What is it about smart meters that I believe is making me very sick with headaches and nausea ?

Walking through Melbourne’s CBD today with EMR reader, I could see that the city is being absolutely irradiated with blankets of Electromagnetic Radiation from microwaves. This would be from many transmitting sources (all having their own transmitting frequencies) such as wi-fi, mobile phones etc. etc…..and maybe even smart meters if they have been installed in the CBD (I’m not sure). Every second person is now walking the CBD streets with a cell phone device of some type or other. My meter kicked up it’s radiation reading whenever I walked past or stood next to someone using a mobile device. So there is not just exposure to passive smoking but now definitely passive exposure to microwave radiation. Just casually walking the streets, readings of 1 milliwatt/m2, 2 milliwatt/m2, 5 milliwatt/m2 were constantly appearing on my meter with occasional higher readings of 12 milliwatt/m2 and 32 milliwatt/m2. So it led me to consider what is it about smart meters that would make it different to what I would be exposed to just walking through the CBD. What is it about smart meters that I believe is making me very sick with headaches and nausea ?

1. EMR exposure from smart meter transmissions are not constant but of a pulsed nature ie. short sharp strong bursts of wireless transmissions lasting a fraction of a second but repeated over and over again all day long. The exposure is in CONTINUOUS REPETITIVE BURSTS.

2. Smart meter exposure is continuous over the long-term (effectively forever), it NEVER STOPS, there is no respite whilst still living in your house and whilst still living in the state of Victoria

3. Exposure occurs at night time when we are meant to be sleeping and the brain’s pineal gland is meant to perform a host of different functions that are most important to the way we function. One such function I believe is the production of the hormone Melatonin which assists us to maintain our body clock and to sleep properly. It is also acts as a very effective antioxidant (cancer prevention). For the many other benefits of healthy Melatonin production see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin#Antioxidant
The exposure to microwave pulsing especially at night time can throw this functionality totally out of whack for some people causing all sorts of problems

4. The EMR exposure levels that one is exposed to all come from a source having it’s own transmission frequency. Smart meter wireless microwave communications have their own UNIQUE transmitting frequencies that differ depending on the type communication ie. wire mesh network communications or transmissions back to base or possibly some other functions We may be talking about 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz and possibly some other transmitting frequency…..maybe.
The human brain and the nerves (ie. the neurological system) is an electrical system and even the human heart is reliant on this electrical system to stimulate it’s beating correctly. A pacemaker is in fact an electrical device to perform the functionality that the body’s own electrical system may no longer be doing. Smart meter frequencies specifically will have their own unique way of engaging activity in the neurological system of particular individuals in a detrimental way.

5. Considering the four points above one can see that it is erroneous to try to quantify the harm done by a smart meter purely by the strength (power density) of the EMR exposure. The statement used by the government representative bodies that the meters are safe because they are within standards is totally absurd and meaningless. Firstly the standards referred to are ridiculously high (they are actually cooking standards ie. body heating effects) Brain cancers are not a heating effect

6. In considering the first 4 points above, it makes sense that each individual will have their own limits to what they can be exposed to in this manner (it’s not just about signal strength) before they demonstrate ill effects. Thus it is understandable that some individuals would show immediate ill effects to smart meter transmissions exposures and others would appear not to.

Electrosensitivity is very real. The fact that people appear to react differently when exposed to wireless communications from smart meters only supports the legitimacy of electrosensitivity as a genuine condition.



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  1. Hi, I have a Trifield EMF reader and recommend having one.

  2. Deej says:

    Hi, I’m after some advice. I had spAusnet phone me tonight to say they’d sent an installer around today even though I’d refused previous installation attempts. I felt sick – I’d been out all day and ran to check if my meter box was untouched. The old meter is still there. Thank goodness I had the meter box locked and a refusal sign on display. Ms spAusnet said the govt passed some motion in March that says we can’t refuse installations anymore and she’ll be sending me an info pack…I informed her I wouldn’t be consenting. She said she’d continue calling me until the end of the year. Is my next step the ‘don’t harass me’ letter that 1vimana1 put up? We can still refuse, right?

    • Well aware says:

      Yes! don’t put up with ANY harrassment from this stupid person – how dare she lie about this said “motion”. No such thing has happened… yet! It requires passing through both upper and lower houses of parliament from what has been advised on this website, to my knowledge this is pretty difficult to achieve – Good luck Deej 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    It seems to me that wireless transmissions, both frequency and modulation are important factors contibuting to EHS health issues and long term chronic disease type health issues. I found the following website with some explantions of how the science seems to be working in respect to these matters.

