Calling for some smart meter clarification | The Courier

It was interesting to read in The Courier December 20, 2012, that the Minister for Energy and Resources, Michael O’Brien has sought to clarify any health concerns about smart meters.

I think we do need some clarification.

At the “Victorian Stop Smart Meter Forum”, November 25, 2012. Building Biologist Nicole Bijlsma, author of Healthy Home Healthy Family, speaking of the effects of smart meters’ electro magnetic radiation levels, said “our children are the canaries in the mine”.

In The Border Mail, October 17, 2012, another Building Biologist Narelle Haw said, concerning health and smart meters, – the medical profession is saying there is definitely “a correlation, especially for brain tumours, sperm count and blood barrier cross over”.

The W.H.O. International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio frequency electro magnetic fields under category 2B, possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Common sense would suggest that we need less radiation in our homes, not more.

These meters are controversial items that we don’t need. We should refuse these superfluous meters.

If they are already in place, we should have the right to have them replaced with an analogue or non-wireless meter.


Central Ballarat

via Calling for some smart meter clarification | The Courier.


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13 Responses to Calling for some smart meter clarification | The Courier

  1. John Wilson says:

    Hello All.
    I keep reiterating that forcing smart meters on to the public is illegal.
    It breaches the Commonwealth Constitution; Commonwealth Weights and Measures Act, The Commonwealth Crimes Act; it also breaches the Trade Practices Act, as the Power companies are no longer Public Utilities but private companies owned internationally. The breach here is that they are using their powers as monopolies to force goods and services on the public that neither ordered nor wanted them.
    Until this is understood fully, these corporations will continue to sell our lands, resources and other assets to other countries or companies. In many instances, this revenue is being transferred to shelf companies registered off shore.

  2. Cedar Wilde says:

    What you say about not needing any more radiation in our homes is so true. Obvious to us but uncomfortable to the people who are promoting “Smart” meters. We definitely should have the option of having them removed. Many people are not being told that the lethal things are going to be installed and only find out after the fact. Most people are so innocent about it all and some I’ve spoken to say “Well you can’t do anything about it if the government wants to do it they will”. Which just shows what people think about government. We are all sheep to be led to the slaughter! Well not me!

  3. Melbourne Mum says:

    Well said Ursula. this is an ongoing nightmare for many Victorians currently living with smart meters either on their homes or those nearby. Our children’s health should be of the utmost importance and appropriate testing has clearly not been done. I am disgusted by the lack of concern shown by the government and would consider moving state to protect my family as these people pushing the smartmeters couldn’t care less about anyone, only profit. I also don’t believe many doctors have our best interests in mind and we clearly need all of them to stand up for us, stop denying there is a problem with wireless, and get the wifi out of our schools like they have done in Europe. We really are such a totally ‘backward’ nation when it comes to standards for EMF and Radiation as well as governments making stupid decisions that affect us all on such a personal level. Had enough of being dictated to that is for sure!

  4. dI says:

    I will never give up having it removed as I am electro sensative and thought i was having a stroke.. I have done some work and realized how things are run.. err I mean not run.. no caring. I am getting fillings removed those old ones to see if i can cope with all the wi fi around better but the point is Australia is asleep…the people of Australia are asleep.. not sure what to say about the ones in power.. better not start.

  5. Mike says:

    These dumbmeters benefit nobody but the electricity companies they should be resisted with vigour, send the installer packing I did havent seen him since

    • Anonymous says:

      They will be back … when you least expect it …
      You MUST lock your meter box to protect your old meter from being removed, especially when you are not home to protect it.

  6. Pam says:

    Ursula – We are already aware of the above information (Thanks for getting this information published) – It is a pity Minister O’Brien wasn’t more aware. How long is it going to take him to “Clarify” that Smart Meters are making people ill?? and replace them all with SAFE ANALOGUE METERS???? He and Premier Bailleau – I am told, were invited to the Forum on 25/11/2012 and they both declined. They could have heard how SMART METERS affect people first hand. They may even have shed a tear, because I did.
    Time will tell.
    Don’t trust him sorry – or any Politician – they couldn’t careless about us.

    Everyone LOCK YOUR BOXES AND DISPLAY YOUR SIGNS……………………..Cheers — Pam 🙂

  7. simmo says:

    People are missing a big point here,the Government stand to make big bucks out of smart meters,Large political donations for helpful members,huge profits for the backers,who stand to make over a quarter of a billion dollars on the roll out. FOLLOW THE MONEY do some research, it will open your eyes and shock you. MONEY MONEY GREED GREED AND YOU PAY.

  8. 1vimana1 says:

    Dear Ursula Calderone,
    Please see The World Charter of Human Rights 1948 to which England and America and all the free countries of the world are co-sigantors, as well as every state in Australia including Victoria. Under this Human Rights Charter no Private Industry or body or Government Body or Semi Government Body or Anyone can force you to accept any goods or services of any kind against your will and better judgement if you even suspect that said goods or services may damage your health in any way at all. See also The Victorian Charter of Human Rights 2006, this also gives you the same protection as in the World Charter of Human Rights 1948. These two Charters of Human Rights are there to stop you from being forced to take a Microwave Smart Meter against your Will and Better Judgement.

