Consumers face up to $194 [per year] for smart meters – Herald Sun

VICTORIAN households will be slapped with smart meter fees of up to $194 on electricity bills next year.

Charges for about 1.6 million homes and small businesses are set to rise from January.

But about a million customers should get a slight discount.

The Australian Energy Regulator has approved 2014 charges of $115 to $194 for the most common type of meter, depending where consumers live. Homes in Melbourne’s north and northwest face the biggest sting.

The hip-pocket hit is part of the $2.3 billion cost for the controversial compulsory rollout of digital devices.

SP AusNet’s charge is 23 per cent more, up $30, than this year. United Energy’s is 14 per cent higher, and Jemena’s is 12 per cent extra.

CitiPower and Powercor charges are 9-10 per cent lower. AER chairman Andrew Reeves said companies that had not recouped full budget costs in the rollout’s earlier years could lift fees to catch up.

Others that had spent less than forecast compensated customers with reductions.

“Some were under-recovering revenue in the early years. Others spent less than forecast as the pace of the rollout was slower than expected,” Mr Reeves said.

The state’s five electricity distributors are authorised to grab more than $1 billion combined from consumers over 2012-15.

Charges vary depending on distributors’ technology, installation and operation costs, and customer numbers.

The charges coincide with anger over revelations tens of thousands of smart meter “refusers” risk power bill hikes of up to $150 a year, on top of smart meter costs, as a disconnection alternative.

“Australians in every other state have the right not to have a smart meter,” Stop Smart Meters Australia president Marc Florio said.

About 150,000 properties are still to switch.

CitiPower $116.55

Powercor $115.27

Jemena $193.82

SP AusNet $160.21

United Energy $141.33

* For single phase meter


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78 Responses to Consumers face up to $194 [per year] for smart meters – Herald Sun

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  2. Eric says:

    For a big corporation to bully an individual private citizen, it is a the worst type of bullying akin to a crime against humanity. The five electricity distribution companies must be made to give account of themselves for each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of individual Victorians that they have VIOLATED. We do not currently have capital punishment in this nation but the CEO’s of these five Distribution Companies MUST be made accountable for every individual act of VIOLATION that they have committed against each individual citizen and must be jailed for the rest of their days. The five Electricity Distribution companies in Victoria MUST be stripped of their licence to operate as Electricity Distributors. An honest decent government would act in a way to bring this about asap. If this does not happen then we the people must do whatever we have to, to bring this to fruition.

  3. Steve says:

    That’s not the full cost, only the single year cost.

    The full cost is here Smart meter costs are here !!

    Each Victorian pays for this on their bill under a “metering charge” which used to be very small.

    • Jason says:

      Even if they went so far as to disconnect a few thousand people ~ which I’d lay 25/1 odds they wouldn’t ~ it’d throw the entire generation and distribution system into chaos.
      …….and then all those people sue them (three at a time!) for breach of contract:- They contracted to provide power and maintain equipment, but had NO contractual agreement to change any fundamentals or impose new terms-and-conditions. Particularly unilaterally.
      The whole thing could be tied up in court for about 30 years.

  4. Sick of Governemt spin says:

    Dear Mr Tilley, MP
    Member for Benambra
    Po Box 1719
    Wodonga Vic 3689

    Thankyou for your letter.
    Unfortunately your reply failed to address my concerns and the enclosed reply from the Minister of Energy and Resources contained nothing more than spin.

    How can the roll out of these smart meters actually save households money when already it has been disclosed that consumers will be paying up to an additional $194 per year, every year, just to pay for the “smart” meters? Just for knowing how much energy they are using, when there is an additional cost on top of the $194 to get a display to read this information.

    Your Liberal Party promised before the last election to halt the roll out of these meters then back-flipped on this decision after the election was held.

    Maybe you should try ringing around for a better flexible pricing deal and then you will realise the fact that all of the big electricity companies are offering bugger all when it comes to deals to save consumers money. If you do proceed to change companies you have to be a lawyer to understand the fine print in the contract clauses that reduce any savings you thought you might be obtaining.

    As for the radiation levels being safe, you failed to address the issues I sent to you contained in my last correspondence.

    The cost of this program is $2.3 billion dollars and your Government should hang its head in shame after being conned by all the green propaganda. I would have thought that after building the desalination plant in Victoria and having it sit idle while our dams are 90 % full should have woken up your Government to the lies and failed climate predictions told by people such as Mr Tim Flannery.

    Don’t you feel embarrassed that now we have overseas owned power companies having the power to switch off electricity to a million homes across Victoria? When this “smart” network gets hacked, as even the most sophisticated networks world wide have been hacked, your Liberal government will be left with a lot of explaining to do.

    We already have energy poverty across Victoria. These meters are only going to make it harder for struggling households.

    You are dreaming if you think that “ The sooner Labor’s smart meter program is completed, the less pressure it will add to electricity bills.” For a start, the Victorian Liberal Party decided to continue the roll out, it is now YOUR program.