    Some interesting subtitles are…..
    Unmodulated radio waves are relatively safe
    Modulated radio waves are not safe
    Cell phone signals are modulated (applies to smart meter transmissions also)
    How the radiation affects us
    How cells demodulate the signal
    How people become electrosensitive
    Effects on the brain
    Effects on the heart

    Also, the following link is an informative read about the different methods of smart metering and how they work and what impact they each have on human health. It’s a good read. Most of it is fairly accurate I believe.


  4. anne says:

    I have a friend who lives in East Bentleigh, they have just got a letter saying meters will be installed this week with In their letter they mention not locking the meter box or you have to pay extra on the fitting? Have any of you heard of this?

    • Eric says:

      It’s just another ploy using….yes once again it’s their words in writing. So how does the ploy work ? It works like this. You read what they say and in a gullible state you think that you must do what they say. Somehow you think that it will “cost you more money”. In this case you don’t lock your meter box. All of a sudden the Utility Co and the installers have been handed with their only legal avenue by which they can install a meter ie. the legal avenue they have by you allowing them. How did you allow them ? By you not locking the meter just as they asked you not to in the letter.

      How will your friend pay extra for a meter installation when the whole idea of locking the meter box is to prevent the installation from occuring in the first place. Seems they can’t make up their mind whether they are going to fine you, cut off your power, do a forced entry job or “make you pay extra on the fitting”.

      What ploy will they think of next to persuade a person to give them implied consent ?

      Words ! Words ! Words ! Their ploys work by deceitful words designed to persuade.

      Anne, your friend MUST lock his meter box.

      OTHERWISE HE WILL END UP WITH A POISONOUS CANCER CAUSING WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE (having a small meterage minor component) on his residence.

      Having then done that, he must then do all the other things as mentioned on this website ie. putting up appropriate signs and cutting out a window for the old meter to be read. It is an action that clearly and openly constitutes a declaration of NON CONSENT to the installation. Writing the refusal letters to all parties is again that declaration of non consent.

      We have legal right to declare our non consent.

      How dare anybody tell us we don’t have that right ? WE DO HAVE THAT RIGHT !!!!!!!!

    • Pam says:

      anne – TELL YOUR FRIEND TO LOCK HIS BOX IMMEDIATELY and get the signs especialy the NO TRESSPASS sign displayed. Once all in pleace take a photo of them. Don’t bother ringing the Company just a waste of time and energy (pardon the pun). He won’t have to pay any extra, because he wont have a SMART METER – he will retain his safe annalogue meter which he already paid for when he bought his home. When he gets time ask him to put a perspex cut-out in so his annalogue meter can be read by the meter reader. HOPE THIS HELPS YOUR FRIEND. If he doesn’t have a Computer you may be able to do the signs for him on yours…………………Good Luck Pam 🙂

  5. Anxious Victorian says:

    I have been feeling the effects of these dumb meters on and off now for 2 years. I have managed to fix the problem of feeling ill in my homes by shielding with YSHIELD paint and having the power companies turn down the transmissions on the metre’s. But 2 weeks ago my neighbor who has Solar Panels got their new meter installed and the butt end of this meter sits on our wall and instantly I have started to feel sick once again.

    We live in the inner city, in a terrace house which is attached to my neighbors home’s. Therefor there isn’t much distance between my home and my neighbor’s. Before moving in I shielded my home knowing the ill effects the smart meter’s gave me. With the combination of the shielding and having the power companies turn down the transmission this worked wonderfully for me for almost a year, until of course 2 weeks ago. Now I seem to be back to square 1. The power company has assisted in turning down the transmission on this new meter but this time around it hasn’t changed the way I feel. The power company (City Power) have now wiped their dirty hands off and said there is nothing else we can do. Now i cannot enter into this room where this new meter sits which was my TV room. It has also affected my kids bedroom too as I don’t feel normal in there as well. Hence I have moved my poor kids out of their room and they are now sleeping on a blow up mattress up stairs until I can hopefully fix this issue as well.

    Our lives have been turned upside down because of these devices. Life used to be so grand before and now I miss my old life. I have been to hell and back. My anxiety levels have hit the roof and I am angry as hell. Our homes should be our safe havens and now we are sick in our homes.

    The power companies and our governments say they safe and they are no worse than having a microwave in your home or using your mobile. Well I don’t sleep with a mobile attached to my head nor do I sleep with my head in a microwave. In our home we have the options to switch devices off. With Smart Meter’s we have no option. Most of these smart meter’s sit on walls attached to bedrooms and some neighbors meter’s face our homes. it’s impossible to escape and they do not have off buttons. So how on earth can they be safe when all night kids, babies, adults, elderly bodies are being inundated with constant pulses of dirty radiation.

