News Flash – Legal acknowledgement of the condition of EHS and compensation in Australia

In Melbourne, and for the first time in Australia, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal of the Australian Federal Court has provided legal recognition of the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) also known as electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

In a workplace compensation case, handed down on 28 February 2013, the Tribunal found that Dr Alexander McDonald, suffered a workplace injury of a worsening of his sensitivity to EMR, as a result of him being required, by his employer (CSIRO), to trial the use of electronic equipment.




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36 Responses to News Flash – Legal acknowledgement of the condition of EHS and compensation in Australia

  1. slobodan zivkovic says:

    I have studied physics many years ago, I have read the book by Mr Jurdana, a building engenieur in ex – Yugoslavia and how he wrote about the damage static electricity can cause to the health of people. I didn’t dream that I will have such an experience here in Australia, in Sydney. 3 years ago we applied to connect to the NBN in our area – Strathfield and we asked the people who worked for NBN Co. to drill on the street in front of our home and to place connection to the back part of house. They did that, but at the end somebody ordered to them to connect us with NBN on the opposite side, which I found dangerous because this was just close to my seat when I teach students in piano at my home. Two years have passed and I didn’t have any bed experience with it. But one day, a father of one of my students used his wireless tablet and I felt such pain on the bottom of my right foot and I told him to immediately switch off his tablet. He did and the pain was stopped. He was called by somebody and then exit. After 2 minutes I felt such pain in the bottom of my left foot and I said about it to his daughter – my student. It was longing for 15 minutes and has stopped when he came back to my studio in our family home. I said to him: I am grateful forever to you because you helped me to prove the truth, why NBN was connected to our house just close to my seating place during my teaching. My conclusion is that if you are in the position between any powerful sources of energy as they are NBN-connections in the house and any wireless apparatus – mobile phone, iPhone, tablet or laptop, you will be “bombarded” with the very bad static electricity, to say with specific radiation, which can damage your body and your health gradually and to short your life!

  2. Mark Gatt says:

    My name is Mark Gatt I am a true sufferer of m EHS I live in a house owned by public housing New South Wales this house is only metres from Yates security this is the tracking station I live about a block away for 25 years and never suffered A migraine in my life I moved my new house just over two years ago and within two weeks I was suffering severe migraines to the point where I felt I had concussion I also have a stent in my Heart Suffer high blood pressure password 78 and I also sick little boy who has a range of specials on one of them is an endocrinologist my son is on the growth and then I find Out gentleman lived in the house before us die in lymph node cancer which I know is the direct link to the radiant energy at 12 Lenton prod Waterloo I took readings on the AMF with in the house in micron Tesla it come up as 2.78 µm Tesla so my son and I been tortured by the housing commission service is at Waterloo office

  3. Patsy Jane says:

    Hello! I am hoping someone can answer a question for me. I’m an American and was offered a job in Melbourne, Australia. I am EMF sensitive, and have doctors’ certifications. I am concerned that I won’t be able to find a home without a Smart Meter – or even if I do, then a Smart Meter will eventually be put on (against my will). Is there an “opt-out” program in Melbourne, or is there any way to have the Smart Meter removed from your home for medical reasons? I need to either accept or decline the job soon, so I would be grateful for your reply. Thank you! Please email me directly – – as I will not be on the computer following these posts

  4. Freedom Rules says:

    Sojin Muneshi, you recently signed the petition AGAINST smart meters. You failed to mention that you work in the electricity industry and are biased in your opinion of smart meters, making ugly, untrue statements that wont get you anywhere on this well-informed public forum. So what if some people wish to remain anonymous? It is their right to do so, isn’t it?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Spot on there Freedom Rules,
      This Sojin Muneshi, is just a bit too smart for his own good, I know Evil devices when I see them, like Dopey and Deadly Microwave Smart Meters and dopey mobile phones.

