You are invited to a Smart Meter Community Forum

 Find out:

WHAT are the issues

WHAT are the laws

WHAT you can do

Riversleigh Country Hotel, 1 Nicholson St, Bairnsdale

Saturday 9th June 2012

2pm – 3.30pm

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  1. Alison Fenby says:

    We didn’t want smart meter installed. Were told it was illegal to block it, so it’s been done! To all 3 homes on our road. We were told there’d be NO more readings needed to be taken from visits to our homes? We all have dogs (not savage, but bark a lot). Why are they still coming and why do we all keep getting an ‘estimated account’ ???.. what a waste!! We’ve also paid $100’s to block out any effects from wireless, radio active ‘stuff’ (wondering if it works? Or did we get sucked in?..

    • Jonathan Dean says:

      Alison, you were lied to as were all the people of Victoria. Many thousands of people who have supposedly “illegally blocked it” have not been prosecuted. Why ? I thought if somebody is found to have broken the law they are then prosecuted aren’t they ? Well that didn’t happen. And what did happen to the many thousands who supposedly acted in an illegal manner (or “breaking the law”) was that an attempt was made to charge them ……a fee ? Yes it makes sense doesn’t it, a fee for breaking the law. So those who break the law are charged a fee and that fee is given the name “meter reading fee”. And just when you think it cannot get any more whackier than that, these idiots will find a way to make it so. Oh by the way, four of these idiotic and maniacal utilities have now decided that they won’t now charge the “law breakers” a fee after all. I think they should go back to trying to prosecute the “law breakers” Alison because I am sure that all they are interested in is only to try and make this whole thing just more whackier and whackier. The remaining fifth utility is currently sitting like a kangaroo in a state of being stunned by high beam headlights on a country road. In my opinion this fifth lot is even more maniacal and idiotic than the other four and needs a nice big semitrailer to come rolling along the highway at speed and to put that stunned kangaroo in it’s place where it belongs which place can best be referred to as oblivion.

      Alison, you need an electrosmog meter ie. some sort of meter to BOTH detect and measure the presence of radiation from microwave frequency transmissions, or you need someone who is knowledgeable to help you with this. I believe that when it comes to radiation from smart meters, that detection is as much a problem as measurement and even more so. I believe the physics and the pulsed nature of smart meter transmissions especially when combined with radiation exposures from other sources, means that the manner of radiation smart meters emit can be hugely “destructive” to the condition of biological wellness even at low levels. With smart meters in particular, the safe level is zero ie. no detection. Anything else is a problem regardless of measurements. Any talk of what is a safe level is a red herring when it comes to emissions from smart meters. And the other thing you need to do is look at the quality of your grid supply electricity on your house wiring because smart meters are known to generate “dirty power” onto the grid. High Frequency Voltage Transients is the actual term used to denote this and again another device is used to test this via your power points.

  2. re: the Bairnsdale meeting. We were flooded so alot of people couldn’t get here, but ALOT of paperwork has been taken through the information hub we have set up here and another meeting will be held in 2 weeks. We already have 50 people signed on for that one. We made up signs for people to put in their back windshield and we have seen a few of those already.
    We have a petition letter that is getting signed (36 in it’s first day!) and the plan is to deliver them to parliament house in boxes as soon as few get a few thousand.
    It would be wonderful if representatives from different groups/areas of vic could join in with their boxes and we could convoy and arrive together. So if anyone would like to be a part of a mass, loud, attention seeking protest to Melb. with boxes and boxes and boxes of I Do not consent letters, please join in.
    They can fight twenty of us, they cannot fight 2,000 of us.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you could try lining your meter box with lead flashing to block the emissions of electromagnetic microwave radiation, (called EMR’s)and reduce your health risk exposures.
    which will mean power companies will still have to come to read your meter.

    • Coleen Zenonos says:

      How can I do this as my electrician does not know. He is coming tomorrow so if you can pass on some advise would be great

  4. Pam Densley says:

    Hope your Meeting is a great Success. I will NEVER HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED AND MY box is locked. Please let us all know how your Meeting went. GOOD LUCK – WE ALL NEED A CLASS ACTION to STOP THE ROLLOUT OF THESE SMART METERS. and get these people who Install them off our backs. I am beginning to feel like a prisoner in my own home. I protect my Analogue Meter like it was my Child and am on the lookout for Installers Daily. All my Signs are in place with Tresspassers Prosecuted Signs etc……………….Pam

    • Sharron says:

      Hi Pam, do you feel that your neighbours smart meters are having an effect on you? They have been installed all around our area (Mt Martha) but i said ‘NO’ after trying to caution others of the dangers- don’t want them ANYWHERE NEAR MY FAMILY!!! The installers are wolves in sheeps clothing and cannot be trusted. Suppose they are only doing their job but there is nothing to be gained from it in the long run. Smart meters already have a TERRIBLE OUTCOME as has been witnessed overseas. I would like to see some “high profile” people speak out about this issue, in due time maybe….In the meantime … DETERMINATION, STRENGTH, WILL TO SUCCEED!!

      • Pam Densley says:

        Sharron. Today I forwarded the letter “access denied” that was on line to Power Cor Aust. It was registered and it has to be signed for and I will be notified when someone signs for it. This was on the advice of my Solicitor. I WILL NEVER HAVE A SMART METER INSTALLED AND THAT’S THAT……………..I would be interested to hear how the Frankston and Bairnsdale Meetings go. We need a CLASS ACTION ASAP. I am just a lay person, a Widow and a Pensioner, who took a Stance against these darn Meters, and I am sick and tired of having to protect my Analogue Meter as if it were my child. My Box is Locked and staying Locked. I have perspex fitted, so my Energy Company can read my meter and so can I. This stops me being overcharged for my power. I will read my meter myself around the time it is due in August and write the figures down (just in case whoever reads it doesn’t just estimate it – like they are doing to people with smart meters installed. To have my power-box re-located will cost me over $3,000.00 and I refuse to re-locate it. The one I have is not faulty or broken and if we happen to have a power failure here all I have to do is get the candles out and flick my switch until power is restored. How would I be able to do this is one of those darn things were installed? I would be too scared to go near it. As you said determination and strength will succeed. I just wish it was all resloved.

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