SP AusNet Vic smart meter rollout delayed indefinitely

AMI systems struggling under load.

The rollout of 714,000 smart meters in Victoria by power distributor SP AusNet has once again been set back after the company hit issues dealing with the increased load on its metering systems.

The Victorian government mandated the installation of smart meters in every household and small business across the state in 2006. Existing meter replacement started in 2009 and was to be completed by the end of 2013.

SP AusNet, alongside the state’s four other electricity distribution providers, is responsible for the rollout.

The company last year indicated its portion of the rollout, which was initially scheduled for completion by the end of 2013, would take six months longer than planned.

In its full year 2014 results released today the power distributor revealed it has been forced to push back its June 2014 deadline as well, as a result of issues with its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.

The AMI system facilitates automated communication between the smart meter and the utility company, in order to provide data to both the company and the customer about energy usage.

SP AusNet has installed 686,000 smart meters so far, but only 390,000 have been converted to run on the AMI systems.

The systems are struggling to deal with the increase in connected smart meters, resulting in periods of “significant instability” across the systems, SP AusNet said in its financial filings.

It told shareholders it was conducting a technical review of the IT to address the problem.

“SP AusNet will now undertake further work to determine options and risks to its program to convert the remaining smart meters and to ensure that its AMI systems will be able to deliver the mandated performance consistently at this scale,” it told investors.

The company indicated that additional investment will be required to fix the issue, the value of which is “currently under review”.

It said it would pursue regulatory avenues to recover the additional expenditure, which would be subject to the approval of the Australian Energy Regulator.

Given the ongoing review of the AMI systems, it was not able to provide a completion date or cost for the rollout.

In addition, SP AusNet is struggling against customer refusals and inaccessible sites as it works to get the remaining 27,000 smart meters installed.

It is “proactively managing” both challenges, the company said.

Via: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/385550,sp-ausnet-vic-smart-meter-rollout-delayed-indefinitely.aspx#ixzz32FqTuTxU

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65 Responses to SP AusNet Vic smart meter rollout delayed indefinitely

  1. Julie says:

    Interesting. Just had SPAusnet call me. This call was just saying that they wanted to instal the smart meter. I said I had not consented. They just went through the standard stuff that from next March 15 customers who refuse will be charged an extra fee. Interesting reversal though from the initial “you will be fined for not having a smart meter” – a small acknowledgement that they really cannot force you to have one.The guy wasn’t pushy at all, in fact quite cordial, very odd, and not like the calls of the past threatening disconnection. He just said I’m letting you know about the charge for those who will not allow one to be installed. I did also have an automated call about a week ago, but I hung up. I will not listen to those automated calls, from anybody. Nothing mentioned about disconnection in this latest call. Just imagine if more had refused. If only they had known that people could have won, if they had banded together to refuse these meters. The outcome may have been a lot different, but at least it seems the tide is slowly turning. I don’t agree with these charges as we are already paying for a meter that we do not have. I have written to the MP and received no response to this what I perceive to be outright theft of my money considering I am paying for goods that I do not consent to accepting.

    • Minnie says:

      Julie, why would any one agree to pay fees, when we already pay for the meter to be read? What will happen is the fees will be so high that whoever agrees to them will either have to pay them or have a smart meter or risk disconnection. One you agree and give consent, they will do whatever they want. Why do you think they called you? They need your consent for these penalties, fees or whatever they call them. If they did not need your consent they would not have called you, they would just add it on your bill.

      They can’t be rude, their have been to many complaints.
      I have not refused, i did not give consent and i am under no obligation.What was read out to you was a offer and if you did not object to the fees, then you have agreed. You now have a contract with SP Ausnet. This is a private contract it does not apply to anyone else.
      We have not won anything yet, there are still many battles to be fought. For e.g people want their smart meters removed, you can’t unlock your meter box yet and these penalties that they are trying to inflict have to be stopped.

      And i think some people need to lose their jobs.

  2. Truthseekers says:

    Hard to believe this article…..if this is true then why are we still being harassed by SP AusNet to this very day?? Have received 2 phone calls today – one automated and one private number call even after sending them an undue harassment notice a month ago. Prior to sending the notice, had been receiving these calls for over a month. How can they get away with this?? When is this going to end??? Are these people perceiving themselves to be above the law?? They stalk and harass their customers and don;t let up…..No one else would be able to get away with this type of behaviour. They must be accountable to someone,

    • Gwen says:

      Truthseekers, did you send the notice to a person or the corporation? It has been mentioned that we need to hold individuals accountable rather than the ‘corporation’ where things get lost in the system. All the best in stopping them. If we stick together, we will win. That’s what they’re afraid of.

