Resistance to smart meter installation surges in Hume – Hume Leader

HUME residents are powering ahead with their fight against smart meters.

As part of an upgrade to Victoria’s electricity infrastructure, all households and businesses will be fitted with the digital meters by the end of the year.

But more than 100 people, the majority from Hume, called on the State Government at a meeting in Broadmeadows earlier this month to review the installation of the meters.

Broadmeadows Progress Association member Sonja Rutherford said the major issue was denying people a right of choice.

She also claims there has been a rise in faults and fires due to rushed installations.

“There is no law that says we have to accept it,” Ms Rutherford said.

“There are questions of safety, security and the fact that it increases our prices.”

Objectors also cite health problems, despite meters meeting Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency standards.

Hume councillor Helen Patsikatheodorou remains strongly against the meters, keeping her gate locked to keep power supplier Jemena out. “The health issues are really a concern to me, especially now given that I’ve had breast cancer (and my) son last year had a brain tumour,” she said.

Jemena spokeswoman Samantha Porter said customers had an obligation to provide distributors with “convenient and unhindered access to the meter for any purpose associated with the supply, mastering or billing of electricity” under the Electricity Distribution Code.

“Jemena will continue to work directly with customers who do not wish to have a smart meter installed to understand their concerns and address these,” Ms Porter said.


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20 Responses to Resistance to smart meter installation surges in Hume – Hume Leader

  1. 1vimana1 says:

    Jemena and the other four foreign owned electric power Companies in the Publicity Departments of Spin and Lies have been brain-washed to think they can dictate to us their customers. Well they are wrong, it is us their customers who pay their wages and their bosses wages but they are too stupid to realises that.

    It is not the LAW that we must accept an Electric Microwave and now proving to be Type 2B Carcinogen Meter. The World Health Organisation is getting ever more evidence of the Carcinogen Causing Problems of these Accursed and DOPEY Electric Meters. I refuse to play Russian Roulette with these dangerous to All Life Stupid so-called Smart Meters, which are not SMART in any way at all.

    See Brodie’s Law folks, it’s on the Internet. This states that BULLYING attracts a prison sentence of up to ten years and covers bullying in the work-place and bullying of us their customers, that is any form of bullying. Make that clear to these rude people next time they phone you or send any more threatening letters to cut off your power.
    So long as you pay for your electricity they cannot LEGALLY cut off your power. Just tell these people to learn the Law and to get out of their “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass” world of Legal Fiction, that’s what I did.

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  3. On Monday the 14th of October 2013 a group of nineteen concerned citizens from SSMA = ( Stop Smart Meters Australia- Victorian Branch met at Selwyn Park less than two kilometres north west of Sunshine Railway Station to give moral support to one member who we’ll call (J). (J) returned his Smart Meter to a Mr Glen Smith at Powercor in Ardeer.

    This member (J) has now re-installed a brand new Analog meter which he bought, in the Smart Meter’s place. Why did (j) take this drastic step you may well ask? He took this action of removing Powercor’s Smart meter because he was certain it was causing serious illness to all his family and great distress to see his twelve year old daughter so sick she could not attend school. His family doctor is also very concerned at this family’s sudden onset of sickness which is becoming more severe on a daily basis.

    Although the father of this family phoned Powercor and pleaded with them to come to his home and remove the Smart Meter which Powercor had installed after first taking away the perfectly good and harmless Analog Meter that emits no harmful radiation, Powercor refused to answer this man’s urgent letters and treated a Valued Customer with contempt. This family has been suffering for a prolonged period and deserves all of the communities support.

    He and his family are not the only ones to suffer from these harmful to health Smart Meters, which are not so smart, as a number of homes have suffered fires in their meter boxes soon after installation of the Smart Meters. One Dentist’s Business in Glenroy Victoria experienced severe damage to their dental equipment and ceiling lighting. The Manager of that Dental Practice immediately called the installer to remove the Smart Meter which she believed had caused the damage, but that installer insisted on putting back another Smart Meter, which once again resulted in a further fire to her meter box, and yet more damage to her equipment.

