Declared “exempt” from smart meter installation


Correspondence to Stop Smart Meters Australia….

“Registered letters to SP AusNet have had no effect…we received a THIRD letter, this one stronger than the others, and with a date of installation. Honestly, if I hadn’t done research, I would have “caved in” to the “fear tactics!” Thanks to the information I’ve been given via the Smart Meter meetings, I KNOW that neither the electrical companies NOR the government have the right to force us to have this meter on our house.

In the letter is stated that IF the installers were not to be given clear access to the meter, to call ELECTRIX on 1-300-961-833. I was asked WHY I didn’t want to have the Smart Meter installed. When I explained that I’m recovering from Adrenal Fatigue, and am concerned that the extra load of EMR’s would tax my immune system, I was given another no. to call: 1-300-360-795, and told to press: options no. 2, no.1 and no.3. The man I spoke to seemed “familiar” with such requests, and calmly advised me to simply have a letter sent to them, written by my GP, to the following address : SPI Electricity Pty Ltd., Locked Bag 38004, Southbank, Victoria 3006.

That’s it…I was told that our property would be declared “exempt” from installation!”

[However, our correspondent still has her meter box locked with a window cut out for the meter reader]


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38 Responses to Declared “exempt” from smart meter installation

  1. I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind of clever work
    and exposure! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.

  2. Anonymous says:

    We have an additional problem with the “Smart Metre” disaster. In January this year we had Solar Panels installed on the roof to lower our costs for electricity. Our analogue metre is only a couple of years old and as all of the above health issues are of great concern, we do not wish to have a Smart Metre. Our box is padlocked with a window installed for ease of reading, but now AGL and SP Ausnet are demanding that it has to be re-configured because of the solar panels. We don’t want the measly 8cents per KW for the feed in tarrif but just what was promised – cheaper electricity. Nell.hjandco

  3. Anonymous says:

    under a 1998 ruling in the high court these people do not have the right to enter
    your property without your consent.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont want a smart meter.they are a waste of tax payers money.Its alright for the mob down parliment but they force us to have it.

  4. Garry says:

    While my neighbourhood becoming a microwave energy swamp does trouble me too, we all should not overlook that criminals will (and overseas, University bods [], HAVE BEEN able to) tap into the networks and figure out REMOTELY when we are home or out. Sure sounds like a perfect tool to plan your house and business burglaries, isn’t it. I won’t be allowing a smart meter because of this either.

  5. michael is most ignorant and pig headed to protect his false opinions and beliefs against all those intelligent informed aware people on this site who truly do have a very good grasp and knowledge of the real harm and truth of smart meters. u don’t belong here and r a real time waster getting sensible aware people having to explain every detail 2 u! yr motive and intentions are clear. u do not wish to learn and contribute to the truth expressed here, but only to antaganise those here for yr own sick twisted revenge. To all others here of good will and intentions; i request that u stop wasting yr precious time and energy and good insights , on replying at all to michael. no response is best. don’t give him any energy at all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jemena Citipower Powercor SP Ausnet and United Energy and their Mandators


    A heavy price is going to be paid for all this harm that you are causing !!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1vimana1 says:

      Dear Anonymous,
      I spoke very politely and carefully to one of the Little Lads at Service Stream yesterday afternoon. This is only one of the Contracted Microwave Installer Companies putting in the Microwave Smart Meters for United Energy Distribution.
      I asked him, ( Name withheld so he is not sacked)
      ” Could you please let me speak to your boss of Service Stream regarding the installation of the Microwave Smart Meters.”
      ” Sorry Sir, he said but he is at a meeting.”
      “Oh, I replied, what bad luck, well I’d like to tell you a few home truths as to how not only Service Stream, your company, but every one of these Foreign Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies and this COMPLICIT Victorian Government is actually breaking the law is so many ways.”
      ” Oh, how’s that,” he said in great surprise. I spelled it out in Point Form by stating that it has never been passed under the past Labour John Brumby Government or the present Ted Baillieu Government AS LAW, that every home owner and small business in Victoria must allow a Smart Meter to be installed on their property.

      I then mentioned that he should look up the “ Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsabiaties Act 2006 ” on his computer when he gets home, for in this act and in the various clauses therein, it is made crystal clear that to harass and bully anybody to accept any good/s or service of any kind which includes a Smart Meter in this case, is a Criminal Act, for which you personally or the company trying to force someone to accept such a device of service can be punished severely by THE COURT by having to pay a massive fine or fines and possible IMPRISONMENT. This seemed to get him rather worried from his further questioning me.
      I think he got my message LOUD AND CLEAR.