      • Truthseekers says:

        Sent the notice to Nino Ficca Managing Director of SP AusNet…….registered post but received no reply despite requesting one.

    • Minnie says:

      Are the distributor’s representatives above the law? This is a question i have asked many times. I did receive a verbal response from the Ombudsman’s office. I was told they are not above the law.
      Every man and woman is responsible for their actions and liable as well. Unfortunately this has to be made very clear and to do that you have to know your rights. Is it possible to get this man or woman’s name that calls you, then you can send a notice in their personal name and not their companies. It becomes a different story when they don’t have their company to hide behind and they realize that they alone, will be held responsible. If you can get this person’s name you can inform them that the company they work for has been sent a notice and they are to cease any contact with you in regards to their private AMI roll out.

      CRIMES ACT 1958 – SECT 21A

      S. 21A(1) amended by No. 48/1997
      s. 60(1)(Sch. 1 item 14).
      S. 21A(2)(b) substituted by No. 105/2003 s. 3(1).

      (b) contacting the victim or any other person by post, telephone, fax, text message, e-mail or other electronic communication or by any other means whatsoever;

      Look up the stalking laws. If you think that what is going on is stalking then send then another notice. Inform them that they are stalking and their and their are penalties.
      (1) A person must not stalk another person.

      Penalty: Level 5 imprisonment (10 years maximum)

    • Minnie says:

      Truthseekers, you need to find out the name of the man or woman that has given the order to phone you and the name of the man or woman that is calling. Who ever has given the order is responsible and you can then send this man or woman a notice.
      Finding the name of this person won’t be easy, but it will send a message to them that they are going to be held accountable and responsible.
      If you think this is stalking then it is and all you need to do is type up a notice and inform this man or woman that you consider this behaviour offensive and it needs to stop immediately. Or their will be consequences. Stalking is serious, so is bullying, anything that you find offensive is serious.

      • Truthseekers says:

        Thanks Minnie…..next phone call from them will attempt to do so and hopefully this will cease. Your advice is much appreciated and always very helpful.


        • Minnie says:

          Truthseekers, the distributor’s representatives keep on referring to the Government.
          If they do this to you, ask them which Government they work for?

          Was it the Commonwealth of Australia, being “The people unite in one indissoluble Commonwealth” under the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia1900 (UK)
          Was it the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, being a company registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC,USA,CIK#; 0000805157

          The people are the Government, the other one is a company.
          The people never gave permission for smart meters to be installed, nor did the people give an order for them to be installed.

  3. Happy Dissenter says:

    Check out this blog post in another state. http://www.echo.net.au/2014/04/opposition-smart-meters/

  4. Henry Jackobs says:

    It said it would pursue regulatory avenues to recover the additional expenditure, which would be subject to the approval of the Australian Energy Regulator.

    …. so meaning – – that the tax payers are yet to pay more for this smart meter disgrace?

    Is this illegal? Since when does a private company take the tax payers money to invest into their business?

    What benefits do we get back as a consumer?

    The answer is non! We just get bullied into having a smart meter.

    What is happening in Australia? Our government and the secret hand shakes are a disgrace.

    • Minnie says:

      Since we are investing in their company, we should be entitled to profits as well. So how about the distributors pay us 4 times the amount we have invested? I think this is fair.
      If this is not stopped now, they will keep on doing it. They have been given to much power. .
      If it is a simple as putting in a submission to the Energy Regulator and getting what you want, then they will keep on going. It is about time everybody said no. Or pay us for putting your equipment on our property. Our forefathers put those poles and wires up. We rightfully own them.

    • Minnie says:

      Have a look at the articles relating to the Victorian bush fires and SP Ausnet.
      SP AusNet’s legal liability has been limited at $100 million, but the Insurance Council of Australia has placed the cost of the bushfires at 500 million.
      Have a look at their profits as well and maybe you will begin to see why they need the money.

    • Minnie says:

      This is from SP Ausnet’s half year 2014 results.
      Victoria’s largest diversified energy network business.
      SP Ausnet today announced its half year results for the period ending 30 September.
      SP AusNet reported an 8.7 percent increase in revenues. This was achieved through a combination of of regulated price adjustments and additional revenues from the
      Advanced Metering Infrastructure program (AMI program)
      SP AusNet Managing Director Nino Ficca, said: “The business continues to perform well despite declining energy consumption.

