system can shift into the 5GHz band (that is your router and PCs). Just be aware that the interference will only exist while the smart meter is transmitting. You may shift channels, think everything is okay, then find the WiFi has problems again. This is simply because your initial test occurred when the smart meter was silent. Put simply, test each channel for a day of serious internet use to ensure that you are testing at a point in time when the smart meter is transmitting.

    If it is any consolation, just as the smart meter was interfering with your WiFi, your WiFi would probably be interfering with the smart meter. You will be pleased to know that your WiFi system will be transmitting far more than your smart meter, so you will be causing it far more problems that it is causing you.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We have wireless internet service as we are on a small island. Our internet provider has told us that the installation of smart meters has caused them to have to change a lot of of their equipment because of interference by the smart meter network. Guess who had to pay for this………not the owners of the smart meters!
    Hugh Conway

  9. Barbara M. says:

    Interesting question. I haven’t got wireless broadband so cannot comment on that specifically, but I have noticed that ever since a new house was built behind mine (and no doubt had a smart meter installed with it) the colours in the picture on my old style TV have become messed up. I found out that this is caused by electromagnetic interference and can’t help but wonder if it is caused by the smart meter next door. I got the TV fixed but it happened again two weeks later. Has anybody else had this problem?

  10. Rob Guy says:

    Fred, Could be that your network router shares the same frequncy band as the smart meter. Find your router’s address , ( and change the channel setting -you might have to experiment most routers offer 11-13 channels, Also, some routers feature interfernce robustness-try enabling it.

    • Eric says:

      Rob, I can’t help but think whether out of all the wireless transmitters the smart meter frequencies specifically may have a certain compatibility with the human brain making people prone to a certain neurological havoc in their bodies that only smart meters can cause.

  11. jason says:

    you might want to stop using every thing rf mobile phones wireless ect , before your immune system weakens until the goverment replaces the old ones back .

  12. Damaged says:

    Within 2 months of getting a smart meter, several appliances broke down, and the meter interfered with our security lights and remote control on the garage door. They are a nightmare and should be banned. I dont know if they affect your braodband connection, but they do affect lots of things, including peoples’ immune systems, brains and DNA.

  13. Pam says:

    Fred – I do not have a Smart Meter, but have had trouble with my ADSL. It’s OK now but every now and again I have to turn my Modem off and restart it again and that seems to fix the problem. Sometimes I have had to resort to phoning Big Pond and place the Computer in their hands to sort out. In November we here in Warrnambool had our Telstrs Building burnt to the ground, resulting in us not having Landlines, Computers and only limited Mobiles. This lasted for 20 days, until everything was restored. It was a nightmare. Telstra also said it could be my Landline causing the trouble and to get an old phone and try that, because I have ordinary hands free phones. Anyhow as I am surrounded by Smart Meters one would never know just what is causing the problem….Cheers Pam 🙂

  14. Anf North of Melb hwy 31 says:

    I don’t have a smart meter but the two house’s each side of me do since the installation of these meters i found that the signal of these thing’s is more powerful than the WiFi in my own home this network is called free public WiFi but it is only an Adhoc service you can connect to this but you cant do any thing no internet the point here is that it is stronger than my own WiFi my wireless router is only 10 or so feet from where i use my laptop and these meters are on the opposite sides of the houses next door and these houses are about sixty odd feet each side of my home.

    so if a smart meter can be this strong in radio signal i would say that it is possible that it affects this guys broadband especially if the broadband cabling and smart meter is close together

    I haven’t used WiFi in my home for along time now I found that the WiFi effects my son it cause’s him bad behavior for five or six years i ran this thing in my home and not once did i put two & two together what this thing was doing until I turned the WiFi off I don’t remember the reason why i did this but it was off for a bit of time and our boy started to change for the better he is like a new person now my son is autistic and he is 10 years of age i don’t run the WiFi any more and i don’t use the mobile phone much we use the land line now and the laptop well it sits in the case collecting dust everything is hard wired.
    no smart meter here for ever

  15. TheBThing says:

    Possibly it could be caused by dirty energy producing packet errors. Try ping your router/modem ip address and see if there are any errors or delays. If it’s a dongle then trace-route to Telstra site then use the first hop ip or one that indicates the local tower, to ping to, to see if there are errors or delays.