    My quarterly power bills are around $200 so just to break even with the smart meter fees, I will have to turn off the electricity to my home for three months of every year, just to break even. Those homes already using a minimum amount of electricity will be hardest hit as there will be no further reductions in electricity use they can make. Do you really think pensioners and low income families will be doing the washing after midnight just to save 16 cents a wash?

    So don’t even think about charging me any additional fees for not having one of these useless devices installed. You have lost my confidence in your government and I will be making every effort to make sure your Government is not returned to power next year if you proceed with a compulsory roll out or penalties for those that refuse installations.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chin up Folks,
    Don’t let these flibidy jibbits in the Publicity Department of Human Services Departments or is that the Inhumane Services of Powercor or SP AusNet or Jemena or United Energy Distribution or City power delude you, that you MUST accept a dopey and deadly dangerous to Human Life and all types of life, These Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters.

    In the United Kingdom right now the Roll-Out has been banned by British Parliamentary Law for as long as eighteen months to two years whilst these stupid so-called but Type 2B now seemingly Carcinogen Causing Machines are re-examined by a new panel o Experts in Medical Science who are keen for the truth to come out regarding the actual dangers of these meters to be properly investigate.

  6. Gillanson says:

    Victoria can now be renamed to Pricktoria

    • Stephnie says:

      Gillanson: Perfect name, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, LOL – Victorian folk have well and truly been shafted with the roll out of SM’s. No matter what B*** S*** they keep spinning to get them installed, bottom line is, It’s our health, our privacy, our home and our right to refuse.

    • John M says:

      Pricktoria – The Place Not To Be …… Unless you’re a kleptoparasitic politician.

  7. Citizen for democracy says:

    Last Thursday on ABC TV Breakfast program the carbon tax was being discussed and the meaning of the word ‘mandate’. The reporter said:
    Case closed, I say.

  8. Rob Guy says:

    Eric, Yes, smart meters use switch-mode-power supplies for their on-board computer, but the major cause of distortion in our mains is non-linear loading caused by consumers replacing incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) which, at night, are trimming 3 to 5 percent off the top of the mains voltage waveform. In Melbourne, this night effect is easily seen on a suitable instrument. The on-board computer in smart meters reconstructs the missing voltage before calculating the cost to consumer. Legally nebulous, but suppliers claim that they are entitled to recover costs caused by consumer behaviour.
    Incidentally, the electronics used to drive LED lights also emits some microwave radiation together with the many household appliances.
    Refusing a smartmeter is a useful first step but, short of going back to candles and wood-chip bath heaters, there is no easy solution to this mess, which is all part of the pollution caused by modern day living.

    • Paul says:

      Rob, I have a (probably silly) question. Do the power companies foot the bill for the running costs of their smart meters or do we? In other words, are smart meters powered through the grid or are the running costs applied to consumers’ accounts? I ask this because there is every likelihood that water and gas smart meters will be introduced and I am wondering how would these be powered. Would they be running power cable to these devices from our supply or would they require regular battery replacement?

  9. Concerned says:

    What in the hell are we supposed to do?????????????? I am Not paying any more. I can’t afford to!!!!

    • Jason says:

      Well don’t! Just say “NO!”
      …or ‘Get stuffed you rrrsoles’.
      But do be polite…:)

      Incidentally, there ARE options if you’re prepared to make a few changes.

      • Concerned says:

        Other Options??? Please explain Jason. If it is going to cost me anything – again just can not afford to outlay any more money.

        • Jason says:

          Sorry for the tardiness. My option is to be prepared, if/when necessary, to disconnect my power system from the grid and run it as a stand-alone system ~ perhaps along with a wind turbine. You can set up a comprehensive system for probably $5000. With care that’ll run a whole house, including fridge/freezer, for a single-person household.
          Or less if you’re prepared to adjust your usage. eg. go to bed earlier and get up earlier; get a small tv and sit closer to it. (I have one that runs on 8 watts), and so on.
          Or, if you’re an innovator, you could start small and build on it over time. I put up my first solar panels in 1981, with little money and the best I could manage was a system that ~ on a good day ~ produced about 600 watts (total) and stored it in several old bulldozer batteries from the tip. But that was enough to run energy-efficient lights, a car radio, small TV,etc~ all running on 12 volts dc to avoid the need for an inverter. (Wiring, fuses, switches, etc. were all collected from demolition sites and such.)
          And for sunless periods I set up a small battery-charger by bolting a truck alternator to one end of a plank and a 3 hp stationary engine on the other end, connecting them with an ordinary drive-belt.
          Since I lived in the mountains a wood-heater was the go ~ positioned in a way that I could also access the back of it to cook on.
          Having a passive energy-efficient house is a big plus; but any house lends itslelf to improvements on that score.

          Bought a small gas/electric fridge (eg 2nd-hand caravan unit), deciding that I didn’t need a lot of refrigeration if the supermarket was close enough to duck in and buy cold stuff as I needed it (and used powdered milk which didn’t require refrigeration) . Hot water has several simple options, and the heavier energy users (microwave/washingmachine, etc. )can be accommodated by occasional use of a cheap generator.

          All of the above (and more) will depend upon where you live ~ or are prepared to move to. Otherwise it may be worth considering moving interstate to begin with. (I’m seriously considering such a move for other reasons: though a Victorian at heart I won’t put up with the Police-State bullshit to which this State is succumbing.)

