No action by MP over smart meter concerns – The Courier

On Friday December 14, 10 concerned members of the public, including myself, had a meeting with MP Geoff Howard at his electoral office in Ballarat to voice concerns to him over the smart meter rollout.

Mr Howard finally admitted that smart meters are not compulsory for the public to accept and that they are only optional. This information from Mr Howard was not forthcoming while he had the impression that the group at the meeting thought that smart meters were compulsory. Not until it was made blatantly clear to him that some of the group knew the truth that he then admitted it.

Over 30 concerned members of the public also had a meeting back in July 2010 with Mr Howard, together with the former Labor Energy Minister Peter Batchelor over the same issues.

Large amounts of credible evidence was made available to Mr Howard on smart meter microwave pulsing radiation causing adverse health problems, smart meter fires, security problems, surveillance issues and sharp rises in costs of electricity.

I asked Mr Howard at last Friday’s meeting what action he has taken since that meeting nearly two and a half years ago to solve these problems and prevent the unfolding smart meter disasters, but Mr Howard admitted that he has done nothing about it, and still does not seem keen to do anything.

Once again, a person of influence has let the public down. The public are left on their own to try to protect themselves and their property.

Padlock your meterbox.




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29 Responses to No action by MP over smart meter concerns – The Courier

  1. AnnODyne says:

    I read every word of the printed material supplied and saw what is obviously the REAL reason for the expense of giving us a replacement for the OFF PEAK meters we all used to have – the ‘smart’ meters can be READ REMOTELY. Meter readers can now look for another job. Good luck.

  2. Sally says:

    I sent a letter to PowerCorp and the Minister. Received letter back from PowerCorp telling me they had legal right to enter and install meter. A few days later I received notification that PowerCorp was coming to install meter between 9th and 2nd Jan. I have signs up and have now locked meter box. The Govt. will never make the meters compulsory because then they would have to pay compensation to all the people who will sue them for damages for ill health down the track. Instead they will bully, scare and coerce the public, most of whom can’t stand up to them – and they will encourage the power companies to do the same. But the govt. will avoid legal responsibility for compensation because they didn’t legislate to make it “compulsory”. Disgusting, dishonest behaviour but unfortunately typical when vast sums of money are involved.

    • Pam says:

      Sally – I agree with everything you have said. Money speaks all languages. They will NEVER MAKE ME INSTALL A SMART METER. I feel for the folk who are ill and the elderley who can’t stand up for themselves. NEVER GIVE IN TO THEM ……..CHEERS PAM 🙂

      • Sally says:

        Thanks Pam, I have no intention of giving in. I hope Ronald (comment below) is wrong about smart meter installers using bolt cutters and angle grinders. Horrifying.

    • Ronald Tan says:

      You have the same problem as me sally I live in Navigators and powercor did exactly the same to me as you have stated despite the 2 letters of refusal of consent now the signs are up and the meterbox is not only locked but screwed shut I will also be chaining the gate. If you have a big vehicle you don’t use all the time and the meterbox is in the carport or somewhere where you can drive right up to it park it in such a way that access to it is completely blocked and put a sign on your vehicle stating why it is done so that they the smart meter installer is notified. I don’t know what they will do but I have heard that powercor smart meter installers can be pretty determined and carry bolt cutters and cordless angle grinders. At least they have been silly enough to give me the dates when they will come to try to install the smart meter be aware that they will try to work outside of those dates to catch you off guard keep the gate and meterbox locked even after they fail to install the smart meter within those dates.

      • Sally says:

        I am horrified to hear about the angle grinder and bolt cutters Ronald (we are in Napoleons) – surely it would be breaking and entering if they did that? I can’t block access with the driveway. This whole thing is beyond belief. I hope all goes well Ronald and you stay smart meter free.

        • Ronald Tan says:

          Its been a few days since powercor gave me the dates about when they were going to install my meter from 3 to 17th jan between 7.30 am to 5 pm and they said they may work outside of those scheduled times to keep to rollout schedule but my gate was chained and the meterbox secured during all that period except when we entered or left our property they didn’t have a hares hoot of being able to sneeak in and whack a smart meter in and so far they have respected my signs on the gate make sure TRESPASS MEANS TRESPASS AND YOU MEAN BUISNESS! Yes the thought of them the installers with bolt cutters and angle grinders is scary but I heard that story from Castlemaine where a friend of mine knew of a smart meter installer who armed themselves with these tools to break open locked meter boxes . Thats why you are asked to photograph your meterbox locked with the signs on them so if its broken into you have a case against powercor for breaking and entering and the evidence to prove it in court make sure you use a film camera as digital photos are not admissable evidence in court I am told unfortunately. I guess it depends on the type of smart meter installer and how determined he is to rack up the installation count for powercor verses respecting the wishes of the property owners .But if you make yourself clear that you will not under any circumstances accept a smart meter they usually back off the larger and more proffesional your anti trespass and anti smart meter signs are the more they are likely to be scared off by possible litigation its psychological warfare between them and us so keep up the determination.

