Within 30 minutes of installation I began to feel a severe pressure in my temples….


Just a short note on my experience as regards smart meters…

I was unlucky enough to allow installation of a smart meter to my home in July 2012.  Within 30 minutes of installation I began to feel a severe pressure in my temples as if someone had a clamp and was slowly tightening the screw. It was a very weird and unique experience and definitely unpleasant.

During the course of the next 4 days these strange symptoms were followed up by nausea and by day 4, dizziness, cloudy memory and disorientation (I couldn’t even count change). Funnily enough, after being away from home for 30 minutes or so the symptoms would alleviate and I would feel normal. On returning home the symptoms would again re-appear. Having never experienced a migraine and very rarely (like once in the last 5 years), having a headache, (lucky I know!), I was perplexed.

In desperation I troweled the internet for information. Surprisingly, entering smart meters and head pressure into Google, led me to this website. I also noticed that there was a meeting being held that week locally. By the Friday I had had an absolute gut full of feeling like crap and at the last minute decided to attend the meeting on the roll-out of these things. I listened with interest to the speakers but felt quite compelled to air my concerns after the speaker on the health effects on these things, had spoken of his experience. I told the crowd of 130 plus people of my experience following the install of the meter.

Being an open forum for all to participate, there were some pro smart meter devotees (a couple), who tried to expel the virtues of these devices but also divulged that the man was in fact an installer of the meters in our local area.

On hearing my concerns I was actively pursued by his partner who seemed quite concerned of my predicament and asked exactly where I lived. The next day I was more than happy to leave home for the weekend all the time dreading my return home. On returning home surprisingly my symptoms were non existent.

I rang my local supplier to investigate whether anything had changed and was told that the meter’s wireless connection was turned off until the roll-out was complete later on in the year. I can only surmise that although I did contact my supplier the day after installation and told them that I was sure that something wasn’t right, that I had slightly more pull in exacting some action by voicing my concerns in an open forum. If indeed that is the case, I wait anxiously to the full roll-out. The wireless component on these things, I am confident, causes a very detrimental reaction to my health and would be surprised if many others will not be affected.



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20 Responses to Within 30 minutes of installation I began to feel a severe pressure in my temples….

  1. Jen says:

    To Ken

    How can they turn off the wireless component in a smart meter, does this mean the smart can operate without wireless, and how does this happen, they have put in a smart meter in the wall oF my bedroom and I am sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, and I left my home because of this and want to go back but the Jemeni Company more or less called me a liar and said they would not remove the smart meter, I have turned it off. Would you advise me how I can have them remove the wireless component on our smart meter. I WOULD APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH Thank you Jen

  2. Freddie says:

    I bet the politicians who got us into this predicament, Mr Baillieu and Mr O’Brien foremost, if they have a smart meter at all at their property, will have it turned off!! And no-one would even know, whilst they protect their own families from the hazards they impose on ours. The very fact that things can be turned off, on, up, down without us even knowing says it all about the scandalous danger and corruption of the system itself!

  3. jayson says:

    ive been unfortunate to be unable to move and its been 18 months now , and the longer you are at home the worse it gets ive been diagnosed with Electromagnetic Hypersensivity and probarly never be able to use a mobile or lights or even a pc again . and has contributed to the loss of about 50 % vision in one eye and tinittus and insomnia , so id addvise people to stay well away from their house if one is installed . Thanks to this site otherwise i would have thought im crazy . so good work immediate action needs to be taken .

  4. Rosemary says:

    After 6 months of sleeping in our van, 3 months house-sitting and finally selling our house and going interstate, one wonders why United Energy didn’t just turn off our wireless transmitter and fix the problem!

  5. Steve says:

    Ken, it is nice to hear that they were honest about turning it off. They could have said they didn’t do anything and then you would have been stuck searching for answers.

  6. Vickie says:

    Ever feel like the world is going mad ? teens out of control, aggression, depression, anxiety and violence ,all rising, is technology contributing to this? the warnings have been around for years, all falling on deaf ears, the people here on this site are smart and this article proves it: International Doctor’s Appeal 2012 – 10 Years after Freiburg Appeal: Wireless radiation poses a health risk. Physicians demand precaution now….http://www.avaate.org/article.php3?id_article=2290

    • Pam says:

      Vicki – We have to get our Doctors here in Australia to agree. Take the Article to your Doctor ther next time you go, because I am going to take some of the more recent Posts with me the next time I go to the Doctor. I am surrounded by SMART METERS. I would like his opinion for my own Health’s sake and for that of my Grand Children etc….Cheers Pam 🙂

      • Vickie says:

        Pam, yes the more evidence we have the better, this site is so important it enables us to get more and more leverage in our fight, for all we know many of our Doctors may already share these concerns but are to afraid to speak up. I wish you all the best, we are fighters and I believe we will win this fight ..

