Smart meters for energy to be voluntary – London Telegraph

Smart Meters now voluntary – NOT Mandatory in the US and UK.

The UK Government had promised that every household would have a smart meter by 2019 in a £12 billion programme to stop gas and electricity bills being estimated.

Officials are devising plans to allow people to reject the smart meters, which communicate remotely from households to energy companies.

The move is a victory for campaign groups and backbench MPs, who raised concerns with ministers that the devices emit electromagnetic radiation 24 hours a day and cannot be turned off.

Privacy campaigners were worried that half-hourly data on energy usage collected by smart meters could give clues about people’s way of life, such as when someone is on holiday, at work or asleep. Sources in the Department for Energy and Climate Change said the proposal was shelved to avoid the programme getting “bogged down” in lengthy legal disputes.

There has been a public outcry recently about the potential health effects of smart meters in the US and Canada.

About 400,000 have been installed in British homes. Most of the devices emit similar radiation to mobile phones, microwaves and wireless internet.Campaigners are worried about the build-up of such devices in the home.

Some people claim to be sensitive to electromagnetic fields, saying it gives them symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and headaches.

In America, utility companies have been hit with multi-million dollar class action lawsuits from people who have had the devices installed in their homes.Regulators say smart meters are safe. But protesters point to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine’s opposition to the devices.

Bill Esterson, MP for Sefton Central, is now urging the Government to say whether smart meters will come with health warnings.

Charles Hendry, the energy minister, said: “We believe people will benefit from having smart meters. But we will not make them obligatory.”

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5 Responses to Smart meters for energy to be voluntary – London Telegraph

  1. Richard Leschen says:

    Hi Terry and Vicki Foster,
    Thanks for your comments. All you can do is be strong and lock your meter boxes and put up your Legal No Trespass Sign backed by the Commonwealth Australian Constitution Act (1900-1901 and STILL CURRENTLY IN EFFECT ) Anyone you catch trespassing on your property without written consent from you is liable for a $167,000.00 fine. This applies to the Smart Meter Installer Man as well. I refuse to have a now proving to be WORLD-WIDE Dangerous Electric Smart Meter on our property. Write to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company as did I and send the letter Registered Post for Legal Reasons as did I to Mr. Shane Breheny of PowerCor. He has never replied to me by letter or even phoned me. I told him in another later Registered Letter that he is Gutless Wonder and continually hides behind Women’s Skirts such as his Women Publicity or Customer Realations Staff who did at least have The Guts to write to me. I have also sent letters to the Truly Dishonarable Mr. Michael O ‘ Brien Victorian Minster for Power telling him that I refuse to have a Dangerous Smart Meter on my property.
    When our deputation went down to meet him at his Electroral Offices as arranged, some days ago he went all shy or GUTLESS and hid from our deputation. Such a Gutless Wonder should be sacked for not meeting our deputation as arranged. Mr. Michaeal O ‘ Brien is a Lick-Spittle for these Truly Evil Money Hungry Victorian Electric now Foreign Owned Power Companies. Neither he or any of the C.E.O’s of the other Electric Power Companies care a jot about the Victorian Peoples’ Health Concerns regarding Damned Dangerous Electric Smart Meters being forced upon Victorian Homeowners and Small Business Operators.
    Lock your Meter Boxes immediately with a strong padlock and post those Legal No Trespass signs on your front fences and on your Meter Boxes or the Sneaky Smart Meter Installer men will force a Smart Meter on your property when you are out shopping or away from your home for any reason at all.
    You have been WARNED !
    Richard Leschen.

  2. Vickie says:

    Has anyone noticed how many house and business fires there have been recently, reported as unknown cause, some we know have been due to the installation of smart meters, but we were told these were old houses with wiring problems we were told the problem was not with the meters as they are completely safe, meanwhile an installer may be charged $30000 for installing a faulty smart meter, do you see the contradictions, The fire dept wanted an investigation into smart meters and house fires, which I have been informed is complete, I find this amazing considering that %75 of homes do not even have the smart meter installed yet, In my opinion although all these recent fires will be investigated, we may never be told of the results, my only advice to anyone is try to defer the installation of a smart meter in your home as long as possible

    • Richard Leschen says:

      Hello There Vickie,
      Don’t defer the Smart Meter installation. This is to give them tacit agreement to only annoy you and force you to take a Smart Meter in the future. Just refuse to have one installed as I have done. Firstly padlock your Electricity Meter Box as I have done with a good stout padlock. Secondly securely place a Legal No Trespass sign on your front fence or gate, and another on your Electric Meter Box.
      Thirdly write to the C.E.O of your Electricity Power Company refusing to have a Smart Meter at any time, then tell him in your same Registered Letter ( for legal purposes ) that you will join the Common Class Action to Sue, if he or any of his servants try to make you accept a Smart Meter. This is what I have done, it works for me.
      These Electricity Companies are just a load of GUTLESS BULLY BOYS I HAVE FOUND.

      Richard Leschen. Ararat Victoria Australia.

      • vickie foster says:

        Hello Richard, Thank you and I will be doing exactly what you advised me to, I truly hope that there is not a cover up regarding so many of the recent fires,this would be so dangerous and devious, I was reading about the Charles Latrobe College fire yesterday and it is alleged the fire was as a result of an electrical fault, it was claimed the light was left on in the art room which resulted in the million dollar fire, this sounds odd to me, I have been following many recent fires, information does not seem forthcoming and I would like the public to be told of the results of all these investigations, on a last note, we have to worry about these dangerous meters being forced into our homes, we also have the worry of these towers being put in our suburbs, where does it end? what about the long term effects of these radiation emitting towers? I wonder if all these decision makers who have caused us all this undue stress sleep well at night, I am not.

  3. Terry says:

    Let’s hope Australia comes to it’s senses too.

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