Public needs to know smart meter health risk – Glenn Gilbert

Do you trust government studies, such as those cited by the federal Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission, which say electromagetic and radiofrequency field exposures are too low to worry about?

Not to paint with too broad a brush, but who appoints bureaucrats at such agencies? Politicians. Who funds political campaigns? That would be, in many cases, makers of cell phones, microwave ovens and the executives of utilities like DTE Energy, which has completed the smart meter installations throughout most of Southeast Michigan.

As a result, the lobbyists for such enterprises carry far too much clout with government. In many cases, government is relying on decades-old research claiming the low risk of such devices.

But an Ann Arbor physician who is an expert on the subject said “much peer-reviewed research has been published that proves EMF and RF emissions are linked to genetic defects, cancer, developmental abnormalities, neurological and cardiac disease, as well as other diseases.”

Dr. Amy Dean said there are clear cases that indicate smart meters pose significant health risks.

“The claim has been made that smart meters are safe and that no health risks exist,” Dean said. “However, industry has not conducted independent studies or investigations to verify that claim.”
Dean is president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. She is board certified in internal and environmental medicine.

AAEM summarized studies on the subject in a report published last year that called for caution in installing smart meters.

“Recently, the AAEM received a 92-case series from outside the United States for review regarding smart meter health effects,” Dean said. “Based on this research, it appears that there is a direct correlation between smart meter installation and the development of health conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, headaches, cognitive disturbance and other symptoms. Many of these are the same symptoms correlated with EMF and RF exposure found in the scientific literature.

“It was clear to me when reviewing the scientific literature that these fields have a definite impact on the human body and can cause disease,” Dean said.

AAEA’s position statement is available at

Dean said patients began reporting to environmental physicians that they began to develop symptoms after smart meters were installed on their homes. They report fatigue, chest pain, headaches, heartbeat irregularities, pain and other debilitating symptoms.

“For example, one of my patients developed palpitations and a heart arrhythmia following the installation of three smart meters on her condo. After two of the three meters were removed, her heart condition improved significantly. There are many patients like this in Michigan and throughout North America. There is clearly some type of physiological process occurring. Electromagnetic (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) field measurements will often confirm that patients’ symptoms are indeed real,” Dean said.

She said the risks apply to the general population as well as specific classes of people. The World Health Organization has classified RF emissions, like those from smart meters, as a group 2 B carcinogen.

“Environmental pollutants, including EMF and RF, generally impact the weakest link in the body. So, if a person is prone to heart disease, cancer or neurological disease, the EMF/RF exposure will likely result in symptoms related to that vulnerable system. Clinical observations of environmental physicians are also showing that exposure to certain pollutants in the past or present can make an individual more susceptible to electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” Dean said.

Physicians who are members of conventional medical groups like the American Medical Association have not been trained to look at their patient’s environment for the cause of a disease, Dean said.

“Doctors in the current health care environment are so limited on the amount of time they can spend with patients, they don’t have the opportunity to ask the questions that lead to the environmental cause. If they had any idea how much EMF and RF are affecting their patient’s disease process, I am certain they would be issuing warnings,” Dean said.

Minimizing exposure is difficult, she said. There are components of the EMF and RF fields that cannot be shielded.

“Avoidance of exposure is truly the key. At a minimum, people should have the RF wireless component of their smart meter turned off. However, patients are reporting that the digital meter with wireless component switched off also provokes symptoms,” Dean said.

“Having the option to maintain an analog meter on the home or workplace is critical to protect patients’ health. Although it seems old-fashioned, analog meters allow people to create a safe living space and protect their health until alternative technology can be substituted that is both state-of-the-art and safe,” Dean said.

In Michigan, smart meter opponents are focusing their attention on House Bill 4315, introduced by Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, which would allow DTE customers to keep using their analog meters without incurring an additional charge.

The horse is probably out of the barn on the smart meter issue. But people still deserve to know the risks.

Glenn Gilbert, The Oakland Press.


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16 Responses to Public needs to know smart meter health risk – Glenn Gilbert

  1. Cedar Wilde says:

    I wonder if it’s an indication of some people at SP Ausnet being a bit worried about being made accountable in future litigation by the fact that when I sent them a registered letter the person receiving it didn’t sign their name just put an arrow pointing to SP Ausnet’s address. Seems a bit dodgy to me; is it legal for “Aussie Post” to accept this as proof of delivery? I thought they had to have a signature (even if it was a cross) which could be readily identified with a person.