    • Jason says:

      What’s happening is that all you voters out there keep on voting for politicians (regardless of which breed!) and paying taxes to support the parasites.
      ….and stupidly believing the crap that it’s a ‘privilege’ to do so.
      STOP IT!

  5. John Stoker says:

    SP Ausnet called with a recorded message of mandated smart meter roll out to install my meter [with choices to 1. Accept any install date or 2. Schedule my choice of install date] – I selected the choice of date to connect with a customer service operator so I could refuse the install. After offering up reasons of health concerns and increased bill charges I was informed I will be taken off an install list as I had refused a meter.

    Then I was informed of an additional fee for meter reading, I argued I would contest such a fee along with others that intend to challenge the legality of the meter reader fee. It was an interesting exercise as plainly the customer service operator was somewhat taken aback by my refusal and firmness in my challenge to the smart meter program.

    Months back I had written to SP Ausnet refusing a smart meter, posted refusal signage on the meter box and driveway notice re trespassing and locked the meter box [viewing window installed]. That did not deter an installer attending the site with the intention to install a smart meter, he left when informed we do not want a smart meter, he responded being to busy to object and argue. Followed some months later with a second attempt – this occasion the smart meter installer caught at the meter box taking photographs of my locked box.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      These truly not so smart meter installer men are desperate to whack in as many poisonous Electric Microwave and truly not so smart meters as they possibly can, obviously as most of these men seem to be paid on a piece-time basis by their bosses. These are the same tactics being used in America and in Canada and other countries of the world, in their mad effort to get in as many of these machines as possible in the shortest time. This so-called smart meter roll out is an absolute FIASCO in so many ways. Starting with poisoning of humans and animals and birds and bees and benign insects like the honey bees etc.

      The frightening thing to me and like minded sensible and truly awake people, is that these now proving to be very dangerous Microwave Meters have never been tested upon humans here in Victoria Australia to ascertain if they will damage us in the first place. Such a cavalier attitude of just going ahead and forcing these machine on people is not only extremely risky to the health and welfare of any person or group of people as we the public are now finding out from the range of sicknesses which have occurred from this forced and unlawful installation of these meters.

      None of these Microwave meters have been tested on humans. None of them have been tested by the Victorian Government Weights and Measures department who are the Legal Metrology people who have to test all types of measuring devices before such machines can be Lawfully allowed to be imposed upon anybody. This has never happened by this specific department, as the Victorian Government are acting in collusion with the five foreign owned Electricity Power Companies so desperate to go ahead and force these now proving to be Deadly to Human health and Animal and all forms of life. This shows a wicked, scant and total disregard which the Victorian Labor Government held and still hold their citizens in, from the very beginning of the Microwave smart meters roll-out, and secondly the total disregard the former Victorian Labor Party held towards their citizesn and now the Victorian Liberal Party still show toward their citizens.

      This is simply because both these Victorian Governments have a mad lust for stealing ever more cash from their customers already cash-strapped pockets. This RAPINE Monetary greed is still impoverishing their Victorian Electricity Customers today and sadly more and more Victorian are suffering Microwave poisoning from these so-called smart meters which are not smart in any way at all. The now ongoing sicknesses being suffered range from Tinnitus or ringing in the ears to bleeding noses and or acute muscle spasms and or violent headaches and or chronic sleeplessness after these Microwave and far from smart meters have been installed on increasing numbers of Victorians’ privately owned homes and or small business properties. Apart from human sicknesses being experienced after the forced installation of these accursed meters, many Victorians are having their fridges and or electric irons burnt out and or television sets and or computers and or printers etc.

    • Jason says:

      Now that’s something that ISN’T allowed by the Trespassing laws; since it’s not a permissible defence of being “in pursuit of a lawful activity”.
      File a (Summary Offences) criminal charge and/or sue the bastards in a civil lawsuit, if you feel strongly enough about it.
      Either find a sympathetic lawyer who’ll do it on a contingency basis, or download the fairly simple forms from the website of the Magistrate’s Court.

  6. ingrid says:


  7. Lois Stratford says:

    “Mandate” may well be the wrong term. But it is the term that the Power Companies tell us….the language they use to deceive. An illegal “mandate”….Yes?

  8. Maud Crossing says:

    … and they will now want to screw more money than ever out of us for their disgraceful greed and uncontrolled blunders….
    “The company indicated that additional investment will be required to fix the issue, the value of which is “currently under review”. It said it would pursue regulatory avenues to recover the additional expenditure, which would be subject to the approval of the Australian Energy Regulator.”

