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Stop Smart Meters Australia receives copies of numerous letters addressed to power distributors from people who are refusing installation of smart meters.  We thought this succinct letter deserves sharing…….

Powercor Aust
PO Box 4030
West Footscray
Vic 3012
Re: NMI *************
Monday 28th May 2012

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your letters dated 21 May 2012 regarding the power disruption & installation of Smart Meters.

I would like to inform your company that I reject the idea of having to install a new meter and metering system on my property as my old system is not faulty or broken.  I also reject having to pay for said meter for the same reason, my old meter is not faulty or broken.

I also understand that there are also some unresolved issues regarding health effects and indeed recent media reports have reported fire safety issues.  Further reports also highlight security issues regarding the recorded metering system and vulnerability to corruption of recorded information.  I also have security issues that need to be resolved before I allow any of your company representatives on this property [to install a smart meter].

Over the past 12 to 24 months there have been several long power blackouts in our area. This suggests to me that the power supply system in this area may be in need of an upgrade so I would like to recommend that maybe your company would be best advised to overhaul the power supply system before you waste valuable time installing questionable technical devices in our homes.

I would also like to remind your company that there is no law in this state that compels me to allow your company to install the new meter. So at this point I do not wish to have a meter installed on this property.


Kind regards

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15 Responses to Letter of the week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just received a letter today from United Energy about installing a Smart Meter at my residence. Have rang Service Stream (apparently the company doing the installing) and advised them strongly that I DO NOT want one installed at my premises. I was advised I had no choice, I then asked for documentation that says I have to by law and that question seemed to be avoided. When and if they turn up they cannot do it unless I am home to give them access to my premises to turn the power off so they can instal the meter. Service Stream were advised that if I am home I will not be giving them permission to enter my. I was then told I would be given a notice of non-compliance, when asked what that entailed was not given an answer as the girl spoken to did not seem to know, again not good enough. Seem to be a case of accept it, well sorry I won’t be.

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      HI Anonymous,
      Good on you ! Just Padlock your Electric Meter Box with a good stout Industrial Padlock, that is what I have done. These Girls and Boys of the Publicity or Human Relations side at these Foreign Owned Victorian Electricity Power Companies don’t know their ARSE FROM THEIR ELBOW ! They don’t even know the LAW when it comes to these now proving to be Deadly Microwave Smart Meters as now proven by the World Health Organization as being the Cause of Type 2B Carcinogens.

      The truth is. “There are no laws making it Mandatory to have a Microwave Smart Meter forced on any of us Victorians.”
      Are these Victorian Publicity Officers Born Stupid or has being in the Employment of their Overseas Owned Victorian Power Companies recently made them STUPID from getting too much Deadly Microwave RAYS bombarding their TINY LITTLE MINDS ? What Minds, when they accept all the SPIN.

      • Kathy says:

        In regards to just padlocking your meter box, be aware that if the meter can’t be seen the electricity bill will be estimated, so may be higher than it should be. I am currently taking a monthly dated photo of meter readings as an extra precaution.

        We took the extra precaution of cutting and inserting a perspex window so meter can be clearly seen.

        We also attached a simple key lock to secure the meter box, as padlocks can be cut.


  2. Ayla says:

    Wendy, the CEO of United Energy is Hugh Gleeson address being Locked Bag 7000, Mount Waverley 3149. I also received the same letter from Darryn McDonald and i will be cc’ing him on the letter I send to Hugh Gleeson. This letter they have sent me is the first we have ever received regarding the smart meter installation stating “Recently you received a letter from us advising that we will soon be installing a new electricity meter at your property…”. We never received a prior letter. Their lies never end.

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      This happened in Morwell too. I know people who knew nothing about the Smart Metering until they came home from work one day and found one installed. (or a friend told them it had happened)

  3. Mariel says:

    The Meter installer visited my home today. I didn’t have the Sign recommended here installed, as my husband doesn’t agree with my objection. However I did post a notice stating the “any smart meter installed at this property is done so ‘without the owners’ consent and under duress”. My sign also stated that “access was NOT denied” but that a signature was required and fire-retardant backing board required. The guy just said “look lady, I just have to report to my bosses. Do you want the meter or not?” I took that as a question of choice and answered, “Well, no, If I have a choice then, No!” He then left my property.
    I don’t know what comes next. Where do I stand now, legally speaking? Any advice, anyone?