    Note in rural areas the Smart Meters use a stronger radio devices, similar to a mobile phone. Its wattage could be too strong and drowning out your internet RF. If you know any amateur radio people in your area ask them to check your setup!

    Do general fault finding!

    Request the power distributor turn off the RF side of the Smart Meter, since the mandate from Government was to install the device, not its modes.

    • Brian says:

      If it is a rural area, the smart meter will be using a licenced band that is not shared by the WiFi system, so will not interfere. It is in metro areas where they use ZigBee (IEEE 8.15.4) where the unlicenced 2.4GHz band is used that interference will be an issue.

  16. Anna says:

    Thanks Fred! I moved house and the broadband connexion is lousy here. I put it down to being further out in the country, less tower connexion, but this place has a smart meter. Can’t sleep here either, I’m moving out as soon as my lease is up, but I’ll be sure to look for a smart meter when house hunting. Can’t continue like this!

    • Damaged says:

      Hi Anna,
      you can buy a shielding canopy to put over your bed. I’ve just ordered one from for about $600. We left Melbourne because of smart meters making us sick. But the smart meters sensitised us and we are reacting badly to wi-Fi. We cant avoid it as it is everywhere, unless you live out in the bush. So, we will try the canopy and at least not be fried whilst sleeping.
      If you are renting, at least the canopy is very portable. We plan to use it when we visit friends in Melbourne and also while traveling.

  17. Rob Crombie says:

    I have posted elsewhere on this site, regarding smart meters in my block of flats.
    I am within a few feet of 15 of them, and am concerned about them ALL ‘calling home’ right through me.
    They have only been installed since the 5 Feb 2013
    Just prior to the install I rang CitiPower and asked –
    – Do they all call home at the same time (every 4 hours), or are they scattered as to when they do their 4 hourly ‘call home’
    – Can I be advised of the calling time (If I can get them all calling home at the same time)
    I was told I can, but I am waiting for the dust to settle, before following up on this.
    Perhaps you could make the same inquiry of your supplier.
    If they(the meters) can be told to broadcast at the same time (and even better if you are told those times), you will have something to get your teeth into, whilst investigating if the meters are causing your problem.

    • Tanya says:

      I am EMS and I don’t need my distributor to tell me when the smart meters ‘call home’. When I’ve had too much exposure to radiation I wake up at the time of the major data upload. This is precisely 3 a.m. It hasn’t always been this time, though. Initially it was 2.30 a.m., then 1.30 a.m. for about 2 months, then reverted to 2.30 a.m. for a few months. I was talking to someone who lives in a small block of units up the street from me and she also wakes at precisely 3 a.m. each day. This seems to confirm that all smart meters in her block transmit at the same time as all the smart meters in our area.

      This suggests that the smart meters must do their other major data upload at 3. and then either 11 and 7, or 9 o’clock. What times data uploads occur in other areas may differ from mine. My distributor told me that the data upload can occur up to half an hour either side of the regular times and I believe I have observed this occasionally.

      I recently purchased an earthing mat and I am now being zapped big time if I am sleeping on it at 3 a.m. I am exploring methods to avoid this problem.

      • Jason says:

        Is there no way some smart cookie could invent a simple sort of ‘frequency-generator’ that you just plug in and sit in your meter-box? Let the distributor get the headaches!….
        Miltary and other institutions use something of the sort, and anyone who could build such a thing for civilian use would make a packet ~ and do a valuable public at the same time.

  18. CC says:

    Hi Fred
    This might be happening because smart meters use a wireless connection too and your computer may be detecting it and trying to connect to the wrong network. To prove it’s the meter use a cabled setup and log everything with a program like Wireshark. Then revert to your wireless setup and again log everything using something like Wireshark. You should then have your evidence that it’s the smart meter causing the problem.
    Good luck!

    • Brian says:

      Sorry, no. It is straight out radio interference. Your computer will not connect to the smart meter unless you install the hardware and software that talks ZigBee.

      Bear in mind that WiFi has its limits. If you are too far away from the router, the signal drops. It could be that he is moving away from the WiFi modem and closer to the smart meter. Where the signal may have been weak but useable, the interference may be the straw that broke the camels back.

  19. Frances says:

    Why am I not surprised. I refused to allow them to install a Smart Meter at my house, so far they haven’t tried again, thankfully. But this makes it pretty clear that they are not as benign as they have been claiming.

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