Why die for Wi-Fi? My child did…

June 11 is the anniversary of the death of Jenny Fry, a 15 year old girl whose death is attributed to the sufferings she experienced living with Wi-Fi.

Jenny’s mother, Debra, writes:

“She [Jenny]  was utterly exhausted; instead of receiving sympathy and understanding, she was battling the school for giving her detentions and refusing to acknowledge her difficulty around wifi, which had a profound effect on her ability to concentrate, write, explain things, and function in school…

Her death was totally preventable, if I had been listened to earlier.

Her symptoms: headaches, fatigue, joint pains, sleep problems, skin irritation, rash, anaemia, menstrual cycle disruption, heart flutters, difficulty concentrating, temperature control, urine urgency, overwhelming sense of needing to leave some classrooms at school.

She had a really bad nose bleed at home while she was doing home work on her wifi laptop; she came downstairs saying ‘please help me, I cannot stop my nose bleeding and I have not knocked it.’ As a nurse, even I had a job to stop it.

We were both so concerned that I looked up nosebleed/wifi online, and was totally shocked at what I found; the more I researched, the more evidence I found from doctors and scientists saying that wifi was not safe for children, just as mobile phones were not.

I was in the back garden on a sunny day, trying to find a school without wifi and continuing my research into the health effects, using a wifi laptop, when I realised – wow this technology is amazing; it’s coming through brick walls, just like xrays.

This was the moment I realised how dangerous this stuff could be. But at the time I thought that I was trying to save her from future cancer, future fertility problems, as well as the list of symptoms above.

We immediately switched off the wifi at home and fitted ethernet cables, which helped Jenny to sleep, and helped some of her symptoms to go or improve. However, at school, some would return, or be triggered and exacerbated by their Rukus Zoneflex 7982 wifi.

I miss Jenny every day, and will spend the rest of my life trying to get justice for her, and campaigning to raise awareness of the health hazards from wifi/microwave radiation exposure, which should never have been put anywhere near our children.

I hope to help her to achieve her dreams of helping humanity, by telling her tragic – but totally preventable – story.

So please join the fight to protect our remaining precious children from wifi – before it’s too late. Prevention is better than cure.

How? Reduce the tsunami of wifi invading their lives. Switch off wifi in schools, homes and hospitals, and provide wired ethernet access to the internet.”

Debra Fry

Full article is available at: https://www.elettrosensibili.it/category/jenny-fry/

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16 Responses to Why die for Wi-Fi? My child did…

  1. susanna majano says:

    What can we do to ban smart meters?

  2. geoffrey says:

    how many more have to die before we all act to take down the corruption by the only effective means, forcefully???

  3. Paul R says:

    I also want to mention that some comments, not all, but some on the internet, after articles and videos are either automated or posted by or related to industry, to discredit people who go against the industry agenda.

    So, while there are douchebags who like to troll and leave nasty comments after articles and videos from victims of corporate corruption, there are professionals who do it, too, as they feel the need to disrupt any chance of revolt by discrediting genuine people and facts.
    So sad, really, that people could be so low as to take action this way.

  4. Andre says:

    Someone will have blood on their hands. All of this suffering, because of someone else’s ignorance & greed. I think in the grand scheme of things, justice (Karma) will be done, I hope.

    Btw, if they go ahead with their insane plans and rip out the safe copper cables (what an absolutely unnecessary & needless waste) and replace them with even yet more dangerous microwave radiation towers, which is not only hazardous to us & it’s also dangerous to the environment, such as to bees for example.

    Maybe they are keen for that to happen to ensure that they can force & push their dangerous GMO ($$$) crap onto us?

    I think that only a critical mass can prevent that from happening, there needs to be enough people, Plz remember, that we are many, they are few.

    • Paul R says:

      What’s really sad about this story is that so many people just thought she was suicidally depressive and that it had nothing to do with wifi. Some of the things said about that poor girl by internet commenters just makes me lose faith in Humanity, showing me how much we are just a bunch of dumb apes sometimes (not that I endorse Evolution or anything). It’s either that most people are too dumb to connect the dots or too lazy to make even a simple effort.
      The poor girl deserves more respect than what’s been given.