    • Cedar Wilde says:

      There is no law that states that you have to have a Smart meter installed. However I wouldn’t put it past the government to pass legislation when we’re not looking, so I think we will need to keep a close eye on them!

  4. peterrocker says:

    A freind of mine witnessed the latest tactic of an installer where the owner refused to have a smart meter installed. He was told that there would be legislation passed by the Victorian Government in the near future that would make it compulsory to have a meter installed. If he didn’t agree to do it now, he would be charged for the installation when it became law.

  5. Wendy says:

    Does anyone know the address for United Energy people below

    Name and address of the CEO of United Energy
    also Address for Mt Darryn McDonald General Manager Customer and Market Services who sent me my notice

    I need to send them my letter by registered mail and can’t get the info out of United Energy custommer service!!!!!

    [See https://stopsmartmeters.com.au/whos-my-power-distributor/%5D – Stop Smart Meters Australia

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Wendy,
      Here is United Energy’s Address, I found it on the Internet very easily. All of the five Foreign Owned Victorian Power Companies are to be found there as well. Please note that a Chinese Company owns PowerCor and CitiPower Australia Ltd and the other four also Overseas Owned Victorian Electric Power Companies are owned by Singapore Companies. These you will also find on the Internet.

      All mail to:
      United Energy
      PO Box 449
      Mount Waverley
      VIC, 3149
      Phone:(+61 3) 8846 9900

      Please don’t phone any of these Power Companies regarding the Smart Meters, as they will only try to make you take one of these Truly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters. Many people are now finding these Microwave Smart Meters are making them very sick with Heart Palpitations and or Vomiting, and or Dizzy Spells, and or Chronic Headaches and or Tremors etc. Right now I am hearing of these ongoing Medical Problems after the Microwave Smart Meters have been installed on customers’ premises. These Microwave meters can also cause a great deal of damage to various privately owned electrical goods…..i.e. Fridges, and or Computers and or Fax Machines and or Photo-copiers and or Washing Machines etc.

      I say Lock up your Electricity Boxes immediately to keep the Safe Analog Meters from being taken by these Sneaky Meter Installer Men.


      Richard Leschen Crusader against these Damnedly Dangerous Microwave Smart Meters. Contact me on rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au

      If you want to give me your Phone Number to speed things up to fight off these Deadly Microwave Smart Meters that’s fine, if not comfy giving me your phone number, that’s fine too.

  6. Anonymous says:

    brillant letter!!!!

  7. Richard Leschen. says:

    Dear Readers,
    As there has never been a Law passed in the Victorian Parliament, that is, in both the upper and lower houses of the Victorian Parliament, either under the past John Brumby Labour Government of the present Liberal Led Ted Baillieu Victorian Government, to make Microwave Smart Meters Legal. Therefore simply lock your Electricity Meter Boxes as I have done with a good stout Industrial Padlock as my Lawyer had advised me.

    Next, write a polite but very firm letter to the Chief Executive Officer of your Foreign Owned Victorian Electricity Power Company, being either PowerCor or CitiPower Australia Ltd. or Jemena, Or SP AusNet, or United Energy Distribution, stating that for reasons of your real concern for your health and well being and the safety of your electrical goods, you refuse to accept a Microwave Very Dangerous Smart Meter at any time.
    Register this letter for Legal Purposes and record on it and the copy you keep the Registration Sticker’s Number.

    Make sure that you have posted on your front fence the Legal Australian Constitutional Notice…..(1900-1901 and still effective STOP DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER AT THIS PROPERTY ) with the $167,000.00 fine for trespassers on it. Stick another exact same sign on your Electric Meter Box, then photograph both of these signs for Legal Purposes.

