The controversary over 5G is examined in a new paper by Don Maisch PhD

In his recent paper, Are community concerns over the 5G network rollout based on unfounded anxiety or valid evidence?, Don Maisch PhD writes “The high number of small cells needed for an effective 5G network is causing community disquiet and that, combined with many scientific unknowns about the possible biological effects of prolonged exposure to mm waves, is resulting in increasing community opposition in Australia and internationally”.

In addition to referring to Australian reports regarding the increasing concern about 5G, Maisch gives a sampler of growing international opposition to 5G network rollouts:

In 2017 an international 5G Appeal was launched by scientists and doctors who are calling for the EU to halt the roll out of 5G due to serious potential health effects from the technology. As of April 24, 2019, 231 scientists and medical doctors have signed the appeal.[i]

March 24, 2019: Portland Oregon city officials in the US stated their opposition to the installation of 5G networks around the city, supported by the mayor and two commissioners. The city officials considered that 5G health risks were not well enough understood to warrant installations.[ii]

March 28, 2019: Florence, Italy, applied the precautionary principle by refusing permission for 5G infrastructure and referring to “the ambiguity and the uncertainty of supranational bodies and private bodies (like ICNIRP)”, which “have very different positions from each other, despite the huge evidence of published studies”.[iii]

March 28, 2019: The Roman district “XII Municipality of Rome” voted against allowing 5G trials, with other districts expected to follow. Other motions to stop 5G are expected in the four regional councils, one provincial council and other municipal councils of Italy.[iv]

April 1, 2019: Plans for a pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels have been halted due to fears for the health of citizens. Environment Minister Céline Fremault said that “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt”.[v]

April 4, 2019: The House of Representatives of the Netherlands expressed its concern over the possible health risks of radiation from the new 5G network. Political parties want to know as a matter of urgency what the dangers are before 5G is rolled out on a large scale.[vi]

April 5, 2019: The California Supreme Court Justices unanimously upheld a 2011 San Francisco ordinance requiring telecommunications companies to get permits before placing small cell antennas on city infrastructure.[vii]

April 8, 2019: A petition asking the German Parliament to stop the award of 5G frequencies has reached 54,643 signatures, surpassing the quorum, according to an environmental campaign group called ‘Diagnose: Funk’. The German Parliament may decide to suspend the procedure to award 5G frequencies based on “scientifically justified doubts about the safety of this technology”, according to the petition.[viii]

April 9, 2019: Switzerland’s 3rd largest region, Canton of Vaud, adopted a resolution calling for a moratorium on 5G antennas until the publication of a report on 5G by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.[ix] Other cantons may follow with further moratoriums.[x]

April 11, 2019: Geneva adopted a motion for a moratorium on 5G, calling on the Council of State to request WHO to monitor independent scientific studies to determine any possible harmful effects of 5G.[xi]

April 20, 2019: Switzerland announced that it will monitor 5G health risks as a result of a pushback from citizens who claim that 5G emissions present dire health risks.[xii] Four cantons have now stopped 5G networks, Jura, Geneva, Vaud and Neuchâtel. Comprising 1.5 million people. However, the majority state-owned Swisscom defied these cantons by activating 5G stations in 102 locations by upgrading existing antennas installed for previous generations of wireless technology.[xiii],[xiv]

In part Maisch concludes: The assurances of a complete absence of risk from 5G networks coming from these experts is not reflected in what is known about the many uncertainties which exist with 5G technology and speaks more about their own ignorance than that of concerned communities.

To read this informative paper in full along with its concluding thoughts, go to:



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17 Responses to The controversary over 5G is examined in a new paper by Don Maisch PhD

  1. Deb says:

    Friends of the Earth published an abbreviated version of Dr Maisch’s paper last year in their magazine, Chain Reaction:;dn=687897737726814;res=IELHSS;subject=Law
    It would be good if more environmental groups woke up to pollution caused by EMF.

  2. onemeremember says:

    Guys if you don’t want 5G it’s easy to get rid of. This is Max Igan’s latest offering and he is talking with a Lawyer. I’ve already shared it with my community.
    Ray Broomhall is a Lawyer.
    This is how to stop 5G World Wide.

