“Self-serving nonsense”: Why smart meters and the energy industry failed Australia

Gavin Dietz, “energy insider” and global executive of Landis+Gyr; the world’s largest manufacturer of smart meters, writes:

“…in reality, smart meters have failed hugely to deliver on the perceived promise that accompanied their global promotion and rollout in the early-2000s and since.

Today it’s become common to hear so-called ‘smart meters’ being condemned for actually being ‘dumb’. In the age of the smartphone, they are a clunky reminder of a bygone tech era.

Early notions that smart meters would be used as a key enabler for emissions reductions through energy efficiency and renewable energy have faded. They’ve actually been a bit player, at best, when compared to the transformative success of solar photovoltaics, wind farm technologies, energy efficiency programs, and low-emission products such as LED lighting systems.

In fact, depressingly, they mainly are being used to prolong the old energy order, protecting legacy energy companies and metering manufacturers alike, and keeping business and household electricity consumers at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to the power of data.

The consumer-empowering marvel of the internet era has been blocked when it comes to the electricity sector, because, even if consumers officially own their smart meter data — which they do — they can’t control it nor even access it in useful and timely ways.

This isn’t how it was meant to be. At least, it isn’t how the people I worked with in the mid-2000s anticipated the smart meter story unfolding.

As the Australian-based investment group Bayard Capital, we went around the world buying up 14 smart meter manufacturers, rolled them all up into Landis+Gyr, then ultimately sold the lot to Japan’s Toshiba in 2011 for a successful exit valued at $US2.3 billion.

We also promoted smart meter rollouts for Australia, and globally, including seeing tens of millions installed in post-global financial crisis America to help to stimulate the economy; and nearly three million across Victoria – a mandatory rollout that many came to see as an expensive debacle, which killed off any plans for the whole nation to do the same.”

Abridged from: https://www.smartcompany.com.au/industries/energy-resources/smart-meters-failed-australians/

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3 Responses to “Self-serving nonsense”: Why smart meters and the energy industry failed Australia

  1. Lyn Nash says:

    I have just had a sub-contractor phone and say that our body corporate will be issued with a defect notice because we have installed a grid on our meter box to stop the installation of smart meters. After a couple of years since the last wave of contractors at my door saying they are mandatory etc. (the usual harassment) it seems they are ramping up again to try to install them. Anyone else experiencing this??

    • Rob says:

      @Lyn Nash About a year ago those b@st@rds took down & stole my signs for no Smart Meter. I quikly put up new ones & had no more BS about it since .

  2. Truth Hawker says:

    How is it that SSMA saw the problems and reality of smart meters years ago, pretty much as soon as they began to be rolled out in Victoria, and years down the track, the industry insiders are finally waking up to reality? And they’ve still got a way to go if they think solar and wind energy and LED lights are a great solution.

    It came to SSMA’s attention years ago that ‘dumb’ meters can’t even tell the time. They do not adjust for daylight saving. And we, the consumers, are supposed to believe the distributors’ spin that the electricity retailers will adjust for this anomaly when they calculate the bill. And how are we supposed to check up on that? As the article states, it seems that not all consumers have reasonable access to their data. Oh no, data is too valuable to the power companies to just be handing out for free to us. It can fetch a nice price from various businesses wanting to sell us a better TV than the one the smart meter data tells them we have.

    What price are we going to be paying for the ‘smart’ water meters currently being rolled out? Let me guess: your water supply will be remotely disconnected during droughts; if you don’t obey water restrictions your water will be turned down to a trickle for a punishment period; they’ll time your showers for you and cut off the water supply after 3 minutes when you’re covered with soap.

    With ‘experts’ like this running industry and the country, and forcing their bright ideas on us supposed dumb-asses, be afraid, be very afraid.

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