    • Minnie says:

      Maud it is time now to stop them, no more money for them. Otherwise they will never stop.
      They will always be asking for more and more money,

    • Minnie says:

      If they need our money, that means we own the poles and wires that distribute electricity We are the investors and we are entitled to the profits they make, from the money we invested in our equipment.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have been left feeling very distressed yesterday afternoon and today – and I wonder if it has anything to do with the article above – and wonder are they turning up all existing Smart Meters to improve their ability to communicate?

    We have refused a Smart Meter, written all the letters as per this site, locked our meter box and installed appropriate signs and no longer feel we are able to even answer our telephone and therefore screen all calls to avoid the harassment from SPAusnet. So far, though it has caused stress and a constant feeling of being on alert in case an installer approaches our home, we have avoided having a Smart Meter installed.

    Yesterday I started getting the very same symptoms I get when I am in a home near where a Smart Meter has been installed. It’s happening again today. While the symptoms ramp up and then subside, some build up and stay for a bit after I get away from the source of the problem. However, at regular intervals (I think about every 9-10 minutes) I was experiencing these symptoms in my own home where we have no Smart Meter, no wireless devices, no cordless phones, no baby monitors and no smart appliances. It is evident on one side of our home, becoming more noticeable/stronger as I reach a certain end of the house. I am concerned that the Smart Meter on our neighbour’s property may have been turned up – has anyone else experienced anything similar? Terrifying stuff.

    • Gwen says:

      Anonymous check if anything has been attached to power poles close by. I woke up during the night with this trembling going through my body every few minutes for about an hour. I found a white box had been put on a pole not far from my bedroom. Powercor said they had no idea what that could be on their pole. They put me through to their smartmeter man who told me my symptoms were all in my head.
      Next morning, a work vehicle turned up and parked next to the pole. They didn’t
      get out, just sat there for about 15 minutes. This happened on and off for a couple of weeks.They had PROGRAMMED on the side of their vehicle and they would stare in the direction of my home. After I queried if this was anything to do with smartmeters, the severe trembling stopped. They are well aware we are affected. If they don’t acknowledge this, then it’s not true. That’ how LIARS work.

    • Chris says:

      Anonymous they can definitely “turn up” the radiation the meters pour out. in strength as well as frequency. I have personally measured a smart meter that was isolated with some copper shielding that suddenly “jumped” in its output power wattage of radiation. its like the units keep trying harder and harder until they break through and manage to “phone home”. it is also possible for the power company to adjust the frequency of the bursts of radiation from a power meter.

      You should definitely buy yourself a meter for measurement. I brought a good digital one from ebay for $100. it arrived from china within 3 days (it is orange color with a ball on the top). it does an amazing job and as well as giving you peace of mind, it also helps with measurement and effectiveness of protection.

      all the best,

    • Jason says:

      What they’re doing quite perfectly fits the definition of stalking as defined by the Crimes Act 1958, Section 21A (Victoria) http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/vic/consol_act/ca195882/s21a.html
      Threaten to take action on that basis (against both the perpetrator and his employer), or actually go down to the local court and swear out an application for
      a Personal Safety Intervention Order under

  10. Truthseekers says:

    None of this is surprising. And SP AusNet can keep on struggling with so called ‘refusals’ which as we all know is legalese for NO and should read as NO CONSENT. When are these reports going to tell it like it is??? Stop perpetuating these outright lies to the public and STOP harassing all those who know the law and stand up for their rights and the TRUTH. Since when has it been legal for any company to harass their customers???? We will never back down and consent to an installation of this device on our property regardless of all the threats and harassment.
    We have said it once and will keep saying it – NO MANDATE NO OBLIGATION = NO CONSENT.
    Note to all :- Lock your meter box
    Lock your gates
    Post ‘No Trespass’ signs (with express attention to the distributor)
    ‘Return to sender’ all correspondence via mail from the distributor
    DO NOT answer phone calls and text messages