      My mobile phone made me very sick indeed, I got terrible headaches after using it for nearly five years and I did not use it anything like as much as some people do.
      My doctor did me a great favour confiscating the rotten thing. Now I don’t get any headaches unless I end up at a persons home who has a bloody dopey Microwave so-called Smart Meter, then my rotten headaches start all over again.

      There seem to be,to be quite SCIENTIFIC about 3% to around 6% of people affected by Microwave Energy from these dopey so-called but in no way smart meters, and of course Microwave mobile phones and dopey Microwave receiving and sending radios atop tall towers. Fifty years ago we didn’t have all this rotten stinking Microwave smart-arsed meters or dopey cell-phones or radio receivers and broadcasting equipment. We didn’t need this CRAP then and we don’t need it now. The term Smart Meters is simply a Blind to Dumb Down people and make them think that these Microwave so-called smart Meters, “Are the best thing since Sliced Bread,” but they aren’t, they are TRULY THE INVENTIONS OF SATAN, and if people can’t work that out they are really STUPID !

      These Type 2B Carcinogen Causing so-called smart meters exist mainly to get rid of Meter Reader Men who still do a great job. These so-called smart meters also exists to rip even more money out of already Cash Strapped Victorians pockets by this Truly Evil Microwave Industry and this Money Hungry Thieving Liberal Party Victorian Corporate Government, the same as the old Victorian Labour thieving also corrupt Victorian Corporate Government.

      Note well that these dopey so-called smart meters will not save you any money at all especially when the T.O.U or time of use pricing comes in. Then you will be really RIPPED-OFF ! Unit one prices for electricity will be from around 11 P.M to 7.00 A.M., then your electricity will jump in price to twice as much or Unit two, from 7.00 A.M to Two P.M. Then it will costs you four times as much for your electricity from Two P.M to 11.00 P. M. Stone the B****Y Crows Folks, if you can’t see that then I’m sorry for you.
      I say, ” For your own sakes if you still don’t have a Satanic Dopey Microwave Smart Meter then Padlock your Electric Meter Box Pronto, before the thieving foreign owned Electric Power Companies STEAL your Safe and Passive Analog Electric Meter/s. You have been WARNED !

  5. 1vimana1 says:

    It should cost the Power Company/s whose not so smart meter men foisted these accursed dopey things on the private home and small business owners’ properties here in Victoria. This is what is happening in Holland and England and the rest of the U.K. none of us need these monstrosities of microwave sickness making Type 2B dopey machines. These dopey M/Wave so-called smart meters which are not smart in any way are now being ripped out in droves in Holland and the U.K. so that’s what’s needed here until every stinking Carcinogen Causing M/Wave meter is ripped out and replaced with the safe and passive Analog electric meter which most people once had in their electric meter boxes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This ground breaking Australian case is relevant to all those people already affected by EMR who may be considering legal avenues.

  7. John Wilson says:

    It is important to understand that these companies are commercial interests and the governments supporting them are corporations as well and have a vested interest.
    I have been researching the Constitution, both Victoria and the Commonwealth for several years.
    The Victorian government is a corporation not a government.
    The government is the people of Victoria and the parliament is its servant. We elect politicians to carry out the Will/Mandate of the people. However, once elected they give their allegiance to political factions. In Victoria the “government” uses as its power base a false constitution called the 1975 Victorian Constitution. it is invalid and it has never gone through due process, which includes a referendum seeking the people’s approval. There has been no signed Monarch’s document and the 1855 Victorian Constitution has never been repealed. any Parliament since 1975 using the invalid Constitution as its base of power may find that the new Acts and legislation or the amendment of old Acts and legislation could be invalid if they are not consistent with the lawful constitutions, i.e. the 1855 Victorian Constitution and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901. Because the teaching of our Constitutions and our Rights was dropped from the schools and university curriculum we have had generations growing up ignorant of their rights so it was easy to tell them what the government wished. Add to that people coming from other countries were not given full information about our lawful constitutions. This allowed political factions to politicise departments and corporatize them. We are well aware how the local councils have been high jacked by corporations, despite Local Government having no standing under the Commonwealth Constitutions. Now is the time to speak out and demand these rogue organisations return the government to the people. A good start would be when those seeking election/re-election they are put on the mat and asked who do they give allegiance to the Sovereign people and the Constitution Monarch or to their political faction masters.