    To try and fix my problem once again so i can get on with living my life at 100% capacity as now i seem to be functioning at 50% due to this problem causing anxiety all over again. I have to shield my walls again with more coats to try and stop the pulses and hope and pray this will be enough to resolve my problem and we can start living again.

    I wish there was more we can do to stop these animals. Right now they have all the power. One day though I believe more and more Victorian’s will suffer some form of cancers in 5 to 10 years time from these devices. Sadly then maybe we can do a class action against the Government and the bully power companies.

    • Mel S says:

      I feel for you! Surely if the radiation is that strong, wouldn’t your neighbours be feeling it as well? That is the one thing I cannot understand about this damned saga of smart meters. I don’t have one on my home, but I experience the head problems and anxiety for no good reason, so I am sensitive and have moved from my own bedroom because of this and now feel safer on the lounge floor (further away from my next-door neighbours dumb meter). Although it is located on their bedroom wall, they claim to have no effect! They are stupid for trusting it I reckon but cest la vie! I’ve decided to call it quits in my street – not prepared to hang around waiting for a satisfactory resolution so am looking for a larger property far from any annoying neighbours and I may even leave this pathetic state altogether, no regrets except maybe my husbands reluctance to leave his job (understandable) but I want a better life for my kids because the government aren’t going to dictate how I will live. Don’t give up… everyone has choices. Sadly, Victoria is not the place to be right now if we value our health. It shouldn’t be this way, but it is, and I will join the class action when it happens, they can count on it!

      • Paul & Di McMahon says:

        Well said!!! My husband and I are just waiting for the fall out from the smart meters that are being installed in our area at the moment. We’ve kept them at bay with No Trespass signs and securing our meter box etc but because of the ignorance and downright laziness of most of our neighbours to look into the documented life threatening health issues surrounding these devices, we will be bombarded…..for sure.
        The street thinks we’re a couple of nutters and ‘out there’, but rest assured once these meters kick in we’ll be hearing about it from all of them.
        Have plans to leave this state of Vic which is heading down the proverbial poo shute hopefully within the next 18 months or so…….once we’ve finished the renovations we’re out of here…… that’s if our brains haven’t been completely fried by then.The dictatorship we are forced to live under with our basic rights dwindling away day by day makes this state ‘The place NOT to be’ as far as we’re concerned.
        By the way have no plans to be connected to any grid or rely on any utility provider wherever we happen to end up………stand alone and completely alternative ( we know it’s not for everyone ) that’s the only way to live cleanly and stay healthy with no interference and no annoying neighbours. Just fed up to the back teeth with it all………

        Paul & Di

  6. Wake up, sceptics says:

    What Eric has said about microwave radiation affecting us all — some of us sooner that others, but all of us eventually — has been scientifically proven. For anyone interested, Google and watch the powerful documentary ‘Resonance: Beings of Frequency’ on either Vimeo or YouTube, which someone has already mentioned. It offers incontrovertible proof of how EMR is disastrously affecting ALL living things on the planet and the living planet itself. It’s sad that some people have to fall ill before they’re convinced of the damaging effects of EMR. Also look for a wonderful presentation by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, who has been studying the subject since wireless and EMR have been around.

    Governments everywhere are corrupt to their back teeth. Why do so many people believe that if their government mandates something it must be safe?

    • Informed Choice says:

      Because they are brainwashed, gullible individuals who have their heads in the sand and are too lazy or apathetic to find out the TRUTH. This makes it twice as hard for us to raise awareness of the issue because most people are still trusting what the government say and these governments do not serve the people any longer.

      • Ashley says:

        True, IC! The philosophical reason why people have their heads in the sand regards Smart Meters and other real conspiracies is to do with the psychological dilemma we all face. It is very much to do with the left brain-right brain battle within ourselves to the point that we actually (subconsciously) call for or welcome bad stuff to manifest – without elaborating further. If the majority had their heads in right space then Smart Meters would not exist. Part of the battle though is EMF makes it all the harder for minds to be in their natural right space.

        • Paul & Di McMahon says:

          Informed Choice & Ashley
          Spot on………the TRUTH is out there but most just don’t want to face it and would rather deal with the consequences ………very frustrating but real. It’s all about the conditioning of the human psyche for sure.

  7. Sezer Behlul says:

    Eric Iv been looking to buy an emr meter, but I’m a little comfused as to which one to purchase as they range from around $10 to around $1000.I can understand that for $10 or around that price I wont get anything descent, but the latter price range is over my budget.Any reccomendations of which brand to look at-maybe its within my budget?