          If you want to discuss the ins-and-outs of all this y’can contact me —> dabbbles@gmail,com , but the point is that choices abound ~ the only thing we have no option about is dying.
          All the best.

  10. Dear Ingrid ( from 23rd November):

    You are right but remember the Mandate is by our Victorian Government upon the five foreign Owned Overseas Power companies; as those companies have been mandated by our “Victorian Government to use their best endeavours to Persuade all Victorian Home owners and Small businesses to get each Victorian citizen to accept a Smart Meter. It is not the Law to force us to take a smart Meter nor can any law force us as citizens in a Democracy to do so.

    Please note that a Mandate is a command by one party upon another but it has no force in Law. Last Tuesday the 19th of November I wrote to Karen Collier of the Age and clearly explained how this Mandate cannot force any person to accept any goods or services by any person or monopoly, if the customer believes it may be harmful to them. Ingrid also note that our Victorian Government are also breaking their own Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act – 2006. See Clause 10 A,B,C.

    Most important of all Ingrid is to know that Brodie’s Law protects us all from Bullying Harassment and Intimidation by anyone – yes even a Government Minister and his/her Government read here Mr Nicholas Kotsiras Minister for Energy and Resources, who is now in danger of prosecution and can be jailed for up to ten years if found guilty of bullying and Intimidation and also by those who serve him.

    Minister Kotsiras has been deceitful for he is now in breach of his duties and responsibilities as a minister. Remember Brodie’s Law came into force in June 2011 as a result of Brodie Panlock commiting suicide after being continually bullied at her work place. Look up Brodie’s Law on Google for it is very powerful in Law and No- One is above nor beyond the law, not even the Dishonourable Nicholas Kotsiras our present Minister for Energy who handles the Truth so carelessly.

    Yours faithfully,

    Henry Leschen. at (

    • ingrid says:

      Thankyou Henry for taking the trouble to write about ‘mandate’. Your response above is very clear. It helps myself and others understand what ‘mandate’ means, especially regarding the installation of Smart Meters.

    • Rob Guy says:

      Henry, The Governor of Victoria can limit our democracy through the reserve powers of his office. (For examples, refer to Jack Lang and in 1973, Gough Whitlam). And in 2009 these powers emerged as an Order-in-Council authorising the AMI infrastructure roll-out.
      Parliament was bypassed. However, I believe you to be correct. My reading of the Order sees no reference forcing consumers to accept installation of a smart meter. Julia Gillard confirmed this in 2012.

      • Rob,
        No matter what laws are made, the actual dopey Mandate regarding the Electric Microwave and actually ”Far from smart meters,” is only a MANDATE which is not the LAW or in any way LAWFUL.
        Therefore the truly Unlawful enforcement on the Victorian People of these truly Not So Smart Electric and far from ‘Smart Meters’ is actually a CRIME of the greatest magnitude by firstly a past power drunk Victorian Labour Party and now an equally Power Drunk Victorian Liberal Party Govermment working in WICKED COLLUSION with these five (5) also Power Drunk and Rapinely Money Grabbing and equally Greedy five foreign owned Electricity Power Companies C.E.O’s and their stupid brain-washed non thinking minions.

  11. Larry (North Certral Victoria, Australia) says:

    Why smart meters cost us more.
    Clearly smart meters have been engineered by the manufacturer to falsely increase the Kwh (power consumption) enabling the electrical supplier to claim hugely inflated payment from us the consumer. Clearly, this is tantamount to fraud on a massive scale. In May 2013 my power company removed the existing meter (which was working fine) and fitted a smart meter. Immediately, our power consumption (supposedly) increased from (an average of) about 2,200 Kwh per quarter to over 6,000 Kwh per quarter. The increased power consumption has (supposedly) continued ever since so I am told by the electricity supplier.
    When I complained to the electricity supplier, they said its winter time, so I would be using more power. I explained we have wood fire heating, not electric heating. They then said to turn off the electric in -slab floor heating (which we don’t have) Then they suggested we turn off the electric swimming pool pump (we don’t have a swimming pool either) So far the electrical supplier has been unable to explain to me why the we have a massive increase in power consumption. I have suggested to them that the smart meter must be faulty, and asked them to either test it or replace it with a new one. Six months has now passed and nothing has been done by the electricity supplier to justify the enormous (supposed) increase in our power consumption. Consequently I now smell a rat, and it’s become clear that the smart meter falsely inflates the electric power consume, AND, the Victorian Government in their ignorance support the smart meter roll-out and are going to fine me because I refuse to pay falsely inflated power bills! What we need is a massive class action here in Victoria to get this mess sorted. Any suggestions there please?

    • Sharron says:

      Smart meters… who are they smart for? Of course, the greedy SOB’s down at the energy companies!

    • David says:

      Larry, as an Electrician, I would suggest getting your own Kw/h Meter installed, on YOUR side of the Smart Meter. That way it will register the power being used in the house too.
      If it registers the same as the Smart Meter, then likely everything is ok. If it registers differently, then there is a problem.
      Do you have a Solar Array on the property? If the solar energy is being incorrectly accounted for, then that will make your power usage seem higher.