  11. John Wilson says:

    The government does not have the power of Mandate and it misinformation for that myth to continue. A Mandate is of the people. Only the people can issue a mandate. As I have written many times, the Victoria government is not a
    de jure government. It is a corporate body using the false 1975 Victorian constitution as its power base. The valid Victorian Constitution is the 1855 Victorian Constitution. Any Victorian parliament since 1975 that has used the 1975 to create new Acts and legislation or to amend old acts and legislation may find that they are invalid unless consistent with the laws of the Victorian 1855 Constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution 1900-1901. That goes for the Local Government Act 1989, Smart Meters and many other Acts.
    Victoria has breached:
    the Commonwealth Constitution 1900-1901
    The 1855 Victorian constitution
    The Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914
    The Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act
    The Trade Practices Act (Competition and Consumer Act.
    Using the false powers the Victoria parliament and its other corporations have steadily sold off public assets without the authority of the people.
    It has tried to change the laws of another country.
    It has become a signatory to the UN Agenda 21 without authority
    These trading corporations posing as councils have also become signatories to the UN Agenda 21 without authority of the people.
    Victoria has attempted to bring in fourth tiers of government i.e. regional councils, e.g. G21 and this is also a signatory to a foreign power.
    Foreign corporations owe the Australia taxpayer millions upon million, yet our parliament does nothing to collect it and yet it claims we are in debt. That I do not believe. We are expected to accept that because “they say so”. Let me see the detailed figures.
    Kennett’s parliament invalidly got rid of the municipal system that provided local community services under the state Local Government Department, (the only valid local government).
    He installed Commissioners to sell off the public assets and lands; take up all liquid assets, yet we do not have any detailed documents showing the amount of revenue or what assets went missing during that period. What is the amount. Where did it go? Who were the beneficiaries? and so on. It is time to ask questions and demand answers. Checks with the UK archives and other UK references show that the Consolidated Acts and Amendments and other Acts have not received Royal Assent; approval via referendum or a repeal of the 1855 Victorian Constitution.
    Victoria is acting as a sovereign power. It gave up sovereignty when it signed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900-1901. This constitution gave the power of government to the people and the parliament became its servant. How was parliament able to usurp this power from the people? We are technically governed by a foreign power that appears to owe allegiance elsewhere and not to the people

    • Minnie says:

      Thanks John, for the information.

    • AK47 says:

      This is all very disturbing. Could you give us more details of how and when all these events happened, please. And which is the foreign power you refer to?
      It occurs to me that this is such a profound issue that we really need a public meeting to inform as many people as possible and in as great a depth as possible so that we can all understand it properly. Would you be prepared to do this, John?

    • Jason says:

      I think I’m in love!

      • Jason says:

        More to the point:- Any idea of the prospects of a case based on the above in the High Court? And how much it’d cost?

  12. kerry says:

    Potentially they have now decided to enlist Telstra to finalise the “smart grid” instead of troubling with the dumb meters. The recently disclosed plan to install millions of WI-FI hot spots all over Victoria, utilizing our own home broadband systems is horrendous. This will ultimately be much cheaper, easier and with less “perceived invasion” than the dumb meter system should the population be equally dumb about letting this happen 😦 Such infrastructure will give all the parties wanting our information, control over us and impacts over our health easy access to do whatever they want under the guise of “improved internet servicing”……are we really that blind!!!! We must fight against this new attack on our rights, health and wellbeing!

  13. Chris says:

    sounds like a lot of ppl are not getting their smart meters read by the system…therefore not getting bills…and once they are “online” are going to be whacked with a great big bill. I think we will hear the screams very soon when they finally ARE connected….nice one SP.

  14. Paul says:

    SP Ausnet’s comments:

    ….The company indicated that additional investment will be required to fix the issue, the value of which is “currently under review”.
    “It said it would pursue regulatory avenues to recover the additional expenditure, which would be subject to the approval of the Australian Energy Regulator.”

    May I translate? This really mean they will pursue the customer to see if they can ‘legally’ suck more money out of us.
    Come on November!

  15. Wendy Wolfe says:

    My comment is a question. Do smart meters (which I have now though I did not want it) cause power to flick off and on again?

    • shaggy says:

      You will find that this is when your meter sends the information it also travels through your wiring causing dirty electricity. I have tested when my lights flicker my HF tester also takes a reading in the open air. I have sent a dvd of my readings to the manager of SP-Ausnet, the manager of Powercor and Denis Napthine via registered post to see what intelligent lie they can come up with. I know of about 6 house fires in the last 12 months caused by electrical faults in my area. I have suffered with a lot of health issues for a long time so I started researching only to discover that my first visit to my GP in 2011 was 4 months after the meter was fitted to my house. I have included in my dvd all my findings and readings and I look forward to KARMA appearing from no where to bite these pricks on the arse.

  16. MovingEntity says:

    Any wonder they are having trouble. They reply on Microsoft products.