  8. Melbourne Mum says:

    As a mother first and foremost, I am particularly concerned about my childrens health – it is of utmost importance, more so than my own. If this radiation issue is larger than passive smoking – and I believe it could be… lets face it, it’s invisible and practically everywhere, so where is the watchdog on human health re wireless frequencies? ARPANSA is currently warning parents against the use of mobile phones for children, even baby monitors, wi-fi and home security alarms got a mention in the Herald Sun article published today. My question is this… Smart Meters also transmit wirelessly throughout our homes creating even more exposure so where are the health warnings for these devices ARPANSA??? Hopefully, we will begin to see some breakthroughs such as in Europe very soon regarding this dangerous and deadly technology and it cannot come soon enough for all of us who are already ‘in the know’. Cheers everyone and keep up the great work!

  9. Cedar Wilde says:

    I agree that some people are immediately sensitive and react to EMR, however I think that because it has a cumulative effect, in the long run everyone is likely to be affected, so people who are not immediately affected need to keep that in mind. The money greedy companies do not care what happens to other humans. The world seems to have lost sight of what money is for; it is to make life better not worse for all. When we’ve destroyed all our natural world, air, water, forests, coastal habitats for birds and people, slain all the whales and seals,eliminated the polar regions and drowned the polar bears who can’t live without the ice, and on and on, ad infinitum, what will there be left worth living for. We are part of nature, not above it, and if we think we are above it then we are very arrogant and we will shortly find out that nature is in control not us! If we don’t get our act together pretty quickly we will become extinct.

    • Pam says:

      Cedar – Very well written – I agree with everything you have said. Do I have your permission to use this when I go to the paper next……………….Finally EMR has been regognised as a disease. (Recent Post)…..Will check for your Reply. Cheers Pam 🙂

  10. Not so foolish says:

    Absolute crap by brainwashed morons, next you’ll be telling me global warming is real!

    • Eric says:

      I can assure you that the pain in my head is very real and at times can be debiltating and it commenced at a time that clearly coincides with the smart meter rollout up and down my street. Many others on this forum and off this forum both in Australia and overseas are presenting with very real symptoms under similar circumstances. Yes everything does have it’s fringe element but I can assure you that most people here are not brainwashed morons believe me.

    • Freedom Rules says:

      You will find out one day soon just how foolish you actually are – not to mention ignorant!

    • Pam says:

      Not so foolish – Do you work for one of the Power Companies???? “Brainwashed Morons” Tell that to all of my very good friends that are suffering and I mean suffering from EMR exposure caused by SMART METERS. Check out the recent post – EMR is now an accepted disease. They say ignorance is Bliss. Don’t you understand we as a Group are fighting for our Families’ Health our Safety, our Privacy, not to mention the finalcial aspect. If Smart are so Smart, how come they are unable to read them and send out regular accounts to their clients. I know heaps of people who haven’t had an account since their SMART METER was installed. So who is paying for all the Power that they have used????.(all of us with an increase in Electricity). Global warming, well something is going on. The weather is breaking all records at the moment.
      We never know what is around the corner for any of us. Before you say everything is ‘absolute crap” try walking in the shoes of the hundreds of people affected by EMR…….PAM

  11. Rob Guy says:

    G’day Eric, An interesting field experiment on a topic which badly needs more exposure. Previous assurances of EMR safety have been somewhat less than convincing, for example;
    Circa 2010. On the basis that all 30-odd meters tested were found to meet the relevant Australian Standard for EMR, DPI announced that all 450000-odd meters in the roll-out were proven safe.
    Circa 2011. DPI announced that the Victorian Chief Medical Officer had endorsed the meters as safe- actually she said that she agreed with the parliamentary enquiry that they were safe-not quite the same thing.
    Circa 2011- ESV reports that the question of EMR safety had been referred to ARPANSA. Now in 2013, we await their report.
    Eric, I suspect that you are leading up to ask whether or not the EMR from all pulsed radio frequency sources is cumulative in the body or not. I hope to see more discussion on this.

  12. Stephnie says:

    Eric, I believe you are absolutely CORRECT about the pineal gland in the brain and all the incredible functions this performs to try and help us stay healthy. The Blanket of Electromagnetic Radiation from microwaves that you and everyone else is strolling through these days has I believe, reached total saturation point where the human body can no longer cope, hence why Dr’s are seeing more & more electromagnetic sensitive cases. Some people don’t even know yet why they feel sick, have headaches and so on until properly diagnosed. What is going to be the ultimate outcome of this diagnosed illness in a few years to come ??? We may not even have to wait that long.!! People who are not fimiliar with Australian Neurosurgeon – Dr Charlie Teo, – PLEASE err on the side of safety as he suggests with home appliances mentioned on his website, IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE !

  13. kerry says:

    The deliterious effects of SMART meters are amplified innumerous times by the ongoing activity of HAARP/NEXRAD radar systems used by the “powers that be” for, amongst other things, weather control. We currently have multiple sites in Victoria, the largest being in Tullamarine, near Avalon, Bairnsdale and Yarrawonga…these systems/technologies are MEANT to act in conjunction with the meters to amplify the EMF effects on both people and systems. Educate yourselves on geoengineering, the smart grid and the ionosphere, this will help gain an understanding of why anyone (or any business) in their right mind would forcebly introduce such a harmful technology as a DUMB meter…with peace and compassion

    • Eric says:

      Kerry, I have tried to get away from my house and stayed at some friend’s place who lives in one of those particular areas you mention. I have often stayed over at these friend’s place over the years and my stay has always been pleasureable. I chose to stay there because they do not have a smart meter and I was able to confirm that neither do any of the houses surrounding theirs. On this occasion I stayed there for over a week and every morning I would wake up with the presence of the same headache that I have been waking up with at my place since the installation of smart meters in my street. I could not believe it. Using my EMR meter at my friend’s house I was able to see quite clearly that Electromagnetic Radiation was being PULSED into their house. They were short sharp bursts just like I was seeing at my house. We were talking signal strength of pulses ranging approximately 20 microwatt/m2 to 100 microwatt/m2. The only difference being that this pulsing was regular and constant, almost what you could describe as too regular. Smart Meters pulse regularly but also haphazardly. This pulsing had regular intervals of approx 11 secs, then 5 secs eg. 11 11 11 11 5 6 5 6 5 6 11……… and the whole thing would repeat over and over again without fail. Smart Meters do not have that uniformity in their communication. That’s when after doing a little research I realised that even though my friend’s house did not have an exposure to smart meters, it was actually being exposed to the pulsing of some kind of radar emitter which I believe has been there for a long long time. And it seems that even though I have been able to stay at my friend’s place in the past, it seems that the introduction of smart meters and my exposure to them have now made it so that I can no longer stay at my friend’s place because the presence of my headaches that smart meters have brought upon me continue to remain with me when I am exposed to the pulsing of radar at my friend’s house. This was never a problem for me when I used to stay at my friend’s house prior to the rollout of smart meters. That is the sort of INSIDIOUS devices that I believe smart meters to be.

  14. Geoff says:

    The sign “Do not install a smart meter” means absolutely nothing here in NSW. Just after Christmas 2012 my hot water was not heating and upon investigation it was found that the switch in the power box was faulty. This was remedied by an AUSGRID electrician who said he would perform a temporary loop to give me hot water again. I asked about the meter and he said that there was nothing wrong with it, just the switch. He said that someone would be out to fix it in some weeks time. On 23 January 2013, whilst I was out, someone came and fixed the switch but also took away the old fully functional meter and replaced it with a smart meter despite the fact that the “DO NOT FIT A SMART METER” was still in the power box and quite visible. I sent a request to the Ombudsman asking if this was legal and who had fitted it. Some weeks later the Ombudsman’s office replied that it was fitted by the electricity supplier (in my case Integral Energy) and that it was entirely their prerogative to do so. In conclusion it appears that the “DO NOT FIT” sign means nothing. I am eagerly awaiting my next power bill. In addition and since the fitting of the smart meter my ADSL2 is playing up constantly.

    • Pam says:

      Geoff – was your box locked???? Don’t hold your breath waiting for your next power bill – many people who have had smart meters installed just do not seem to get an account for ages. Two in my street haven’t had an account sice May last year. After numerous phone calls one did get two accounts and the other still nothing. Other people say their power cost has gone through the roof since a smart meter was installed at their home. Your ADSL playing up, well mine has been too but I DO NOT HAVE A SMART METER. I phoned BIG POND and they told me to turn off my Modem and Computer and turn it back on again (supposedly to re-fresh it). I do this every time it doesn’t work properly. You can phone Big Pond and they will help you sort it out too. Takes about half hr once you get through to them. If you ever feel unwell because of your Smart Meter or if it affects any member of your Family, go to your Doctor, get Certificates and request that the darn smart meter be removed asap and replace with s safe analogue meter..Hope this helps a little…………..Good Luck.Pam 🙂

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Unfortunately Eric, some people have already had their Smart Meters installed and are becoming sensitised to the Electromagnetic Radiation.