    • Larry,
      What a pity you hadn’t padlocked your Electricity Meter Box earlier as I and increasing thousands of us have done and still continue to do. I hope you took your complaints of these now seeming to be three (3) times the normal charges per quarter for Electricity to the Ombudsman and state clearly in writing, that you were being ‘Ripped Off’ after the dopey so-called but far from Smart Electric Microwave Meter had been installed.

      This charging you and others far more than is true, is actually WICKED THEFT for sure. I hope you have not paid these now, ” In Dispute Electric Power Bills,” for to my mind these charges are ‘Grand Theft’ for sure.

  12. Eric says:

    And how much dirty electricity is being introduced into the grid and subsequently into our houses because of all the smart meters now installed in our suburbs. Smart meters not only transmit microwave radiation but they have a “switch mode power supply” that generates oodles of dirty electricity and our house wiring acts as an antenna of these lower radio frequencies which are thought to be be more carcinogenic than the higher frequencies and are thought to be the source that has caused the widely reported phenomena of “cancer clusters” such as the breast cancer cases of ABC workers some years ago.

  13. We have the power says:

    After watching ‘Take Back your Power’, and discussing it with others, ONE THING IS CLEAR – and that is something which the dictatorial ‘Controlling Interests’ are getting extremely worried about! The fact is, that those who REFUSE to consent to the installation of a Smartmeter are the ones who REALLY HAVE GOT THE POWER ! These people know that legally they are within their rights to refuse. And those who have had the device imposed on them AGAINST THEIR WILL have BEEN EMPOWERED by recognising their rights have been abused. There is NO legislation in existence which forces the public to willingly submit to a hazardous 2B carcinogenic device on their property – and the Government and Corporations know it.

    More people are now aware they have GOT THE LEGITIMATE POWER TO RESIST HARMFUL, UNJUST PRACTICES, whether they be by Governments, Corporations, or any other entity. The Corporations scheme to dominate us under the helpful guise of ‘empowering us in our energy needs’. But WE ALREADY HAVE POWER – so they contradict the truth ! The scandalous financial blackmail just announced is another calculated counterattack on our POWER to resist.

    • Informed Choice says:

      It’s just plain GREED that drives these parasites. People everywhere need to awaken to the fact… simply tell them No – we don’t need or want what you are ‘selling’. Let them bother their big business friends instead, not us who mostly couldn’t care less about their corporate world anyway. I like my life and am entitled to live it without intrusion from outsiders with questionable values, unlike my own!

    • Paul says:

      Class 2B carcinogen, Yes! but I believe its going to be upgraded to Class 2A. The power companies and state government will argue that Class 2B is no more dangerous than pickled vegetables and some aspects of carpentry Joinery, which are also class 2B. Well what about DDT? That’s also Class 2B and has been banned by governments worldwide, including the state government. So does this mean we can start using DDT again? Either that or we ban smart meters. Come on Kotsiras, you can’t have it both ways.

  14. Paul Ingoldby says:

    So it’s $194 a year extra if you have one, or they fine you $150 a year to read your meter if you still refuse. It’s a no brainer. Say no!

    • Chris says:

      Paul. unfortunately no, that’s not what theyre saying/proposing, its “on top of”, so its $194 a year if you have a cancer meter, and $194 + $150 if you refuse (yes they still charge you for the cancer meter even without one)

    • Mel says:

      I`m with you Paul. Looks like we`re better off paying $150 lol

    • Tom says:

      As far as I understand Paul, this is on TOP of the Smart Meter cost if you don’t want one. We are charged twice!

    • Paul says:

      The $150 is for a meter reader! They are double dipping! we already pay (and have been paying for years) a standing charge, which is for the billing company to pay their meter reader.

    • Alison Taylor says:

      Remember, if some Ba$t@rd can sneak in unawares, the risk of a stinking stupid (not smart) meter being installed remains. We still need to lock up. Locking up goes on forever because the above mentioned B@$t@rds will always be there.

  15. Rob Guy says:

    INGRID, The mandate for smartmeter roll-out is a 2009 vice-regal proclamation AKA “Order in-Council” which although not passing through parliament, is legally binding on suppliers, but not on consumers. Consequently, the Government will have to pass legislation to set rates for consumers and the devil will be in the detail of that legislation.

    Terry, some solar energy inverter boxes emit higher radiation than a smart meter, so I would enquire whether the product meets International standards (prefix is IEC) for electromagnetic compatibility with other household devices

  16. margannia says:

    Well, globalisation is responsible for this. Our governments have sold our economies to the USA

  17. Sick Of Their Lies says:

    ALL VICTORIAN’S should be seriously outraged by this, and need to tell those involved with this bull@$%!, that we have had enough.
    Keep in mind, water and gas “Smart” meters” are being implemented next, if WE don’t collectively, all come together to fight this!

    Everyone was warned that this would happen. Now, as stated, everyone’s going to be continually paying out for this dangerous, stupid (not “smart”) rollout, each year, ongoing, AND THIS IS ONLY THE START OF IT!
    This is beyond outrageous!!!