    Simply padlock your Electric Meter box with a stout Industrial Padlock and get up your two Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act Notices (1900- 1901 and still current Anti Trespass Signs ) which forbid anybody trespassing on your property. The only people allowed on your property are the Electric Meter Reader Man and anyone who has your express written permission.

    Firmly attach one of these signs on your front gate or your fence and the other one on your Electric Meter Box which you own and not these LYING Chief Executive Officers and their Publicity Officers of these Foreign Owned Electric Power Companies. Send a Registered letter to the C.E.O of the foreign owned Electric Power Company for your area and a Registered Copy of Same to the Victorian Minister for Power Mr Michael O’Brien forbidding the installation of this now proven to be dangerous Microwave Smart Meter….read here not so-smart meter, which has been and still is causing many fires in Electric Meter Boxes and damage to now mounting numbers of people health from the Deadly Microwave fields of Electromagnetic Radiation emanating from these electric Smart Meters. Every one of these Electric so-called Smart Meters are now proving to be Type 2B Cancer Causing and Incendiary Meters which should be replaced immediately with the Safe and Passive Analogue Electric Meters taken by the offending foreign owned electric power Companies based here in Victoria and the entire cost to be bourn by these Careless Money Grubbing Electric Power Companies who do not give a Tinker’s Cuss about anybody’s Health Concerns or the damage that these now proving to be ACCURSED MACHINES have caused and are still causing to many peoples’ private electrical goods i.e Computers and or Printers, and or T.V’s and or Electric Kettles as well as, in a number of mounting cases……..Fusion to Fridges, that is the burning out of the fridges electric motors after the Safe and Passive Analogue

    These now proving to be ….. Dangerous so-called Type 2B Carcinogen Causing, not so smart Microwave Meters are also continuing to wreck so many peoples’ lives overseas as well. The statement by the Minister for Power in Victoria Mr Michael O’Brien that the Microwave Smart Meters ” Are MANDATORY is a LIE,” because they were never passed in both Houses of the Victorian Parliament under the Labour Party when it was in power or by this also Complicit Liberal Party Victorian Government now in power. Unless any Law is passed in both houses of the Victorian Parliament, IT IS NOT THE LAW, and to say that it is, IS A LIE.

    Remember the two Charters of Human Rights as aforesaid. If you feel that Stealing or Coercing you to give up the Proven to be Safe and Massive Analogue Electric Meter from your property, only to be forced to take a now Proving To Be Incendiary and in now so many cases Dangerous Microwave Electric Meter is against your Will and Better Judgement, then do the sensible thing and follow my and now mounting thousands of Victorian Citizens. Make sure you securely Padlock your Electric Meter Box with an Industrial Padlock you can buy at any decent Locksmiths as I did. Remember, it is you who own this Electric Meter Box on your home and or small business. These now Foreign Owned Victorian Based Electric Power Companies only own the Copper Electric Wires and the Wooden Poles and the strainers and the Insulators. Remember that you paid for your Analogue Electric Meters when Victorian Power was controlled and owned under The People of Victoria and under the Stated Electricity Commission which was then later sold by Geoff Kennett for a SONG to these Rapaciously Greedy Chinese and Singaporean Private Electricity Companies. As Mrs Janet Hogarty of PowerCor Australia said to me about a year ago.

  9. kerry says:

    Clarification and continued efforts to wind back this anathema is essential! Julia Gillard did not note the “non-compulsory” nature of installation for nothing…this leaves them faultless and able to “blame” populace who “allow” meters to be installed attempting to mitigate any liability for harm caused…well, we must not lose our drive to rid our communities of these devices and in fact, we must ramp up action to take advantage of the Federal Government stepping away from the issue (or running depending upon how we look at it). Stay strong friends and keep up the resistance!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    We have an election soon, now is the time to put the nail in the coffin so to speak and say NO!!

    We are the public, we pay the BILLS !! Gillard might be forced to make the right decision knowing she has an election looming over her head.

    We know how quick a protest can spread over facebook, look what happened over the JILL Meagher murder. If every one got on face book and refused to pay the powerbill, hit them where it hurts most, there wallet lol. I wounder how quick they might be in cancelling this role out

  11. Damaged. says:

    We had to sell our home of 22 years as a smart meter made us so sick we couldn’t live in the house. The power company admitted that approximately 6% of the population is extremely sensitive to these frquencies, but they made no provision for us. We moved interstate away from friends and family because of smart meters. I just spent 2 weeks in Melbourne visiting family for Christmas. My ears are still ringing from the meters. It is a disgrace. I am horrified to leave my loved ones there to be damaged by the meters. Class actions are happening in other countries due to smart meters making people sick, causing fires and ruining appliances. We need urgent action in Australia. Say no to these devices.

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