Maleny NBN, smart meters & 5G information session

An information afternoon – Wed 23rd August in Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

The Towerless NBN for Maleny & Hinterlands group will conduct an information Kiosk and Seminar on 23rd August at the Maleny Community Centre.

These sessions will cover:
• Latest NBN proposals and possible future proposals for our area
• What impacts might the proposed ‘Smart meters’ / ‘Advanced Meters’ have on people
• What does a proposed upgrade to 5G mobile phones mean
• What you can do to protect your family

The Kiosk display is 12 noon to 2pm. Then the Information session is in the Verandah Room from 2pm – 4pm.

Information will be given on the extent of NBN’s proposals, how and when objections can be made, plus what the Council might do about it following their recent ‘roll-over’ in the Land & Environment Court relating to the 3 sites which Council had previously refused.

Smart meters may cause severe illness after their installation – hear a real life story.

For further information contact Jim Straker – 5494 3229

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10 Responses to Maleny NBN, smart meters & 5G information session

  1. Anonymous says:

    people, look up and look into directed energy weapons, chemtrails, geoengineering, smart meter explosions and fires, UN Agenda 21/2030. Also, State government now openly changed law to allow communists in State government, actually says you can practice open communism. Please don’t believe me. Please look all this up. Too many fires, too short of a period of time, weird burning patterns similar to world trade center destroying EVERYTHING. Notice too smart meter protests were ground zero at Santa Rosa, Ojai, etc. major protest figures/people gone missing or no one has heard from them. Smart meters pulse all the time – Stockton, CA truck hit power pole caused power surge which caused hive mind like behavior from smart meters – 5000 got on fire at same time. 5g microwave technology is also a possible factor. Hackers can hack into this 234% increase in damage year over year in power & utility industries. Also, articles by military about owning the weather in 2030. Smart Technology smart appliances have RFID chips that can track everything you do and will become nodes on DARPA’s digital world simulation. General Petraeus talks about this how wonderful to be able to track everything we do. Lots of people are seeing the truth on these things…you can put your head in the sand but it will be affecting you and your family in one way or the other even if you are out-of-state. Some people also saw blue lightning/caught on camera too…directed energy. Not sure of 100% cause but all these things are possibilities. You can go watch Dancing with the Stars and your kids will pay the price for all this. And wildlife and domesticated animals.

  2. graeme jackel says:

    My concern is, I have received a letter from the NBN company wanting to come to my residence to test the phone line connection in preparation for the NBN.
    Do we allow this to happen without my permission ?
    Do I have to connect to the NBN ?
    Still a strong supporter for NOT having a Smart Meter, meter box still locked still analogue.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      Hi Graeme,

      You don’t have to connect to the NBN just yet, but within the next 18 months if you don’t, you won’t have the internet anymore.

      Mightn’t be such a bad thing really. I remember life before the internet……it was magic!

    • Henry Beasley says:

      When you say the phone line, NBN Co would not have any interest in testing the existing copper line. Thus I’m assuming the optical fibre cable has already been installed from the street to the exterior of your home. All NBN Co would then be doing is making sure that that there is proper connectivity and service speed in that cable. Sometimes the cable can be installed having a kink and this can impede on the speed of the services being provided (if you were to switch to the NBN). If the cable is already installed, there’s no harm in making sure it is working correctly. You are not committing to switching services.

      The only real problem with NBN services are their reliance on an AC electricity supply to power the internal modem which you will receive if and when you switch.The problem with this is that if you were to permanently lose your electricity supply, you would also be losing the esssential service of telecommunications in addition to the essential service of electricity. The NBN should be trouble free for you as long as you retain your analog meter. The complication that can occur in this instance is if your analog meter decides to play up.The good news is that analog meters unlike digital meters will keep going for a long long time.

      I have had my telstra telephone service suspended because I did not switch over to the NBN by a certain date and I could only get my service reinstated by placing an order for NBN services. There are various ways of dealing with this situation which I won’t go into here.

      I think you will be given up to 18 months to switch your services from when NBN becomes available in your area. I have checked your address on the NBN Co website and the planned availability for NBN at your address is listed as Jan-Mar 2018. Be also aware that this can change. I think you are not going to be forced to switch for a while though, maybe two years ??? Leading up to that time your current service provider as well as NBN Co will be sending you enough reminder notices. In the meanwhile there is no harm in having the NBN cable tested. You are not committing to having your services switched. The services will only be switched when you elect to do so. You may as well have the cable attached to your house as a working piece of equipment rather than faulty.

      Check your address here —->

  3. Simmo says:

    Just herd through the grapevine that these new smart meters have a requirement to be replaced every 10 years at cost to customer yes/no??

    • Tanya says:

      Simmo, that’s pretty accurate. Your initial smart meter cost is built into your bill, hidden away in some line about home supply charges. So why wouldn’t they charge you for the replacement meters when they can so neatly hide the charge in your bill? And why would they want you to know that smart meters only last about 10 years, as compared with the analogue meters which lasted for decades?

      I’ll bet that in the USA and Canada where faulty smart meters have been replaced in entire districts, the residents were the mugs who paid for the replacements. Too easy for the power companies!

  4. Wendy Rice says:

    Also, I am concerned with losing our landline. I have contacted my Federal MP, Clare O’Neill for her response:
    I suggest you do the same.

    • Sick Of Their Lies says:

      The fact that we “currently” still have the ability to call-out on our landline-connected traditional phones in times of an electrical outage, but over the next 18 months we’re being forced over to a COMPULSORY new system (NBN) that won’t allow this anymore, is ludicrous.
      Add to that those living in country areas for example, that have poor/ no mobile coverage, for them it means in times of bush-fires, floods, storms, medical emergencies, etc, they will be completely on their own, with no way of contacting anyone (mobile or landline), if their electricity just happens to go down (and it will…sometime)…….placing the lives of all those effected at risk.

      Who approved for this backwards technology to be rolled out?

      NBN is a joke.
      I don’t want it, but there’s no other option available. How crazy is that?

  5. Wendy Rice says:

    I have confirmed with Choice the Australian Consumers Association that we do not have to connect to the NBN for another 18 months. I will not until all the bugs are ironed out.

  6. Rob Reiken says:

    If you think 5G / Smart Meter Kill Grid is bad, then just wait till it’s hooked up to the coming soon Skynet, it will mean game over for humanity & welcome to the Transhumanist Agenda, I kid you not. >>> <<<

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