    • Eric says:

      I really recommend that if anybody is contacted by a power company footsoldier little boy or girl by phone, ask for the caller’s full name. Don’t just accept Christian names, ASK FOR THEIR SURNAME. Watch them duck and weave. Make them give you their surname. If they say they are not prepared to give it, inform them what they can do with the telephone receiver.

      Don’t allow them to divert the conversation into a different direction of their choosing. Don’t negotiate with criminals. When an installer came to my place he encountered a very in your face message on my premises and from myself that a smart meter was never to be installed there EVER. When he left he then started to say to me “OK, so when you decide……………” I jumped in and said “I’ve decided”. He smiled. I reitereated “I’ve already decided”. The he smiled more.

      These MORONS act and pretend and behave and speak as if you didn’t say NO when you have said NO in their face. Don’t allow them to continue to act and behave in such manner.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Dear Cedar Wilde,
        If I were I the post office Official, I’d demand that they not only sign the receipt properly with their signature, but I would also politely demand that they clearly PRINT their name under their signature as well, as many peoples’ signatures are illegible. I insisted that the truckies always print their name legibly under their signatures, or, when in charge of Stores in a Commercial Company, I would not let them take the goods until they had done as I asked them to. After all, what good is a scrawly snail-like signature to anyone, when one cannot clearly read the name of the person who signed that official paper, if one needs to question the Company from where they come from in the future.

    • John Wilson says:

      A signature is required as the arrow could have been put there by anyone.
      These corporations are deliberately selecting research that has become redundant at later date.
      Research parameters are set to bring about a preconceived outcome and in these instances both the power companies and the corporations posing as government have a vested interest in ensuring the installation.
      We need to take control of our government because we, the sovereign people are the government and as a Constitutional Monarchy we are subject to Common Law under the Crown. Although Queen Elizabeth 2 is the real flesh and blood Queen and head of state the people are the government. People get confused about the word Crown. In this case it means the Law and in Australia it comes through the Commonwealth Constitution and its associated laws. The State’s Constitutions are secondary to the Commonwealth.
      Attempts have been made to amend the Constitution either by repealing and making new laws or by removing sections that don’t suit the corporations. We are being ruled by Corporations from the Federal parliament, down through states and their departments.
      There is no provision within the Commonwealth Constitution that allows the states to corporate themselves or the departments or to create new ones. Parliaments have been misbehaving lic ignorant of their. Let’s do away with Smart meters and adopt a philosophy of “BE SMART” and take action to regain the lawful governments (the Sovereign people of the Commonwealth of Australia) and ensure parliaments act as they should as servants elected to carry out the Will of the people

  2. shannawo says:

    This is the reply I received after I had asked why my meter was not being read, only guestimated. I have my meter box locked and a window cut out. Thank you for contacting SP-AusNet. In order to obtain a clear and unhindered read, our meter readers require access into the meter box, and will not take reads through a window in the meter box door.

    • Rhonda Bhajari says:

      The meter is required to have an actual read at least one in every four times ie. once a year. If they want to play that game with you you may have to arrange to be home for that one day of the year and perhaps even be prepared to pay for a special read to be done. Then you need to make sure that the person that comes out is a reader and not an installer, and neither a person that will call an installer. Then you open the box, they take a read and you shut the box, never to be opened again until the next necessity 12 months later………….if they want to play that game with you. I have 3 properties and all 3 have just been read recently………….through a window in the meter box door. It’s pretty clear and unhindered to me and pretty clear and unhindered to my meter reader. Shannawo, take some pictures of the window and have them witnessed. I’m sure the numbers will be quite visible and distinguishable. Then send the witnessed pictures to SP Ausnet and see what rubbish they come up with then.

    • Trevor CHurchill says:

      Shannawo ,
      That is hillarous , they have been successfully reading my meter here,since march 2012 through a viewer window.
      I am also in the SP-Ausnet region
      They are being very disingenuous!

      • Chris says:

        Can someone please take some photos of their box “windows” with instructions on how to install one. All I have is a great big metal box on the side of my wall. How do you cut into solid metal without making it look like a hatchet job? What “window” are you using, Perspex or glass? Did you get this at Bunnings? How are you attaching the window, outside the box or from inside the box? How/ with what, screws through the metal? The front of the box would look like it has warts all over it surely, but I’m guessing it needs to be strong? How big does the window have to be? I have one of those meters that is digital (but not a smart meter) and I have seen the meter reader pressing some of the buttons on the meter in the past. Do I need to make more holes to give them access to press these buttons or was he just fiddling? Is the main screen LCD numbers all he needs? All important questions I think.

        many thanks!

