Bio-Effects presentation delivered to the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group

Steve Weller (BSc and MORSAA), SSMA’s representative on the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group (EMERG), continues in his relentless quest to inform Australian authorities of radiofrequency biological effect findings and issues.

Steve delivered a condensed version of his presentation on bio-effects at the bi-annual meeting of EMERG, held in Melbourne on 25 May 2017.  EMERG was established by the Australian Government to provide the CEO of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) with advice and input concerning public health issues related to the use of the radiofrequency spectrum for communications.  Members of EMERG include government, industry and community representatives.

Steve’s latest presentation covers bio-effect findings dating from prior to the 1970s through to the present day.  The potential role of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation in the growing prevalence of chronic disease in modern society is examined.

Extremely interesting analysis garnered from a database of peer-reviewed scientific studies compiled by the Oceania Radiofrequency Science Advisory Association (ORSAA) is included.  ORSAA, of which Steve is also a member, is a group of Australian academics and researchers; their goal is to provide an independent perspective on the science relating to electromagnetic radiation and human exposure.

The presentation compares ORSAA findings with that of ARPANSA’s Technical Report No. 164 (TR-164), entitled Review of Radiofrequency Health Effects Research – Scientific Literature 2000-2012.  TR-164 was used by ARPANSA as justification that Australia’s 2002 radiofrequency standard continues to provide adequate protection.  Analysis of studies in ORSAA’s database seriously undermines and questions this conclusion.

The presentation also examines how funding source and country of origin appears to affect outcomes as well as how the lack of precaution and failure to adequately communicate and manage risk can have potentially serious consequences.

To view the full Bio-Effects presentation, go here.

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4 Responses to Bio-Effects presentation delivered to the Electromagnetic Energy Reference Group

  1. anonymous says:

    So many studies showing effects so why don’t we have the medical community doing more to get the word out or are they just not paying attention? It really is their job to speak up about threats to health of our community. I think that it’s pretty obvious that our politicians have let us down in the most enormous way but we are also being let down by the medical community. Apart from a few bright sparks it really seems as if the medical community is not aware of what is going on around it.

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  3. Cathy says:

    Incredible presentation, Steve. Thank you, SSMA, for everything that you are doing.

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