  7. Steve says:

    Reading my multi-part post I realised that I may be giving the false impression that AM/FM RF is safe and Mobile phones are un-safe particularly when I was indicating the different frequency ranges, penetration and intensity (Part 3). I want make it clear that this is not the case. As I mentioned in my earlier response continuous waves (AM/FM signals) appear to be less harmful than pulsed RF (mobile phones) but this does not mean AM/FM signals are harmless. There are Epidemiological Studies showing that even AM/FM RF can cause cancer.

    Increased cancer incidence around * Radio/TV towers (Michelozzi 2002, Cherry 2000, Dolk 1997, Hocking 1996)

  8. Steve says:

    Response to Michael part 6

    In the near future we can expect “smart” electrical appliances that will allow them to communicate with the smart meter. This will all be done quite innocuously as way to empower yourself to save more energy. These smart devices will be programmed to work out when it is the cheapest time (lowest tariff) to operate. When this happens the power companies will be able to profile households by the types of equipment they are using and when. All seems harmless enough.
    I would then see based on the way technology is advancing to bring convenience into the home, some appliances will have interactive screens, microphones with voice recognition software for hands free control, video camera’s so that we can communicate with our family etc. The next step would be to enable these devices remotely to monitor home occupants and suddenly we have George Orwell’s 1984.

    Conflicts of interest and RF safety
    You should take a look at this website set up by Donald Maisch Phd.

    I am presently investigating all of these subjects and the more I look, the more I see that money and conflict of interest have a big part to play in muddying the water. It is looking like the “there is no proof cigarettes are harmful for your health” all over again. But don’t take it from me – do some research for yourself and see if you come to the same conclusion. Happy Reading.

  9. Steve says:

    Micheal response part 4
    “If you consume or are exposed to any substance in large enough quantities, for long enough, it will be poisonous or carcinogenic.”
    Correct, but taking low dosages continuously of poisonous substances can also be lethal
    especially if their effects are accumulative.

    “If you have your phone sitting in close proximity to you, then it is worse that the smart meter installed over the other side of your house.”
    Not if your bed, where people spend generally at least 8 hours, is right near a smart meter (yours or your neighbours). I think you will also find emissions are significantly different when comparing a phone that is in use than one that is on but not connected.

    “Also you have your phone with you all day, where as your smart meter stays at home.”
    Some people such as myself actually work from home so I am getting a dose from multiple sources.
    The Issue of Privacy
    Michael I have included a couple of links on Privacy issues that you may wish to check out.

    I had also written in my letter to the Energy Minister my privacy concerns which can be found on this site as a Letter of the week”. The question I asked was this
    “What measures will be put in place to protect the data that is harvested? By studying patterns of power usage over time personnel who have access to this data can determine whether the house is currently occupied. This information could be passed to those with criminal intentions to break in and rob residences. Such data was not available in the past before the smart meter rollout.”

  10. Steve says:

    Michael response part 3

    Now let me try to address some of your statements
    “The point I am trying to make is that people are so quick to berate smart meter installation, yet in the next breath they will use their mobile phone or jump on the office/home WiFi, or turn on their radio or TV. That is height of hypocrisy. “
    You presume too much. I do not have a wireless network at home and this was a deliberate choice. Radio and TV are continuous waves while mobile phones used pulsed emissions. Research suggests that pulsed RF energy can be more effective in producing biological effects under some circumstances than continuous wave energy of the same average incident power density. One must also look at the frequencies involved. TV and Radio range from Khz to MHz while mobile phones, smart meters, wireless LANs range are typically in the Ghz range. With respect to EHS some people report problems in a limited frequency range while others have a broader spectrum.
    “RF emission is everywhere, so you’re either for it, or against it. You can’t just pick and choose the technologies as they suit you, as in essence it’s all the same.”
    Yes but we can limit our exposure to a certain degree. It is my choice if I wish to use a mobile or a cordless phone, set up and use a wireless network. Keep in mind that the penetration of RF into the human body and thereby potentially having a biological impact is also dependent on the frequency. Also as I mentioned above distance of the source has a significant role to play.
    In the case of smart meters, we do not have a choice. I had a choice when I disabled by wireless network and set up a physical network in each of my rooms in my house. I had a choice when I chose to get rid of the Nitendo Wii which gave me headaches whenever I used it. I choose to use a land line when I need to call someone but sometimes I have no option but to use my mobile and when I do I limit the duration. These are personal choices that limit my exposure. But with the 2 smart meters that are installed on my Neighbours Garage which are right next to my bedroom and the two they want to install directly under my bedroom, I have no choice. When the smart meters in a meshed network are used to push other people’s meter data along the network then you will find that they are chatting more frequently than the said 6 times a day. Since these meters were installed in our street I have been experiencing the same symptoms that I had with my WI-FI network and mobile phone.
    EHS is real and in my case is clearly linked to RF exposure over a certain threshold, which I discovered through trial and error (personal experience). EHS has a biologic effect but whether it has a biological health impact the jury is still out (not enough is known and research is still ongoing) but common sense says that indirectly it will. One of the symptoms is insomnia. A lack of good sleep has shown to suppress the immune system making that person more susceptible to disease and infection. This is only one example. If I had more time I could give you countless more impacts.