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Mr John Wilson,
      Many thanks for publishing this article of yours above, it was very helpful to me and of course to those that read it. I have been telling people to look up the United Nations Charter of Human Rights which is also extremely important for them to learn “Their Human and Common Law Rights” as well. I have also sent them the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006, easily found in the Victorian Government Gazette, which makes it clear amongst other things that nobody, be it Federal or State Government or Semi-Government or Private Business is allowed at any time to try to intimidate or coerce one to take any goods or services of any kind…… this case a now proving to be dopey and now seemingly dangerous Type 2B Carcinogen Microwave smart meter, not so smart meter/s actually. In fact this wicked coercion of Victorian private home and small businesses people, to accept these Microwave so-called’ smart meters’ is now proving to be a Night-Mare for those unlucky enough to have one forced upon their properties, with many people in Victoria and now world wide suffering many types of Microwave Illnesses we or most of us now know about all too well.

      These Microwave Electric meters are causing not only serious damage to humans but to birds and honey bees and now all life, yes even to delicate creepers and trees as well, according to the latest findings I have seen from Holland and other countries I am continuing to research.

  8. Lynda says:

    2 areas within Gipplsand (where people have been fighting with SP-Ausnet and the local council) have lost their fight to stop the errection of the monopoles. No-body within the vicinity of the poles were advised. The local newspaper has indicated it is now a done deal. The council said they were not aware of this until recently, but they had correspondence from SP-Ausnet as far back as last year. How is it that “we” the people have elected the council members and our government and yet our voice and democratic rights are simply toe squashed into the dirt without so much as advice/vote?? How can we simply sit and do nothing about this? Could you please advise if there is anything we can do to stop the poles being erected? I have refused the meter and to date, have not been contacted. I feel quite ill in many area with wirless technology and the symptoms are horrible. I will not force this upon my child and children in the future due to the fact that irresponsible, money hungry government and their new best friends (the electro Cos.) have no concience, nor the intellect to see that the emissions are catasrophic. I want to know why other countries overseas are allowing consumers to revert back to analogue? I want to know why I will not get a written guarantee that the technology is 100% safe and will not cause ill-effects. I am sure the government back in the 50s and 60s were so in touch with the effects of smoking that they advocated this. The same with many other cancer causing things. How can we as a small minority be heard? We need help here and fast!

    • Freedom Rules says:

      The technology isn’t safe at all and they disregard all our efforts to point it out to them, and make us live near these monstrous structures knowing full well that we are opposed to wireless pollution they create. The symptoms I experience when nearby any of those towers proves to me that they are very bad for anyones health…. headaches, dizziness and anxiety within minutes and I just can’t be around them at all – Is this fair?? I too ask “Where is the intelligence and common sense around these issues affecting more and more of the general public?” Councils seem to have absolutely no regard for citizens rights and there is just not enough being done to protect people from more harm in the future – no wonder cancer rates are soaring. I would much rather prevent it than cure it, thanks!

  9. Terry says:

    You would think the power supply companies would be more wary of Class Actions into the future. I’m keenly watching the outcome of the current Class Action against SP-AUSNET that’s before the courts. A victory for the Black Saturday victims here could see a big change of attitude to Smart Meters and their affects on the populace.

  10. Elke says:

    A wonderful decision for Dr. McDonald who has waited decades for his hypersensitivity to EMR to be acknowledged as a very real illness. Hoping now a precedent has been set here in Australia that all of us who experience sensitivity to our increasingly enforced exposure to ‘electro smog’ in all its forms, will have our symptoms taken seriously at last. To all those who think us ‘bonkers’ for complaining, the old Spike Milligan tombstone quote springs to mind – “I TOLD you I was ill” !!