    The Dental Manager was now so angry due to lost business and further damage to her businesses equipment, that she insisted that the installer remove the second damaged Smart Meter and make sure that this same installer refit the safe and passive Analog Electric Meter, which they had removed in the first place. Surprise surprise; her Dental Practice has received no further damage since the reliable – Safe and passive Analog Meter has been re-installed.

    Henry Leschen.

  4. Dave says:

    it’s amazing that we have to abide by their demands, but the Gov’t who was elected (by some of us) don’t have to listen to the people that allowed them the position

    I’m currently getting letters with threats of our power being turned off if I continue to deny them access to my property to install a SM, even after one of their Head Inspectors told me face-to-face that “you don’t have to get one and can pay a meter reader to check your meter 4 times a year”… my wife and I have agreed that they can turn it off, it will make an interesting article in the local paper and news why we the people don’t have a say

    • Paul says:

      Dave, if you are paying your bills on time, they have no right to cut off your power. It’s an essential service. It’s not law to have a smart meter. Also, you now pay a service fee, which is for the meter reader to read your bill quarterly. I’ll bet that anyone who has a smart meter is probably still being charged the service fee, which is probably now known as a Domestic & Dedicated Standing Charge.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Simply state the name of the Head Inspector to them in a letter if you want to, and that will embarrass the person who keeps on telling you this hack-kneed lie, that you have to accept a dopey All Life Threatening Microwave Electric Meter, which is not Smart in any way at all.

  5. Eric says:

    Samantha Porter………….
    just the latest addition to the never ending production line of Jemena’s tin soldiers

    • Humanitarian says:

      Too right – just how much are they paying these liars anyway… disgusting!

      • anonymous says:

        It is literally a case of same $h1T different bird

      • 1vimana1 says:

        The sad part of all this Open Lying by these Servants of the five overseas Electric Power Companies, is that these Weak-Willed Creatures are so pliable to their bosses’ instructions that it is very easy for them to tell LIES, as these Servants in their Spin and Lies department to the public, are like soft and pliable plasticine dolls easily moulded with little pressure needed to their weak willed minds.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Ms Samantha Porter,
      Please do get out of your “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass World” of Legal Fiction. You are a little too old to keep on living in your “Make Believe World,” where you still think you actually hold the WHIP-HAND over us your Electricity Customers.
      By now you should have realised that it is we YOUR CUSTOMERS you have to please, if you want to keep your job. Your rudeness to us your customers is LEGION and will not be tolerated. Remember what Mr Gordon Selfridge said is very true.
      “The Customer is always right !” Please take that as a lesson thou needest to keep close to thy bosom dear woman !

  6. Guest says:

    Wow, Ms Porter needs to understand that “NO, means NO!!!”. Working with the customers will be a lot easier if she understands our refusal to have them. Simple really.

  7. Paul says:

    What Ms Porter says is true about providing access, however, “access to the meter” is just that and in no way implies changing the existing meter for a smart meter. Clause 3.3.2 of the Electricity Distribution Code is specific:

    Provided official identification is produced by the distributor’s representatives on request, a customer must provide to the distributor’s representatives at all times convenient and unhindered access:
    (a to the distributor’s equipment for any purposes associated with the supply, metering or billing of electricity; and…

    Remember, they have no right to place anything on or in your private residence. The land maybe, but only in accordance with section 40A of the Electricity Industry Act. Please read it people, it’s readily available on the Internet.

    • Guest says:

      Well done Paul…perfect comment, thank you. The only way these installer cretins will get to my meter box is via parachute/ wings etc.

    • Rob Guy says:

      Paul, There is no statute legislation which authorises the AMI rollout, rather, the ami program is authorised by an edict from the State Governor via an Order-in-Council which over-rides all legislation including the Electricity Industry Act. , The state governor is not just above the law, he is the law. Interestingly, both parties are subject solely to the Order, meaning that laws of trespass, safety and consumer rights, etc are irrelevant insofar as they apply, My reading is that the Order only requires the distributors to use “best endevours”. The order places no restriction on consumer behaviour- but the distributor can and will recover manual reading costs via a surcharge,

  8. malcolm says:

    Good for them. We have rights. We should be allowed to choose. I love Jemena’s comments that they will work with their customers to “understand their concerns”. How come they are not listening to consumers then?????

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