    Get Angry, Get Mad, and let everyone else out there know how you feel about this.
    Please explain and educate your families, friends, neighbours and workmates, to all the issues of this dangerous rollout, and convince those you care about, to join in the fight against this crazy, ill conceived SCAM on the people of Victoria……..and the World for that matter.

    • Lonely as a cloud. says:

      I am the lone astute person in my street. The rest are sheep, going along with the herd not wanting to “know”. They see my no trespass signs and no-smart-meter placards and simply bend over to the power companies. 😦 I have no sympathy for them. John Suffield from Canada, thanks for your good wishes. $35 bucks a month is a horrible kick in the guts. Information on the net suggests that “free energy” exists but the concept is being stifled by govts and energy corporations. Google “(Official Trailer) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?” and “Adam Trombly free infinity energy device / generator”. I don’t know if it will come under a kooky category, but it’s interesting to see alternatives. Join up to this sister site on Facebook too if you can. Peace everyone

    • John M says:

      @Sick Of Their Lies. Someone once coined a phrase something like “Don’t get mad, get even”.

      • Paul,
        Save yourself the Electric Meter Reader Fees, do as I do and have the blessing of my Electricity Retailer as I am an old Electric and Gas Meter Reader myself. Simply read your own Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter yourself. Simply start at the left-hand side of the five little dials with the little black clock hands and note each one if it is not quite on the figures 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 for each of the five clock faces. Let us say that the first black arrow hand to the far left is not quite on the figure 9 in this case, you must take the figure 8 as the first figure you must write down. Next read the next figure to the right and so on in turn and write each one. Next get your last Electric power bill and take away the smaller lot of five figures from the latest readings you have just taken, to see that you have used around the same amount of electricity as you did last quarter, simple as that Paul you may have used a bit more or even less.

        Next phone your Electricity Retailer and give them your last reading you took on that day Paul.

  18. John Suffield says:

    Hi Aussies
    Just to let you know that we are fighting the same battle here in BC Canada and they are slapping us with a $35 a month extra fee to use the old meters. They only read the meters bi-monthly but they still want to charge an extra fee every month. This is a world wide battle. You are not alone, and UK is just getting started.
    Good Luck

    • Mia Nony says:

      John – You can refuse the meter choices program scam. You must use docs which know how to do so effectively, that’s all.
      Claim of Right for defence of property is endorsed in Section 35 of the newly revised Canadian Criminal Code, as of August 25, 2013.
      Use your common law rights or lose all your rights. For the cost of stamps, envelopes, ink, registered mail fees, and a few photocopies for your files… you can turn the tables on them completely. December 1st is the deadline. See link below. No this is not a group, it is about becoming the driver of your own life and taking back your power literally, instead of remaining the passenger while fictitious authorities see if they can push you around to achieve compliance. Revoke your consent using administrative redress. Just fill in the docs in the comfort of your own home and get them mailed asap. In BC trespass is common law, and contract law and electrical code are both common law and so is your right of refusal. So this issue is tailor made for common law, in Canada and in Australia, in any country operating under English law. Easy peesy. But don’t wait. Why not do this?
      Same folks who designed the HST put together these common law documents:
      Use your Claim of Right to revoke consent and assert refusal, then after 30+ days you can use the tailor made Notice of Default. As for right now, also use the Notice of Fatal Defect too.
      Fantastic refusal docs. Represents countless thousands of dollars of time freely given, and everywhere people are using them. Entire workshops are up and running and volunteers are walking the unsure, the hesitant, the confused, the elderly, and the computer illiterate and anyone else who needs help, assisting them through this all over BC, right now. Time is running out though. Just to let you know that the so called “Meter Choices Program or MCP fees form contains material fraud and to sign them is to actually agree for them to remove and replace your safe meter.
      If you use the docs at link you can undo any such misleading “fee” agreement to remove your meter, it was/is a fraud trick and you need to not sign this form or to revoke your consent if you did already sign it. Read the fine print at the bottom of page two of the 1st form. Then right quick beat the deadline and use free common law docs to refuse fees and assure you get to keep the safe meter too, (and more)

    • For John Suffield in British Columbia.
      Yes John, we here in Victoria Australia as well as my friends in New Zealand are battling away just like you in British Columbia. Sock it to them pal, but not in the jaw. Keep it legal by padlocking your Electric Meter Boxes and giving them lots of STICK in well constructed and polite letters and as per your Video Excellent guiding notes etc., on your Internet Videos.


      Richard Leschen.

    • HI there John Suffield,
      Don’t pay this extra and actually criminal and rip-off fee that the Electricity company want from you, their extra fee for you keeping your Safe and Passive Electric Analog Meters is double-dipping anyway. Why not read your own Electric or Gas and or Water Meter as I do, as an old meter reader man myself, then phone up your Electricity or Gas or water Retailer company as I do, saves you some meter reader charges that way, but you will probably have to pay for one meter read of the Electric and Gas and Water meters per year as do I here in Victoria Australia.