      • anonymous says:

        If you gave mobile phones to a bunch of apes they would probably really enjoy hooting to their ape-friends on them but they wouldn’t understand how they worked and they wouldn’t understand that they emitted microwaves. I’m not seeing much difference between humanity and some dumb apes either.

  5. wise not smart says:

    Now you know why Juliar Killard made getting wi-fi into schools and getting every child to have a lap top a priority. What about broadband? that was one of her priorities too, no doubt that is just as harmful. Now you know why she was never charged for the crimes she committed while she was a lawyer.

  6. anonymous says:

    The government is letting down parents in Australia. If you are a parent, do your own research – don’t assume that government agencies have done their job properly in the setting of safety standards. There has recently been a report on FOX News about children getting cancer at a school with a cell tower on the school grounds.
    Time to speak up!
    Another major problem with exposing children to wireless is DNA damage. A female’s eggs are present from birth and their DNA can be damaged even in childhood but the damage will only show up later when the next generation is conceived. DNA damage can cause deformed babies and high rates of miscarriages. For more information look up comments made by Microwave Expert Barrie Trower on the Youtube. Speak to your school board and tell them you won’t let your child be exposed to microwaves!

    • Darren Bauer says:

      Niddrie Primary School right under a mobile phone tower on Keilor Road.
      I spoke to the principal and he seemed to turn a blind eye.
      I measured 10 mW/m2 being transmited into the school yard. The children are being exposed to this all day long.
      No way I will send my children into this situation.

      • Sick Of Their Lies says:

        I was horrified a little while back when I was standing in Federation Square, outside in the open area, and I was getting around 40 mW/m2 on my Cornet meter. Not sure why the signal was so strong, but couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

        • Paul R says:

          Be aware that they are now putting wifi transmitters in a number of different devices and in different types of shapes. They put transmitters in lamp posts, in the ground masked as sewer lids and even in over hanging wires, just to name a few. If you don’t believe me, look it up. So, don’t be surprised if you get a high reading or experience a surge of pain and you can’t find the transmitter.

        • Fed Exed says:

          Sick of their lies,

          I was also horrified a few years ago to see the extraordinarily high levels of EMR in Fed Square. I’ve never found such high levels of EMR as I did in Fed Square. It seemed to be coming from Southbank. I spent several hours in Fed Square one day and the next day I had a really weird symptom that I’ve never had since. I should have done as you did and gotten out of there fast. Pity the people living and working in Southbank.

      • anonymous says:

        A school in Merewether, Newcastle is very close to a cell tower, not to mention a private mental hospital – that can’t be helping the mental health of the residents.

  7. Jennifer Kennedy says:

    Hi Debra
    Thanks for sharing your story and so sorry that you have lost your precious daughter.
    Why don’t you start up a petition on Change. org regarding this issue and perhaps it should be petitioned to the Environmental Minister and anyone else in power that need to know. Change petitions do get good results and make the Public more aware.

  8. Kristine says:

    The sad thing is people are totally suckered as well as forced into using this technology. The new 5G sounds utterly fearsome in relation to the effects it will have on human health in the future. But what can we do apart from go back to how we lived in the 70s, ie, simply. People like their gadgets and they like being connected. Don’t know what to do except turn everything off when it’s not in use.

    • sdjm says:

      You ask “What can we all do?” Maybe just stop being so utterly selfish and consumed by technology – the internet of “things”& evil WiFi, It has all gone too far and is a complete waste of time & money! People are now behaving like robots under the control of a highly corrupt telecommunications industry who KNOW that it is probably harmful to all living things.But do they care as long as the $$$ keep rolling in…nothing wrong with the 70’s actually fond memories of being a child in the 70’s and 80’s Pity everything’s changed in only 2 decades, a real shame!

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