    • Ashley says:

      I suspect you are barking up the correct tree, Sally. I envisage in years to come the government will declare a scapegoat for resultant increased illness rates. Our government seems further thinking still, currently building a fifty million dollar cancer treatment center here in Ballarat (for their mates to make a swag of cash applying treatments). Just a pity they don’t spend a cent on prevention, such as advising the public to avoid things like Smart Meters, etc.

      • smart sister says:

        You’re right Ashley. I believe that all wireless technology is harmful, especially to children whose bodies absorb twice as much radiation. When will the public wake-up to the big sell? Probably when it is too late, unfortunately. The incidence of cancer has become far too widespread nowadays for it not to be connected to these addictive technologies, even the digital TV has its problems…

  3. Pam says:


  4. 1vimana1 says:

    To Ashley,
    I’d say that the likes of “Realist” are people who are very likely getting paid big money in their back pockets by the Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies and their Nefarious Like Minded Nefarious Powers who don’t give a Tinker’s Cuss about Victorians Health or Safety or whether Victorians’ homes get burned down, as has already happened in Northcote a suburb of Melbourne and other places in Melbourne Suburbs. I say. ” A POX ” on all parties trying to force these dangerous Microwave Smart Meters onto a now very worried and highly anxious Victorian Public.”

    • How it is says:

      I agree with you on that one – these people who come out in defence of the smart meter disaster here in Victoria are desperate to have their say, but aren’t really saying much we haven’t heard before. There is no denying the suffering of health complaints that now plague previously healthy individuals, there is no denying the power surges, exploding meterboxes, short-circuited appliances and fires to houses as a result of this roll-out and there is also no denying that ever since installation, many people have seen their power bills double and even triple in size. Anyone who would stand in defence of such serious concerns ( that are actually based on factual evidence) is a complete nutter, who is only interested in their own personal vendetta against the people of Victoria.

  5. Bren says:

    Hi out there…has anyone checked out what is happening in Alfredton, Ballarat suburb, to do with frequent power failures and possums carrying the blame. I dont live in Alfredton but my possums have never tampered with my meter box or meter—what is going on. Read of this possum issue in Monday last Courier 24 December…..

    • How it is says:

      Why blame the poor possum for this when we already know who is at fault ? There’s always a scapegoat when it comes to cover-ups.

      • Pam says:

        All these “Cover-ups” should be uncovered ASAP. As you said why blame the possums!!!!!….. This nonsence has got to stop – Who are thery going to blame next????? Every morning the News features another unexplained house – factory fire. We NEVER HEAR WHAT CAUSES THESE FIRES.

        WE still are not sure what caused our Telstra Building to burn to the ground here in Warrnambool. It was a nightmare – no landlines, computers, mobiles. from 22/11 for over 3 weeks. Some mobiles were restored by the following Saturday (mine was, but that was all I had). Our whole town had calls being diverted to private optus/telstra mobiles. Think we are all back on now. Telstra guys worked 24/7 to restore services. “:Food for thought” ???

        Cheers Pam 🙂

  6. Pam says:

    Good on you Wendy……Maybe Mr. Howard should PUT UP OR SHUT UP – He is speaking with a “forked tongue”. Remember this name at the next Election and don’t Vote for him. As Michael says – If Mr. Howard says SMART METERS are not Compulsory and we do have an option. – WHY WON’T HE PUT IT IN WRITING????? We seem to be taking one step forward and three steps backwards. These so called Politicians are playing with us and it has to STOP…………………..PAM

    • Ashley says:

      I would hope it is obvious to most by now that politicians can be unreliable when it comes to looking after the well being of it’s constituents – to put things very mildly!

      What if the workers or contractors of these companies where prepared to say “NO” too!? Obviously the money trail is too strong for that to seem a reality just now but the workers are one of us too. If I could, on behalf of people-power I would in turn be employing anyone who lost their job making such a stance.

      As public knowledge and momentum of such tyranny grows then the control these companies have (including control over politicians) begins to crumble. It is us, the public, who make the electricity, connect and disconnect, bill the customers, pay the bills and install the Smart Meters.

      As I eluded to it’s not the quick fix just now but I comment because the thought should not be lost hold of. IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO (CAN/SHOULD OR MISTAKENLY ALLOW OTHERS TO) RUN THE WORLD, NOT BIG BUSINESS & POLITICIANS.

