Smart meter objections to councils – Frankston Times

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5 Responses to Smart meter objections to councils – Frankston Times

  1. 1vimana1 says:

    Well done Frankston Councillors and others,
    I must add though that any further roll-out of these so-called Smart Meters………….read very dangerous and illness causing meters must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. Those of us who are suffering from these truly Illness making machines know that they are continuing to make people very sick indeed, so the best thing to do is to get all of these so-called Smart Meters removed from everybody’s Electric Meter Boxes immediately and at the cost to these uncaring foreign owned Victorian Power Companies expense. These Dangerous Devices must be replaced with the good older fashioned Passive and Safe Analog Electric Meters stolen by these Five aforementioned Electric Power Companies ………….PowerCor Australia Ltd. CitiPower. Jemena. United Energy and SP Ausnet.

    At no time when the Victorian Labour Government was in Power or this present Liberal led Ted Baillieu Government had the Smart Meters ever been passed into LAW by both the Upper and the Lower Houses of Parliament.

    These so-called Smart Meters are of no benefit to the Victorian Electricity Customers or Consumers. These so-called Smart Meters or in truth deadly dangerous Type 2B Cancer or Carcinogen Causing Meters only Monetarily benefit these Greedy foreign owned Victorian Electric Power Companies and leave an ongoing trail of unhappy and seriously medically damaged electricity customers in their wake, and in many cases serious damage to many private and small business customers electrical equipment, such as T.V’s and or fridges and or computers and or printers etc.
    To all Victorian Electricity Customers. …….
    1. Padlock your Electricity Meter Boxes immediately with a good strong or Industrial Padlock.
    2. Get up your Anti Trespass and Legal Notices with the $167,000.00 fine against all trespassers and especially the Smart Meter Installer Men. Put one sign firmly affixed to your front gate or fence and the other on the Electric Meter Box Lid.
    Please note…………..Just the Anti Trespass Signs alone will not stop the sneaky Smart Meter Installer Men from taking your Safe and Passive Analog Meter and forcing a Dangerous Smart Meter on your property. Your must firsly padlock your Electric Meter Box as aforementioned with a stout or Industrial Padlock.

  2. Pam says:

    It will probably end up like Thalidomide and like many things they say are GOOD for us all. I feel sometimes we are being used as guinea pigs when Governments and the people who Control this Country don ‘t seem to give a DAM ABOUT US. It may be 10-15 years down the track when the effects of SMART METERS on peoples’ HEALTH is recognised. DON’T GIVE IN and tell any Installers to LEAVE YOUR PROPERTY IMMEDIATLEY. …………..Pam

  3. Informed Choice says:

    Ignorance and deliberate denial will only work for a short time, and delay the inevitable! Keep an eye out for those sneaky installers and support your neighbours because this country needs to stand up against Total Control and Dictatorship NOW. Well done councillors!!!

  4. Cedar Wilde says:

    I am tired of hearing that the problem is ONLY confined to 3% of individuals who are sensitive to these meters. If you are one of the 3% you are not likely to be impressed by that statement, also the emissions are cumulative so in fact a great many more people will be impacted as they accumulate them. It may be a small percentage who are immediately effected but a large percentage in the “fullness of time” as they say!

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