  19. ingrid says:

    I read the article ‘Power fines for meter protesters,’?
    Heraldsun, p.7, Monday 18/11/13, by Karen Collier Consumer Reporter. Now I can’t find it online on the Heraldsun web site.
    The article from Monday says the installation of meters is mandatory, but does not provide the legal reference.
    The reporter needs to question this point and report on the truth. Is it mandatory or not. Who says so and what is the legislation named?
    It looks like some active SSMA members contacted the Heraldsun for the above report in response to the Monday article. Thanks.
    Maybe the MANDATORY question might be clarified at the Greek/English Northcote meeting tomorrow.

    • Stephnie says:

      Ingrid: Here is the link to that article:
      THANKS to John Suffield, your comment is much appreciated here in Oz. Best of luck to all in BC Canada also fighting this.

    • Ingrid,
      Mandatory is RUBBISH ! These silly people in the Publicity Departments of the five foreign owned electric power companies are constantly telling you a “whole load of porky-pies in that they don’t know the difference between a Mandate and the Law as I have questioned them many times at Powercor and City Power and SP AusNet and Jemena and United Energy. A Mandate is simply an instruction and is NOT THE LAW, therefore the very term “Mandatory” is Fictiscious Nonsense. A thing is either LAWFUL or Unlawful and in the case of these dopy Electric Microwave so-called ‘smart meters’ every one of them being put onto Victorian private home and small business owners properties is actually UNLAWFUL for the following reasons I will show.

      1. Every so-called but far from smart meter needs a Court Order from a Judge to make it Legal as it is a Radio Station Transmitter and Receiver which by Law needs a Judges official Letter of permission or written order = the same thing.

      2. A so-called smart meter is also an Illegal Spying Device which would also need a Judges Letter of permission or written order = the same thing, therefore all dopey Electric Microwave so-called smart meters are in effect CRIMINAL DEVICES and are also potential Incendiary Meters. We have had two fires in a row at the Haddon Dentists in Glenroy after a dopey so-called smart meter was installed by Jemena. Some days after the first fire broke out a good deal of damage was done to one of the surgeries there from the ensuing fire which started in the electric meter box and spread to the ceiling lights and also damaged other things in that surgery. After that fire was extinguished and the mess in the Electric meter box was cleaned up and a new wooden backing board was affixed a second and also dopey Electric smart meter was installed. Some time later a second fire broke out in the Electric meter box with subsequent damage to the lights and dental equipment in yet another surgery in the same Haddon Dentists business.

      By now the chief dentist who owned this practice was Hopping-Mad and demanded her Safe and Passive Analog Meter to be returned to her. She was successful in her demands and since getting her safe and passive Analog electric meter back, there have been no more fires in her Electric meter box or her dental surgeries. Whether she decides to sue Jemena or settle out of Court is her business. Other fires from these smart meters or now seemingly to be Incendiary devices are still happening in Victoria, so the answer folks is ……..Padlock your Electric Meter Boxes immediately and only then get up your Legal Commonwealth of Australia Anti-Trespass signs with the $167,000 Dollars Legal Enforceable Fine for trespassers. So folks, firstly padlock your Electric Meter boxes and only after you have done this put up your Legal Commonwealth of Australia Anti Trespass Signs.

    • Ingrid,
      Simply check any good dictionary. It’s all in there, the true meaning of words. A ‘Mandate’ is simply a command, it is not the ‘LAW’ and never will be.
      A ‘LAW’ has to be passed by both houses of Parliament, be it in my home town of London England and its Parliament, or any Australian Parliament of any state in Australia. Therefore as ‘NO LAW’ has been passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament or the Select Committee above Parliament and nor as it would need to be by the Victorian Governor General it is not ‘The LAW’ that any private home or small business owner ever has to take or accept a dopey and now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Dopey and often proving to be Incendiary and Human and Animal and All Life Sickness Causing and Electric Goods wrecking dopey Microwave so-called, but Far From Smart dopey Electric smart Meter, simple as that.

      Rest easy now Ingrid. I just hope you have firstly padlocked your Electric Meter Box and only then got up your Commonwealth of Australia Anti-Trespass Signs for the sum of $167,000 Dollars on your Electric Meter Box and on your front fence or gate. Also write a polite letter to the C.E.O of your Electric Power Company and to Mr Nicholas Kotsiras the truly DISHONOURABLE Minister for Energy and Resources, stating that you refuse to be intimidated into allowing a deadly to all life dopey so-called but deadly to Humans and all Life dopey Microwave Electric and far from Smart Meter on your property, simple as that and send a similar letter to Mr Dennis Napthine, the soon to be dismissed Victorian Liberal Party Premier and another letter to Mr Mark Feather the C.E.O of the Department of Primary Industry or D.P.I now renamed…The department of Development and Business Innovation.

      Please keep copies of all of this correspondence for Legal Purposes as I do, and send all of the original letters by Registered Post and get a signed receipt returned to you from the pick-up destination post office to prove that somebody signed for and picked up your registered letters.