    Whatever happened to “Prevention is better than cure?” Because once you have been affected, I doubt the Government will help with your cure.

  16. Bren says:

    Really appreciate your details Eric. Could I ask what meter you are using? I have the Coronet ED85EX and I am taking readings here in Ballarat. Could you translate your readings into Microwatts/meter2—- as that is my preferred reading?
    I wonder how many people will be moving interstate due to this Victorian mess. I will never come to Melbourne CBD or any city street if my meter shows high readings—so shops lose my patronage. People in general have no idea what they are dealing with, eg yesterday talked to a man at a garage sale ( i’m looking for corded phones/keyboards, etc) who says he leans on his microwave oven when it is on and keeps his mobile phone on his body….obviously he took no interest in a smart meter on his house. How can we educate people!! I despair.

    • Eric says:

      Bren, 1 milliwatt/meter2 = 1000 microwatts/meter2

      therefore, multiply my figures by 1000 for the translation….as follows

      1 milliwatt/m2 = 1000 microwatts/meter2
      2 milliwatt/m2 = 2000 microwatts/meter2
      5 milliwatt/m2 = 5000 microwatts/meter2
      12 milliwatt/m2 = 12000 microwatts/meter2
      32 milliwatt/m2 = 32000 microwatts/meter2

      I do have an ED85EX Cornet meter which gives me readings in milliwatt/m2 for any exposures approximately above 0.0005 milliwatt/m2 and in microwatts/m2 for any readings below this eg. 0.4875 microwatt/m2.


      Bren, as far as what meter I actually used, my instinct tells me not to say at this time but if like you can email me at meterboxquery@yahoo.com.au
      As long as I know it’s you I’m more than happy to answer any question you may have

    • Pam says:

      Bren I think all of us are in despair at the moment. Everyone in my Family and friends think I am nuts – some people just won’t listen and are ignorant of the fact that smart meters are un-safe, along with all the other damage they do to our Health, Safety, Privacy and also Financially. Only way to educate people is to tell everyone you know how it makes you feel. Go to the Local Paper like I did and get some publicity. People read papers. If you go to Telstra Shop you can probably purchase old type safe phones. They may even give one to you for nothing. Pam 🙂

  17. Let's take the Power Back says:

    Thanks Eric, for sharing this explanation with others of what we are all being subjected to passively without knowing, as we cannot see this danger. Unlike when we see a smoker and avoid the area surrounding them if we don’t wish to be a “passive smoker” and accept the risks to our health. This is a great basic explanation to help many very confused people to understand.
    Those who are seriously concerned would also benefit by watching the following great films;
    Resonance- beings of Frequency at http://vimeo.com/54189727
    and also
    The Truth About Smart Meters – Brian Thiesen, which includes basic information re affects on your body and why. https://mail.google.com/mail/?shva=1#inbox/13d00c86c0a45bda
    They are not short films, but definitely worth watching and sharing the links with family, friends, neighbours and others.

  18. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Eric.
    You have summed this Scourge of the now proven to be Deadly Health Effects on the human body and brain beautifully. Of course these effects also adversely affect all life, animals, insects and plants as well. Even our honey bees are dying in droves and being driven from their hive by the accursed Microwave so-called Smart Meters, and the dopey microwave towers in proliferation all over Victoria and much of Planet Earth.

    I know of a number of cases where Victorian people, not that far from me have their delicate creepers surrounding their Electric Meter Boxes now dying and turning from lovely green leaves to horrid leathery brown foliage soon after the now proving to be Deadly Dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meters had been installed. The interesting thing is that whilst the safe and passive Analogue meters had been installed for many years these creepers flourished, but as soon as the Microwave Smart Meters…….(read here not so smart smart meters) had been installed the delicate creepers around the Electric Meter Box/s began to wither and die. Even the flowers in their flower pots close to the now so-called Smart Meter/s at these homes began to die off, and within a number of weeks were dead, so no one can tell me that the so-called Smart Meters are safe, they are NOT SAFE. In fact the World Health Organisation now classifies these microwave smart meters as Type 2 B Carcinogen Machines, and decent and caring doctors of medicine and radio physicists who are not in the Pay of the now proven to be Corrupt Microwave Manufacturing Industry World-wide, are well aware of the deadly effect of these Carcinogen Causing Smart Meters and have published these facts in Scientific Journals and Newspapers and on the Internet.