  3. Concerned says:

    We are nearly to the end of the year. Can SSMA please let us know where we stand now? Are we going to be forced into having a Smart Meter Installed????? Thanks

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Concerned,
      Just padlock your Electric Meter Box with a Stout Padlock, simple as that, don’t give into these Analog Pirates of the Suburbs from SP AusNet or Jemena or Powercor or City Power or United Energy. Under Common Law which is your LEGAL RIGHT nobody is allowed to trespass on your private property. Firstly always Padlock Your Electric Meter Box and only then get up your Legal Commonwealth and Australian Constitution Act (1900-1901) and still Legal Anti Trespass and STOP DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER SIGNS $167,000 Dollar Signs on your Electric Meter Box and front fence or gate.

  4. Amelie says:

    I encourage all the thinking people of this site to get some signs up around your neighbourhood stating the harm caused by smart meter madness – if it is right in front of your face, then you are more likely to take notice. The microwave radiaton WILL affect ALL eventually and is possibly a main cause for concern in the development of breast/blood/brain cancers popping up in previously healthy people all over Victoria. We need to stop this from happening to our families & friends as nobody need have these diseases at all!!! Please do what you can to raise awareness where ever is necessary. Doctors are a good start as they are in contact with most of the community and will listen, teachers as well. With no media coverage it is time to act now against this toxic attack by this incompetent State Government. Brumby might have opened the gates but Napthine is more than capable of closing them. He will pay for his ignorance… and he must!!! Wi-Fi needs consideration as well. It has never been tested on humans, so the government puts it in our schools…Seriously??

  5. Jay says:

    I heard a Powercor Executive interviewed on the radio yesterday. Under pressure he revealed that the regulatory body that Powercor must subscribe to, sets out certain regulations and conditions which have been devised by….wait for it…Powercor itself no less!!

  6. julie winn says:

    I wouldn’t trust government’s safety levels on anything . They are liable to push up the level if it means a profitable outcome. With governments money speaks louder than any concern for well being or health. You may as well trust a shoddy dealer from a market.

  7. kev says:

    if these supposed experts are so dam smart Get them to sign a legal document making the legally accountable for their dishonest research results. They and their political mates either sign it or get out and pull their heads in or else- They will be held accountable. Do the right thing or suffer the consequences.

    • Danny says:

      That legal document we should all be asking the government (or better yet, “corporation” not government) to supply we the people is called an “Affidavit of Truth” signed under the penalty of perjury which would entail their full name and signature (at the bottom of the document) and a public witness such as a Notary or a Justice of the Peace then they can be held to account for their deceitful actions. They WILL NOT do this as they know this is not a law and merely a play on words to instill fear and compliance out of we the people.

      Lets go to Blacks Law dictionary and get the meaning of the word “MANDATE” as thats all this is and what’s more, this is a mandate on the distributor and NOT the consumer to roll these out on a best effort delivery (wide scope of what “best effort” actually comprises off… eg. license to bully, coerce and intimidate the trusting public into submission). Full description is given here but the point I draw your attention to is number five (5) as this is not criminal rather a civil action… (This is not to be construed as legal advice).

      mandate, n . 1. An order from an appellate court
      directing a lower court to take a specified action.
      2. A judicial command directed to an
      officer of the court to enforce a court order. 3.
      In politics, the electorate’s overwhelming show
      of approval for a given political platform. 4.
      mandatory subject of bargaining
      Civil law . A written command given by a principal
      to an agent. 5. Civil law . A commission or
      contract by which one person (the mandator)
      requests someone (the mandatary) to perform
      some service gratuitously, the commission becoming
      effective when the mandatary agrees . •
      In this type of contract, no liability is created
      until the service requested has begun. The
      mandatary is bound to use reasonable care in
      performance, while the mandator is bound to
      indemnify against loss incurred in performing
      the service. – Also termed mandatum . 6. Int’l
      law . An authority given by the League of Nations
      and, later, the United Nations to certain
      governments to take over the administration
      and development of certain territories. Cf.
      Source: Blacks Law Dictionary 7th edition

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