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Public needs to know smart meter health risk – Glenn Gilbert

Do you trust government studies, such as those cited by the federal Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission, which say electromagetic and radiofrequency field exposures are too low to worry about? Not to paint with too broad a … Continue reading

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Smart Meter Backlash! – Victorian Smart Meter Forum a resounding success – Video of forum updated

Attendees from across Victoria packed into a conference centre in Oakleigh for Sunday’s Victorian Smart Meter Forum.  Organizers estimated attendance levels at between 400 and 450, with latecomers spilling out onto the foyer.  Representatives from over 12 Victorian Smart Meter … Continue reading

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Smart meters a concern to the population | The Ballarat Courier

Smart meters are a growing concern to the population. There are a number of organisations which have given strong cautions about all technology that emit radiation similar to that of smart meters. These include the Council of Europe, the European … Continue reading

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Success in deferring the installation of a Smart Meter!

This was sent into us by a Doctor: Over the last couple of weeks I have found that submitting a medical certificate to my electricity supplier SP AusNet has had some success – to defer installation of a Smart Meter. To … Continue reading

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American Academy of Environmental Medicine calls for a halt to wireless smart meters

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has adopted a resolution calling for a halt to wireless smart meters. This represents the first national physician’s group to look in-depth at wireless health risks; and to advise the public and decision-makers about … Continue reading

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Smart meters for energy to be voluntary – London Telegraph

Smart Meters now voluntary – NOT Mandatory in the US and UK. The UK Government had promised that every household would have a smart meter by 2019 in a £12 billion programme to stop gas and electricity bills being estimated. Officials … Continue reading

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