  7. 1vimana1 says:

    This man who calls himself a ‘Realist ‘ seems to be working for these Foreign Owned but Victorian based Electric Power Companies with the Minister for Power in Victoria complicit in constantly lying to us Victorians in stating that the Microwave Smart Meters are Compulsory.

    The truth is that these so-called but now proving to be.”dangerous Microwave Meters” are not Compulsory, as no law has been yet passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament to make these Meters Compulsory. Even if this Incumbent Governmet wanted to make these dangerous Microwave Smart Meters Compulsory, they would need the backing of the Labour Party to get such a now proving to be dopey Law through both houses of the Victorian Parliament. The fact is, that both the World Charter of Human Rights signed in 1948 in England to which Australia and the free Counries of Earth have also signed this Bill of Human Rights and the fact that the Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006, actually protects you from being forced to take a Dopey Microwave Smart Meter against your Will and Better Judgement.

    Therefore Dear Victorians just padlock your Electric Meter Boxes which you own against this great deception being pedaled by this Victorian Government and these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies and only unlock your Meter Box for the Meter Read Man to read when he calls and rings your door bell. Then relock it pronto as I do. This makes the Meter Reader Man very happy as I am helping him keep his JOB.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is not enough that smart meters be stopped.

      The people that have thus far derailed many many lives MUST BE MADE TO PAY A PRICE for what they have done, each and every one of them that is complicit in this roll-out.

  8. jo says:

    does not surprise me with these MPs but it is reassuring to know the TRUTH! Standing firm & keeping the meterbox securely locked.

  9. Ian Hill says:

    Good on you Wendy. Your pro- active initiatives against the roll out of Smart Meters are an inspiration.. Good on Stop Smart Meters Australia for being a Forum for the people.
    People of influence – (politicians!)- the ones we put in power, are good at letting us down when the pressure on them to conform to directives coming from higher up ,are stronger than any loyalty they might have had towards we, the common people. Dont lose heart on this because there is power in the will of the people! And that is a very powerful force indeed.
    This Smart Meter roll out gives us cause to ponder the dynamics of power as it is played out across our Civic/Political landscape. It appears Victorians are being majorly lied- to by State Politicians who are basically treating the Citizenry with complete and utter contempt.The transparency of these lies,,augmented by their methods of bluff and intimidation, is something that the public at large should see through very soon . Hopefully they will. It is becoming more obvious ,the discrepancy between what they say (Michael O Brien rattling on about how these meters are compulsory.,not negotiable,) when the truth is, as explained by our P.M-. that they are not.

  10. Disgusted. says:

    What happens now to those who have lost their homes, appliances and health due to Smart meters being forced on them?

    • 1vimana1 says:

      To Disgusted,
      The answer to this is to get your Common Class Actions underway with Lawyers to cover your health issues and your justified anger. I would say. “ See your most trusted Lawyer and get his advice first on how you can sue those people responsible for firstly ……..Taking your perfectly Safe and Passive Analogue Meter and forcing a now proving to be Dangerous Microwave so-called Smart Meter upon you against your Will and Better Judgement. Don’t forget to keep a copy of all your medical bills incurred after your Analogue Electric Meter/s was takenN from you and keep a list of the Medical and Medicines Bills you have incurred as well, for full recompense when your LAWYER and you drag these parties into Court to get the PANTS sued off every one of them. This is what you must do to be fully monetarily recompensed.

  11. Lois says:

    Too late for me ! My husband allowed the fitting of a Smart Meter while I was out, and against my express wishes …. what can you do ????

    • Pam says:

      Lois – was your boxed locked???? Did you have signs displayed?????? Someone else had that happen to them would have to go back and look for it. Personally I would write (Registered Letter and pay extra for Notificatioin it has been received). to whoever installed it and and ask them to remove it as soon as possible) as it making you very ill. If you had the Signs displayed – they were tresspassing on your Property,,,,,,, Anyone got any suggesstions to help Lois?????????????? Good Luck… Pam 🙂

      • Mimi says:

        Your husband now has to live with the consequences of his being too weak-willed to stand up to the installers. I would be livid if it were me in that position… doghouse for sure! Don’t give up though and best of Luck.

  12. michael says:

    This statement is critical to the legitimacy of the campaign against the installation of smart meters-“Mr Howard finally admitted that smart meters are not compulsory for the public to accept and that they are only optional”. What documentation is available to back up this statement?

  13. Terry says:

    ‘Realist’ sounds like a member of the ‘Greens’ party. Personally I’d rather be classified as a ‘Nimby’.

    • Ashley says:

      I doubt the likes of ‘Realist’, etc are genuine members of the public. Most likely they will be deliberate propaganda artists.

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