    The now proven to be Corrupt and Wicked in Victoria’s case, five foreign owned Electric Power Company Chief Executives and their equally stupid and supporting minions and the now equally complicity Victorian Minister for Power are acting in a totally Undemocratic Manner in supporting these equally corrupt C.E.O’s of PowerCor and City Power Australia Ltd and Jemena and SP Aus.Net and United Energy Distribution is acting like HITLER and his S.S. or Schutz Stafell or Secret Police in wickedly demanding that every Victorian home owner and small business accept these Deadly Smart Meters against the Will and Better Judgement of these Victorian home and small business owners.

    The very fact that we the people of Victoria are supposed to be living in a DEMOCRACY and not under the JACKBOOT of a Totalitarian Government such as reigned under HITLER escapes Mr Michael O’Brien the present Victorian Minister for Power. In the case of Mr Michael O’Brien so demanding that every Victorian home and small business owner blindly and obediently doing his will, he is acting Like A DICTATOR and I for one and thousands like me will not tolerated his rude cruel, wicked and TOTALLY UNLAWFUL DEMANDS. He seems to forget that the World Charter of Human Rights brought into LAW in 1948 in England by the House of Lords and the House of Commons and also passed as LAW in Holland in the Hague in 1948 protects all free people in Democratic Countries of Earth including Australia and all of its states including Victoria as does the ‘Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006 from any body or group of people from being forced to accept any goods or services of any kind from any Government or Semi-Government or Private Industry of any kind where the citizens of any Free and Democratic Country of State feel that those goods or services MAY in any way possibly damage that citizen’s or group of peoples’ health and or their goods and chattels in any way whatsoever.

    I firstly lay the blame for all of this now ongoing Microwave Poisoning at the feet of Mr John Brumby the past Labor Leader here in Victoria and his Minister for Power who were initially responsible for all of this Ongoing. Terror on Victorian Peoples’ Lives and as well, to this now complicit and corrupt Leader of the Liberal Party of Victoria and his also complicit Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien who is wilfully involved in this SCANDAL of poisoning not only Human Life and causing great sickness to many Victorians who are sufferers of Electro Hypersensitivity from this constant and forced microwave radiation through Mr Michael O’Brien’s ceaseless enforcing this Roll-Out of these now proven to be Damnedly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters.

    I now give you Mr Ted Baillieu and Mr Michael O’Brien the present Minister for Power here in Victorian this DEMAND. Stop the Roll-Out of these now proven to be Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meters which are a curse to all life IMMEDIATELY. I also demand in the name of all Victorians that you you remove all of these so-called Smart Meters from every Victorian Home and Small Business and or Boarding House or any form of Domicile within Victoria Immediately. I also demand of these five foreign owned Electric Power Companies so NAMED and SHAMED above, that they replace every so-called but now proven to be Deadly Microwave so-called Smart Meter with the Safe and Passive Analogue Meter/s removed and or STOLEN from these Victorian Peoples’ Homes and Small Business Properties and that the entire expense be bourn by these foreign owned Victorian Power Companies, PowerCor and City Power Australia Ltd., Jemena. SP Aus.Net., and United Energy.

    We the people of Victoria are sick and tired or this present Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien acting Like Hitler and a Nazi Dictatorship and forcing the Victorian People to accept these now proven to be Deadly Dangerous to All Life Microwave so-called Smart Meters against us the Victorian Peoples’ Will and Better Judgement. Thousands of us and I have in sheer DESPERATION been forced to padlock our Electricity Meter Boxes to stop the present Analogue Meters on our property from being STOLEN by the Smart Meter Installer men at the behest of these now proven to be wicked foreign five electric power companies above so named and shamed.

    I have already served a “ NOTICE OF PROHIBITION OF UNDUE HARASSMENT OR COERCION FOR SMART METER INSTALLATION FOR $10,000,000:00” on the following people, firstly The Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien and as well as on the Smart Meter Boss of the Department of Primary Industry and also upon the Chief Executive Officer of PowerCor Australia Ltd Mr Shane Breheny and upon Mrs Janet Hogarty the Head of the Publicity Department for PowerCor and as well upon Mr Peter Wallace of A.M. I all of whom have in the past pestered and threatened me to accept a Microwave Smart Meter over the past twelve months. This notice I sent all of them had to answer me in writing within fourteen days of being served upon each of them. This they have failed to do. If they do not write to you within 14 day of your having served them this $10,000,00,:00 Notice then they are forced to take it as LAW and FACT that they cannot ever bother you again to accept a Microwave Smart Meter Ever again. Please Note that this Legal Notice comes from the Commonwealth Government OF AUSTRALIA and overrules any Victorian or any other Australian Law.

    This Notice is below this line. Please fill in all the required details as asked for on this notice before positing it by registered Post and keep a copy for Legal Purposes.