        • Pam says:

          Vicki – see today’s Post – another one I am going to take to the Doctor. I am a fighter from way back and these people will NEVER FORCE A SMART METER ON ME. It all starts again tomorrow, where we are ‘ON ALERT’ – My late hubby was a Vietnam Vet, now I know how he felt – ALWAYS ON ALERT………Cheers…..Pam 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Just needed to get this off my chest, I have a teenage son against my will his room is full of electrical equipment, wireless router, wireless controllers and his mobile phone which he even takes to bed, over the past 18 months I have seen his grades slip, he has memory lapses, he has moments of rage and anger also depression, insomnia and anxiety, he has also been suicidal. I explained my concerns but his argument was well your generation did this and its the way it is now. I feel a failure as a parent letting this happen but it seems to be his lifeline,and I have had no success in changing things, seeing the change in my son has made me convinced that the technology and the side effects have had a very negative affect on my sons mental health. I have and will continue to object to a smart meter, I believe our Doctors have a fair idea of what is going on but it is like the secret society, they are afraid to tell the truth. mark my words, in the future there will be much more evidence of emr, emf and its affects on mental health, well being and disease and cancer.

      • Pam says:

        See today’s post. Take all this information to your Doctor. It is all way beyond me at the moment. We have to get our Doctor’s on our side……….Cheers Pam 🙂

        • Ms Rebel says:

          Yes Vickie, the world has ‘gone’ mad and not a lot makes sense anymore really. We have a right to be unhappy with the way these ego-maniacs think they can control us nowadays. We are constantly being bombarded with these frequencies whether we like it or not and there is no escape… so much for freedom hey!

        • FightingBack says:

          I have a doctor that told me she is against them that they are dangerous and need to be removed, she said she is seeing many cases of illness now possibly linked to them.
          Tell me what state doesn’t have them ? Thinking of moving.
          Why on earth do they want to infect everyone and everything, microwave towers, smart meters, chemtrails, haarp, all too much against us and yet these people are killing themselves too. David Icke and the likes told us all this a while ago and we use to think they are crazy, now they are getting big audience. Crazy as it seem they (the elite families) love doing this to us and its all about controlling you and power. These Governments in control of things are really crazy sick people that enjoy suffering.

  7. Pam says:

    Ken Thank God you did your homework and checked and found this Website. If you go back to 30/7 there is an article that you may be interested to read ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensivity – Fact or Fiction”. Another posted on 9/7/2012 – ARPANSA ” Electromagnetic Radiation Complaints Register Reporting Form”. The form can be downloaded and completed and sent to ARPANSA. Good Luck Pam 🙂

  8. FightingBack says:

    Wow, this is exactly what has happened to me recently. I was in an area where smart meters were installed and I suffered temple pressure and bad memory loss and it felt like a vice was being tightened in my head, I also seemed to have a bad temper that I never really had before.
    On moving away from that area to another area that didn’t have these “pressure meters” installed my symptoms stopped, no more pressure in the temples, I could think clearly and felt good.
    Over the last 2 weeks they have began to install these “memory loss meters” in my area of Greensborough (I managed to stop the install at our house) but the one next door is right near us and they are now installed all around our home. Since they have been put in the pressure in my temple has come back and my memory is getting bad. It is like being really stressed out but you are not in any stress in general life. Because of the pressure in the temple it makes you feel like you are under massive stress. No good. I call on the Victoria government to connect these things to cable or phone lines because THEY ARE DANGEROUS! Seriously Vic government how long do you think you will get away with this? Stop leaving the messes for the next government to fix.
    The voices of all the sick are calling out to you Ted and Michael,,,, you will answer to all your transgression !!!

    • Ms Rebel says:

      I’ve also been experiencing head pressure since they were installed around my area, but not on my home. In addition I get irritable and fatigued really quickly from the constant tension around my head. Gets worse at night, possibly due to more ‘activity’ from the signals ramping up or whatever. It is really criminal what this government is doing and I hope they bloody WAKE-UP to the truth because our health means EVERYTHING and we are not imagining these awful symptoms. They are such LIARS, the lot of ’em… not to be trusted EVER.

      • FightingBack says:

        The people that are helping smart meters actually think that they are part of the big agenda, that some how they will be remembered as a loyal servant and get a reward. They are wrong, they will not be remembered, they will get what everyone else gets and when they see their kids, loved ones or themselves getting cancer they will ask themselves what that loyalty got them. Nothing! They will need more then a wage to fix their health too.

        • Ms Rebel says:

          Isn’t it awful when you can’t even feel ‘normal’ in your own home anymore? Just because some lunatics decided it was their right to poison our environment with these DUMB inventions. The only way for me to escape at times from the effects of all the neighbours smart meters is to go down the beach and as far on to it as possible, hey presto no head aches, might set up camp there soon – thank God summer is just around the corner & I live near a beach!

  9. Epiphany says:

    Yes, my concern for you at that meeting was genuine. I don’t want to see anyone sick as you were describing. That is why I offered some information on things like microwaves, mobile phones and baby monitors etc

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