  17. Sick Of Their Lies. says:

    Sounds like an absolute, complete, and utter debarcle.
    The money and time wasted on this flawed, untested, dangerous “smart” meter technology is disgraceful.

    “SP AusNet has installed 686,000 smart meters so far, but only 390,000 have been converted to run on the AMI systems.”

    Does this mean that there’s currently 296,000 SP AusNet “Smart” meters that have been installed on people’s homes, that do not currently function as required, and will need further conversion to do so, and I would guess, further cost to us to pay for it?

    Who’s the genius that approved the installation of the 686,000 “faulty” units, that then required them to be “converted”, to make them function in SP Ausnet’s WiMAX network?
    Has that person been fired?……..or more likely promoted?

    “The systems are struggling to deal with the increase in connected smart meters, resulting in periods of “significant instability” across the systems, SP AusNet said in its financial filings.”

    I have an idea. DON’T INSTALL ANY MORE!!!

    Definite lack of “Smart” people involved with the rollout of this Tragic, Catastrophic Mess.

    • Stan says:

      I have an even better idea.
      Revoke SP Ausnet’s distribution license, lock up all their executives responsible for damaging our lives and cause the company to permanently cease trading on the ASX.

    • MovingEntity says:

      It probably means the AMI devices are still on manual read mode, or the intervals of data sent are set wipe apart to limit content.

      The other issue could be relieving data congestion since the data can only be taken out by processing, and that means hitting internet portals, and they could be choked with the volume and Australia’s poor internet infrastructure.

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Subject: Has Mr Russell Northe any Credibility at All.

      If this latest Victorian Liberal Party Minister for Energy and Resources has any decency in his Soul and any Intestinal fortitude or GUTS, he’d have the good sense to immediately stop the roll-out of all of these now seemingly dangerous Type 2B Electric and seeming to be Carcinogenic Microwave Meters right now. He’d also immediately follow the Lawful and sensible example of the Parliament in Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom, who have forced a mandate and a halt to any further roll-out of these Electric Meters for twelve (12) months. This is to enable the very real need for safety checks to be carried out in the light of fast growing public fear for the fast-mounting numbers of sicknesses such as growing numbers of cancers, and or Tinnitus, ringing in the ears and or bleeding noses and or Arrhythmia and or chronic insomnia and or induced muscle spasms etc., which have increased at an alarmingly rate, and only since the Electric Microwave and so-called Smart Meters have been forced on the English and the rest of the United Kingdom Citizens.

      This now British Parliamentary and Lawfully forced moratorium on the roll-out of the Electric Microwave and far from smart meters is to give the Doctors of Medicine and Radio Physicist Scientists and and Cell Biologists who are NOT working for the now seemingly proving to be Corrupt Microwave Industry the time to do the necessary health research as to the exact causes of why fast mounting numbers of people in Britain and world-wide are getting sick from this Microwave Radiation from these so-called ‘Smart Meters’ which are not SMART in any way according to the W.H.O or World Health Organisation and other August bodies of Science not caught up in the net of deception and JUDAS monetary payment from the Microwave Industry.

      Here in Victoria Mr Russell Northe the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources needs to do the same as has already been done in the United Kingdom, and also call an immediate halt to the continuing roll-out of these Electric Microwave meters with a moratorium of at least one year to allow the same procedures of clear Medical Examinations by the same experts but who are NOT in the pay of the Microwave Industry, as to why fast mounting numbers of people here in Victoria are getting these Microwave Sicknesses of the same kind as in the United Kingdom and only after these Electric Meters have been installed on Victorians’ private home and small business properties.

      You Mr Russell Northe have the power to call an immediate Moratorium of one year and call an immediate stop to the roll-out on these meters as you are the incumbent Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources, but have you the Intestinal Fortitude to be a Real Man and do as we the people of Victoria demand of you right now. Or are you simply a week- kneed and willing servant to the Microwave Industry who doesn’t give a hoot about the way you are now seemingly allowing the people of Victoria to be continually poisoned by this Evil and now also seemingly proving to be truly deadly dangerous technology ?

      I call on you right now Mr Russell Northe as the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources to put the Health of the Victorian People first and foremost.

      The new name given to these Electric Microwave Meters is A.M.I digital remote reading meters, but they are still operating by Microwave signals. This new name has been invented to try to dumb down the Victorian Public and the rest of the World into thinking that these Electric Microwave and far from smart meters are safe, but we have not fallen for this evil trick. These same meters are not safe for Humans or Animals or any life at all, as the W.H.O or World Health Organisation and other Scientific Institutions is now proving world-wide.

