I wake up with headaches every single morning

Comment: I received a card saying they were going to install a smart meter within 7 days. I got home from work 2 days later and it was already installed and my computer screen no long worked so I had to buy another. Since installation I wake up with headaches every single morning and go to bed with something very much like Vertigo every night. I have had this ever since the Smart meter was installed.. It is also installed on my front porch which is right outside my bedroom so I am very close to it.

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14 Responses to I wake up with headaches every single morning

  1. Kerina Martin says:

    I had my smart meter installed two weeks ago. Since the installation I have been suffering from severe headaches at night and a buzzing noise in my head. I contacted an electrician as the smart meter is located on the outside wall which is adjacent to my bedroom to enquire about having the smart meter moved but I was informed that I would have to pay over $2000. I am a pensioner and can simply not afford this. I am unable to move to another room in the house because they are to small. Please we need to action against these ” Smart Meters” and there effects on people’s health!!

  2. Davin Richardson says:

    SP Ausnet informed me when I rang to complain of adverse affects from neighboring meters this moring, that there “has been no transmissions from Smart Meters in Victoria and that they wont transmit “any signals whatso-ever” until much later in the year”. . your thoughts any-one? ? I have refused installation twice (and had a stand off with then tradesman who insisted that it was mandatory & that he was going to proceed) Is it likely that my neighbors meters really are punching out the signals that are giving us effects very similar to what I experience when I am exposed to wifi for prolonged periods? ?

    • Freddie says:

      Davin, I’m afraid what SP Ausnet have told you is pure rubbish! I have had symptoms from neighbours’ smartmeters too – of course they are transmitting. I always know with amzing accuracy if an area I’m in is smartmetered or not – just by the way I ‘feel’. I too initially thought my symptoms were due to wi-fi, there is certainly overlap in the symptoms.
      Please, trust your instinct, do not believe their lies. Think, who has the vested interest? Not you of course! All the best to you.

  3. Trevor Latrobe valley Victoria says:

    PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects http://www.ojaipost.com/2011/11/pge-begins-removing-smart-meters-due-to-health-effects/
    In California, more than 47 cities and counties have demanded a halt to halt installation, and a dozen local governments have passed laws prohibiting the controversial technology. VICTORIA SHOULD FOLLOW SUITE? WAKEY WAKEY!!

  4. Trevor Latrobe valley Victoria says:

    PG&E Begins Removing ‘Smart’ Meters Due to Health Effects http://smartmeterskill.com/?p=550 California is doing a Roll Back…I just spoke to a friend in Marrieta CA he is getting a Roll Back to an analog Meter…its obvious that the Roll Back is Due to smart meter Radiation..the Victorian Government Must not Ignore what is happening in the USA and Fess up and admit the Roll out here needs to cease…In Time they will get exposed why delay the enevitable?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Local doctors faced with this issue will simply refer you to a brain specialist – with several months wait. The specialist I saw, in 2010, conducted tests to eliminate a brain tumour as the case of my headaches, and then, very reluctantly wrote a letter indicating that I thought mobile devices (EMR) where the cause of constant migraines. He hastened to add that there is no medical evidence for same, despite 40 odd pages of medical research on the symptoms of EMR from European doctors. So all in all, my experience of medical support was slow, prolonged and ultimately very unsatisfactory.

  6. Paul says:

    Place foil or copper sheets directly behind the meter on the other side of the wall. Turn the power off at the breaker because microwave radiation travels on the powered copper wiring and uses it as a super-highway extending as much as 3 feet in diameter. I have measured high readings of RF emitting from air conditioning vents that were made from metal. Also purchase a Gigahertz Solutions meter to measure your surroundings. You may be sensitive to wireless now and having a meter will help to eliminate high density surroundings.

  7. Alan says:

    I had a look at the YouTube video that illustrates how good aluminium wire mesh works when shielding property. It’s a good cheap remedy, but first you need to purchase the Field Strength Meter (FSM) to do the job properly. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-oJnvCZrt4&feature=autoplay&list=PL8B458A0D0198D355&playnext=2 and the other videos that follow.
    At about AUD$450 each, the HP-35C is an expensive instrument but probably worth the investment to keep alert on other radiation getting into you house – long term. There are other cheaper and less sophistcatd models on the market.

  8. Allen Wood says:

    Service Stream, on behalf of United Energy, installed mine last Thursday, it’s also outside the bedroom, and we have experienced similar symptoms, particularly insomnia. I contacted the Vic Govt , United Energy and Service Stream who all referred me along the chain with no satisfaction. Have now sent an email with copies to each asking for advice on fixing the problem. Meter relocation was one suggestion, but no one was prepared to help.

  9. anon says:

    Move bedrooms a.s.a.p.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi I recommend you go to your local GP and explain your symptoms. The only way doctors are going to support our case is if we tell them the seriousness and ongoing nature of these symptoms. The Australian Medical Association will be slow to act but if they can gather statistics by us taking children and adults with symptoms to medical appointments. This is a key way to doctors starting to share conversations about the health impacts of smart meters. Why not also arrange a meeting with your local MP? Local MPs need to recognise this ‘real’ problem in each Victorian community. I relate to you as I also experience similar symptoms some days are worse than others.

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