    (Insert name and
    Address of Power Distributor)


    This notice is provided to _______________________________________________ and any persons, entities,

    (Insert Power distributor name and ACN no off letter you received)
    Employees, associates, corporations, sub-contractors and agents of the fore mentioned (herein referred to as Your Company). Notice to agent is notice to principal.

    Note: This notice is provided in addition and following a NOTICE OF PROHIBITION FOR

    SMART METER INSTALLATION (date of your first letter) and NOTICE Your Company’s


    INSTALLATION NOTICE (date of your letter received from Power Distributor after) served on Your Company.

    Your Company is prohibited and forbidden from communication in any manner, with the intent to solicit for the installation of a “smart meter” or meter containing wireless communication function(s) at the following (service) address: (Insert your address). Such an act is herein referred to as a PROHIBITED ACT.
    I have lawful and legal standing and claim of right to make such a demand.
    Any PROHIBITED ACT will be considered an act of undue harassment or coercion with the supply or possible supply of goods or services as defined by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CTH) Vol. 3, Ch. 4, PT> 4-1, Div. 5 Sec. 168; such an offence carries a penalty of $10,000,000. If Your Company is in any way directed by the Government (State of Victoria) and State of Victoria Corporation to perform such an offence, the Government and individual members are liable under tort may in addition be held vicariously liable.

    Any PROHIBITED ACT remains prohibited unless I provide a NOTICE OF CESSATION OF PROHIBITION explicitly annulling this notice, or following a sale of property and change of property title holder for the property in question.

    A copy of this notice will also be provided for their records to (via regular mail):
    1. Customer Relations, DPI,
    2. Minister Michael O’Brien, Government in the State of Victoria.

    If a response to this notice containing any dispute of facts or CLAIM OF RIGHT based on lawful claim of right is not received within fourteen days from Your Company, it shall be fact that you accept as fact this notice and facts contained within, and will honour this notice; such requiring no further action on your behalf.

    ______________ ____________________ _____________________

    (Your SIGNATURE) (Witness to your Signature) (Print Witnesses name)

  19. Rik says:

    I also have an EMR meter and see high readings even when driving around the suburbs. I was surprised when I drove from my house to the local shops to see high readings of 16-20mw in the car!

    My problems all started when the neighbors get their smart meters. I refused to get one but that didn’t stop my problems from starting. Its not just your house thats the problem its ALL the meters in the area. Just because you say no doesn’t mean you wont be having problems if the neighbors get one.

    The Victorian Government doesn’t have a clue what its doing with us and the meters. 1, they have blown the budget my many times over. 2, there are councils that don’t want the meters in their areas. 3, people don’t want the meters on their houses. 4, the installers are reverting to bully tactics to install them. 5, NOBODY WANTS THEM and the government DOESN’T LISTEN. 6, They are a danger not just to the people like us that are affected they catch fire and blow up.
    There are more points but I’m just too tired THANKS to the smart meters….

    What the government SHOULD do but are too stupid to do is stop ALL installation of them now and start switching them back to the old WORKING GOOD analogue meters as they NEVER had any problems and they WORK and have for many MANY years.

  20. Pam says:

    Eric – You have gone to a lot of trouble to get this information for us, Thank You. Why can’t our Govt. do the same as Eric has done???? Suggest every Govt. Minister should be supplied with an EMR READER, then they can see for themselves why SMART METERS are making us SICK…Pam 🙂

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Pam and other readers
      If these dopey Electric Power Companies and or people from the D.P.I or PowerCor or City Power Australia Ltd or Mr Michael O’Brien and the other three foreign owned Electric Power Stations here in Victoria. Just send these annoying TITS the following Anti Harassment Notice from our Commonweallth Government in Canberra which is for a $10,000,000:00 Dollar Fine.

      They have only 14 days to answer this Legal Commonwealth of Australia. After 14 days of receiving this very powerful notice they are not allowed to communicate with you. Should they do so, just get your Lawyer or Lawyers to HIT them with the $10,000,000:00 fine. I have neither heard nor got another letter from these Annoying TITS so I think that these DOPEY BASTARDS have finally got my MESSAGE !

      • Pam says:

        Richard – good on you. I haven’t heard from them either even tho my Solicitor hasn’t had a reply to his letter he sent before Christmas, that getting on to 4 months ago. Again, no news is good news. I am not wriring to anyone anymore, waste of my time and ink. Have you noticed all the new Names cropping up on this Website, so may more Commenting than before takes me an hour to go through it all at night. Gotta go Nite Nite..Pam 🙂

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