  11. Steve says:

    Michael response part 2
    We are electrical systems so I think it would be naïve to presume that RF energies do not actually have an effect other than thermal on our nervous system and biological processes. Again there are plenty of papers on the web that discuss these kinds of interactions.
    With the announcement in 2011 by the WHO that RF frequencies (and it is not just limited to mobile phones) have been classified as a class 2B carcinogen “a causal association is considered credible, but when chance, bias or confounding cannot be ruled out with reasonable confidence.” Such statements are not made frivolously unless there was something to back it up.

    With regards to your comment about RF is all around us, you are absolutely correct. There is both natural and man-made RF permeating our environment every day. Both continuous and pulsed emissions. But as an electrical engineer you would also understand that the intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from source. So a Mobile phone Tower 1km away is going far less intense than a mobile phone at your head. I for one am sensitive to EMF (EHS) and the symptoms occur when a certain threshold is reached. Mobile phones, wireless networks and even blue tooth devices all have an effect on me when in close proximity. It is estimated between 3-5% of the population are EHS sensitive although it may be higher because there are potentially people who suffer the symptoms but are unaware of the cause. As more and more RF sources are created it is anticipated that this % will increase. I discovered my sensitivity quite by accident. I set up a wireless network at home (8 years ago) and every time I connected to it with my laptop I would get a serious headache, chest pain and a prickling sensation on my skin. These sensations did not happen immediately like turning on a light switch but would ramp up some minutes later. When I turned off my laptop the symptoms would hang around for a few hours before they completely abated. I also noticed that when I was talking on a mobile phone that I would keep swapping hands (unconsciously at first) because the side that the handset was on would ache.
    From the World Health Organisation (WHO) –
    “EHS is characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to EMF. The symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances).”

  12. Steve says:

    Response to Michael Part 1
    Michael, It sounds like you are an educated person and the fact that you indicated you are prepared to do some research if presented with references suggests you may have an open mind. So maybe there is a chance to persuade you yet. One comment though, you may be an electrical engineer but this does not necessarily make you qualified to make statements about the safety of RF. As an electrical engineer I expect you would have a good understanding of APANSA’s RF standards 3Khz-300Ghz and that the standards that supposedly protect us are based on scientific data relating to thermal effects only. There is no real consideration for non-thermal effects. There is plenty of research, especially in the last 10 years, showing that RF energies even 100 times less than what is supposedly safe by our standards appears to have biological effects. This is the big problem with our current safety standards. They are over 10 years old (originally based on ICNIRP Guidelines developed in 1998) and do not take into consideration the latest findings. Our standards are generalised at best and measure heat effects over a 6 minute period. They do not cover life time exposures and with mobile phones being only a recent phenomenon in the history of RF, they are not likely to provide adequate protection if the research on non-thermal effects prove to be true, remembering that cancers have been shown to take 20 + years to develop.
    Some good references sites to begin you pursuit of understanding. This is by no means all there is to see. Try using Google and typing “RF research non thermal effects”. There are many papers that cite the dangers of RF frequencies. is a good site as it shows research that has found effects and those that don’t.

    Click to access Santa-Cruz-Public-Health-Official-Smart-Meter-report.pdf

  13. Vera says:

    I rang the number quoted in the exemption letter, and was advised that excemptions were only valid till December until the ruling came out. I was told that if we do not have a smart meter, we will not have electricity once the system changes to the smart meter grid. I DON”T Care I am leaving my box locked and not having one. Another frustrating try, but this telephone number is not of any use, so don’t waste your time. It is just the same old spin.

    • Lets take the Power back says:

      Interesting that all the comments re “not having electricity” are being made verbally, not in writing???? Please everyone don’t phone them, if you want proof of what is being said to you, DO EVERYTHING IN WRITING- don’t take any notice of the letters you receive saying to phone them – ignore the text messages too. Send them a letter asking them for guarantees on all the things that concern you about smart meters. Come on everyone, there’s no easy quick fix, take the extra time and do it in writing.

  14. Sharron says:

    With all due respect to the author, I agree with Steve. Even if we refuse a smart meter, we are still being affected by neighbouring ones. Unacceptable and should not be required to jump through hoops as indicated by the SP Ausnet mailings. This highlights the inconsistent nature of how they are coping with customer refusals and achieves very little in my opinion. Not everyone has an existing health problem to complain to their doctor about, therefore many people simply want to opt-out for numerous ‘reasons’. And they should be able to do so without having to state their reason for refusal.. it’s a privacy thing and nobody’s business!