  20. Chris says:

    Oh, so now there ARE smart meter refusers eh? Suddenly its not “compulsory by law”? How can there be refusers who do not have a cancer meter, if it is meant to be COMPULSORY? Suddenly it doesn’t sound so compulsory now does it? I think they have just admitted the LIE right there…

    • Mia Nony says:

      Yes far more hold outs than anyone realizes, thanks to the wireless monopoly’s gag order on most if not all media. Official count of hold outs in BC Canada is 60,000. Unofficial tally is more like a quarter million in full quiet but effective rebellion.

      • Hi there Mia Nony,
        We here in Victoria Australia are now well over the 150,000 people, closer to 200,000 who have padlocked our Electric Meter Boxes against the Unlawful Impost of the dopey and Health Wrecking Electric Microwave and far from Smart Meters.
        “Come on Aussie Come on Come on ! That’s what I say.”

      • Victorias Shame says:

        Gag orders are a disgrace and should be illegal.

  21. Annette says:

    We all need to go off the grid! I’ve had enough of this madness!!

    • Terry Trezise says:

      Hi Annette
      I have all of my lights and Fridge on battery power, just waiting for the rest of the batteries to come from China to go off grid (Bairnsdale Vic)

      • So Cranky says:

        Terry, I am doing the same and about to order batteries.
        Which brand and supplier did you use? If enough of us decided to go down this road, we could join forces and become a buyers group to save some pennies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please give us info on batteries like cost and how much power they provide. Yes the answer is to get off the grid and see what that Chinese trillionair thinks of that.. Never giving in to death meters. All the very best to everyone in the fight.

          • Jason says:

            The best idea is to keep battery-usage to a minimum.
            Heavy power-users (microwave, etc.) should run off short-term generator-use.

        • Jason says:

          Good thought.
          Put me down for a 1500AH bank.

        • Hi So Cranky,
          Great move on your part. Everybody who does this is really “STICKING IT UP” these now proving to be Rapinely Greedy Foreign owned Electric Power Companies and their Lick Spittle Servants of Victoria, now seemingly proving to be……”Openly Wicked and Sinfully Money Grabbing, Greedy Colluding Government Energy and Resources Ministers who are seemingly in the past, and now also seemingly to be in the present, In Bed with these now proving to be CORRUPT foreign owned Electric Power Companies who have no competitors to aid in keeping Electricity Prices down to a reasonable and affordable figure for their electricity customers, whom these power companies and this also incumbent Victorian Government, just like the past Victorian Labour Government openly SPAT upon as they also wickedly colluded with the same five foreign owned Electric Power Companies. A POX ON THE LOT.

          • Adding to my Richard Leschen’s comment before,
            Is this, “A POX ON THE LOT of this past John Brumby Labour Government and the incumbent Victorian Liberal Party Government still yoked to these now seemingly proving to be Corrupt C.E.O’s and their equally gutless and lying minions of the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies as well.”

      • Sick of their Extortion says:

        I am currently switching off my electricity for 3/4 of each day and living without a fridge. Terry I would love to get some information from you about the setup you are using to run your fridge and lights.

        I can be contacted at

      • Glenj says:

        Terry, I would be very interested to learn more about how to go about getting off the grid and doing what you are doing. My blood pressure goes up each time I read the information on this great website which is so valuable and informative. I’ve locked my electricity board and it has a window, but I’m still going to be at their mercy with extra costs, which for a pensioner on their own, quite frankly stinks! Who the hell do these bullies think they are? Do I get an electrician to convert to batteries and what type do I get? Much appreciated, Glen

        • To those Ripped of Victorian Electricity customers,
          Don’t be at the five foreign owned Electric Power Companies’ and this Victorian openly Colluding Government’s mercy. Simply query the over-high electricity bill/s you are getting, by contacting the Victorian Ombudsman, or is that the Ombudswoman now. If he or she can’t or won’t satisfy you, then still don’t pay the bill and threaten to EXPOSE the greedy Electricity BASTARDS of this foreign owned Electricity Power Company for your area.

          By stating that you will make their shame public in the local papers and in the Sun Herald and the Age Newspapers etc.,, that’s what I’d do if I were you.

          Don’t get angry, GET EVEN with these Robber Barons. It should bring these greedy bastards “Back to Earth with a BUMP ! I did something similar years ago when I lived in Western Australia and long before we even had the A.C.C.C. in Canberra and my bill was waived. Give it a go. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Andrew Samman says:

      There is a way to get off the grid from an Australian invention that runs on gas.
      The company is based in Noble Park, Victoria.


      • Faye says:

        This sounds good, but upon reading the FAQ’s on their website under the heading “Can BlueGen be used off grid?” The answer is “No. BlueGen will still be connected to the power grid. During peak times in the morning and evening you will need more electricity than what BlueGen can produce, so electricity will be imported from the grid. At other times, it will export to the grid.” So this does not sound like a proposition to get off the grid at all really, unless you have some additional information they haven’t printed on their website??

        • Andrew Samman says:

          The main problem with BlueGen is that it produces more electricity than the the average domestic residence consumes, resulting in higher gas bills. The excess power can be fed back into the grid via a smart meter (sorry I said that nasty item) for very little reward. However, if you are to live off the grid, you will have to watch your power consumption very closely and change your habits of electricity consumption. This technology is probably not suited for most of us at the moment, but the technology is there. Which means we could perhaps say some day, to our electricity suppliers, OK, disconnect us. As to the idea of smart gas & water meters, they would need electricity to send the readings via RF. How many of us have a power point next to our gas and water meter! Just the idea of a gas meter supplied with 240V power sends shivers down my spine.