  11. Allan Havill says:

    Immediately after the installation of a smart meter mid 2012, my 35 year old wife developed a lump on the side of her neck and complained of headaches that developed in to an aggresive, life threatening, lympoma cancer. The readings in the room she was sleeping in went from 3 milligaus before the installation to over 38 milligaus after the installation. I recorded both milligaus and RT readings before and after because we already knew there were dangers attached to this technology. These high readings started around 6.30pm every evening. After many complaints to Power Corp they still refused to do anything about it. Their final solution last October was: “Well move her to another room right away”! Even the room’s of our children had high readings. To escape that environment we were forced to move house.

    • Pam says:

      Allan – How are you guys going??? Being forced to move when your wife was ill is discusting. I feel for you and your Family and the Family that have now moved into your old home. Did you have to leave the State?

      Get a Solicitor and take the bastards to Court. The stories that are being put on this Website about the plight of so many many people falling ill and having their lives turned upside down makes me physically sick. I have two friends who are adversly affected by EMR and their lives are ruined. EMR will affect all of us eventually, if Governments persist with this Roll-out.

      Register your wifes’ health issue with SSMA HEALTH REGISTER. You will find the information to the Right of the Posts- “Health Issues and Adverse effects of Smart Meters” Lets’ all know how you are please. Best of Luck…Pam “-)

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said, Pam. I too have difficulties in America and thank God every day for Josh Hart, and all those across our Country fighting for many of ill folk. Really. God Bless.

        • EMF Refugees says:

          People being made ill by Irresponsible Government Policy – is beyond belief! Letting corporations get away with murdering their own customers is CRIMINAL. May they all be brought to JUSTICE – The sooner the better for the world our children stand to inherit one day. FREEDOM FOR ALL…!!!

  12. Pam says:

    At long last EMR is acknowledged as a Disease. Dr. McDonald has suffered years of Sensivity and I feel for him. Interesting to see Skin Complaints amongs a heap of other things. I don’t have a SMART METER but am surrounded by them. My skin has been acting up just like Dr. McDonalds’. Just spent over $40.00 on tablets and cortisone Creams (2 trips to the Doctor). I feel for Dr. McDonald, he has been to hell and back. Hope he gets a million dollars in Compensation. Good Luck Dr. McDonald. ……….. Cheers Pam 🙂

  13. peterrocker says:

    No doubt our Stalinist masters will trot out the usual official misinformation rubbish to say that it will never happen to the general public.
    I doubt if Doctor Dennis, our new Premier, will be any different to his predecessors.

  14. I’ve already had a Smart Meter installed & so have the other 2 properties too & so far, there have been no problems.

    • Pam says:

      Some people can be lucky, for others it is a nightmare…..Cheers Pam 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      So far …

      But that will change in time … prevention is better than cure …

    • Mary Flo Free says:

      Not everyone experiences symtoms immediately, often with cancer there is a 7 – 10 year latency period (Asbestos has a 37 year latency period). A film to watch, which won 2012 Best Documentary ‘Resonance – Beings of Frequency’ is available @ or from The Age documentaries. It is our individual responsibility to be sufficiently informed on the issue of EMF , in ALL it’s forms, so that we are able to make the right decisions for ourselves; our children & future generations.

    • Eric says:

      And I hope you never do Deborah but just because there are some who seemingly are not feeling any immediate ill effects doesn’t mean that it will remain that way in the future. I very genuinely feel concerned that with the passage of time, as the cumulative effects of continuous ongoing exposure increases there are going to be many who are going to become victims of what I believe to be a totally immoral decision to roll these wireless communications (mini phone tower) devices out on every single property. There is an increasing amount of research coming out now that supports this. How do you ignore such research ? Just play ostrich ????