  3. scottverney1984 says:

    Hello anyone on the Gold Coast or Brisbane please email me about these smart meters. I need to join the protest group there is allot of deception of the masses going on right now

  4. Alan Salter says:

    Hi, thanks foe this article. I have written to, Kingston City and Bayside City Councils, and The Municipal Association Of Victoria, asking them to ” Put a Ban on the Roll-Out of The 5g Network ” within their Municipalities. The Association of course overseas all Municipalities. I included a copy of this article, drawing particular attention to the comment by The Environment Minister of Belgium/ Brussels, ” That the good people of Brussels Are Not Guinea Pigs!.”. Let’s hope that they are of a like mind to The Environment Minister!..

    Regards Allen Salter.

  5. Anf says:

    The EU are the biggest players in the roll out of the 5G network also the EU and the UN are also behind what is commonly called the NWO these two are trying to take control of the whole world and they wont stop until they have got what they want even if they have to create war to do so.

  6. Heather Santi says:

    I think its time for all Australian in every state to start organising protest marches and stand against the rollout of 5G, this is a very dangerous new technology that will affect the life and health of all living things, this radioactive smog will be everywhere, and no living thing will be able to avoid its impact. We cannot allow them to abuse our human right to live in a safe environment, we voted these governments into power, to work for us, NOT against us!.I hope Australians wake up and start acting to stop this mass experiment they intend to foist upon us.

  7. dana says:

    Thanks for your work Don!
    If you think about 5G from a business perspective it doesn’t really make sense – they are going to have to maintain so much extra infrastructure and they won’t even get any more customers. Where is the profit in it for them? It seems very odd from a business perspective so one really has to wonder if there isn’t an ulterior motive for the rollout.

    • Andrew Samman says:

      Telstra first, then Optus.

      The financial gain for Telstra to roll out the 5G network infrastructure is to keep customers and steal other network customers that won’t have the 5G network infrastructure immediately. Telstra and Optus has already lost their old fibre optic and coaxial infrastructure to the NBN. The 5G technology will give the telcos high speed data transmission that will effectively compete with our stuffed up NBN network.

      Vodaphone is trying to expand their 4G network by installing mini base stations on power poles in high population areas, to keep their customers happy, so their customers won’t switch to the new Telstra 5G network.

  8. Lucy says:

    As there is not enough evidence or data on the security & safety of the 5G technology, I join the thousands of Australians that are on the same page as me to postpone the 5G rollout until scientifically proven safe for the Australian population.

  9. Rik says:

    And what has Australia done?
    They lied to us, they install the 5G antennas everywhere without telling us or letting us know where they will be, what they look like or what the specifications will be. Will they be like smart meters? Are they more powerful than smart meters? Will they cause problems just like smart meters or worse?
    I dont have a smart meter on my house but I do have many on the neighbour’s houses (3 units per block so 3x the smart meters in this area) and I have bad problems because of the neighbour’s smart meters and there is nothing I can do but move interstate away from smart meters.

    The Victorian government doesn’t care for its citizens. They have forced smart meters on us, they forced china to buy the power, gas and water companies so they put up the prices and we dont get a say in any of the price rises.
    The same with the fire brigade’s blanket ban on smart meter caused house fires. They aren’t allowed to say what caused the fire, they are forced to call the electricity company who comes and takes the smart meter away asap to cover up the fact the smart meter caused the fire.

    Lies, lies and more lies. Thats all we get here. So 5G will get installed and forced upon us if we like or want it or not.
    We are guinea pigs in Victoria. With all the smart meters, 5G towers, and all the extra crap we are too sick and poor to move interstate so we are stuck here, getting sicker everyday thanks to the useless lying government we have that’s sold this state to the chinese.

    • Anonymous says:

      couldn’t put it better myself Rik, well done and hang in there.

    • Scott says:

      Hello I live on the Gold Coast and need to speak with the community about this, recently off Facebook. Can anyone who wants to stop 5G contact me This issue is there is lots of deception going on right now, and a very large group of people involved while the masses are under distraction and lies programming. Please email me if you are on the Gold Coast or Brisbane need to speak with people are this if you are reading this comment.

    • onemeremember says:

      Rik – Please follow through on this. It might be an answer for you.

  10. says:

    That is awesome Thanks for sharing!

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