          • Anonymous says:

            Too right Andrew. With all the homes burnt down from sick meters, it would be a great big explosion for gas and no way of escape.

      • John M says:

        Swapping one controlled resource “electricity” to another “gas” is not really getting off-grid. For the money that thing likely costs, it would be better spent on solar panels and batteries. To supplement solar, one could power a generator when needed from a very old technology such as a ‘Wood Gasifier’. For those incapable of building or financing anything themselves, at the very least if worst comes to worse, they could make a sharing cost arrangement with a neighbor to at least power a fridge freezer to keep perishable food.

        • Jason says:

          What’s wrong with keeping your perishable food at the supermarket, and buying it only when it’s going to be used?
          I built and used a gas-producer years ago; they’re a pain in the arse, but do work.
          (However you need to live in a suitable area.) Some locals are running a car on hydrogen (battery + water in the tank) successfully to date. will install a system in most cars (the older the better) for about $k. The car (running an alternator ~ or two ~ with the drive-wheel (s)) would make a powerful generator.
          Options abound.

          • John M says:

            @Jason. These days it is truly folly to rely on supermarkets for food just as you need it.
            Just in time delivery method and less than 3 days food on the shelves.
            Besides, In my case I grow, harvest, blanch and freeze an entire years worth of vegetables as well as occasionally get a butchered lamb from farming relatives. Costs are considerably less. I know what pesticides if any are used on my own food and I have a greater choice of what I’m going to eat. Everyone that can should be growing their own food and take that control back from corporations too.

            I’ve thought about using an old car I have in the back yard (Hyundai Excel) as both the storage house for additional batteries and fitting additional alternators or a large electric motor off the drive shafts used as a generator. A lot quieter than a typical standalone generator and the whole thing would be portable if one moves house. Can feed in solar panel output as well. Just got to find a few $$ and get off my rear end and start doing it. As you say: “options abound”.

      • Good one Andrew,
        At present these machines which are called ‘Blue Gen Fuel Cells’ are expensive as they are still being built by hand overseas, but prices are coming down as the market grows. The company has told me that these fuel cells could be as little as four to five thousand dollars each in a few years time. Exactly how many years away this is, I am not able to positively say at present. Interested parties will have to make their own enquiries. Here is their phone number for people interested in knowing even more…….9554 2300 at 170 Browns Road Noble Park, Victoria 3174.

        They at Blue Gen will reopen for business on 6th of January 2014.

  22. Happy Dissenter says:

    Wakey, wakey Victorians. If this article doesn’t get the juices flowing for complete and utter outrage, then I don’t know what will? Are there articles in the other online newspapers about this latest step? Are we Vics the only ones being shafted in Australia so other news media are not interested in reporting this blatant grab for power? ( sorry about the poor choice of word ). Having said all that, it will be a cold day in hell before a death meter is fixed to my castle.

    • Peter says:

      I hate the way that most people just “roll over”. When I tell the “sheep” that as far as I am aware we still live in a free country with a demoratic system of voting, they tell me that we can’t refuse. Well, I say I am refusing, and I rang the Energy Minister’s electorate office this week to make that point. I politely told them that as long as my bottom points towards the ground, I will not be forced to have a “Smart” meter.
      Awake from your slumber!
      There is a State Election in Victoria next November, and you all have the opportunity to be heard.

      • Peter,
        I phoned the C.E.O of the D.P.I which is now well over eighteen months ago, after two of his grubby minions got on the ‘phone to me trying to twist my arm into giving into their harassment and bullying ways to accept a dopey Type 2B and not so-smart Electric microwave meter.

        Their bullying me over the ‘phone back-fired in these two dopey minions faces. Something shocking the language coming from me was not filthy, but purple with rage. These two stupid and ignorant people certainly got my drift, but sadly their C.E.O a Mr Mark Feather had a go at me some days later without ever mentioning my not filthy, but outraged reply to his two nasty and dopey minions.

        I gave this C.E.O Mr Mark Feather a good tongue lashing as well and told him that like his two minions, he seemed blatantly unaware of his own Victorian Legislation of Clause Number 10 sections a,b, and c of the Victorian Charter Of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. I also lectured him as well of Brodie’s Law now in effect since June of 2011 in both Victoria and all of the other States of Australia with terms of up to ten (10) years of imprisonment for that person and or those persons who consistently continue to bully anybody in the Work-Place or at school or anywhere when brought to Court and tried and found guilty of bullying. I also stated this to Mr Mark Feather and his minions, “That we in Victoria were and still are a DEMOCRACY, and he and his minions had best not forget it !

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Happy Dissenter,
      I. Sir Richard of the Long Staff have had my Castle’s Draw Bridge up and locked for nigh on Two (2) years now. Halt, Who goes there show me thine self.

    • Congratulations Happy Dissenter,
      Same here.

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