Venus Bay smart meter awareness meeting a resounding success!!

A smart meter awareness meeting was held at the Venus Bay Community Centre on Friday the 15th of March. Two sessions were available; one in the morning and one in the evening.

The guest speakers were John and Sonja Rutherford from the Broadmeadows Progress Association.

Almost one hundred people were present between the two meetings, which is unheard of in Venus Bay. This obviously displays the concerns of many people have about smart meters in this area.  Most were local, but some had travelled quite a distance.

Sonja and John did an amazing job explaining the many different concerns related to smart meters. The audience was captivated – learning about the different issues regarding this technology.

A Venus Bay Smart Meter Awareness Group was formed from these 2 meetings with much work to do in the future.

One of the issues for this area is that the majority of houses are owned by holiday makers. The group is looking into how this will affect our area.

Also present was South Gippsland Shire Mayor Cr Kieren Kennedy. Mayor Kennedy was very interested and supportive into looking at what council may be able to do.

Since the meeting many people in the Venus Bay and surrounding areas have locked their meter boxes and vowed not to give up.

The smart meter meeting was reported in both the local papers, The Star and The Sentinel Times. Also a couple of days after Star FM Radio were talking on the Breakfast Show about the Venus Bay meeting. Some time was spent talking about this issue on air with many individuals calling in with many different concerns.

Star FM have been in contact with the Venus Bay Smart Meter Awareness Group and are wanting to have a representative speak on air soon. They passed on their support from everyone at Star FM. Calls continue to come in each day from concerned residents wanting to know more.

The smart meter meeting continues to be the talk of the town.

Kylie Laing                                                                                                                          Convenor Venus Bay Smart Meter Awareness Group

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10 Responses to Venus Bay smart meter awareness meeting a resounding success!!

  1. brett says:

    Do i have to pay for the relocation of the fuse that i have been given a defect notice on that needs to be moved 1meter or is the power company responsible for this as there was no defect until the smartmeter was to be installed…….

  2. This is a fantastic thing, Sonja & John you are wonderful people with caring hearts. Keep up the good work! I hope the Smart Meters everywhere will be stopped, & consumers given the option to refuse, like the kinder NSW Govt. Great news for Venus Bay Residents. god bless.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    With so many people against the Smart Meter’s, the State Government will have to act and appease Victorian’s somehow before they are defeated at the next election.

    Then if the Labor Government refuses to appease Victorian’s about these Smart Meters; they too will only serve one term in government!

  4. Terry says:

    More power to Venus bay residents. Well done John and Sonja Rutherford. Keep up the pressure and civil disobedience until the thickheads in state parliament start to take notice. It may take them
    till the next election to realise the thousands of voters they are alienating with Smart Meters, Myki, and Speed cameras would have made the difference and had them re-elected.

    • Lets Take the Power Back says:

      Not sure the next election will fix this, given that the previous Labour Government instigated and signed the contracts for Smart Meters and Myki.

      • Ms Rebel says:

        Bring on the Revolution – none of these politicians really care, do they? The people need to get that. Too many rules and NO freedom to choose. We must break the chains now and teach our kids not to blindly trust the government – they do not work for the greater good… it is all lies, secret deals and $$$.

  5. Reiner Schmitt says:

    That is a fantastic achievement and I hope the movement will grow.

    Had my first electricity bill after I refused the smart meter and, though, I thought, it is supposed to be law that meter readings were given, that was not the case.
    Ever since I had some issues with the electricity company involving the Ombudsman, meter readings stopped and I have had no success in reversing the case and so it goes on.

    I have been keeping a record myself and find I am getting the short end of the stick.
    More charges for usage, and less credit for solar feed in. What choices have I got? The electricity company many times ignores my mail and even now I am waiting.

    I am just mentioning this because this has been going on since I had solar panels installed seven years ago and had I not kept an eye on the bills I would have been out of pocket hundreds of dollars. I am a pensioner in my late seventies and I find it hard to deal with this issue any longer. Give us back our SEC.

    I am mentioning it because there may be others who experience the same indifference from electricity companies.

    Thank you,

    R. Schmitt

    • Pam says:

      R. Schmidt – I do not have and will never have a Smart Meter. I have had one only Estimated Bill from Energy Australia. I had been keeping readings myself , five days either side of reading date. When I queried it they said they couldn’t read my meter because my box was locked. which was a load of bullshit. I have a perspex cut-out and my annalogue meter can be read. The readings were that close Energy Australia said it wasn’t worth issuing another account, so the Meter was read by someone – (again another lie). My Supplier said that I can read my own meter, but only three times a year, then I have to make an appointment with Power Cor for them to come and read my Meter in my presence at a cost of around $40.00. The next Bill came as usual and was down on the last account. So far so good. I absolutely refuse to write or ring my Distributor (Power Cor) anymore because it is a waste of time – they never reply or if they do it’s a load of rubbish. I have a Solicitor acting for me. Hope this had helped a little. I too am on a Pension and in my late 60’s and am sick to death of having to keep looking over my shoulder for Installers. My signs are up and Box Locked and I will protect my annalogue meter forever if I have to..NEVER GIVE UP………………..Pam 🙂

  6. Pam says:

    Kylie – That’s great news. We as a Group are getting there. We just have to be patient. Was the Meeting recorded at all???? If so, can you post it on this Website. Cheers Pam 🙂

  7. Sharron says:

    good for you, Kylie! This is great news for Venus Bay residents- keep up the fight Victoria! Big thanks to Sonja & John Rutherford, they’re Awesome ( I attended their Frankston meeting last year which gathered over 100 people also).

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