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Wimmera anti-smart meter campaign intensifies – Public Meeting in Horsham, 20 October

Wimmera anti-Smart Meter campaigner Di Bell of Horsham and a group of supporters have rekindled a push against the household installation of the digital measuring devices. Mrs Bell, an outspoken critic of the safety of the meters and a program … Continue reading

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Smart Meters and the Federal Election – Where do candidates and parties stand?

Stop Smart Meters Australia and Citizens Advocating for a Safe Environment have received the following responses from candidates and political parties regarding the forced installation of smart meters in Victoria.   Katter’s Australian Party Rob Danieli, Katter’s Australian Party lead Senate … Continue reading

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Petition Hon Nicholas Kotsiras

“Government & Power Companies: People are being forced from their homes. Give us a choice to remove & refuse the smart meter In a country such as Australia you expect to feel safe in your home, you expect the Government … Continue reading

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Stop Exposing Children to WiFi and 3G in our schools

Wireless RF emissions from smart meters are not the only concern parents have for their developing children. Schools, libraries and other public places are rolling out wireless networks without any consideration for the long term consequences that RF may have … Continue reading

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Occasionally SSMA receives letters from the public in relation to smart meters and the actions they have taken. We thought this letter deserves sharing. The writer of this featured letter developed severe, debilitating symptoms from neighbouring smart meters and for … Continue reading

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What are CitiPower, Powercor, Jemena and United Energy hiding?

The location of telecommunication towers in Australia is freely available.  Why aren’t collectors in the meshed smart meter networks also within the public domain?  Areas close to collectors may have higher levels of radiation than other areas in the meshed … Continue reading

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“HACKED!” – Monday 27 May 2013 While debate rages over Australia’s border security, there’s growing evidence that the greatest threat to Australia’s national security potentially comes from foreign computer hackers. Few in government or business will admit the full extent … Continue reading

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ACMA: Making Money at the Expense of Public Health

Taking a Stand Part 5 Several months ago I wrote a letter to Chris Chapman, CEO of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) because the ACMA has the responsibility to regulate RF emissions in Australia based on ARPANSA’s RF … Continue reading

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A chance to have your say against corporate control of your appliances!

The Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee (E3) has announced a further extension for submitting submissions in response to its Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on Mandating ‘Smart Appliance’ Interfaces for Air Conditioners, Water Heaters and other Appliances. Submissions are now due Friday 24th May. E3 are … Continue reading

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Smart Meters in Victoria: Information and Concerns UPDATED

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Smart Meters in Victoria:  Information and Concerns Version 3: Updated March 2013

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