      While it may not be immediately and entirely clear exactly who and how people are effected or are going to be affected by EMR exposure from smartmeters, what remains perfectly clear is that any claim made by the government and the power utility companies saying that so called smartmeters are safe is a bogus claim on their part. There is no conviction, integrity, belief or knowledge of proven truth on their part when they open their mouths and with “straight face” make such claims but their claims are made only to facilitate their own vested financial interests in rolling the meters out. If they actually had any genuine care for the wellbeing of people, then they would actually be listening to the many concerns that are out there and displaying a duty of care to the populace rather than being disingenuous with their pathetic NON responses that they make to a concerned public that they have absolutely no regards to and just treat and think of them as collateral damage. Yes Jemena, you’ve given us the option of moving state haven’t you ?

      Can someone tell me what’s wrong with a plain old electricity meter to measure electricity usage ? Oh yes if it’s not too much to ask, could you also make that the good old proven safe variety. Oh no no no, we can’t have that can we ????

      If comes down to it, I say you can just stick your electricity. The govt and the utility companies deserve to go to the dogs AND THEY WILL.

      • Mel S says:

        Yes, where is the duty of care to customers concerns?? Eric – I wholeheartedly support all that you say here, very well said indeed!

      • Pam says:

        Eric – It is an accepted disease now mate. Yes!!!!!!! EMR it will probably get us all in the future, if the ROLL-OUT IS NOT STOPPED IMMEDIATELY. I support everything you have commented on and what I can’t understand is why fix something that is not broken and that is safe and has been around for years and years. THIS GOVT BOTH STATE AND FEDERAL need to take a step backwards , do more research before they play GOD. I wouldn’t trust any one of them …..they have SOLD THIS COUNTRY OUT FROM UNDER US. They give mega bucks to all the overseas countries in AID, while the Aussie Battler battles on a mere pitence. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME – and it is about time the GOVT. REALISED THIS and stopped treating us like idiots. WE WILL HAVE THE LAST LAUGH I AM CONVINCED OF THAT…………….never give in……Cheers Pam 🙂

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Hi Eric,
        You are spot on there with these comments.

      • 1vimana1 says:

        Well said Eric,
        This dopey Liberal Party Victorian Government is just like the past also dopey Victorian Labor Government hand in glove with these Chinese and Singapore Owned Corporate Bullies and thugs of PowerCor and City Power and SP AusNet and United Energy Distribution using Evil and Intididatory tactics on their Victorian Customers and all for Filthy Lucre.

        These Corporate Bullies don’t “Give A Rat’s Arse about their customers’ health or well being. These Corporate Crooks and this also Corporate Run Victorian Government is only interested in Cow-Towing to China and Singapore who are its real Masters. This is a Bloody Disgrace and this Victorian so-called Liberal Party Government needs to be flung out of Power as soon as is possible and a new Victorian Government needs to be drawn up by the Victorian People for the Victorian People. Kick out the Victorian Labour Party too, for they are just as useless and have sold us all down the creek without a paddle.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      Good. I’m glad to hear it, but keep alert, these things are cumulative and I believe some people are quickly affected while others are slower to notice any effects. It may be that some people are not affected at all. That’s great for them if so. There is so much electrical activity around us all the time I think we are more affected than we think and that many things could be caused by this.

      • 1968 ... A Good Yr! says:

        True, Cedar. Like unexplained anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts and substance abuse in young people. Too much EMR surrounding us nowadays, it is everywhere – no respite.

  15. Rik says:

    This is great news.
    This should start the lawsuits against the electricity companies for installing these damn devices.
    I dont know where i would even start as i dont have a smart meter, its the neighbours meters that are causing me so much trouble.

    • Pam says:

      Rik – If we are patient all good things come to those who wait. I don’t have one either, but all my neighbours have the rotten things – I am surrounded by them – hope they get rid of the lot of them and replace them with the safe annalogue meters. Again what is that going to COST????? …. Cheers Pam 🙂

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