      When you were in opposition you took the view and stated that you thought that the Victorian Labor Government’s rolling out the Electric Microwave Smart Meters was a very stupid idea for a number of reasons. I hereby give you, this your own reference material in the following link from your own web/site which you need to re-read very carefully. http://www.russellnorthe.com.au/media-1/smart-meters-attacked

      Please tell me what caused you to change your mind and now seemingly desert your Courage of Conviction that the Electric Microwave so-called Smart Meters were a bad idea, back then some years ago and were a waste of time and would not save the Victorian Electricity customers any money at all? Those multiple reasons you gave then made perfect sense, but now you seem to be of the direct opposite opinion. Why is this please when you then told the TRUTH !

      “Why are you continuing to act as the Chief Salesman for this now proving to be Criminal Microwave Industry? Please also answer my other two questions which are as follows……. Are you being paid monetary kick-backs to promote these Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters, and are you also being paid monetary kick-backs through the Coffers or Money Chests of the Victorian Government to promote this now proving to be Deadly and Poisonous Microwave Industry by your and the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies continually ramming these Deadly to all LIFE filthy machines into Victorians’ privately owned home and or small business Electric Meter Boxes ?” Those are the questions I demand that you answer right now please.


      Herr Hammer Mann.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good article Hammer Mann. If salesmen work on commissions then chief salesmen must receive ‘chief commissions.’

        • Hammer Mann says:

          To Anonymous,
          Many thanks you clear thinking man, for your comments.
          I’d really love to be a fly on the wall of Mr Russell Northe’s office to record the happenings there and to see if he is being paid commissions for screwing the Victorian Citizens with the continual roll-out of these now proving to be deadly so-called smart meters which are slowly wrecking now so many Victorian citizens lives.

  18. gary oraniuk says:

    The Victorian Government did not mandate anything, I am afraid. And you must not keep saying that. The government cannot “mandate” anything, simply because a “mandate” is a directive from the people, via an election/referendum/plebiscite giving the government its permission to initiate some action, etc. Government requires mandate as part of its contract with the people, whose will the government is supposed to obey.

    By saying the government “mandated” something could lead people to believe a falsehood.

    I would ask that you couch your terms more suitably in future, to avoid confusion.

    Best regards


    • MovingEntity says:

      Government can make mandates on business-entities and that is what they have done. A gazetted mandate on licensees carry on the business of distributing energy. Freemen have the right to choose if they are party to an offer. Most Victorians are pretty stupid and have taken a demeaned position in the Smart Meter roll-out.

    • Minnie says:

      You are right Gary, you can only get a mandate from the people, and this has not happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct gaz. It is a new threat-speak aiming to confuse & intimidate people.

    • ingrid says:

      True. – It is important that all of us who say – STOP Do not install a Smart Meter – understand ‘mandate’ as it’s misused by the Power Companies.

    • Jason says:

      As Little Johnny Howard said publicly”- We’re not here to do the will of the electorate: we’re elected to govern”. …or words to that effect.

  19. This is further evidence that the Auditor General’s expressed opinion was correct. It is an irony that the incompetence, lack of skill they display has become our ally. Thank the powers that be that there is a halt. It is arguable that the Essential Services Commission should now penalize the corporation for failing to fulfil its obligation to the Governor in Council order.
    Mervyn K. Vogt

    • Hammer Mann says:

      Auditor-General slams Victorian smart meters

      Powered by SC Magazine
      By Nate Cochrane on Nov 12, 2009 4:20 PM
      Filed under Networking in Share 0 Comments.

      Even the testing process should go back to the drawing board.

      Des Pearson says,
      “The Victorian Auditor-General’s report slamming the roll out of smart meters has sparked a war of words with the State Government.
      Auditor-General Des Pearson has criticised Victorian Government [PDF] oversight of the project that planned to put 2.4 million smart meters at a cost to consumers of about $500 million over the next four years. He found that owing to the State’s poor risk-management of the project and lack of resources to steer it, consumers would wind up footing the bill if anything went wrong.”
      “It is possible there will be an inequitable, albeit unintended, transfer of economic benefits from consumers to industry.”

      ” Pearson found,
      Smart meters or “advanced metering infrastructure” are core components of an emerging smart grid that seeks to efficiently balance energy use, cut greenhouse emissions and strengthen the power grid while introducing green alternative energy sources. They send information and receive instructions remotely from the power company.
      Victoria was regarded as a world leader in the deployment of such technology. But it is still in its infancy and standards are being hammered out even as the infrastructure is deployed.”