    As My Perfectly Safe and non polluting Analog Meter is working fine I will not let these people take it and replace t with a now proven to be very Dangerous Microwave Smart Meter which The World Health Organisation has conclusive proof is a Type 2B Carcinogen Causing Piece of Equipment. These Smart Meters are also proving to be very Dangerous not only to Humans, but to animals as well as can be attested to by many Vets. I do not make these statements lightly. Just do the solid research I have been and still continue to do over the last fourteen months and these Smart Meters reveal a truly frightening picture not only in Victoria but World Wide.

    The good news is that just as these Microwave Smart Meters had been Compulsory in many Countries on Earth, as well as in Holland and England, the land of my birth, the Laws of the land in Holland and England have been changed, and no longer are these Truly ACCURSED MACHINES Mandatory.
    As far as I am concerned these Nefarious C.E.O ‘s and their Bully Boy Smart Meter Installers can go ” Shove their Microwave Smart Meters where “THE SUN NEVER SHINES ! ”

    If you want any help, please contact me Care of, rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au


    Richard Leschen.

  8. Mariel says:

    There is, of course, “The Question” which this group needs answered. It is this: “Has/has not, any Amendment been made, voted and passed to the”Electricity Industry Act 2000” – Now, I have asked several members of parliament (all parties) and cannot get a straight answer — what I get are links to articles in The Gazette discussing it – the latest information I’ve been sent to silence my “safety concerns: is a the full report by the technology company employed by the Vic Govt to test Smart Meter performance, RF emissions, etc etc. The way it reads, they missed testing as many ‘smart meter burdened properties’ as they actually accessed because of various difficulties with access etc. IMHO any successful protest against SM hinges on whether or not “The Act” has been changed. I was disappointed that both Consumer Affairs and Melbourne Free Legal Services state that “we are legally obliged” to comply. Now while the stronger willed will stand up for our democratic rights, there remains those among us, the elderly and financially vulnerable persons, who need a voice. The Stormtroopers (oops installers) are coming to my place during the next two weeks. I have just written to my energy distributor, stating that any SM installed at my property is done so WITHOUT OUR CONSENT and UNDER DURESS. I may be defeated (for now) but will attend a local protest meeting this week and stay alert for any options which may come about.

    ~Together we are strong

    • Richard Leschen. says:

      Dear Muriel,
      Please, lock up your Electricity Meter Box right now with a good stout Industrial Padlock. That’s what I have done against these Deadly Smart Meters from being forcefully installed on my property. This is your Legal and God Given Right.

      See……Freedom of Speech, Thought and Worship in this Democratic Land of Australia.

      Don’t give into these Nazi-like Tactics of these Foreign Owned Victorian Power Companies. Get up your Legal “ By the High Court of Australia and the Australian Constitution Anti Trespass Signs (1900-1901 and still active and effective ).” You can get all of these Anti-Smart Meter Signs from the Internet Sites . These signs incur a $167,000.00 fine for any trespassers on your private property. Also write a registered letter to the Electric Power Company for your area, stating ” That you refuse to accept a Deadly Microwave Smart Meter and send the same type of letter to Mr Michael O ‘ Brien the Victorian Minister for Power. Send another to Mr Ted Baillieu the Premier of Victoria as well. Also state the following…….IF I FIND THAT A SMART METER HAS BEEN INSTALLED ON MY PROPERTY IN MY ABSENCE AND AGAINST MY WILL AND BETTER JUDGEMENT I WILL JOIN THE COMMON CLASS ACTION TO SUE.


      Richard Leschen. Contact me c/- rvimana@vic.chariot.net.au or ‘phone me on 03 5352 3639.

      • Cedar Wilde says:

        Hi Richard,
        I tried to send you an email to the above address but got some gobbledygook response about it being blocked. (Big Brother?)
        Anyway the gist of it was that I think we need to get a hundred thousand people out on the streets demonstrating against these devices. It is sickening that the government is playing Russian roulette with our health and feeding us a lot of bull and misinformation.
        Any ideas on how we could achieve such a large turn-out? (Not just a trouble-
        making rabble, but serious peaceful people. Knowing that the powers-that-be will try to foment trouble if they can!

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