  15. Alex says:

    I’m Seeking contact from any residents whom reside in the City of Whittlesea who have or suspect they have health issues following the installation of a Smart Meter.
    Please contact Alex from “City of Whittlesea Smart Meter Awareness Group” on or 0402 095 961

  16. John says:

    Well i’ve declared i’m not getting their Big Brother Spy, Radiation Spewing High Costing Meter full stop. These things are not only harmful to my family but everyone else’s as well including the birds, the bees & all other animals. I wonder if anyone has alarmed the EPA for the pollution that these Surveillance Control Grid Devices release. I’d believe these deceiving Devices go against some Treaties & Conventions.

    Knowing that Australia’s Power Grid was sold of to Singapore at half price November 2010 says it all for me just as the corrupt pollies are selling of everything else here as well. I can just imagine if they get away with this crime, will I see people getting Cancer more than the 1 in 2 rate that get it now, could it hit the 100% figure. I’m sick of these politicians turning a blind eye intentionally to sell us out to the 1% Globalist Elite’s (UN) Agendas. If were to beat these Tyrannts Puppet Masters it’s gonna take a Mass Class Action of Protest to do it. For do remember that they have much if not all of the Media Mainstream in their pockets as well.

    For that win up in Gippsland with the Council or Mayor i would be wary of it as most authorities would be going to measures to put this under wraps whatever they can to cover the truth up. Maybe all it could take is just one person from the middle class with money to hopefully get happening a state wide letterbox pamthlet drop to get the word out to Wake the wider community up about this matter, well it’s just an idea. This is a fight enduring & i feel that if we lose this fight then going to prison would be no differance, so to win the key to beating them is defiance & or beating them at their own game & exposing this Technocracy they are trying to set up for their World 4 Union State.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      I agree that we need mass action and I think that we could all chip in for some pamphlets in our local area, a small donation to a publicity fund would be a small price to pay to get these devices stopped.

  17. Paul & Di McMahon says:

    Thank you for posting this……….have suffered from adrenal fatigue since 2007….will now arrange to have my GP and Naturopath send correspondence to SP Ausnet and see what the outcome will be. Keep you posted.

  18. Steve says:

    That is a good start and a small victory. I wonder if the other Power companies have a similar program? It is disappointing but also understandable why this option is not publicised.
    This measure by itself however will be insufficient if your neighbours have smart meter(s) and they are close to your property border.
    In my case I don’t have a smart meter (I continually refuse to have one installed) but my neighbour has 2 smart meters (1 for normal power and 1 for 3 phase) within 2-3 meters of my bedroom. Since they were installed around 10 months ago I have been suffering headaches, chest pain etc.

    • James says:

      Steve…I received a letter from PowerCor only a couple of days ago to inform me that they would be installing the SMeter in a few weeks. I quickly got my meter box locked up and a sign pasted on the box, saying STOP – no smart meter installed here!!!. Am getting some perspex and a hole cut out so it can be read by the meter guy. My meter box is only a few feet from my bed-head and it would be bad news knowing that I am being radiated every few seconds as i tried to sleep. Am going to get some aluminium shielding place on my walls or paint the wall with this paint called “Nu-Shield” or something like that, to block the microwave crap from entering my house. If your suffering from chest pain, headaches etc. get some of the above. There are videos on you-tube that show how good these things are. Will go to the neighbours and try and get them to do the same
      A friend has purchased a electrosmog meter. which shows what is being radiated through the air. What we will do is get a film of the meter in action near a smart meter and see just what is being pumped out of the device.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        James, I thought of using this paint too but I have so many large windows in my house that I don’t think it would be very helpful to me. I have not got a “smart” meter and have locked my meter box but my neighbours on either side have no objection to them (yet unless they get sick!) so the radiation will be around. The government are going to have tremendous medical costs to pay when the chickens come home to roost, they probably hope some other bunch will be in power then but that’s not much use to those of us with health problems caused by them.

    • Pam says:

      Steve – I am in the same boat. I have Minieriers Disease in my left ear and don’t want to risk it going into my right ear. I am surrounded by them also, so I am going to speak with my Doctor also. I WILL NOT HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED AND THAT IS THAT. POWER COR can’t guarantee my Health and Safety so they can go jump. NEVER GIVE IN…….that’s what they want us to do. See your Doctor and Report your Symptons. I have had STRESS noted on my Medical File, now next time I visit my Doctor I am taking this Post with me. Good Luck…Pam

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