Success in deferring the installation of a Smart Meter!

This was sent into us by a Doctor: Over the last couple of weeks I have found that submitting a medical certificate to my electricity supplier SP AusNet has had some success – to defer installation of a Smart Meter.

To quote SP AusNet: “We understand that you have raised concerns about electromagnetic frequencies in regard to smart meters.  As a sign of good faith we will postpone the installation of the meter at your premises. We have contacted our installers and advise them accordingly and we will be in contact with you again in the future to discuss your concerns.”

Obtaining a medical certificate from your treating doctor saying that you have a sensitivity to EMF far beyond the average person, and that EMF significantly aggravates your illness (on the basis that this is actually true), has produced this deferral for several people, myself included.

In my email request to SP AusNet I supplied the statements by the Karolinska Institute and by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine recommending a halt to the roll out of wireless technology including Smart Meters.

I included a copy of the medical certificate from my doctor, as well as my written request:
To SP AusNet, “Please find attached a medical certificate from my treating doctor asking that I be exempted from having a smart meter installed at my residence, due to the particular requirements of my chronic illness.”

I expect there is a section in the government legislation about smart meters allowing an exemption on specific health grounds.  This would be standard practice with regard to all public programs.

I wonder if this issue of violation of an individual’s health needs as certified by their treating doctor is something which could be taken to the Ombudsman, especially if the petition fails.

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10 Responses to Success in deferring the installation of a Smart Meter!

  1. Claire says:

    Thanks for the interesting post. I would like to know how a Doctor ascertains that you have a sensitivity to EMF’s in regards to your post…’Obtaining a medical certificate from your treating doctor saying that you have a sensitivity to EMF far beyond the average person, and that EMF significantly aggravates your illness’
    thanks Claire

    • Just Say NO! says:

      That trick may work… for a while. However, I fear it will work against all those who are actually affected by EMR. Once it is apparent (by blogs like this) SOME people are lying about their health to avoid installation, honest cases will be far more difficult to prove. It’s not a course of action I’d take. Dishonesty, such as duping a doctor, would remove any chance you have of common law remedy.
      No need to get clever – Just Say NO!

  2. J. Smith says:

    In reply to Mazzyboy21:

    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) occur across the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Only with radiofrequencies (RF) the electric and magnetic fields are closely interrelated, so it’s more likely that the power density will be measured, rather than say, as related to Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF), just the magnetic field component. So radiofrequencies also emit EMFs, as the doctor implied.

    But yes, the main concerns from a health perspective with smart meters have been raised in relation to RF EMFs, rather than ELF EMFs. In relation to the measurements that you took, I have read that there is a slight decrease in the ELF EMF levels from a smart meter. However, measurements of the magnetic field on my smart meter at night, when about the only electricity flowing was for the off-peak hot water system, gave a peak at well over 100 milligauss. So, even though the levels would drop drastically with distance, I still thought it was a pretty high reading, and not something I would want to have on the other side of a wall to my bed, even before considering possible effects from RF (luckily my smart meter doesn’t currently have 2-way communications)! A lot of studies link instances of childhood leukemia with fields as low as even 2 milligauss.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Quite Right In reply to Mazzyboy 21.
      Just look at the evidence now coming in right now from Victorian suffers after these Microwave Type 2B so-called Smart Meters have been so cruelly forced on many people against their Will and Better Judgement. We live in a Democracy here in Victoria Australia, or supposedly. This bullying and harassing people now here in Victoria is a BLOODY Disgrace and it is more than High time for all Victorians to Lock their Electric Meter Boxes as I and many have done. Remember these Golden Rules………..

  3. Ryan says:

    Thank you for sharing that link, I think it is very important for everyone to read this report from the Karolinska Institute, it is disturbing reading, I have passed this on to many Authorities, and in doing so have stated no one can call Smart Meters safe, and if they do they are liars. i will include the attachment again and recommend that you read it and also use in your quest to keep these dangerous meters away from your homes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Ryan.. I came here all on my own for one reason.. i am a healthy person who has been checked for almost everything and I worked it out myself by not being able to be in one or 2 rooms.. it took me weeks.. so not one symptom did i read to put this in my head.. i tried everything tested everything and now am up to testing EMF/s but I can not pick up from the meter so please tell me how to test emf tester is not showing like a high reading… unless the one time i did catch it.. called Untied Energy EPA going to go further.. getting no where so far.. I feel bad at home. .outside I am ok or further away.. sleeping outside in caravan..or room further.. Heard to be 5 meters away. Very upset in my own home.

  4. Keith Sara says:

    I was told by SP Ausnet that nothing would be done by refusing a smart meter.

  5. says:

    I’ve found my Smart Meter emits far less EMF’s than my previous meter. However, I haven’t measured Radio Waves as of yet. My understanding is that Smart Meter health concerns are Radio Wave related not EMF as the doctor implies.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      To Mazzyboy21
      If you are talking about the Analog Meter you once had, before you got duped into accepting a Microwave Dangerous Smart Meter, then you certainly don’t know what you’re talking about son. Please get back to the real world for a change. These Very Dangerous so-called Smart Meters are DEADLY DANGEROUS. Do some proper detailed research for a change. Go Look at P.G. and Electricity in California and the way they are wrecking decent Californians’ lives. Same problelms in Canada and many other overseas countries as well. Anybody seriously contemplating getting a Smart Meter has done very little serious research. I’ve been researching this Sorry Mess for 14 months now and I know that these so-called Smart Meters are anything but smart. They have affect on one’s Health and to one’s Electrical goods like Fridges and or Computers and or Printers and or Fax Machines etc.
      Many peoples’ health after these Meters have been donned onto them is then seriouisly affected i.e. numerous worldwide reports now coming to the fore of increasing Tinnitis or ringing in the ears, dizzy spells, nausea, bleeding noses, insomnia etc. These Smart Meters are designed to rip even more money out of Cash Strapped Customers Pockets.

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