      Victorian Premier John Brumby lashed out at Pearson, painting him as a climate-change skeptic.

      “What the Auditor-General’s saying is that governments here across Australia, in the United States and across the world are wrong,” Brumby told AAP.

      “That’s what he’s saying, you can make your own judgment about who is right.”

      Pearson wrote in the report’s opening that to tackle “unknown and emerging challenges of climate change”, the world must confront energy efficiency. Consumers and industry needed to work together to reduce energy demand, promote efficient household appliances and shift consumption patterns to smooth out spikes in power demand.

      The report said that Primary Industries “should focus on the effective transfer of expected benefits to consumers, as consumers are directly funding the costs of implementation of the (smart meter) program”.

      The Auditor-General was especially scathing of the home interface, the “least mature of the three system components”, that enabled consumers to track their energy use in real-time. Pearson’s report found that mandating the Zigbee standard was “at odds with the department’s approach of leaving the management of technology risk to the industry”.

      Pearson’s key findings:
      The Government failed to insert checks and balances to steer the project.
      There were “significant inadequacies” in advice to Government.
      Testing was inadequate, lacked transparency
      Analysis of the costs and benefits “lacked depth” around economic merits, consumer impacts and risks.
      Project governance “has not been appropriate”.
      Victorian consumers were inadequately informed about the project and its likely costs that will be passed on to them.
      The Department of Primary Industries assigned insufficient staff to oversee the project.

      The Auditor-General said the cost-benefit study used to justify smart meters was “flawed and failed … [to make] an economic case for the project”.

      “The advice to government that led to the [smart meter] decision scarcely considered project risks,” the report said. “The regulatory regime does not give the industry enough incentive to manage risks and associated costs that consumers are likely to pay. The project risks are very likely to directly affect consumer prices.”

      And Pearson found “significant, unexplained discrepencies between the industry’s economic estimates and the studies done in Victoria” and nationally that “suggest a high degree of uncertainty about the economic case”.

      Although Treasury and Finance failed to provide a response to the report, Primary Industries accepted “in principle most of the recommendations” in the report, it said.

      Energy Minister Peter Batchelor in receiving the report said the project was “on track” and that 10,000 meters were already installed in areas ranging from emerging suburbs such as Caroline Springs west of Melbourne and established areas including Balwyn in the city’s leafy inner-east.

      “These smart meters will give families more control over what they pay for electricity and help cut bills,” Batchelor said. “The new technology will mean meters can be read remotely and power restored more quickly. As this major project moves from planning to delivery, we will continue to review the process including risks and resourcing.”

      But speaking to AAP, Batchelor said energy companies would pass on savings to their customers: “Why the auditor-general has failed to acknowledge that, I don’t know”.

      Testing flaws

      Pearson also found flaws in the test procedures, which “could not demonstrate whether the trialled technology actually met requirements”.

      “The trials assessment approach used for AMI did not represent mature practice,” he wrote. “It introduced a risk that the trials assessment was not objective and significantly diluted the effectiveness of the trials program.”

      Trials were inadequate because:
      The Government did not allocate sufficient staff or experts to carry them out.
      Government could not properly participate in the planning and management of the trials, verify results and develop suitable documents.
      The industry strategy group did not adequately consider and approve the trials plan.

      Although the Attorney-General said it wasn’t unusual for trials to encounter technical problems, he was surprised at the immaturity of the products tested: “All of the technologies that were trialled failed to meet the minimum functionality”.

      “For six of the 11 technology candidates that actually completed the trials process, all were assessed as requiring further technical development.

      “Why the commitment to the roll out continued to be recommended, or at least why the technical vulnerabilities were not explained in any great detail in the advice” to the department, the Attorney-General asked.

      For more on smart grids, check out the CRN special: Electrifying ideas for a smart power grid.

      Read more: http://www.itnews.com.au/News/160398,auditor-general-slams-victorian-smart-meters.aspx#ixzz32Ij8Q7Zt

  20. Julie says:

    Well see they never researched how the system would work. In Flowerdale its a black spot so still need meter readers regardless.
    I’ve had SP Ausnet trying to contact me for two months now I just don’t answer my mobile got no. so I can see who’s ringing and I’ve had private number leave message which are them too. So yep I don’t answer private nos anymore.
    In the end cause its going to cost them more money to fix we’ll be paying for it with power.
    We still have properties padlocked so no entering ours & meter boxes.

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